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T.E. Ritchie, Baron François René Jean de Pommereul

Campaign of General Buonaparte in Italy, in 1796-7. By a general officer. Translated from the French by T. E. Ritchie. With a narrative of the operations of the French armies on the Rhine, &c. Embellished with a Map of the Seat of War in Italy, and a Portrait of the General.

Edinburgh: Printed for G. Houston and Co. And for Crosby and Letterman, Stationers Court, Near Paternoster Row, London., 1799.
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Campaign of General Buonaparte in Italy, in 1796-7. By a general officer. Translated from the French by T. E. Ritchie. With a narrative of the operations of the French armies on the Rhine, &c. Embellished with a Map of the Seat of War in Italy, and a Portrait of the General. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 17965/13/18005/21/1800Bounaparte's Camp.
Anthony BleeckerVolume 17965/21/18005/24/1800Bounap. Camp
Anthony BleeckerVolume 17965/24/18005/27/1800"
Thomas KnoxVolume 17966/7/18006/11/1800Bounapartes Camp
Rebecca LaightVolume 17966/11/18006/17/1800Buonapartes Camp
Bernard HartVolume 17967/26/18008/13/1800Bounapartes Camp
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17968/20/18008/23/1800Bounapartes Camp
Manuel MyersVolume 17968/23/18008/25/1800Bunopartes Camp
John BuchannanVolume 17968/25/18009/3/1800Bonapartes Camp
John C. WatsonVolume 17969/4/18009/13/1800Buonapartes Camp
Thomas SlidellVolume 17969/26/180010/17/1800Bounap. Camp.
Francis CooperVolume 179610/24/180010/29/1800Bounap. Camp
Peter KembleVolume 179611/6/180011/15/1800Bounapartes Camp
John ParkinsonVolume 179611/20/180011/28/1800Bounapartes Camp
George LorillardVolume 179611/29/180012/13/1800Bounapartes Camp
Samuel B. RomaineVolume 17961/6/18011/13/1801Bounapartes Camp
James HuntVolume 17962/19/18012/24/1801Bounaparte Camp
Christian SchultzVolume 17962/25/18013/5/1801Buonapartes Camp.
Valentine PetersVolume 17963/7/18013/10/1801Bounap Camp
Thomas GardnerVolume 17963/11/18013/12/1801Bounapartes Camp
Richard RikerVolume 17964/17/18015/18/18011/8Bounapartes Camp
Rebecca LaightVolume 17965/21/18015/21/1801Campaign 1796
Selah StrongVolume 17965/21/18015/25/1801Buonap Camp.
Daniel CromwellVolume 17965/30/18016/20/18014dBounapartes Camp
Valentine NutterVolume 16/3/18016/8/1801Campaigns
James RobertsonVolume 17966/23/18017/2/1801Bounapartes Camp
Hannah DrakeVolume 17967/14/18017/18/1801Bounaparte Camp
Peter Augustus JayVolume 17967/25/18017/26/1801Campaign 1796
Peter Augustus JayVolume 17967/25/18017/28/1801Campaign 1796
Peter Augustus JayVolume 17967/28/18017/29/1801Campaign 1797
Peter Augustus JayVolume 17967/28/18017/29/1801"1797
Peter Augustus Jay7/29/18017/31/1801Campaign 1798
Peter Augustus JayVolume 17967/29/18017/31/1801"1795
Peter Augustus Jay7/31/18018/11/1801Campaign 1799
Peter Augustus JayVolume 17967/31/18018/11/1801"1799
Francis CooperVolume 17968/8/18018/10/1801Campaign 1796
Francis CooperVolume 17968/10/18018/18/1801"1797
Francis CooperVolume 17968/18/18019/4/1801"1798
William ShipleyVolume 17969/10/18019/22/1801Buonapartes Camp.
Joseph ByrnesVolume 17969/22/18019/30/1801Bounapartes Camp
Daniel PhoenixVolume 17969/28/180112/16/1801Campaign 1796
William B. KeeseVolume 179610/23/180110/29/1801Bounapartes Camp
Thomas IversVolume 179611/3/180111/3/1801Campaigns 1796
John P. MumfordVolume 179611/4/180111/18/1801Buonapartes Camp
Joshua WatsonVolume 179612/28/18011/11/1802Buonapartes Camp
John W. MulliganVolume 17961/2/18021/7/1802Campaign 1796
James RooseveltVolume 17961/7/18021/28/1802Campaign 1796
John P. MumfordVolume 17971/11/18021/25/1802Campaign
John P. Mumford1/25/18022/1/1802"
John TurnerVolume 17961/25/18022/6/1802Buonapartes Campaign
John P. MumfordVolume 17981/25/18021/25/1802"
Nancy IversVolume 17961/28/18022/3/1802Campaigns 1797
John NitchieVolume 12/3/18022/6/1802Campaigns 1796
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 17962/6/18022/17/1802Buonapartes Camp
John NitchieVolume 22/6/18022/10/1802"
John P. MumfordVolume 17962/9/18022/16/1802Campaign
John NitchieVolume 32/10/18022/12/1802"
John NitchieVolume 42/12/18022/15/1802"
Jeremiah HillVolume 17962/18/18022/27/1802Bounaparte's Camp.
Nancy IversVolume 179611/5/180211/9/1802Campaigns 1797
Nancy Ivers11/9/180211/17/1802Campaigns 1798
Rich HarisonVolume 13/5/18033/7/1803Campaign
Rich HarisonVolume 23/7/18033/8/1803"
Rich HarisonVolume 33/8/18033/14/1803"
Allard AnthonyVolume 13/19/18034/2/1803Campaigns
William RichardsonVolume 43/25/18033/31/1803Campaigns
Allard AnthonyVolume 24/2/18034/15/1803Campaigns
Allard AnthonyVolume 34/15/18034/30/1803Campaigns
Allard AnthonyVolume 114/15/18034/30/1803Campaigns
John B. FiskVolume 15/14/18035/23/1803Campaign
John B. FiskVolume 25/14/18035/23/1803Campaign
John B. FiskVolume 35/14/18035/23/1803Campaign
Hannah DrakeVolume 16/13/18036/29/1803Campaigns
Matthias NachVolume 17978/16/18038/30/1803Campaign
Charles BaldwinVolume 17968/30/18039/1/1803Campaign for 1796
Matthias NachVolume 312/3/180312/10/1803"
Matthias NachVolume 412/10/180312/12/1803"
William B. KeeseVolume 17962/28/18043/3/1804Campaigns 1796
John MooreVolume 14/12/18044/17/1804Campaign
Joshua Whitcomb6/18/18046/21/1804Campaign 1799
John MooreVolume 17919/20/180410/6/1804Campaign
Samuel JonesVolume 17962/15/18052/22/1805Campaign 1796
Samuel Jones2/22/18053/2/1805Campaigns for 1799
Arthur NobleVolume 17963/14/18054/6/1805Campaigns
Matthew Clarkson3/22/18054/16/1805Campaigns 1799 1798
William StrachanVolume 17963/22/18054/3/1805Campaigns 1797
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 17964/6/18054/20/1805Campaigns 1797
Rodolphus BogertVolume 17964/19/18055/14/1805Campaign 1796
Rodolphus BogertVolume 17965/14/18055/30/1805"
Benjamin StrongVolume 17965/27/18056/7/1805Campaigns 1797
Rodolphus BogertVolume 17965/30/18056/18/1805"
Rodolphus BogertVolume 17966/18/18056/26/1805" 1797
Rodolphus BogertVolume 17966/26/18057/9/1805" 1798
Anthony BleeckerVolume 19/1/18059/7/1805Campaigns
Benjamin StrongVolume 17969/7/18059/9/1805Campaigns fr 1796
Jacob MortonVolume 111/4/180511/17/1805Campaigns
Anthony BleeckerVolume 311/4/180511/12/1805"
Anthony BleeckerVolume 411/4/180511/12/1805"
James JayVolume 179611/7/180511/18/18053/Campaigns 1797
John ForbesVolume 411/14/180511/14/1805Campaigns
Jacob MortonVolume 212/2/180512/10/1805"
Jacob MortonVolume 312/10/180512/31/1805Campaigns
Nathaniel Paulding12/19/180512/30/1805Campaigns
Jacob MortonVolume 412/24/180512/31/1805Campaigns
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 180012/30/18051/7/1806"
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