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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William LuptonVolume 29/2/18019/25/18019dMonthly Visitor
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 26/1/18026/9/1802Monthly Visitor
Ebenezer IrvingVolume 26/9/18026/14/1802Monthly Visitor
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 26/15/18027/9/180210dMonthly Visitor
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 27/13/18027/17/1802Monthly Visitor
William WaltonVolume 27/21/18027/27/1802Monthly Visit
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 27/27/18028/9/1802"
Joseph KingVolume 28/20/18028/23/1802Monthly Visitor
Joseph KingVolume 28/20/18028/23/1802Monthly Visitor
Rich HarisonVolume 28/28/18029/2/1802Monthly Visitor
William Prince Jr.Volume 210/2/180210/26/1802Monthly Visitor
William KenyonVolume 210/15/180210/16/1802"
John SmartVolume 210/16/180210/30/1802"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 212/9/180212/13/1802Monthly Visitor
Joseph ByrnesVolume 21/22/18031/31/1803"
Thomas R. SmithVolume 22/10/18032/15/1803"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 23/14/18033/18/1803Monthly Visitor
Samuel BeebeeVolume 23/29/18033/31/1803"
Thomas SlidellVolume 24/4/18034/15/1803Monthly Visitor
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 25/12/18035/20/1803Monthly Visitor
Henry H. SchieffelinVolume 25/25/18035/30/1803Monthly Visitor
John RogersVolume 26/18/18036/25/1803Monthly Visitor
Gulian VerplanckVolume 27/19/18037/25/1803Monthly Visitor
Rich HarisonVolume 211/18/180311/18/1803"
Louis SymondVolume 21/6/18041/14/1804Monthly Visitor
John TurnerVolume 21/18/18041/30/1804Monthly Visitor
William HillVolume 23/17/18043/19/1804Monthly Visitor
Hamilton StewartVolume 23/31/18044/4/1804Monthly Visitor
Joshua WhitcombVolume 25/22/18045/25/1804"
Henry PriestVolume 25/29/18046/2/1804Monthly Visitor
isaac carrowVolume 211/3/180411/5/1804"
William BoydVolume 211/20/180411/22/1804"
William BoydVolume 211/22/180411/22/1804Monthly Visitor
James BoydVolume 21/19/18051/31/1805Monthly Visitor
Joseph HopkinsVolume 22/8/18052/12/1805Monthly Visitor
Clement Joseph DelacroixVolume 24/9/18054/22/1805Monthly Visitor
Daniel BraineVolume 24/26/18054/29/1805"
Jeremiah HalletVolume 25/2/18056/3/18052/9Monthly Visitor
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