Sonninis Travels

A precise edition for this title cannot be identified as a reference to this title cannot be located in the Library's historic catalogs. 

Transcribed title could refer to two titles in the Library's collection: Travels in upper and lower Egypt, undertaken by order of the old government of France... or Travels in Greece and Turkey, undertaken by order of Louis XVI....
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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Peter Wilson11/5/180012/10/1800Somonnis Travels
Charles Wilkes12/19/180012/29/1800Sonninis Travels
William Denning12/29/18001/20/1801Sonninis Travels
George Turnbull1/30/18012/5/1801Sonninis Travels
Archibald Robertson2/10/18012/18/1801Sonninis Travels
Jacob Morton2/20/18012/27/1801Sonninis Travels
Samuel Delaplaine2/27/18013/9/1801Sonninis Travels
Bernard Hart3/17/18013/30/1801Sonnini's Travels
William Proctor4/4/18014/9/1801Sonninis Travels
Charles Startin4/29/18015/23/1801Sonninis Travels
Tiddeman Hull5/27/18016/20/1801Sonninis Travels
William Laight7/3/18017/17/1801Sonnini's Travels
William Wilson7/17/18017/22/1801Soninis Travels
Rebecca Laight7/24/18018/8/1801Sonninis Travels
Francis Cooper9/4/18019/12/1801Sonninis Travels
Rich HarisonVolume 19/12/18019/15/1801Sonnini's Travels
Silas Talbot9/15/18019/24/1801Sonninis Travels
William Proctor9/24/18019/30/1801Sonninis Travels
Catherine Hill10/1/180110/5/1801Sonninies Travels
Theodorus Van Wyck12/11/180112/24/1801Sonninis Travels
Daniel Phoenix1/2/18021/6/1802Soninis Travels
Thomas Service1/18/18021/30/1802Sonni's Travels
John Clarke2/9/18022/20/1802Sonninis Travels
Garrett Abeel3/6/18023/17/1802Sonninis Travels
James Watson4/22/18024/28/1802Sonninis Travels
William Samuel Johnson5/4/18026/26/1802Soninis Travels
Garrett Abeel7/16/18027/24/1802Sonninis Travels
Valentine Seaman7/31/18028/19/1802Sonni's Travels
Thomas Slidell9/11/18029/18/1802Sonninis Travels
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.11/5/180211/18/1802Sonnis Travels
Walter Mitchell12/3/180212/15/1802Sonninis Travels
Walter Mitchell1/5/18031/5/1803Soninis Travels
Henry Sands2/5/18032/14/1803Soninis Travels
Ebenezer Stevens3/10/18033/26/1803Sonninis Travels
Simeon Deming5/16/18036/7/1803Sonnis Travels
John Le Conte7/27/18038/1/1803Sonnis Travels
Abraham PrallVolume 18/1/18038/6/1803Sonni's Travels
Abraham PrallVolume 28/1/18038/6/1803Sonni's Travels
Samuel Ward8/12/18038/17/1803Sonninis Travels
William B. Keese2/4/18042/8/1804Sonninis Travels
William Walton2/25/18043/8/1804Sonnis Travels
John Parsons3/22/18044/7/1804Sonnis Travels
George Warren Chapman6/1/18046/7/1804Sonninis Travels
Edward Van Horne6/19/18046/20/1804Sonini's Travels
John Mersereau7/17/18047/17/1804Soninis Travels
Peter Allair12/31/18041/5/1805Sonnini's Travels
Hamilton Stewart3/19/18053/29/1805Soninis Travels
Samuel Delaplaine3/29/18054/8/1805Sonninis Travels
Benjamin TaylorVolume 25/24/18055/25/1805Sonninis Travels
Benjamin TaylorVolume 25/25/18055/27/1805"
Rodolphus BogertVolume 17/9/18057/15/1805Sonnini's Travels
Samuel LaurenceVolume 19/6/180511/4/18052d 4Sonninis Travels
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