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The wonderful adventurer, or Rajah Kisna, an Indian tale: containing an interesting series of travels, voyages, battles, rencontres, love tales, &c. &c. With many curious Asiatic customs, description of the deities, bramins, &c. &c. The whole being a collection of amazing and singular circumstances. In three volumes. ...

London: Printed for T. Axtell, Cornhill, 1788.
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The wonderful adventurer, or Rajah Kisna, an Indian tale: containing an interesting series of travels, voyages, battles, rencontres, love tales, &c. &c. With many curious Asiatic customs, description of the deities, bramins, &c. &c. The whole being a collection of amazing and singular circumstances. In three volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 12/20/18002/21/1800Rajah Kisna
Andrew MillerVolume 13/1/18003/4/1800Rajah Kisna
Andrew MillerVolume 23/4/18003/5/1800"
Andrew MillerVolume 33/5/18003/5/1800"
John UttVolume 13/5/18003/20/18001dRajah Kisna
William BowneVolume 13/22/18003/24/1800Rajah Kisna
Joseph WinterVolume 16/2/18006/4/1800Rajah Kisna
Joseph WinterVolume 26/4/18006/13/1800"
Abraham LeggetVolume 16/12/18006/14/1800Rajah Kisna
Abraham LeggetVolume 26/14/18006/18/1800"
Gabriel FurmanVolume 26/18/18006/19/1800Rajah Kisna
Gabriel FurmanVolume 36/19/18006/20/1800"
Abraham LeggetVolume 36/21/18006/27/1800Rajah Kisna
John SeamanVolume 16/27/18006/28/1800Rajah Kisna
John SeamanVolume 26/28/18007/1/1800"
John SeamanVolume 37/1/18007/5/1800"
Valentine SeamanVolume 17/1/18007/3/1800Rajah Kisna
William HolmsVolume 17/8/18007/17/1800Rajah Kisna
Thomas SkinnerVolume 27/28/18008/4/1800Rajah Kisna
Thomas SkinnerVolume 38/9/18008/12/1800Rajah Kisna
Francis SaltusVolume 18/11/18008/13/1800Rajah Kisna
Francis SaltusVolume 28/13/18008/15/1800"
Richard DuryieVolume 18/13/18008/15/1800Rajah Kisna
Francis SaltusVolume 38/15/18008/16/1800"
Philip Ten EyckVolume 28/18/18008/22/1800Rajah Kisna
Philip Ten EyckVolume 18/18/18008/22/1800Rajah Kisna
Peter KembleVolume 18/25/18008/26/1800Rajah Kisna
Peter KembleVolume 38/26/18009/1/1800"
Manuel MyersVolume 18/28/18008/29/1800Rajah Kisna
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 19/12/18009/12/1800Rajah Kisna
Thomas JonesVolume 19/18/18009/22/1800Rajah Kisna
Henry SeamanVolume 110/13/180010/18/1800Rajah Kisna
George ScribaVolume 110/25/180010/28/1800Rjah Kisna
George BarnewallVolume 111/22/180011/24/1800Rajah Kisna
Jacobus FineVolume 111/24/180012/4/1800Rajah Kisna
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 212/20/180012/22/1800Rajah Kisna
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 312/20/180012/22/1800Rajah Kisna
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 112/20/180012/22/1800Rajah Kisna
Gilbert MilliganVolume 212/30/18001/2/1801Rajah Kisna
Gilbert MilliganVolume 312/30/18001/2/1801Rajah Kisna
Gilbert MilliganVolume 112/30/18001/2/1801Rajah Kisna
Christian SchultzVolume 21/9/18011/10/1801Rajah Kisna
Christian SchultzVolume 31/9/18011/10/1801Rajah Kisna
Christian SchultzVolume 11/9/18011/10/1801Rajah Kisna
Thomas SwordsVolume 22/10/18012/11/1801Rajah Kisna
Thomas SwordsVolume 32/10/18012/11/1801Rajah Kisna
Thomas SwordsVolume 12/10/18012/11/1801Rajah Kisna
William HolmsVolume 22/14/18012/21/1801Rajah Kisna
William HolmsVolume 32/14/18012/21/1801Rajah Kisna
William HolmsVolume 12/14/18012/21/1801Rajah Kisna
Henry Ten BrookVolume 29/11/18019/12/1801Rajah Kisna
Henry Ten BrookVolume 39/11/18019/12/1801Rajah Kisna
Henry Ten BrookVolume 19/11/18019/12/1801Rajah Kisna
James SaidlerVolume 19/24/18019/26/1801Rajah Kisna
James SaidlerVolume 29/26/18019/26/1801"
James SaidlerVolume 39/26/18019/26/1801"
John MyersVolume 210/10/180110/17/1801Rajah Kisna
John MyersVolume 310/10/180110/17/1801Rajah Kisna
John MyersVolume 110/10/180110/17/1801Rajah Kisna
John BuchannanVolume 212/11/180112/19/1801Rajah Kisna
John BuchannanVolume 312/11/180112/19/1801Rajah Kisna
John BuchannanVolume 112/11/180112/19/1801Rajah Kisna
Archibald RobertsonVolume 212/22/180112/23/1801Rajah Kisna
Archibald RobertsonVolume 312/22/180112/23/1801Rajah Kisna
Archibald RobertsonVolume 112/22/180112/23/1801Rajah Kisna
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 21/2/18021/4/1802Rajah Kisna
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 31/2/18021/4/1802Rajah Kisna
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 11/2/18021/4/1802Rajah Kisna
John MooreVolume 21/18/18021/26/1802Rijah Kisna
John MooreVolume 31/18/18021/26/1802Rijah Kisna
John MooreVolume 11/18/18021/26/1802Rijah Kisna
Daniel StansburyVolume 23/9/18023/11/1802Rajah Kisna
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 23/9/18023/11/1802Rajah Kisna
Daniel StansburyVolume 33/9/18023/11/1802Rajah Kisna
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 33/9/18023/11/1802Rajah Kisna
Daniel StansburyVolume 13/9/18023/11/1802Rajah Kisna
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 13/9/18023/11/1802Rajah Kisna
John Murray Jr.Volume 23/12/18023/15/1802Rajah Kisna
John Murray Jr.Volume 33/12/18023/15/1802Rajah Kisna
John Murray Jr.Volume 13/12/18023/15/1802Rajah Kisna
George CockVolume 23/22/18023/29/1802Rajah Kisna
George CockVolume 33/22/18023/29/1802Rajah Kisna
George CockVolume 13/22/18023/29/1802Rajah Kisna
Robert McMennomyVolume 24/10/18024/22/1802Rajah Kissna
Charlotte SmithVolume 24/10/18024/10/1802Rajah Kisna
Robert McMennomyVolume 34/10/18024/22/1802Rajah Kissna
Charlotte SmithVolume 34/10/18024/10/1802Rajah Kisna
Robert McMennomyVolume 14/10/18024/22/1802Rajah Kissna
Charlotte SmithVolume 14/10/18024/10/1802Rajah Kisna
Townsend UnderhillVolume 24/20/18024/23/1802Rajah Kisna
Townsend UnderhillVolume 34/20/18024/23/1802Rajah Kisna
Townsend UnderhillVolume 14/20/18024/23/1802Rajah Kisna
Joshua WhitcombVolume 25/10/18025/15/1802Rajah Kisna
Joshua WhitcombVolume 35/10/18025/15/1802Rajah Kisna
Joshua WhitcombVolume 15/10/18025/15/1802Rajah Kisna
James C. RooseveltVolume 25/15/18025/27/1802Rajah Kisna
James C. RooseveltVolume 35/15/18025/27/1802Rajah Kisna
James C. RooseveltVolume 15/15/18025/27/1802Rajah Kisna
William Laight, Jr.Volume 29/17/18029/18/1802Rajah Kisna
William Laight, Jr.Volume 39/17/18029/18/1802Rajah Kisna
William Laight, Jr.Volume 19/17/18029/18/1802Rajah Kisna
William OgilvieVolume 29/20/18029/21/1802Rajah Kisna
William OgilvieVolume 39/20/18029/21/1802Rajah Kisna
William OgilvieVolume 19/20/18029/21/1802Rajah Kisna
Christian NestelVolume 210/18/180210/20/1802Rajah Kisna
Christian NestelVolume 310/18/180210/20/1802Rajah Kisna
Christian NestelVolume 110/18/180210/20/1802Rajah Kisna
John G. GloverVolume 212/31/18021/3/1803Rijah Kisna
John G. GloverVolume 312/31/18021/3/1803Rijah Kisna
John G. GloverVolume 112/31/18021/3/1803Rijah Kisna
John N. ClarkeVolume 21/29/18032/12/1803Rijah Kisna
John N. ClarkeVolume 31/29/18032/12/1803Rijah Kisna
John N. ClarkeVolume 11/29/18032/12/1803Rijah Kisna
Charles WilkesVolume 23/3/18033/4/1803Rijah Kisna
Charles WilkesVolume 33/3/18033/4/1803Rijah Kisna
Charles WilkesVolume 13/3/18033/4/1803Rijah Kisna
James C. RooseveltVolume 23/7/18033/15/1803Rajah Kisna
James C. RooseveltVolume 33/7/18033/15/1803Rajah Kisna
James C. RooseveltVolume 13/7/18033/15/1803Rajah Kisna
Abraham VarickVolume 23/16/18033/18/1803Rajah Kisna
Abraham VarickVolume 33/16/18033/18/1803Rajah Kisna
Abraham VarickVolume 13/16/18033/18/1803Rajah Kisna
William LinnVolume 23/21/18033/30/1803Rajah Kisna
William LinnVolume 33/21/18033/30/1803Rajah Kisna
William LinnVolume 13/21/18033/30/1803Rajah Kisna
Matthew DanielVolume 25/10/18035/10/1803Rajah Kisna
Matthew DanielVolume 35/10/18035/10/1803Rajah Kisna
Matthew DanielVolume 15/10/18035/10/1803Rajah Kisna
Jonathan H. LawrenceVolume 25/26/18035/28/1803Rajah Kisna
Jonathan H. LawrenceVolume 35/26/18035/28/1803Rajah Kisna
Jonathan H. LawrenceVolume 15/26/18035/28/1803Rajah Kisna
Samuel BorroweVolume 26/30/18037/1/1803Rajah Kisna
Samuel BorroweVolume 36/30/18037/1/1803Rajah Kisna
Samuel BorroweVolume 16/30/18037/1/1803Rajah Kisna
Charles L. CammanVolume 211/17/180311/21/1803Rajah Kysnah
Charles L. CammanVolume 311/17/180311/21/1803Rajah Kysnah
Charles L. CammanVolume 111/17/180311/21/1803Rajah Kysnah
Archibald RobertsonVolume 212/4/180412/8/1804Rajah Kisna
Archibald RobertsonVolume 312/4/180412/8/1804Rajah Kisna
Archibald RobertsonVolume 112/4/180412/8/1804Rajah Kisna
George LewisVolume 24/6/18054/11/1805Rajah Kisna
George LewisVolume 34/6/18054/11/1805Rajah Kisna
George LewisVolume 14/6/18054/11/1805Rajah Kisna
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