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An universal history, from the earliest account of time. Compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. With a general index to the whole. ...

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An universal history, from the earliest account of time. Compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. With a general index to the whole. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
George ThatcherVolume 18/10/17898/21/1789Modern Universal HistorySelf
George ThatcherVolume 138/21/17899/14/17896dUniversal HistySelf
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 1311/27/178912/1/1789Modern Un. History
John ParsonsVolume 2412/4/178912/9/1789Mod. Un. History
William BurlingVolume 101/11/17901/20/1790Un history
William BurlingVolume 11/20/17901/27/1790Mod. Un. "
Robert L. BowneVolume 22/10/17902/17/1790Un. hist (Mod)
Aaron BurrVolume 16/2/17906/14/1790Mod. Un. Hist
Aaron BurrVolume 26/14/17906/17/1790"
Aaron BurrVolume 36/17/17907/3/1790"
Aaron BurrVolume 47/3/17907/23/1790"
Aaron BurrVolume 57/23/17908/10/1790"
Aaron BurrVolume 68/10/17909/6/17901s"
Aaron BurrVolume 79/6/179010/6/17901s/6d"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 89/27/17909/29/1790Mod. Un. History
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 99/29/179010/1/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 1410/1/179010/2/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 1910/2/179010/6/1790"
Aaron BurrVolume 810/6/179011/11/17902s/6d"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 2210/6/179010/8/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 2310/8/179010/11/1790"
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 2910/11/179010/15/1790"
Aaron BurrVolume 911/11/179012/23/17903s/7d"
Aaron BurrVolume 1012/23/17901/13/1791"
Garrett AbeelVolume 11/3/17911/7/1791Mod Un hist
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 11/12/17911/12/1791Modern Un. Hist.
Aaron BurrVolume 111/13/17911/25/1791"
Isaac L. Kip1/23/17911/31/1791Modern HisProvost
Aaron BurrVolume 121/23/17912/9/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 132/9/17912/21/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 142/21/17913/4/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 153/4/17913/24/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 163/24/17914/22/17911s/8d"
Aaron BurrVolume 174/22/17915/13/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 185/13/17916/1/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 196/1/17916/10/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 206/10/17916/14/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 216/14/17916/23/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 226/23/17917/1/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 237/1/17917/7/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 247/7/17917/13/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 257/13/17917/25/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 267/25/17918/10/1791"
Aaron Burr8/10/17918/16/1791No. 576
Aaron BurrVolume 288/16/17918/23/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 298/23/17919/6/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 309/6/17919/15/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 319/15/17919/21/1791Modern Universal
Aaron BurrVolume 329/21/179110/4/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 3310/4/179110/11/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 3410/11/179110/17/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 3510/17/179111/9/17916d"
Aaron BurrVolume 3611/9/179111/16/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 3711/16/179111/22/1791"
Garrett B. AbeelVolume 4011/18/179111/22/1791Modern hist
John Speyer11/19/179111/21/1791Modern Hist.
Isaac M. GomezVolume 1411/19/179111/23/1791Mod Un hist
Aaron BurrVolume 3811/22/179111/29/1791"
Garrett B. AbeelVolume 4111/22/179111/26/1791"
Isaac M. Gomez11/23/179111/24/1791" con
Aaron BurrVolume 3911/29/179112/6/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 4112/6/179112/10/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 4012/12/179112/13/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 4212/14/179112/17/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 4312/17/179112/27/1791"
Aaron BurrVolume 4412/27/179112/28/1791"
Alexander PhoenixVolume 302/18/17922/20/1792Mod Un hist
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 11/7/18002/3/18001/2Modern U. History
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 12/3/18002/4/1800"
Aaron BurrVolume 110/7/180011/14/18003/4Modern Universal History
David Van HorneVolume 18/12/18018/14/1801Modern History
Elbert HerringVolume 68/12/18018/12/1801M. U. History
Abraham HerringVolume 611/28/180112/9/1801Unni M Hist
Dominick LynchVolume 112/12/18011/8/1801Universal History
Dominick LynchVolume 212/12/18011/8/1801Universal History
Willet HicksVolume 12/16/18023/5/1802Modern U. Hist
Willet HicksVolume 23/5/18023/13/1802"
John BarrowVolume 14/13/18024/22/1802Universal History
John BarrowVolume 24/13/18024/22/1802Universal History
Henry PriestVolume 238/21/18028/26/1802M U History
Robert BensonVolume 238/30/18029/13/1802Modern U History
Roger AldenVolume 83/8/18033/12/1803Modern Universal
Henry SeamanVolume 63/24/18036/16/18036/Modern U Hist.
Thomas EddyVolume 196/2/18036/11/1803Modern U Hist
John H. EddyVolume 296/17/18036/25/1803Modern U. History
John H. EddyVolume 196/25/18036/29/18031/4"
John H. EddyVolume 216/25/18036/29/18031/4"
John H. EddyVolume 227/20/18038/10/1803"
John H. EddyVolume 237/20/18038/10/1803"
John Le ConteVolume 52/10/18042/11/1804Modern U. Hist
Joseph EdenVolume 52/11/18042/11/1804Modern Hist
Joseph EdenVolume 16/6/18046/9/1804Universal Hist
John H. EddyVolume 247/24/18048/3/1804M U History
John H. EddyVolume 337/24/18048/3/1804M U History
John H. EddyVolume 358/3/18049/4/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 259/4/18049/18/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 269/4/18049/18/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 359/4/18049/4/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 369/4/18049/4/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 289/18/18049/28/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 279/18/18049/28/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 299/28/180410/3/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 309/28/180410/3/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 1710/3/180410/8/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 1810/3/180410/8/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 1510/8/180410/19/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 1610/8/180410/19/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 1310/19/180411/3/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 1410/19/180411/3/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 111/3/180411/23/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 211/3/180411/23/1804"
John H. EddyVolume 211/28/180412/5/1804M. U. History
John H. EddyVolume 311/28/180412/5/1804M. U. History
John H. EddyVolume 41/10/18051/10/1805"
John H. EddyVolume 51/10/18051/10/1805"
John H. EddyVolume 61/10/18051/22/1805"
John H. EddyVolume 71/10/18051/22/1805"
John H. EddyVolume 81/22/18052/2/1805"
John H. EddyVolume 91/22/18052/2/1805"
John GarnetVolume 14/9/18054/22/1805Universal History
John GarnetVolume 24/22/18055/3/1805"
John GarnetVolume 35/3/18055/30/1805"
John GarnetVolume 45/30/18056/19/1805"
John GarnetVolume 57/8/18058/13/1805Universal Hist
John GarnetVolume 68/13/180511/16/1805"
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