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The monk of the grotto, or Eugenio & Virginia. A tale. In two volumes. From the French. ...

London: Printed at the Minerva-Press, for William Lane, Leadenhall-Street, 1800.
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The monk of the grotto, or Eugenio & Virginia. A tale. In two volumes. From the French. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Joseph WinterVolume 28/16/18018/21/1801Monk Grotto
Joseph WinterVolume 18/16/18018/21/1801Monk Grotto
Thomas IversVolume 212/9/180112/18/1801Monk Grotto
Thomas IversVolume 112/9/180112/18/1801Monk Grotto
John HoneVolume 27/13/18027/15/1802Monk Grotto
John HoneVolume 17/13/18027/15/1802Monk Grotto
Peter R. MaverickVolume 27/15/18027/19/1802Monk Grotto
Peter R. MaverickVolume 17/15/18027/19/1802Monk Grotto
William G. ForbesVolume 27/19/18027/21/1802Monk Grotto
William G. ForbesVolume 17/19/18027/21/1802Monk Grotto
David MumfordVolume 27/22/18027/27/1802Monk Grotto
David MumfordVolume 17/22/18027/27/1802Monk Grotto
Thomas GreenleafVolume 27/28/18027/29/1802Monk Grotto
Thomas GreenleafVolume 17/28/18027/29/1802Monk Grotto
William OgilvieVolume 27/30/18027/31/1802Monk Grotto
William OgilvieVolume 17/30/18027/31/1802Monk Grotto
Joshua WatsonVolume 28/4/18028/10/1802Monk Grotto
Joshua WatsonVolume 18/4/18028/10/1802Monk Grotto
Archibald RobertsonVolume 28/13/18028/14/1802Monk Grotto
Archibald RobertsonVolume 18/13/18028/14/1802Monk Grotto
Thomas JonesVolume 28/23/18028/26/1802Monk Grotto
Thomas JonesVolume 18/23/18028/26/1802Monk Grotto
Allard AnthonyVolume 28/26/18028/27/1802Monk Grotto
Allard AnthonyVolume 18/26/18028/27/1802Monk Grotto
Henry MastertonVolume 28/27/18028/28/1802Monk Grotto
Henry MastertonVolume 18/27/18028/28/1802Monk Grotto
Thomas BurlingVolume 28/28/18029/10/1802Monk Grotto
Thomas BurlingVolume 18/28/18029/10/1802Monk Grotto
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 29/11/18029/13/1802Monk Grotto
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 19/11/18029/13/1802Monk Grotto
Henry RogersVolume 29/13/18029/14/1802Monk Grotto
Henry RogersVolume 19/13/18029/14/1802Monk Grotto
James RobertsonVolume 210/1/180210/5/1802Monk Grotto
James RobertsonVolume 110/1/180210/5/1802Monk Grotto
John W. MulliganVolume 210/5/180210/7/1802Monk Grotto
John W. MulliganVolume 110/5/180210/7/1802Monk Grotto
Cornelius BogertVolume 210/7/180210/8/1802Monk Grotto
Cornelius BogertVolume 110/7/180210/8/1802Monk Grotto
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 210/8/180210/13/1802Monk Grotto
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 110/8/180210/13/1802Monk Grotto
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 210/18/180210/19/1802Monk Grotto
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 110/18/180210/19/1802Monk Grotto
Mary Motley MillerVolume 210/22/180211/9/18024dMonk Grotto
Mary Motley MillerVolume 110/22/180211/9/18024dMonk Grotto
Marinus WillettVolume 211/11/180211/18/1802Monk Grotto
Marinus WillettVolume 111/11/180211/18/1802Monk Grotto
Montgomery HuntVolume 212/6/180212/9/1802Monk Grotto
Montgomery HuntVolume 112/6/180212/9/1802Monk Grotto
James B. ClarkeVolume 212/22/180212/23/1802Monk Grotto
James B. ClarkeVolume 112/22/180212/23/1802Monk Grotto
Townsend UnderhillVolume 212/23/180212/24/1802Monk Grotto
Townsend UnderhillVolume 112/23/180212/24/1802Monk Grotto
James DavidsonVolume 212/24/180212/30/1802Monk Grotto
James DavidsonVolume 112/24/180212/30/1802Monk Grotto
Samuel BradhurstVolume 21/4/18031/6/1803Monk Grotto
Samuel BradhurstVolume 11/4/18031/6/1803Monk Grotto
John McLarenVolume 21/13/18031/19/1803Monk Grotto
John McLarenVolume 11/13/18031/19/1803Monk Grotto
James RooseveltVolume 21/19/18032/7/180310dMonk Grotto
James RooseveltVolume 11/19/18032/7/180310dMonk Grotto
David WolfeVolume 22/8/18032/17/1803Monk Grotto
David WolfeVolume 12/8/18032/17/1803Monk Grotto
John MyersVolume 22/19/18032/21/1803Monk Grotto
Joshua WatsonVolume 22/19/18032/19/1803Monk Grotto
John MyersVolume 12/19/18032/21/1803Monk Grotto
Joshua WatsonVolume 12/19/18032/19/1803Monk Grotto
Thomas EddyVolume 22/21/18033/29/18033/8Monk Grotto
Thomas EddyVolume 12/21/18033/29/18033/8Monk Grotto
Arthur LaughorneVolume 24/4/18034/18/1803Monk Grotto
Arthur LaughorneVolume 14/4/18034/18/1803Monk Grotto
Arthur LaughorneVolume 34/4/18034/18/1803Monk Grotto
Margaret CunninghamVolume 24/27/18034/28/1803Monk Grotto
Margaret CunninghamVolume 14/27/18034/28/1803Monk Grotto
Henry RogersVolume 24/29/18034/30/1802Monk Grotto
Henry RogersVolume 14/29/18034/30/1802Monk Grotto
Selah StrongVolume 25/2/18035/3/1803Monk-Grotto
Selah StrongVolume 15/2/18035/3/1803Monk-Grotto
Selah StrongVolume 35/2/18035/3/1803Monk-Grotto
John Ten BrookVolume 25/19/18035/27/1803Monk Grotto
John Ten BrookVolume 15/19/18035/27/1803Monk Grotto
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 25/28/18035/30/1803Monk Grotto
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 15/28/18035/30/1803Monk Grotto
David JonesVolume 25/30/18035/30/1803Monk Grotto
David JonesVolume 15/30/18035/30/1803Monk Grotto
Rodolphus BogertVolume 26/9/18036/17/1803Monk Grotto
Rodolphus BogertVolume 16/9/18036/17/1803Monk Grotto
James JayVolume 26/23/18036/28/1803Monk Grotto
James JayVolume 16/23/18036/28/1803Monk Grotto
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 27/1/18037/7/1803Monk Grotto
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 17/1/18037/7/1803Monk Grotto
William B. KeeseVolume 27/13/18037/14/1803Monk Grotto
William B. KeeseVolume 17/13/18037/14/1803Monk Grotto
Van Brunt MagawVolume 28/3/18038/3/1803Monk Grotto
Van Brunt MagawVolume 18/3/18038/3/1803Monk Grotto
Thomas GardnerVolume 211/16/180311/24/1803Monk Grotto
Thomas GardnerVolume 111/16/180311/24/1803Monk Grotto
Maria RapalijeVolume 211/24/180311/29/1803Monk Grotto
Maria RapalijeVolume 111/24/180311/29/1803Monk Grotto
James B. ClarkeVolume 212/5/180312/27/1803Monk Grotto
James B. ClarkeVolume 112/5/180312/27/1803Monk Grotto
Philip FisherVolume 212/14/180312/22/1803Monk Grotto
Philip FisherVolume 112/14/180312/22/1803Monk Grotto
James TillaryVolume 212/23/18031/3/1804Monk Grotto
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 212/23/180312/23/1803Monk Grotto
James TillaryVolume 112/23/18031/3/1804Monk Grotto
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 112/23/180312/23/1803Monk Grotto
Hamilton StewartVolume 22/1/18042/7/1804Monk Grotto
Hamilton StewartVolume 12/1/18042/7/1804Monk Grotto
Francis CooperVolume 22/8/18042/16/1804Monk Grotto
Francis CooperVolume 12/8/18042/16/1804Monk Grotto
Gillian CornellVolume 23/7/18043/14/1804Monk Grotto
Gillian CornellVolume 13/7/18043/14/1804Monk Grotto
John RogersVolume 23/22/18043/24/1804Monk Grotto
John RogersVolume 13/22/18043/24/1804Monk Grotto
George Warren ChapmanVolume 23/24/18043/26/1804Monk Grotto
George Warren ChapmanVolume 13/24/18043/26/1804Monk Grotto
Van Brunt MagawVolume 23/28/18043/29/1804Monk Grotto
Van Brunt MagawVolume 13/28/18043/29/1804Monk Grotto
John ParkinsonVolume 23/31/18044/5/1804Monk Grotto
John ParkinsonVolume 13/31/18044/5/1804Monk Grotto
John StoutenburghVolume 24/6/18044/6/1804Monk Grotto
John StoutenburghVolume 14/6/18044/6/1804Monk Grotto
DeWitt ClintonVolume 24/21/18044/25/1804Monk Grotto
DeWitt ClintonVolume 14/21/18044/25/1804Monk Grotto
Michael PriceVolume 25/8/18045/14/1804Monk Grotto
Michael PriceVolume 15/8/18045/14/1804Monk Grotto
Thomas StormVolume 25/15/18045/24/1804Monk Grotto
Thomas StormVolume 15/15/18045/24/1804Monk Grotto
Bernard HartVolume 25/25/18045/26/1804Monk Grotto
Bernard HartVolume 15/25/18045/26/1804Monk Grotto
Cornelius BogertVolume 27/11/18047/12/1804Monk Grotto
Cornelius BogertVolume 17/11/18047/12/1804Monk Grotto
John RogersVolume 28/11/18048/28/1804Monk Grotto
John RogersVolume 18/11/18048/28/1804Monk Grotto
Peter KettletasVolume 28/28/18048/29/1804Monk Grotto
Peter KettletasVolume 18/28/18048/29/1804Monk Grotto
Thomas LiddleVolume 29/17/18049/19/1804Monk Grotto
Thomas LiddleVolume 19/17/18049/19/1804Monk Grotto
Hamilton StewartVolume 29/28/18049/29/1804Monk Grotto
Hamilton StewartVolume 19/28/18049/29/1804Monk Grotto
John F. RoorbackVolume 210/8/180410/10/1804Monk Grotto
John F. RoorbackVolume 110/8/180410/10/1804Monk Grotto
David MorrisVolume 210/19/180410/20/1804Monk Grotto
David MorrisVolume 110/19/180410/20/1804Monk Grotto
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 210/23/180410/23/1804Monk Grotto
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 110/23/180410/23/1804Monk Grotto
Abraham PrallVolume 211/22/180411/24/1804Monk Grotto
Abraham PrallVolume 111/22/180411/24/1804Monk Grotto
William PauldingVolume 212/8/180412/17/1804Monk-Grotto
William PauldingVolume 112/8/180412/17/1804Monk-Grotto
Joseph EdenVolume 212/21/180412/22/1804Monk Grotto
Joseph EdenVolume 112/21/180412/22/1804Monk Grotto
Samuel A. BurtisVolume 23/6/18053/9/1805Monk Grotto
Samuel A. BurtisVolume 13/6/18053/9/1805Monk Grotto
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 23/30/18053/30/1805Monk Grotto
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 13/30/18053/30/1805Monk Grotto
Thomas JonesVolume 25/25/18055/27/1805Monk Grotto
Thomas JonesVolume 15/25/18055/27/1805Monk Grotto
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 25/30/18056/1/1805Monk Grotto
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 15/30/18056/1/1805Monk Grotto
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 28/20/18058/21/1805Monk Grotto
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 18/20/18058/21/1805Monk Grotto
John Ten BrookVolume 211/30/180512/2/1805Monk + Grotto
John Ten BrookVolume 111/30/180512/2/1805Monk + Grotto
Walter MitchellVolume 212/2/180512/11/1805Monk Grotto
Walter MitchellVolume 112/2/180512/11/1805Monk Grotto
Francis CooperVolume 212/13/180512/24/1805Monk Grotto
Francis CooperVolume 112/13/180512/24/1805Monk Grotto
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 212/26/180512/28/1805Monk Grotto
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 112/26/180512/28/1805Monk Grotto
John Jordan MorganVolume 212/28/1805Monk Grotto
John Jordan MorganVolume 112/28/1805Monk Grotto
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