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Elizabeth Helme

St. Clair of the isles: or, The outlaws of Barra, a Scottish tradition.

London: Printed by A. Strahan for T.N. Longman and O. Rees., 1803.
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St. Clair of the isles: or, The outlaws of Barra, a Scottish tradition. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Anna Maria Schieffelin11/26/180311/28/1803St. Clair
Benjamin Moore11/28/180311/28/1803St Claire
Peter Hawes11/28/180312/1/1803St. Clair
Henry MitchellVolume 212/3/180312/6/1803St Clair
Henry MitchellVolume 112/3/180312/6/1803St Clair
Benjamin A. Egbert12/6/180312/13/1803St. Clair
Archibald Robertson12/17/180312/20/1803St. Clair
Thomas Salter12/20/180312/20/1803St. Clair
John Barrow12/22/180312/22/1803St. Clair
Moses B. Seixas12/27/180312/29/1803St Clair
Isaac HeyerVolume 212/29/180312/31/1803St. Clair
Isaac HeyerVolume 312/29/180312/31/1803St. Clair
Isaac HeyerVolume 112/29/180312/31/1803St. Clair
Charlotte Smith12/31/18031/5/1804St Clair
Abraham Prall1/5/18041/6/1804St. Clair
Edward L. Schieffelin1/6/18041/9/1804St Clair
Peter Kettletas1/9/18041/11/1804St. Clair
Jacob Sherred1/12/18041/30/1804St. Clair
John Ireland1/31/18042/3/1804St. Clair
Joseph Winter2/3/18042/7/1804St. Clair
Catherine Hill2/7/18042/8/1804St. Clair
Christian Nestel2/8/18042/9/1804St. Clair
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 22/9/18042/11/1804St Clair
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 32/9/18042/11/1804St Clair
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 12/9/18042/11/1804St Clair
Robert Troup2/11/18042/14/1804St. Clair
Thomas Cadle2/15/18042/20/1804St. Clair
Thomas Jones2/20/18042/23/1804St. Clair
Hamilton Stewart2/23/18042/25/1804St Clair
William G. Forbes2/27/18043/3/1804St. Clair
James Renwick3/3/18043/5/1804St Clair
David Mumford3/14/18043/17/1804St Clair
Patrick Munn3/20/18044/3/1804St Clair
Jacob Ricketts4/4/18044/13/1804St. Clair
Anna Lockman4/14/18044/24/1804St. Clair
George Lorillard4/14/18044/14/1804St. Clair
Henry Remsen, Jr.5/17/18045/18/1804St. Clair
Aron Judah5/22/18045/24/1804St. Clair
William Edgar6/15/18046/20/1804St. Clair
Ephraim Hart6/21/18046/22/1804St. Clair
John Stoutenburgh6/25/18046/28/1804St Clair
Thomas StormVolume 26/29/18047/6/1804St. Clair
Thomas StormVolume 36/29/18047/6/1804St. Clair
Thomas StormVolume 16/29/18047/6/1804St. Clair
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 27/6/18047/25/18045dSt. Clair
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 37/6/18047/25/18045dSt. Clair
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 17/6/18047/25/18045dSt. Clair
Thomas De MiltVolume 27/15/18048/7/1804St. Clair Isles
Thomas De MiltVolume 37/15/18048/7/1804St. Clair Isles
Thomas De MiltVolume 47/15/18048/7/1804St. Clair Isles
Thomas De MiltVolume 17/15/18048/7/1804St. Clair Isles
Samuel JonesVolume 27/25/18047/25/1804St. Clare Isles
Samuel JonesVolume 37/25/18047/25/1804St. Clare Isles
Samuel JonesVolume 47/25/18047/25/1804St. Clare Isles
Samuel JonesVolume 17/25/18047/25/1804St. Clare Isles
Catharine Ladley Valentine8/13/18048/14/1804St. Clair
Solomon Simpson8/17/18048/18/1804St. Clair
Jacobus Fine8/21/18048/25/1804St. Claire
Moses B. SeixasVolume 28/23/18049/4/1804St Clair Isles
Moses B. SeixasVolume 38/23/18049/4/1804St Clair Isles
Moses B. SeixasVolume 48/23/18049/4/1804St Clair Isles
Moses B. SeixasVolume 18/23/18049/4/1804St Clair Isles
Alsop Hunt8/28/18048/29/1804St. Clair
Peter Stuyvesant8/29/18048/31/1804St. Clair
Henry RogersVolume 29/4/18049/6/1804St. Clair Isles
Henry RogersVolume 39/4/18049/6/1804St. Clair Isles
Henry RogersVolume 49/4/18049/6/1804St. Clair Isles
Henry RogersVolume 19/4/18049/6/1804St. Clair Isles
John L. NortonVolume 29/6/180411/12/180410/St Claire Isles
John L. NortonVolume 39/6/180411/12/180410/St Claire Isles
John L. NortonVolume 49/6/180411/12/180410/St Claire Isles
John L. NortonVolume 19/6/180411/12/180410/St Claire Isles
Robert H. Bowne9/20/18049/21/1804St. Clair
Abraham Polhemus10/5/180410/19/1804St. Clair
Aquila Giles10/20/180410/23/1804St. Clair
Thomas Barfe10/20/180410/23/1804St. Clair
James Roosevelt11/12/180411/24/1804St. Claiere Isles
John L. NortonVolume 411/12/180411/12/1804"
Aron JudahVolume 211/24/180412/11/1804St. Clair Isles
Aron JudahVolume 311/24/180412/11/1804St. Clair Isles
Aron JudahVolume 411/24/180412/11/1804St. Clair Isles
Aron JudahVolume 111/24/180412/11/1804St. Clair Isles
Moses L. Moses12/5/180412/19/1804St Clair
Bernard HartVolume 212/5/180412/12/1804St. Clair Tales
Bernard HartVolume 312/5/180412/12/1804St. Clair Tales
Bernard HartVolume 412/5/180412/12/1804St. Clair Tales
Bernard HartVolume 112/5/180412/12/1804St. Clair Tales
Thomas JonesVolume 212/13/180412/15/1804St. Clair Isles
Thomas JonesVolume 312/13/180412/15/1804St. Clair Isles
Thomas JonesVolume 412/13/180412/15/1804St. Clair Isles
Thomas JonesVolume 112/13/180412/15/1804St. Clair Isles
Robert BruceVolume 212/15/180412/24/1804St Clair Isles
Robert BruceVolume 312/15/180412/24/1804St Clair Isles
Robert BruceVolume 412/15/180412/24/1804St Clair Isles
Robert BruceVolume 112/15/180412/24/1804St Clair Isles
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 212/27/180412/28/1804Saint Clair Isles
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 312/27/180412/28/1804Saint Clair Isles
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 412/27/180412/28/1804Saint Clair Isles
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 112/27/180412/28/1804Saint Clair Isles
James C. Roosevelt1/2/18051/5/1805St Clair
Samuel JonesVolume 21/18/18051/25/1805St. Claire Isles
Samuel JonesVolume 31/18/18051/25/1805St. Claire Isles
Samuel JonesVolume 41/18/18051/25/1805St. Claire Isles
Samuel JonesVolume 11/18/18051/25/1805St. Claire Isles
Charlotte WhiteVolume 21/25/18051/29/1805St. Clair
Charlotte WhiteVolume 31/25/18051/29/1805St. Clair
Charlotte WhiteVolume 11/25/18051/29/1805St. Clair
Abraham PrallVolume 21/26/18051/29/1805St Clair Isles
Abraham PrallVolume 31/26/18051/29/1805St Clair Isles
Abraham PrallVolume 41/26/18051/29/1805St Clair Isles
Abraham PrallVolume 11/26/18051/29/1805St Clair Isles
Jacob Ricketts1/29/18052/12/1805St. Clair
Anthony AckleyVolume 21/29/18052/1/1805St Clair Isles
Anthony AckleyVolume 31/29/18052/1/1805St Clair Isles
Anthony AckleyVolume 41/29/18052/1/1805St Clair Isles
Anthony AckleyVolume 11/29/18052/1/1805St Clair Isles
Ephraim HartVolume 22/7/18052/12/1805St. Clair Isles
Ephraim HartVolume 32/7/18052/12/1805St. Clair Isles
Ephraim HartVolume 42/7/18052/12/1805St. Clair Isles
Ephraim HartVolume 12/7/18052/12/1805St. Clair Isles
John ShawVolume 22/9/18052/16/1805St Clair Isles
John ShawVolume 32/9/18052/16/1805St Clair Isles
John ShawVolume 42/9/18052/16/1805St Clair Isles
John ShawVolume 12/9/18052/16/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas Ivers2/12/18052/26/1805St Clair
Moses L. MosesVolume 22/21/18053/19/1805St Claire Isles
Moses L. MosesVolume 32/21/18053/19/1805St Claire Isles
Moses L. MosesVolume 42/21/18053/19/1805St Claire Isles
Moses L. MosesVolume 12/21/18053/19/1805St Claire Isles
Edward Watkeys2/26/18052/27/1805St Clair
William Bleecker2/28/18053/1/1805St. Claire
John Ten Eyck3/1/18053/13/1805St Clair
John Jordan Morgan3/16/18053/20/1805St Clair
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 23/20/18054/3/1805St Clair Isles
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 33/20/18054/3/1805St Clair Isles
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 43/20/18054/3/1805St Clair Isles
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 13/20/18054/3/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas Skinner3/25/18053/30/1805St Clair
Isaac B. Seixas4/3/18054/4/1805St. Clair Isles
Moses B. SeixasVolume 24/3/18054/8/1805St Clair Isles
Moses B. SeixasVolume 34/3/18054/8/1805St Clair Isles
Moses B. SeixasVolume 44/3/18054/8/1805St Clair Isles
Moses B. SeixasVolume 14/3/18054/8/1805St Clair Isles
Ann McAdamsVolume 24/8/18054/8/1805St Clair Isles
Ann McAdamsVolume 14/8/18054/8/1805St Clair Isles
Marinus WillettVolume 24/15/18054/29/1805St. Clair Isles
Marinus WillettVolume 34/15/18054/29/1805St. Clair Isles
Marinus WillettVolume 44/15/18054/29/1805St. Clair Isles
Marinus WillettVolume 14/15/18054/29/1805St. Clair Isles
Thomas Jones4/16/18055/1/1805St. Clair
Christian Nestel4/22/18055/4/1805St. Clair
Aron JudahVolume 24/27/18054/29/1805St. Clair
Aron JudahVolume 34/27/18054/29/1805St. Clair
Aron JudahVolume 44/27/18054/29/1805St. Clair
Aron JudahVolume 14/27/18054/29/1805St. Clair
Archibald M. CockVolume 24/29/18055/9/1805St. Clair
Archibald M. CockVolume 34/29/18055/9/1805St. Clair
Archibald M. CockVolume 44/29/18055/9/1805St. Clair
Archibald M. CockVolume 14/29/18055/9/1805St. Clair
George BarnewallVolume 25/9/18055/11/1805St Clair Isles
George BarnewallVolume 35/9/18055/11/1805St Clair Isles
George BarnewallVolume 45/9/18055/11/1805St Clair Isles
George BarnewallVolume 15/9/18055/11/1805St Clair Isles
Edward WatkeysVolume 25/11/18055/25/1805St Clair
Edward WatkeysVolume 35/11/18055/25/1805St Clair
Edward WatkeysVolume 45/11/18055/25/1805St Clair
Edward WatkeysVolume 15/11/18055/25/1805St Clair
James RenwickVolume 25/25/18056/6/1805St Clair Isles
James RenwickVolume 35/25/18056/6/1805St Clair Isles
James RenwickVolume 45/25/18056/6/1805St Clair Isles
James RenwickVolume 15/25/18056/6/1805St Clair Isles
James HewittVolume 26/19/18056/25/1805St. Clair Isles
James HewittVolume 36/19/18056/25/1805St. Clair Isles
James HewittVolume 46/19/18056/25/1805St. Clair Isles
James HewittVolume 16/19/18056/25/1805St. Clair Isles
Moses L. MosesVolume 16/24/18056/27/1805St Claire
William DimpseyVolume 26/25/18057/2/1805St. Clair Isles
William DimpseyVolume 36/25/18057/2/1805St. Clair Isles
William DimpseyVolume 46/25/18057/2/1805St. Clair Isles
William DimpseyVolume 16/25/18057/2/1805St. Clair Isles
Daniel Ludlow6/27/18056/28/1805St. Clair
Charlotte WhiteVolume 27/3/18057/6/1805St Clair Isles
Charlotte WhiteVolume 37/3/18057/6/1805St Clair Isles
Charlotte WhiteVolume 47/3/18057/6/1805St Clair Isles
Charlotte WhiteVolume 17/3/18057/6/1805St Clair Isles
William BleeckerVolume 27/6/18057/8/1805St Clair
William BleeckerVolume 37/6/18057/8/1805St Clair
William BleeckerVolume 47/6/18057/8/1805St Clair
William BleeckerVolume 17/6/18057/8/1805St Clair
Peter HawesVolume 27/10/18057/12/1805St Clair Isles
Peter HawesVolume 37/10/18057/12/1805St Clair Isles
Peter HawesVolume 47/10/18057/12/1805St Clair Isles
Peter HawesVolume 17/10/18057/12/1805St Clair Isles
Adrian C. Van Slyck8/10/18058/15/1805St Clair
Charlotte WhiteVolume 28/14/18058/19/1805St Clair Isles
Charlotte WhiteVolume 38/14/18058/19/1805St Clair Isles
Charlotte WhiteVolume 48/14/18058/19/1805St Clair Isles
Charlotte WhiteVolume 18/14/18058/19/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas LiddleVolume 28/24/18058/28/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas LiddleVolume 38/24/18058/28/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas LiddleVolume 48/24/18058/28/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas LiddleVolume 18/24/18058/28/1805St Clair Isles
James BoydVolume 28/31/180511/6/1805St. Clair Isles
James BoydVolume 38/31/180511/6/1805St. Clair Isles
James BoydVolume 48/31/180511/6/1805St. Clair Isles
James BoydVolume 18/31/180511/6/1805St. Clair Isles
Joseph Hopkins9/2/18059/5/1805St. Clair
Thomas StormVolume 211/6/180511/14/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas StormVolume 311/6/180511/14/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas StormVolume 411/6/180511/14/1805St Clair Isles
Thomas StormVolume 111/6/180511/14/1805St Clair Isles
John G. CosterVolume 211/14/180511/26/1805H. Claire Isles
John G. CosterVolume 311/14/180511/26/1805H. Claire Isles
John G. CosterVolume 411/14/180511/26/1805H. Claire Isles
John G. CosterVolume 111/14/180511/26/1805H. Claire Isles
William LinnVolume 211/26/180512/3/1805St Clair Isles
William LinnVolume 311/26/180512/3/1805St Clair Isles
William LinnVolume 411/26/180512/3/1805St Clair Isles
William LinnVolume 111/26/180512/3/1805St Clair Isles
Israel WilkesVolume 212/12/180512/26/1805St Claire Isles
Israel WilkesVolume 312/12/180512/26/1805St Claire Isles
Israel WilkesVolume 412/12/180512/26/1805St Claire Isles
Israel WilkesVolume 112/12/180512/26/1805St Claire Isles
John ShawVolume 212/21/180512/26/1805St Clair Isles
John ShawVolume 312/21/180512/26/1805St Clair Isles
John ShawVolume 412/21/180512/26/1805St Clair Isles
John ShawVolume 112/21/180512/26/1805St Clair Isles
Robert ElderVolume 212/26/18051/3/1806St. Clair Isles
Robert ElderVolume 312/26/18051/3/1806St. Clair Isles
Robert ElderVolume 412/26/18051/3/1806St. Clair Isles
Robert ElderVolume 112/26/18051/3/1806St. Clair Isles
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