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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Beulah MurrayVolume 38/26/17899/7/1789Tales of the Castleboy
John R. B. RodgersVolume 31/15/17901/18/1790"
Garrett AbeelVolume 32/10/17902/15/1790Tales of Castle
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 33/12/17903/15/1790"
John KeeseVolume 33/29/17904/12/1790Tales Castle
Lewis OgdenVolume 35/5/17905/8/1790"
Samuel JonesVolume 36/9/17906/12/1790"
Richard VarickVolume 37/20/17907/24/1790Tales Castle
Josiah Ogden HoffmanVolume 37/24/17908/3/1790Tales Castle
Peter Jay MunroVolume 38/20/17905/25/1790"
Peter Jay MunroVolume 38/27/17908/30/1790Tales Castle
John TurnerVolume 38/31/17909/1/17904p"
Abraham HerringVolume 312/30/17901/8/1791"
Robert SmythVolume 33/24/17913/26/1791"
John Christopher KunzeVolume 34/15/17914/16/1791"
Benjamin WalkerVolume 34/16/17914/21/1791"
Alexander PhoenixVolume 35/31/17916/1/1791Tales Castle
Daniel PhoenixVolume 36/2/17916/7/1791"
John KeeseVolume 38/26/17918/29/1791Tales Castle
James TillaryVolume 311/30/179112/2/1791"
William LuptonVolume 31/7/17921/14/1792"
Abraham PolhemusVolume 39/29/179912/6/1799"
Andrew SmithVolume 312/14/179912/16/1799Tales Castle
Gillian CornellVolume 31/27/18002/7/1800"
Margaret CunninghamVolume 32/27/18003/13/1800Tales Castle
John SpeyerVolume 33/19/18003/22/1800Tales Castle
Henry Ten BrookVolume 34/2/18004/4/1800"
William WilsonVolume 35/3/18005/6/1800"
Peter HawesVolume 35/21/18005/27/1800"
Leffert LeffertsVolume 37/3/18007/9/1800"
Jacobus FineVolume 37/29/18008/5/1800"
Robert WattsVolume 37/31/18008/7/1800"
Thomas JonesVolume 39/22/18009/26/1800Tales Castle
Elizabeth MannVolume 39/27/180010/1/1800"
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 39/27/180010/1/1800"
John StoutenburghVolume 311/4/180011/10/1800"
Valentine PetersVolume 312/20/180012/30/1800Tales Castle
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 312/28/180012/29/1801Tales Castle
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 312/31/18001/3/1801Tales of the Castle
Theophilius BrowerVolume 31/6/18011/19/1801Tales Castle
Abraham PolhemusVolume 31/27/18011/31/1801Tales Castle
James StuartVolume 32/12/18012/17/1801Tales Castle
Christian NestelVolume 32/21/18012/24/1801Tales of the Castle
Samuel TalmanVolume 32/24/18012/28/1801Tales Castle
Henry SeamanVolume 33/2/18013/7/1801Tales Castle
Joseph MallenbrayVolume 33/9/18013/19/1801Tales Castle
John RemsenVolume 33/25/18014/8/1801Tales Castle
Walter BowneVolume 34/9/18014/13/1801Tale Castle
Robert ElderVolume 34/18/18015/18/1801Tales Castle
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 35/19/18015/21/1801Tales of the Castle
George LorillardVolume 35/19/18015/19/1801Tales Castle
Isaac CrossVolume 36/10/18016/29/18011/8Tales Castle
Henry SeamanVolume 38/21/18018/21/1801Tales Castle
Henry SeamanVolume 38/21/18019/10/18012/6"
Selah StrongVolume 310/10/180110/13/1801"
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 310/29/180110/30/1801Tales Castle
Joshua WatsonVolume 311/7/180111/9/1801Tales Castle
Joseph HopkinsVolume 31/11/18021/14/1802Tales Castle
George CockVolume 31/26/18021/30/1802Tales Castle
Gillian CornellVolume 32/6/18022/15/1802"
John Murray Jr.Volume 33/11/18023/12/1802Tales Castle
William OgilvieVolume 33/16/18023/24/1802Tales Castle
David WilliamsonVolume 34/7/18024/27/18024dTales Castle
John F. RoorbackVolume 35/3/18025/4/1802Tales Castle
Catherine HillVolume 35/4/18025/11/1802"
Thomas CadleVolume 312/13/180212/24/1802Tales Castle
John B. DashVolume 312/30/18021/8/1803Tales Castle
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 31/27/18032/3/1803Tales Castle
Thomas SalterVolume 32/3/18032/9/1803Tales Castle
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 32/9/18032/10/1803Tales Castle
George D. CooperVolume 33/21/18034/4/1803"
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 34/27/18035/6/1803Tales Castle
Peter KettletasVolume 34/30/18035/2/1803Tales Castle
Thomas SkinnerVolume 35/6/18035/28/1803Tales Castle
John RogersVolume 35/21/18035/28/1803Tales Castle
William LinnVolume 36/6/18036/11/1803Tales of the Castle
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 36/15/18036/20/1803Tales Castle
Thomas De MiltVolume 36/27/18037/11/1803Tales Castle
John OothoudtVolume 37/20/18037/23/1803Tales Castle
Edmund SeamanVolume 37/23/18037/29/1803Tales Castle
James C. RooseveltVolume 38/3/180311/9/1803Tales Castle
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 312/7/180312/7/1803Tales Castle
Henry H. SchieffelinVolume 312/7/180312/8/1803Tales Castle
Abraham PrallVolume 312/10/180312/20/1803Tales Castle
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 312/23/180312/23/1803Tales Castle
William G. MillerVolume 31/14/18041/18/1804Tales Castle
Joseph KingVolume 32/17/18042/22/1804Tales Castle
Joseph KingVolume 32/17/18042/22/1804Tales Castle
Solomon TownsendVolume 32/6/18052/9/1805Tales Castle
Henry RogersVolume 36/3/18056/14/1805"
Edward William LaightVolume 36/8/18056/15/1805Tales Castle
Charles L. CammanVolume 37/18/18057/18/1805Tales Castle
James BradishVolume 38/24/18058/28/1805Tales Castle
John D. MercierVolume 38/29/18059/4/1805Tales Castle
James HewittVolume 39/1/18059/9/1805Tales Castle
Walter MitchellVolume 311/14/180511/19/1805Tales Castle
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