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Eliza Parsons

An old friend with a new face. A novel ...

Cork: Printed by J. Connor, circulating library, Castle-street, 1798.
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An old friend with a new face. A novel ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John T. GloverVolume 18/5/17998/10/1799Old friend new face
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 28/12/17998/20/1799Old Friend N. Face
John R. MurrayVolume 18/29/17998/30/1799Old friend N face
John MurrayVolume 28/29/17998/30/1799Old friend N face
John ParkinsonVolume 18/31/179911/20/17991/8Old friend N face
John ParkinsonVolume 211/20/179912/21/17991/5"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 111/22/179911/23/1799Old friend N face
Gulian VerplanckVolume 111/26/179911/27/1799Old friend N face
George CockVolume 111/27/179912/2/1799Old Friend N Face
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 112/4/179912/5/1799Old Friend N Face
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.Volume 112/5/179912/6/1799"
William StrachanVolume 112/6/179912/9/1799Old friend Nface
Richard LoinesVolume 112/9/179912/12/1799Old friend N Face
William HolmsVolume 112/14/179912/18/1799Old friend N Face
John WattsVolume 112/18/179912/20/1799Old friend N face
William HolmsVolume 212/20/179912/24/1799Old Friend N Face
Manuel MyersVolume 112/21/179912/23/1799Old friend N face
William UnderhillVolume 112/23/179912/26/1799Old friend N Face
John IrelandVolume 212/24/179912/28/1799Old friend N face
Richard LoinesVolume 212/28/17991/2/1800Old Friend N Face
John DelamaterVolume 11/2/18001/6/1800Old Friend N Face
Benjamin StrongVolume 11/7/18001/9/1800Old Friend N face
Lot MerkelVolume 12/10/18002/15/1800Old friend N face
George CockVolume 22/10/18002/22/1800Old Friend N Face
John ClarkeVolume 12/19/18002/26/1800Old Friend N Face
Lot MerkelVolume 22/25/18003/4/1800Old friend N face
Daniel LudlowVolume 12/28/18003/3/1800Old Friend N. Face
Daniel LudlowVolume 23/5/18003/7/1800Old Friend N Face
Henry SeamanVolume 13/6/18003/10/1800Old Friend New Face
John ClarkeVolume 23/19/18003/24/1800Old Friend N Face
John MooreVolume 13/28/18003/31/1800Old Friend N Face
John MooreVolume 23/31/18004/2/1800"
Henry RemsenVolume 14/2/18004/4/1800Old friend N Face
Henry RemsenVolume 24/4/18004/9/1800"
James F. SeborVolume 16/7/18006/11/1800Old Friend N face
James F. SeborVolume 26/11/18006/19/1800"
Elijah PellVolume 17/7/18007/10/1800Old Friend N F
Thomas PearsallVolume 27/7/18007/11/1800Old Friend Nf
Moses L. MosesVolume 17/22/18007/25/1800Old friend N face
David MosesVolume 27/22/18007/25/1800Old friend N face
John MooreVolume 18/9/18008/12/1800Old friend N face
Walter Jonas JudahVolume 18/23/18008/29/1800Old Friend N Face
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 28/25/18008/29/1800Old friend N. face
William StrachanVolume 19/1/18009/9/1800Old Friend NFace
William StrachanVolume 29/9/18009/27/18004d"
William BoydVolume 19/27/18009/30/1800Old Friend N. Face
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 110/20/180010/25/1800Old friend N. face
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 210/25/180010/28/1800"
James Watson, Jr.Volume 111/4/180011/5/1800Old friend N face
James Watson, Jr.Volume 211/5/180011/11/1800"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 111/12/180011/17/1800Old Friend New Face
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 111/19/180011/27/1800Old friend N. face
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 211/19/180011/27/1800Old friend N. face
Peter VandervoortVolume 11/7/18011/31/1801Old friend N face
Peter VandervoortVolume 21/7/18011/31/1801Old friend N face
Streatfield Clarkson1/13/180111/13/1801"
Thomas SkinnerVolume 12/10/18012/14/1801Old friend N face
Thomas SkinnerVolume 22/10/18012/14/1801Old friend N face
Joseph EdenVolume 12/17/18012/20/1801Old Friend N Face
Joseph EdenVolume 22/20/18013/3/1801"
William CuttingVolume 23/5/18013/5/1801Old Friend N face
William BowneVolume 23/12/18013/16/1802Old Friend N. Face
Joseph WilliamsVolume 14/6/18014/9/1801Old friend New face
Joseph WilliamsVolume 24/6/18014/9/1801Old friend New face
Elizabeth MannVolume 14/11/18014/23/1801Old Friend N. Face
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 14/11/18014/23/1801Old friend Nface
Elizabeth MannVolume 24/11/18014/23/1801Old Friend N. Face
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 24/11/18014/23/1801Old friend Nface
Gabriel V. Ludlow5/29/18015/29/1801Old friend N. face
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 15/29/18016/8/1801"
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 25/29/18016/8/1801"
Robert BensonVolume 16/8/18017/2/18011/2Old Friend N. Face
Robert BensonVolume 26/8/18017/2/18011/2Old Friend N. Face
Robert H. BowneVolume 17/2/18017/3/1801Old Friend N. Face
Robert H. BowneVolume 27/2/18017/3/1801Old Friend N. Face
Judah ZuntzVolume 17/8/18017/13/1801Old Friend N. Face
Judah ZuntzVolume 27/8/18017/13/1801Old Friend N. Face
Archibald RobertsonVolume 17/16/18017/25/1801Old Friend N Face
Archibald RobertsonVolume 27/16/18017/25/1801Old Friend N Face
Gardiner JonesVolume 17/27/18017/30/1801Old Friend N face
Gardiner JonesVolume 27/27/18017/30/1801Old Friend N face
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 17/31/18018/3/1801Old Friend N. face
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 27/31/18018/3/1801Old Friend N. face
John MooreVolume 18/5/18018/13/1801Old Friend N face
John MooreVolume 28/5/18018/13/1801Old Friend N face
John McQueenVolume 18/13/18018/25/1801Old Friend N face
John McQueenVolume 28/13/18018/25/1801Old Friend N face
Jeremiah HalletVolume 18/24/18019/9/1801Old Friend N. face
Jeremiah HalletVolume 28/24/18019/9/1801Old Friend N. face
Richard LoinesVolume 18/29/18019/14/18012dOld Friend N. Face
Richard LoinesVolume 28/29/18019/14/18012dOld Friend N. Face
John MurrayVolume 19/15/18019/22/1801Old friend N face
John MurrayVolume 29/15/18019/22/1801Old friend N face
Isaac CrossVolume 19/22/180110/15/1801Old friend N Face
Isaac CrossVolume 29/22/180110/15/1801Old friend N Face
Gillian CornellVolume 110/15/180110/30/1801Old Friend New Face
Gillian CornellVolume 210/15/180110/30/1801Old Friend New Face
Streatfield ClarksonVolume 110/31/180111/13/1801Old friend new face
Streatfield ClarksonVolume 210/31/180111/13/1801Old friend new face
Mary Motley MillerVolume 111/16/180112/23/1801Old Friend N face
Mary Motley MillerVolume 211/16/180112/23/1801Old Friend N face
James BruenVolume 112/26/180112/31/1801Old friend N Face
James BruenVolume 212/26/180112/31/1801Old friend N Face
Abraham GomezVolume 112/31/18011/13/1802Old friend N face
Abraham GomezVolume 212/31/18011/13/1802Old friend N face
Nathaniel BloodgoodVolume 11/13/18022/8/18022/Old Friend N. Face
Nathaniel BloodgoodVolume 21/13/18022/8/18022/Old Friend N. Face
William BowneVolume 12/8/18022/15/1802Old Friend N. Face
William BowneVolume 22/8/18022/15/1802Old Friend N. Face
Thomas GardnerVolume 12/13/18022/27/1802Old Friend N Face
Thomas GardnerVolume 22/13/18022/27/1802Old Friend N Face
George WarnerVolume 12/27/18023/4/1802Old Friend N Face
George WarnerVolume 22/27/18023/4/1802Old Friend N Face
Isaac BurrVolume 13/5/18023/11/1802Old Friend N Face
Isaac BurrVolume 23/5/18023/11/1802Old Friend N Face
Mary WaltonVolume 13/22/18023/29/1802Old Friend N. face
Mary WaltonVolume 23/22/18023/29/1802Old Friend N. face
James StringhamVolume 13/29/18024/8/1802Old Friend N. face
James StringhamVolume 23/29/18024/8/1802Old Friend N. face
Townsend UnderhillVolume 14/8/18024/10/1802Old Friend N face
Townsend UnderhillVolume 24/8/18024/10/1802Old Friend N face
John McLarenVolume 14/10/18024/20/1802Old friend N face
John McLarenVolume 24/10/18024/20/1802Old friend N face
Valentine PetersVolume 14/23/18025/6/1802Old Friend N Face
Valentine PetersVolume 24/23/18025/6/1802Old Friend N Face
Joseph EdenVolume 15/8/18025/25/1802Old Friend N Face
Joseph EdenVolume 25/8/18025/25/1802Old Friend N Face
John Mitchell MasonVolume 16/7/1802Old friend N face
John Mitchell MasonVolume 26/7/1802Old friend N face
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