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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Peter KettletasVolume 29/2/17899/9/1789Savary's Lettersboy
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 29/16/17899/18/1789Savary's letters
John D. MercierVolume 210/16/178910/26/1789Savary's Letters
John H. LivingstonVolume 210/30/178911/23/1789Savary's Letter
William WaltonVolume 212/30/17891/13/1790Savary's Letters
Robert R. LivingstonVolume 22/3/17902/19/1790"
John R. LivingstonVolume 24/7/17904/28/1790Savarys Egypt
Thomas MauleVolume 24/9/17904/26/1790"
Philip FreneauVolume 24/26/17905/21/1790"
John R. B. RodgersVolume 25/5/17905/5/1790"
Samuel DunscombVolume 25/27/17906/5/1790"
Patrick MurdochVolume 25/31/17906/2/1790"
John WellsVolume 28/2/17908/17/1790"
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 28/19/17908/26/1790Savary Letters
Gulian VerplanckVolume 24/13/17914/19/1791"
John Stevens, Jr.Volume 26/7/17916/16/1791"
Jacob ReedVolume 26/25/17917/14/1791"
James InglisVolume 27/7/17917/25/1791"
George LewisVolume 210/1/179110/4/1791Savarys Letters
John P. MumfordVolume 210/25/179111/4/1791"
Abijah HammondVolume 21/5/17921/23/1792"
James BeekmanVolume 21/26/17921/31/1792Savarys Letters
George BarnewallVolume 23/4/18003/21/1800Savary's Egypt
Gulian VerplanckVolume 24/8/18004/21/1800Savary's Egypt
Peter KembleVolume 29/15/18009/19/1800"
William BeekmanVolume 210/3/180011/3/1800Savary's Egypt
John Jordan MorganVolume 24/23/18015/13/1801"
John Jordan MorganVolume 25/13/18015/13/1801"
William BoydVolume 29/1/180110/23/1801Savarys Egypt
Nicholas EvertsonVolume 210/10/180111/2/18014d"
Rich HarisonVolume 22/9/18032/24/1803Savarys Egypt
Abraham VarickVolume 211/11/180312/1/1803Savarys Egypt
William WaltonVolume 22/14/18042/25/1804Savary Egypt
John SlidellVolume 24/14/18045/14/18042/4Savarys Egypt
James TurkVolume 25/14/18045/21/1804Savarys Egypt
Matthew ClarksonVolume 26/13/18046/14/1804Savary's Letters on Egypt
Aron JudahVolume 27/19/18058/16/1805Savaries Egypt
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