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Jane West

A tale of the times. By the author of A gossip’s story. Dedicated by permission to Mrs. Carter

London: Printed for T. N. Longman and O. Rees, Paternoster-Row, 1799.
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A tale of the times. By the author of A gossip’s story. Dedicated by permission to Mrs. Carter Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Joseph KingVolume 12/6/18002/10/1800Tale Times
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 12/7/18002/10/1800Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 22/10/18002/14/1800"
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 22/10/18002/11/1800"
Joseph KingVolume 12/10/18002/14/1800Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 22/14/18002/15/1800"
Nicholas G. CarmerVolume 12/18/18002/21/1800Tale Times
Nicholas G. CarmerVolume 22/21/18002/25/1800"
Thomas BurlingVolume 12/27/18003/3/1800Tale Times
David M. ClarksonVolume 13/4/18003/13/1800Tale Times
John MooreVolume 13/13/18003/17/1800Tale Times
John MooreVolume 23/19/18003/20/1800Tale Times
George HunterVolume 13/19/18003/22/1800Tale Times
Henry Ten BrookVolume 13/24/18003/26/1800Tale Times
Henry Ten BrookVolume 23/26/18003/28/1800"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 13/26/18003/26/1800Tale Times
Henry SeamanVolume 14/28/18004/30/1800Tale Times
Benjamin SeixasVolume 24/30/18005/5/1800Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 14/30/18005/2/1800Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 14/30/18005/2/1800Tale Times
Thomas R. SmithVolume 15/5/18005/9/1800Tiles Times
Thomas R. SmithVolume 25/9/18005/12/1800"
John RemsenVolume 15/12/18005/21/1800Tale Times
John RemsenVolume 25/21/18005/24/1800"
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 15/21/18005/23/1800Tale Times
John P. SchermerhornVolume 15/24/18005/29/1800Tales Times
John MooreVolume 15/25/18005/29/1800Tale Times
John MooreVolume 25/29/18006/6/1800"
Henry SeamanVolume 15/30/18006/2/1800Tale Times
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 16/10/18006/12/1800Tale Times
Roger AldenVolume 16/14/18006/16/1800Tale Times
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 26/21/18006/23/1800Tale Times
James W. NicholsonVolume 16/24/18006/24/1800Tale Times
Israel WilkesVolume 16/28/18007/7/1800Tale Times
Israel WilkesVolume 27/7/18007/12/1800Tale Times
John D. MercierVolume 27/26/18008/9/1800Tale Times
John D. MercierVolume 17/26/18008/9/1800Tale Times
Thomas KnoxVolume 18/16/18008/18/1800Tale Times
Thomas KnoxVolume 28/18/18008/19/1800"
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 18/18/18008/26/1800Tale Times
James W. NicholsonVolume 18/26/18008/29/1800Tales Times
James W. NicholsonVolume 28/29/18009/2/1800"
John VarickVolume 29/12/18009/25/1800Tale Times
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 19/12/18009/25/1800Tale Times
Catherine HillVolume 19/18/18009/27/1800Tale Times
Thomas JonesVolume 29/26/18009/26/1800Tale Time
Hamilton StewartVolume 110/11/180010/15/1800Tale Times
John CockVolume 110/16/180010/18/1800Tale Times
John CockVolume 210/18/180010/20/1800"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 210/28/180011/5/1800Tale Times
Gulian VerplanckVolume 110/28/180011/5/1800Tale Times
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 111/6/180011/17/1800Tale Times
Valentine PetersVolume 111/18/180011/24/1800Tale Times
Valentine PetersVolume 211/24/180012/4/1800"
John N. AbeelVolume 111/25/180011/26/1800Tale Times
Thomas JonesVolume 212/5/180012/16/1800Tale Times
Thomas JonesVolume 112/5/180012/16/1800Tale Times
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 212/18/180012/20/1800Tale Times
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 112/18/180012/20/1800Tale Times
Daniel LudlowVolume 212/20/180012/27/1800Tale Time
Daniel LudlowVolume 112/20/180012/27/1800Tale Time
Elizabeth MannVolume 21/8/18011/20/1801Tale Times
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 21/8/18011/20/1801Tale Times
Charlotte WhiteVolume 11/10/18011/12/1801Tale Times
Patrick MunnVolume 21/20/18011/20/1801Tale Times
John WattsVolume 21/20/18012/18/1801Tale Times
Patrick MunnVolume 11/20/18011/20/1801Tale Times
John WattsVolume 11/20/18012/18/1801Tale Times
Charlotte WhiteVolume 22/18/18012/18/1801Tale Times
Judah ZuntzVolume 22/18/18013/9/1801Tale Times
Charlotte WhiteVolume 12/18/18012/18/1801Tale Times
Judah ZuntzVolume 12/18/18013/9/1801Tale Times
John StoutenburghVolume 23/9/18013/17/1801Tales Times
John StoutenburghVolume 13/9/18013/17/1801Tales Times
John DennisVolume 23/17/18013/25/1801Tale Times
John DennisVolume 13/17/18013/25/1801Tale Times
Isaac BurrVolume 23/26/18014/2/1801Tale Times
Isaac BurrVolume 13/26/18014/2/1801Tale Times
William Walton, Jr.Volume 24/2/18014/8/1801Tale Times
William Walton, Jr.Volume 14/2/18014/8/1801Tale Times
Thomas SwordsVolume 24/8/18014/20/1801Tale Times
Thomas SwordsVolume 14/8/18014/20/1801Tale Times
John AbramsVolume 24/21/18014/27/1801Tale Times
John AbramsVolume 14/21/18014/27/1801Tale Times
Daniel PhoenixVolume 24/27/18014/27/1801Tale Times
Daniel PhoenixVolume 14/27/18014/27/1801Tale Times
Henry RogersVolume 25/5/18015/7/1801Tale Times
Henry RogersVolume 15/5/18015/7/1801Tale Times
Robert GosmanVolume 25/8/18015/9/1801Tale Times
Robert GosmanVolume 15/8/18015/9/1801Tale Times
Abraham GomezVolume 25/19/18015/23/1801Tale Times
Abraham GomezVolume 15/19/18015/23/1801Tale Times
Solomon SimpsonVolume 25/23/18016/6/1801Tale Times
Solomon SimpsonVolume 15/23/18016/6/1801Tale Times
Solomon SimpsonVolume 26/6/18016/20/1801"
Solomon SimpsonVolume 16/6/18016/20/1801"
William W. StoreyVolume 26/22/18017/22/1801Tale Times
William W. StoreyVolume 16/22/18017/22/1801Tale Times
Rich HarisonVolume 27/17/18017/25/1801Tale Times
Rich HarisonVolume 17/17/18017/25/1801Tale Times
John McQueenVolume 27/25/18018/13/180110dTale Times
John McQueenVolume 17/25/18018/13/180110dTale Times
George KnoxVolume 28/27/18019/4/1801Tale Times
George KnoxVolume 18/27/18019/4/1801Tale Times
John HodgkinsonVolume 29/4/18019/10/1801Tale Times
John HodgkinsonVolume 19/4/18019/10/1801Tale Times
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 29/11/180110/3/1801Tale Times
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 19/11/180110/3/1801Tale Times
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 210/3/180110/3/1801"
Daniel LudlowVolume 210/3/180110/7/1801Tale Times
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 110/3/180110/3/1801"
Daniel LudlowVolume 110/3/180110/7/1801Tale Times
Benjamin B. PrevostVolume 210/7/180111/12/18011/4Tale Times
Benjamin B. PrevostVolume 110/7/180111/12/18011/4Tale Times
Silas TalbotVolume 211/12/180112/9/18018dTale Times
Silas TalbotVolume 111/12/180112/9/18018dTale Times
Silas TalbotVolume 212/8/180112/29/18011/2"
Silas TalbotVolume 112/8/180112/29/18011/2"
Elizabeth MannVolume 212/30/18011/6/1802Tale Times
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 212/30/18011/6/1802Tale Times
Elizabeth MannVolume 112/30/18011/6/1802Tale Times
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 112/30/18011/6/1802Tale Times
James Miles HughesVolume 21/5/18021/9/1802Tale Times
James Miles HughesVolume 11/5/18021/9/1802Tale Times
John MyersVolume 22/8/18023/3/18021/6Tale Times
John MyersVolume 12/8/18023/3/18021/6Tale Times
Elizabeth ParkerVolume 23/5/18023/30/1802Tale Times
Elizabeth ParkerVolume 13/5/18023/30/1802Tale Times
Townsend UnderhillVolume 23/30/18023/31/1802Tale Times
Townsend UnderhillVolume 13/30/18023/31/1802Tale Times
George TurnbullVolume 13/31/18024/3/1802Tale Times
Christopher WolfeVolume 24/5/18024/17/1802Tale Times
Christopher WolfeVolume 14/5/18024/17/1802Tale Times
Charles BaldwinVolume 25/18/18026/2/1802Tale Times
Hezekiah IversVolume 25/18/18025/29/1802Tale Times
Charles BaldwinVolume 15/18/18026/2/1802Tale Times
Hezekiah IversVolume 15/18/18025/29/1802Tale Times
John S. HunnVolume 25/29/18026/11/1802Tale Times
John S. HunnVolume 15/29/18026/11/1802Tale Times
John ClarkeVolume 26/11/18026/24/1802Tale Times
John ClarkeVolume 16/11/18026/24/1802Tale Times
Robert BruceVolume 26/17/18026/19/1802Tale Times
Robert BruceVolume 16/17/18026/19/1802Tale Times
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 26/21/18027/1/1802Tale Times
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 16/21/18027/1/1802Tale Times
John DennisVolume 26/25/18028/21/18027/2Tale Times
John DennisVolume 16/25/18028/21/18027/2Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 28/23/18028/28/1802Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 28/23/18028/28/1802Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 18/23/18028/28/1802Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 18/23/18028/28/1802Tale Times
Joseph KingVolume 28/28/18029/2/1802"
Joseph KingVolume 28/28/18029/2/1802"
Joseph KingVolume 18/28/18029/2/1802"
Joseph KingVolume 18/28/18029/2/1802"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 29/23/180210/7/1802Tale Times
James Watson, Jr.Volume 19/23/180210/7/1802Tale Times
Richard LoinesVolume 210/8/180210/21/1802Tale Times
Richard LoinesVolume 110/8/180210/21/1802Tale Times
Jacob MortonVolume 210/26/180211/8/1802Tale Times
Jacob MortonVolume 110/26/180211/8/1802Tale Times
John G. GloverVolume 211/9/180211/20/1802Tale Times
John G. GloverVolume 111/9/180211/20/1802Tale Times
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 212/13/180212/22/1802Tale Times
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 112/13/180212/22/1802Tale Times
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 212/22/180212/31/1802"
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 112/22/180212/31/1802"
John ShawVolume 21/5/18031/19/1803Tale Times
John ShawVolume 11/5/18031/19/1803Tale Times
John ShawVolume 21/19/18031/21/1803"
John ShawVolume 11/19/18031/21/1803"
William MaxwellVolume 21/25/18031/26/1803Tale Times
William MaxwellVolume 11/25/18031/26/1803Tale Times
William StrachanVolume 22/1/18032/4/1803Tale Times
William StrachanVolume 12/1/18032/4/1803Tale Times
Thomas DelvesVolume 22/4/18032/7/1803Tale Times
Thomas DelvesVolume 12/4/18032/7/1803Tale Times
James B. ClarkeVolume 22/8/18032/12/1803Tale Times
James B. ClarkeVolume 12/8/18032/12/1803Tale Times
Archibald CurrieVolume 22/18/18033/3/1803Tale Times
Archibald CurrieVolume 12/18/18033/3/1803Tale Times
David MosesVolume 23/3/18033/15/1803Tale Times
David MosesVolume 13/3/18033/15/1803Tale Times
John HoneVolume 23/17/18033/24/1803Tale Times
John HoneVolume 13/17/18033/24/1803Tale Times
Matthew DanielVolume 23/31/18034/4/1803Tale Times
Matthew DanielVolume 13/31/18034/4/1803Tale Times
James LeeVolume 24/13/18034/25/1803Tale Times
James LeeVolume 14/13/18034/25/1803Tale Times
Ann PierceVolume 25/6/18035/19/1803Tale Times
Ann PierceVolume 15/6/18035/19/1803Tale Times
Philip FisherVolume 26/16/18036/28/1803Tale Times
Philip FisherVolume 16/16/18036/28/1803Tale Times
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 26/29/18036/30/1803Tale Times
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 16/29/18036/30/1803Tale Times
Archibald McCullumVolume 27/12/18037/27/1803Tale Times
Archibald McCullumVolume 17/12/18037/27/1803Tale Times
Edmund SeamanVolume 27/29/18038/15/1803Tale Times
Edmund SeamanVolume 17/29/18038/15/1803Tale Times
Willet ColesVolume 21/13/18041/19/1804Tale Times
Willet ColesVolume 11/13/18041/19/1804Tale Times
William StrachanVolume 21/20/18041/23/1804Tale Times
William StrachanVolume 11/20/18041/23/1804Tale Times
Charles WhiteVolume 21/21/18042/4/1804Tale Times
Charles WhiteVolume 11/21/18042/4/1804Tale Times
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 22/11/18042/15/1804Tale Times
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 22/11/18042/15/1804Tale Times
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 12/11/18042/15/1804Tale Times
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 12/11/18042/15/1804Tale Times
James BoydVolume 24/2/18044/11/1804Tale Times
James BoydVolume 14/2/18044/11/1804Tale Times
Henry SeamanVolume 26/16/1804Tales Times
Henry SeamanVolume 16/16/1804Tales Times
David MumfordVolume 26/26/18046/29/1804Tale Times
David MumfordVolume 16/26/18046/29/1804Tale Times
William Walton, Jr.Volume 27/13/18047/16/1804Tale Times
William Walton, Jr.Volume 17/13/18047/16/1804Tale Times
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