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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Rep. Ledger
Peter MastertonVolume 17/27/18028/5/1802Horatio Holestien
Peter MastertonVolume 18/5/18029/6/18024/6"
Abraham PolhemusVolume 19/14/18029/29/1802Horatia Holstein
John Ten EyckVolume 19/30/180210/14/1802Horatio Holstein
James DavidsonVolume 110/16/180210/30/1802Horatio Holstein
William DenningVolume 111/8/180211/23/1802Horatio Holstein
James BruenVolume 111/23/180211/30/1802Horatio Holstein
Peter R. MaverickVolume 112/7/180212/11/1802Horatio Holestien
John KingslandVolume 112/11/180212/21/1802Horatio Holstein
Arthur LaughorneVolume 112/22/180212/30/1802Horatio Holstein
Willet ColesVolume 112/30/18021/18/1803Horatio Holstein
Peter HawesVolume 11/18/18031/22/1803Horatio Holstein
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 11/24/18031/27/1803Horatio Holstein
William LinnVolume 11/29/18032/10/1803Horatio Holstein
Hezekiah IversVolume 12/10/18032/21/1803Horatio Holstein
Robert BensonVolume 13/19/18033/31/1803Horatio Holstein
Rebecca LaightVolume 14/16/18034/23/1803Horatio Holestein
Townsend UnderhillVolume 15/6/18035/11/1803Horatio Holstein
James RooseveltVolume 15/21/18036/4/1803Horatio Holstien
Peter KettletasVolume 16/9/18036/15/1803Horatio Holstein
John TurnerVolume 16/20/18036/27/1803Horatio Holstein
Abraham PrallVolume 17/2/18037/5/1803Horatio Holstein
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 17/6/18037/14/1803Horatio Holstein
Gulian VerplanckVolume 17/7/18037/19/1803Horatio Holstein
Judah ZuntzVolume 17/27/18037/28/1803Horatio Holstein
Samuel BeebeeVolume 17/29/18037/30/1803Horatio Holstein
William DempseyVolume 18/3/18038/10/1803Horatio Holstein
James RenwickVolume 111/19/180311/26/1803Horatio Holstein
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 111/28/180312/7/1803Horatio Holstein
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 112/15/180312/19/1803Horatio Holstein
Anthony AckleyVolume 112/20/180312/24/1803Horatio Holstein
John B. DashVolume 112/26/18031/9/1804Horatio Holestien
Abraham BeachVolume 11/9/18041/18/1804Horatio Holstein
Edward WatkeysVolume 11/18/18041/24/1804Horatio Holstein
Gulian VerplanckVolume 11/24/18041/25/1804Horatio Holstein
Edmund SeamanVolume 11/26/18041/31/1804Horatio Holstein
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 11/31/18042/1/1804Horatio Holstein
Samuel LaurenceVolume 12/1/18042/6/1804Horatio Holstein
James C. WinterVolume 12/21/18042/25/1804Horatio Holstein
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 12/21/18042/21/1804Horatio Holstein
John ClarkeVolume 12/27/18042/29/1804Horatio Holstien
Gulian VerplanckVolume 13/1/18043/5/1804Horatio Holstien
George Warren ChapmanVolume 15/1/18045/2/1804Horatio Holstien
Abraham PrallVolume 15/18/18045/19/1804Horatio Holstein
John RogersVolume 15/19/18046/16/1804Horatio Holstein
Archibald RobertsonVolume 16/11/18046/13/1804Horatio Holstein
Selah StrongVolume 16/13/18046/16/1804Horatio Holstein
Thomas JonesVolume 16/21/18047/13/1804Horatio Holstein
Charlotte WhiteVolume 17/18/18047/21/1804Horatio Holstein
Nancy IversVolume 18/9/18048/18/1804Horatio Holstein
William LinnVolume 18/21/18048/23/1804Horatio Holstein
James Parker, Jr.Volume 18/31/18049/27/1804Horatio Hostien
Benjamin MooreVolume 110/27/180410/31/1804Horatio Holstien
George MillerVolume 111/6/180411/17/1804Horation Holestien
Henry RogersVolume 111/23/180411/27/1804Horatio Holstein
Isaac BurrVolume 111/30/180412/4/1804Horatio Holstein
James TillaryVolume 112/5/180412/7/1804Horation Holst.
Thomas LiddleVolume 112/7/180412/8/1804Horatio Holstein
George GosmanVolume 112/19/180412/22/1804Horatio
Joseph EdenVolume 112/22/18041/2/1805Horatio Holstein
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 11/18/18051/22/1805Horatio Holstein
William BleeckerVolume 12/4/18052/8/1805Horatio Holstein
Matthew DanielVolume 12/9/18052/13/1805Horatio Holstein
Moses B. SeixasVolume 12/26/18053/7/1805Horatio Holstien
Gilbert MilliganVolume 16/18/18056/22/1805Horatio Holstien
George C. MortonVolume 17/1/18057/6/1805Horatio Holstein
John KingslandVolume 18/10/18058/15/1805Horatio Holstein
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