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Mary Julia Young

Mother & daughter : a pathetic tale

London: Printed by R. Exton, Great Portland-street; for J.F. Hughes, Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square, 1804.
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Rep. Ledger
Robert BruceVolume 27/27/18048/9/1804Mother & Daughter
Robert BruceVolume 37/27/18048/9/1804Mother & Daughter
Robert BruceVolume 17/27/18048/9/1804Mother & Daughter
Abraham PrallVolume 28/7/18048/7/1804Mother & Daughter
Abraham PrallVolume 38/7/18048/7/1804Mother & Daughter
Abraham PrallVolume 18/7/18048/7/1804Mother & Daughter
John Le ConteVolume 28/15/18048/20/1804Mother & Daughter
John Le ConteVolume 38/15/18048/20/1804Mother & Daughter
John Le ConteVolume 18/15/18048/20/1804Mother & Daughter
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 28/20/18049/3/1804Mother & Daughter
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 38/20/18049/3/1804Mother & Daughter
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 18/20/18049/3/1804Mother & Daughter
James RooseveltVolume 28/30/18049/14/1804Mother & Daughter
James RooseveltVolume 38/30/18049/14/1804Mother & Daughter
James RooseveltVolume 18/30/18049/14/1804Mother & Daughter
John T. GloverVolume 29/14/18049/18/1804Mother & Daughter
John T. GloverVolume 29/14/18049/18/1804Mother & Daughter
John T. GloverVolume 39/14/18049/18/1804Mother & Daughter
John T. GloverVolume 39/14/18049/18/1804Mother & Daughter
John T. GloverVolume 19/14/18049/18/1804Mother & Daughter
John T. GloverVolume 19/14/18049/18/1804Mother & Daughter
Willet ColesVolume 29/21/180410/6/18043dMother & Daugher
Willet ColesVolume 39/21/180410/6/18043dMother & Daugher
Willet ColesVolume 19/21/180410/6/18043dMother & Daugher
William LinnVolume 210/9/180410/15/1804Mother & Daughter
William LinnVolume 310/9/180410/15/1804Mother & Daughter
William LinnVolume 110/9/180410/15/1804Mother & Daughter
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 210/16/180410/22/1804Mother & Daughter
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 310/16/180410/22/1804Mother & Daughter
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 110/16/180410/22/1804Mother & Daughter
John KempVolume 210/18/180410/30/1804Mother & Daughter
John KempVolume 310/18/180410/30/1804Mother & Daughter
John KempVolume 110/18/180410/30/1804Mother & Daughter
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 210/30/180411/14/1804Mother & Daughter
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 310/30/180411/14/1804Mother & Daughter
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 110/30/180411/14/1804Mother & Daughter
Asher HartVolume 211/7/180411/8/1804Mother & Daughter
Asher HartVolume 311/7/180411/8/1804Mother & Daughter
Asher HartVolume 111/7/180411/8/1804Mother & Daughter
Thomas LiddleVolume 211/8/180411/10/1804Mother & Daughter
Thomas LiddleVolume 311/8/180411/10/1804Mother & Daughter
Thomas LiddleVolume 111/8/180411/10/1804Mother & Daughter
Marinus WillettVolume 211/13/180411/19/1804Mother & Daughter
Marinus WillettVolume 311/13/180411/19/1804Mother & Daughter
Marinus WillettVolume 111/13/180411/19/1804Mother & Daughter
John AbramsVolume 211/19/180412/15/18042/Mother & Daughter
John AbramsVolume 311/19/180412/15/18042/Mother & Daughter
John AbramsVolume 111/19/180412/15/18042/Mother & Daughter
John AbramsVolume 212/15/180412/21/1804"
John AbramsVolume 312/15/180412/21/1804"
John AbramsVolume 112/15/180412/21/1804"
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 212/21/180412/24/1804Mother & Daughter
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 312/21/180412/24/1804Mother & Daughter
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 112/21/180412/24/1804Mother & Daughter
John MurrayVolume 212/28/18041/7/1805Mother & Daughter
John MurrayVolume 312/28/18041/7/1805Mother & Daughter
John MurrayVolume 112/28/18041/7/1805Mother & Daughter
James TillaryVolume 21/7/18051/8/1805Mother & Daughter
James TillaryVolume 31/7/18051/8/1805Mother & Daughter
James TillaryVolume 11/7/18051/8/1805Mother & Daughter
Isaac HeyerVolume 21/9/18051/29/1805Mother & Daughter
Isaac HeyerVolume 31/9/18051/29/1805Mother & Daughter
Isaac HeyerVolume 11/9/18051/29/1805Mother & Daughter
James DavidsonVolume 21/16/18051/26/1805Mother & Daughter
James DavidsonVolume 31/16/18051/26/1805Mother & Daughter
James DavidsonVolume 11/16/18051/26/1805Mother & Daughter
George Turnbull1/22/18051/29/18053dMother & Daughter
David GelstonVolume 21/26/18051/31/1805Mother & Daughter
Arthur LaughorneVolume 21/31/18052/12/1805Mother & Daughter
Arthur LaughorneVolume 31/31/18052/12/1805Mother & Daughter
Arthur LaughorneVolume 11/31/18052/12/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas LiddleVolume 22/12/18052/14/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas LiddleVolume 32/12/18052/14/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas LiddleVolume 12/12/18052/14/1805Mother & Daughter
Samuel LaurenceVolume 22/14/18052/18/1805Mother & Daughter
Samuel LaurenceVolume 32/14/18052/18/1805Mother & Daughter
Samuel LaurenceVolume 12/14/18052/18/1805Mother & Daughter
Moses B. SeixasVolume 22/20/18052/26/1805Mother & Daughter
Moses B. SeixasVolume 32/20/18052/26/1805Mother & Daughter
Moses B. SeixasVolume 12/20/18052/26/1805Mother & Daughter
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 22/27/18053/11/1805Mother & Daughter
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 32/27/18053/11/1805Mother & Daughter
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 12/27/18053/11/1805Mother & Daughter
Isaac CrossVolume 23/4/18053/13/1805Mother & Daughter
Isaac CrossVolume 33/4/18053/13/1805Mother & Daughter
Isaac CrossVolume 13/4/18053/13/1805Mother & Daughter
John IrelandVolume 23/15/18054/20/1805Mother & Daughter
John IrelandVolume 33/15/18054/20/1805Mother & Daughter
John IrelandVolume 13/15/18054/20/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas JonesVolume 24/1/18054/11/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas JonesVolume 34/1/18054/11/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas JonesVolume 14/1/18054/11/1805Mother & Daughter
Peter HawesVolume 24/13/18054/20/1805Mother & Daughter
Peter HawesVolume 34/13/18054/20/1805Mother & Daughter
Peter HawesVolume 14/13/18054/20/1805Mother & Daughter
John RogersVolume 24/20/18055/4/1805Mother & Daughter
John RogersVolume 34/20/18055/4/1805Mother & Daughter
John RogersVolume 14/20/18055/4/1805Mother & Daughter
Hamilton StewartVolume 25/6/18055/13/1805Mother * Daughter
Hamilton StewartVolume 35/6/18055/13/1805Mother * Daughter
Hamilton StewartVolume 15/6/18055/13/1805Mother * Daughter
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 25/7/18055/8/1805Mother & Daughter
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 35/7/18055/8/1805Mother & Daughter
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 15/7/18055/8/1805Mother & Daughter
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 25/8/18055/8/1805Mother & Daughter
Peter DustanVolume 25/8/18055/21/1805Mother & Daughter
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 35/8/18055/8/1805Mother & Daughter
Peter DustanVolume 35/8/18055/21/1805Mother & Daughter
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 15/8/18055/8/1805Mother & Daughter
Peter DustanVolume 15/8/18055/21/1805Mother & Daughter
James RenwickVolume 25/21/18055/25/1805Mother & Daughter
James RenwickVolume 35/21/18055/25/1805Mother & Daughter
James RenwickVolume 15/21/18055/25/1805Mother & Daughter
John KempVolume 25/25/18056/3/1805Mother & Daughter
John KempVolume 35/25/18056/3/1805Mother & Daughter
John KempVolume 15/25/18056/3/1805Mother & Daughter
Israel WilkesVolume 26/3/18056/17/1805Mother & Daughter
Israel WilkesVolume 36/3/18056/17/1805Mother & Daughter
Israel WilkesVolume 16/3/18056/17/1805Mother & Daughter
James BoydVolume 26/8/18056/13/1805Mother & Daughter
James BoydVolume 36/8/18056/13/1805Mother & Daughter
James BoydVolume 16/8/18056/13/1805Mother & Daughter
Edward WatkeysVolume 26/12/18056/19/1805Mother & Daughter
Edward WatkeysVolume 36/12/18056/19/1805Mother & Daughter
Edward WatkeysVolume 16/12/18056/19/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas JonesVolume 26/19/18056/19/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas JonesVolume 36/19/18056/19/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas JonesVolume 16/19/18056/19/1805Mother & Daughter
Edward Watkeys6/20/18057/1/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas StormVolume 27/1/18057/9/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas StormVolume 37/1/18057/9/1805Mother & Daughter
Thomas StormVolume 17/1/18057/9/1805Mother & Daughter
Charlotte WhiteVolume 27/10/18057/12/1805Mother & Daughter
Charlotte WhiteVolume 37/10/18057/12/1805Mother & Daughter
Charlotte WhiteVolume 17/10/18057/12/1805Mother & Daughter
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 27/12/18057/16/1805Mother & Daughter
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 37/12/18057/16/1805Mother & Daughter
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 17/12/18057/16/1805Mother & Daughter
Andrew MitchellVolume 27/23/18057/24/1805Mother & Daughter
Andrew MitchellVolume 37/23/18057/24/1805Mother & Daughter
Andrew MitchellVolume 17/23/18057/24/1805Mother & Daughter
Ann McAdamsVolume 28/19/18058/30/1805Mother & Daughter
Ann McAdamsVolume 38/19/18058/30/1805Mother & Daughter
Ann McAdamsVolume 18/19/18058/30/1805Mother & Daughter
William LinnVolume 29/1/18059/6/1805Mother & Daughter
William LinnVolume 39/1/18059/6/1805Mother & Daughter
William LinnVolume 19/1/18059/6/1805Mother & Daughter
Christian BachVolume 29/6/180511/4/1805Mother & Daughter
Christian BachVolume 39/6/180511/4/1805Mother & Daughter
Christian BachVolume 19/6/180511/4/1805Mother & Daughter
James TillaryVolume 211/5/180511/5/1805Mother & Daughter
James TillaryVolume 311/5/180511/5/1805Mother & Daughter
James TillaryVolume 111/5/180511/5/1805Mother & Daughter
John Ten BrookVolume 212/2/180512/3/1805Mother & Daughter
Archibald RobertsonVolume 212/2/180512/9/1805Mother & Daughter
John Ten BrookVolume 312/2/180512/3/1805Mother & Daughter
Archibald RobertsonVolume 312/2/180512/9/1805Mother & Daughter
John Ten BrookVolume 112/2/180512/3/1805Mother & Daughter
Archibald RobertsonVolume 112/2/180512/9/1805Mother & Daughter
Henry SeamanVolume 212/5/180512/6/1805Mother & Daughter
Henry SeamanVolume 312/5/180512/6/1805Mother & Daughter
Henry SeamanVolume 112/5/180512/6/1805Mother & Daughter
George C. MortonVolume 212/6/180512/7/1805Mother & Daughter
George C. MortonVolume 312/6/180512/7/1805Mother & Daughter
George C. MortonVolume 112/6/180512/7/1805Mother & Daughter
Jasper ParsonVolume 212/27/18051/4/1806Mother & Daughter
Jasper ParsonVolume 312/27/18051/4/1806Mother & Daughter
Jasper ParsonVolume 112/27/18051/4/1806Mother & Daughter
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