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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
James StuartVolume 32/28/18003/5/1800"
William FoxVolume 34/14/18004/15/1800"
William StrachanVolume 35/8/18005/20/1800Tom Jones
Samuel WardVolume 35/22/18005/24/1800"
George ScribaVolume 35/27/18005/31/1800"
Charles S. CuttingVolume 36/3/18006/6/1800"
John P. MumfordVolume 36/12/18006/14/1800Tom Jones
Robert WattsVolume 37/25/18007/30/1800"
Richard N. HarisonVolume 37/30/18007/31/1800Tom Jones
Cornelius HeeneyVolume 38/15/18008/23/1800"
John R. MurrayVolume 312/10/180012/16/1800Tom Jones
Christian NestelVolume 312/27/18001/5/1801Tom Jones
Peter Augustus JayVolume 31/15/18011/16/1801Tom Jones
Peter Augustus JayVolume 31/15/18011/16/1801Tom Jones
John UttVolume 31/21/18011/30/1801"
James RobertsonVolume 31/31/18012/2/1801"
William W. StoreyVolume 32/17/18013/5/18012dTom Jones
James Watson, Jr.Volume 33/6/18013/12/1801Tom Jones
Walter BowneVolume 33/31/18014/2/1801Tom Jones
Edward WatkeysVolume 34/6/18014/21/18013dTom Jones
John N. ClarkeVolume 34/25/18016/8/18017/6Tom Jones
George LorillardVolume 36/11/18017/6/18012/9Tom Jones
George LorillardVolume 37/6/18017/6/1801"
William Prince Jr.Volume 38/3/18018/4/1801Tom Jones
William BowneVolume 38/17/18018/24/1802Tom Jones
William HolmsVolume 38/24/18019/7/1801Tom Jones
Samuel WardVolume 310/2/180110/19/18019dTom Jones
Townsend UnderhillVolume 310/20/1801Tom Jones
Townsend UnderhillVolume 310/29/180112/8/1801"
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 312/18/180112/26/1801Tom Jones
John P. MumfordVolume 312/28/180112/31/1801Tom Jones
Dominick LynchVolume 31/9/18021/14/1802Tom Jones
Sands PellVolume 31/18/18021/22/1802Tom Jones
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 31/25/18021/27/1802Tom Jones
John McLarenVolume 32/20/18023/3/1802Tom Jones
Philip RhinelanderVolume 33/3/18023/11/1802Tom Jones
John N. ClarkeVolume 33/20/18023/23/1802Tom Jones
Archibald McLeanVolume 34/26/18025/6/1802Tom Jones
George WarnerVolume 34/26/18024/26/1802Tom Jones
John S. HunnVolume 35/13/18025/21/1802Tom Jones
Cornelius HeeneyVolume 35/18/18026/7/18026dTom Jones
Ann PierceVolume 36/9/18026/14/1802Tom Jones
James RooseveltVolume 37/3/18027/31/1802Tour Jones
John WattsVolume 38/2/18028/16/1802Tome Jones
Robert WattsVolume 38/5/18028/17/1802Tom Jones
William PauldingVolume 38/14/18028/16/1802Tom Jones
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 38/19/18029/4/18026dTom Jones
Richard S. BadgerVolume 38/21/18028/26/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 39/2/18029/7/1802Tom Jones
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 39/4/18029/19/1802"
Catherine HillVolume 39/9/18029/13/1802Tom Jones
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 39/21/18029/23/1802Tom Jones
John L. BowneVolume 310/6/180210/18/1802Tom Jones
Thomas HammersleyVolume 310/25/180211/8/1802Tom Jones
Jacob RickettsVolume 311/5/180211/24/18021/3Tom Jones
Thomas HammersleyVolume 311/8/180211/15/1802"
Anthony AckleyVolume 311/22/180212/10/18021/Tom Jones
Peter Augustus JayVolume 311/27/180211/27/1802Tom Jones
Peter Augustus JayVolume 311/27/180211/27/1802Tom Jones
Alfred S. PellVolume 312/10/180212/24/1802Tom Jones
Hannah DrakeVolume 312/18/180212/27/1802Tom Jones
George WarnerVolume 312/30/180212/30/1802Tom Jones
Richard S. BadgerVolume 31/28/18032/2/1803Tom Jones
Joseph KingVolume 32/4/18032/9/1803Tom Jones
Joseph KingVolume 32/4/18032/9/1803Tom Jones
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 32/14/18032/22/1803Tom Jones
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 33/2/18033/9/1803Tom Jones
John T. GloverVolume 33/7/18033/24/18039dTom Jones
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 33/9/18033/21/1803"
John T. GloverVolume 33/24/18034/2/1803"
Elias MowattVolume 34/27/18035/5/1803"
Gerard DepysterVolume 34/29/18035/13/1803Tom Jones
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 35/6/18035/9/1803Tom Jones
Philip RhinelanderVolume 35/23/18035/26/1803Tom Jones
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 36/20/18036/27/1803Tom Jones
Edmund KirbyVolume 37/28/18038/3/1803Tom Jones
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 38/10/180311/9/1803Tom Jones
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 311/29/180312/12/1803Tom Jones
Israel HavelandVolume 312/15/180312/28/1803Tom Jones
John PetersVolume 312/26/18031/9/1804Tom Jones
Bernard HartVolume 31/2/18041/6/1804Tom Jones
Abraham LeggetVolume 31/31/18042/11/1804Tom Jones
John Slidell Jr.Volume 32/1/18042/11/1804Tom Jones
Walter BowneVolume 32/9/18042/13/1804Tom Jones
Charles RhindVolume 32/25/18042/29/1804Tom Jones
Henry RutgersVolume 32/25/18043/10/1804Tom Jones
William MaxwellVolume 33/3/18043/6/1804Tom Jones
Henry RutgersVolume 33/10/18043/22/1804"
Samuel TalmanVolume 33/19/18043/31/1804Tom Jones
Robert WattsVolume 33/31/18044/12/1804Tom Jones
John N. ClarkeVolume 34/9/18044/13/1804Tom Jones
John P. SchermerhornVolume 34/21/18044/30/1804Tom Jones
Hamilton StewartVolume 35/11/18045/17/1804Tom Jones
Philip RhinelanderVolume 35/17/18045/21/1804Tom Jones
Gabriel FurmanVolume 35/18/18046/14/1804Tom Jones
John OothoudtVolume 38/9/18048/20/1804Tom Jones
Peter KettletasVolume 38/30/18049/8/1804Tom Jones
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 39/8/180410/8/18046dTom Jones
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 39/8/180410/8/18046dTom Jones
Peter KettletasVolume 39/8/18049/29/18041/9"
John AbramsVolume 310/23/180411/3/1804Tom Jones
Andrew MitchellVolume 311/8/180412/17/18043/3Tom Jones
William UstickVolume 312/1/180412/10/1804Tom Jones
Samuel ClarkVolume 312/18/18041/17/18054/Tom Jones
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 312/22/18041/5/1805Tom Jones
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 31/5/18051/12/1805Tom Jones
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 31/19/1805Tom Jones
Joseph HopkinsVolume 32/12/18052/18/1805Tom Jones
Dominick LynchVolume 33/14/18054/4/1805Tom Jones
Henry PriestVolume 33/20/18054/11/18052/Tom Jones
Dominick LynchVolume 34/4/18055/8/18052/"
Philip RhinelanderVolume 34/19/18054/24/1805Tom Jones
William BoydVolume 34/25/18055/1/1805Tom Jones
Jacobus FineVolume 35/2/18055/11/1805Tom Jones
Abraham BeachVolume 36/19/18057/5/1805Tom Jones
John ThomsonVolume 36/22/18057/5/1805Tom Jones
isaac carrowVolume 38/31/18059/4/1805Tom Jones
Philip EbertVolume 39/2/180511/18/18051/6Tom Jones
Thomas LiddleVolume 311/4/180511/7/1805Tom Jones
Charles RhindVolume 311/8/180511/9/1805Tom Jones
Richard S. BadgerVolume 311/9/180512/12/18054/9Tom Jones
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