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Jean-Louis Soulavie

Historical and political memoirs of the reign of Lewis XVI: from his marriage to his death, founded on a variety of authentic documents and on the secret papers discovered, after the 10th of August, 1792, in the closets of the king at Versailles and the Tuileries

London: Printed for G. and J. Robinson, 1802.
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Historical and political memoirs of the reign of Lewis XVI: from his marriage to his death, founded on a variety of authentic documents and on the secret papers discovered, after the 10th of August, 1792, in the closets of the king at Versailles and the Tuileries Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
George LorillardVolume 69/22/180110/14/1801Reign Lewis XVI
Edward LydeVolume 610/8/180111/5/1801Reign Lewis XVI
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 112/28/18011/18/1802Reign Lewis XVI
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 61/18/18022/5/1802"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 26/2/18026/8/1802Life Lewis 16th
Daniel PhoenixVolume 36/2/18026/8/1802Life Lewis 16th
William OgilvieVolume 16/2/18026/15/1802Lewis XVI
Daniel PhoenixVolume 46/8/18026/15/1802"
John Lansing, Jr.Volume 26/10/18026/12/1802Life Lewis 16
Francis CooperVolume 26/12/18027/1/1802Life Lewis 16
Daniel PhoenixVolume 56/15/18026/19/1802"
Abraham K. BeekmanVolume 16/15/18027/6/1802Life Lewis 16th
Daniel PhoenixVolume 66/19/18026/23/1802"
Garrett AbeelVolume 56/25/18027/7/1802Life Lewis XVI
Garrett AbeelVolume 66/25/18027/7/1802Life Lewis XVI
Garrett AbeelVolume 46/25/18027/7/1802Life Lewis XVI
Abraham K. BeekmanVolume 27/6/18027/26/1802"
Rebecca LaightVolume 17/12/18027/13/1802Life Lewis 16th
Simeon DemingVolume 17/12/18028/14/18026dLife Lewis 16th
David Van HorneVolume 17/14/18027/16/1802Life Lewis 16th
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 17/14/18027/14/1802Life Lewis 16th
David Van HorneVolume 37/19/18027/20/1802Life Lewis 16th
David Van HorneVolume 47/20/18027/21/1802"
David Van HorneVolume 57/21/18027/22/1802"
David Van HorneVolume 67/22/18027/24/1802"
Abraham K. BeekmanVolume 37/26/18028/10/1802"
Samuel B. RomaineVolume 27/28/18027/29/1802Life Lewis 16
Abraham K. BeekmanVolume 48/10/18028/24/1802"
Simeon DemingVolume 28/14/18029/16/18022/"
Thomas SlidellVolume 18/16/18028/16/1802Life Lewis 16th
Abraham K. BeekmanVolume 58/24/18029/3/1802"
Thomas SlidellVolume 39/3/18029/23/1802Life Lewis 16th
Samuel BeebeeVolume 19/15/18029/21/1802Life Lewis 16
Thomas SlidellVolume 49/18/180210/6/1802Life Lewis 16th
Joseph BrantinghamVolume 69/19/18029/25/1802Reign Lewis 16th
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 69/19/18029/25/1802Reign Lewis 16th
Thomas SlidellVolume 39/23/18029/30/1802"
Samuel BeebeeVolume 29/24/18029/25/1802Life Lewis 16
Thomas SlidellVolume 59/30/180210/14/1802"
Thomas SlidellVolume 610/6/180210/20/1802"
Simeon DemingVolume 310/7/180210/30/18024d" Lewis 16
Richard LoinesVolume 110/25/180210/27/1802Life Lewis 16th
Richard LoinesVolume 210/27/180211/2/1802"
Simeon DemingVolume 410/30/180211/6/1802"
Richard LoinesVolume 311/2/180211/10/1802"
Simeon DemingVolume 511/6/180211/27/1802"
Richard LoinesVolume 411/10/180211/12/1802"
Simeon DemingVolume 611/27/180212/11/1802Life Lewis 16th
Richard LoinesVolume 512/8/180212/10/1802Life Lewis 16th
John MurrayVolume 612/13/180212/21/1802Life Lewis 16th
Walter BowneVolume 612/13/180212/13/1802Life Lewis 16th
Joseph WinterVolume 112/16/180212/21/1802Life Lewis 16th
Joseph WinterVolume 212/21/18021/8/1803"
Joseph WinterVolume 31/8/18031/12/1803"
James BleeckerVolume 14/26/18035/9/1803Life Lewis 16th
William UstickVolume 15/20/18035/25/1803Life Lewis XVI
James BleeckerVolume 25/23/18036/1/1803Life Lewis 16th
William UstickVolume 35/26/18036/6/1803"
William UstickVolume 26/6/18036/18/1803"
William UstickVolume 46/18/18036/30/1803Life Lewis 16th
William UstickVolume 56/30/18037/12/1803"
William UstickVolume 67/12/18037/25/1803Life Lewis 16th
George GosmanVolume 111/26/180312/19/18032/2Life Lewis 16th
George GosmanVolume 112/19/18031/16/18044/4"
John Murray Jr.Volume 12/20/18042/27/1804Life Lewis
Cornelius CadleVolume 14/12/18044/19/1804Reign Lewis 16th
Cornelius CadleVolume 24/19/18044/24/1804"
Cornelius CadleVolume 34/24/18045/11/1804"
Cornelius CadleVolume 45/11/18046/4/18046d"
Cornelius CadleVolume 56/4/18047/13/1804"
Walter MitchellVolume 27/2/18047/5/1804Life Lewis 16th
Walter MitchellVolume 37/2/18047/5/1804Life Lewis 16th
Walter MitchellVolume 17/2/18047/5/1804Life Lewis 16th
Walter MitchellVolume 47/5/18047/11/1804"
Cornelius CadleVolume 67/13/18047/28/1804"
Joseph EdenVolume 210/27/180411/1/1804Life Lewis 16th
Joseph EdenVolume 310/27/180411/1/1804Life Lewis 16th
Joseph EdenVolume 511/1/180411/3/1804"
Joseph EdenVolume 411/1/180411/3/1804"
William BoydVolume 62/9/18052/15/1805Reign Lewis 16
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