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Mrs. Mary Pilkington

Obedience rewarded, and prejudice conquered; or, the history of Mortimer Lascells. Written for the instruction and amusement of young people. By Mrs. Pilkington

London: Printed for Vernor & Hood, No. 31, Poultry; and E. Newbery, Corner of St. Paul’s Church-Yard , 1797.
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Obedience rewarded, and prejudice conquered; or, the history of Mortimer Lascells. Written for the instruction and amusement of young people. By Mrs. Pilkington Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Garret H. Van Wagenen1/29/18002/5/1800Obedience Rewarded
Alexander Robertson2/13/18002/15/1800Obedience Rewarded
Thomas R. Smith2/18/18002/21/1800Obedience Rewarded
Manuel Myers2/22/18002/26/1800Obedience Rewarded
Hamilton Stewart2/26/18003/11/1800Obedience Rewarded
William G. Forbes3/17/18003/18/1800Obedience Rewarded
Matthew Lasher4/28/18005/28/1800Obedience Rewarded
David Morris5/28/18005/31/1800Obedience Rewarded
Dominick LynchVolume 15/31/18006/6/1800Obedience Rewarded
Samuel Jones, Jr.6/6/18006/7/1800Obedience Rewarded
John D. Mercier6/7/18006/17/1800Obedience Rewarded
William Strachan6/18/18006/18/1800Obedience Rewarded
Rodolphus Bogert6/20/18006/21/1800Obedience Rewarded
Leffert Lefferts6/21/18006/24/1800Obedience Rewarded
Patrick Munn6/24/18007/9/1800Obedience Rewarded
Henry SeamanVolume 17/11/18007/12/1800Obedience Rewarded
Henry Rogers7/14/18007/16/1800Obedience Rewarded
Jeremiah Hallet7/16/18007/19/1800Obedience Rewarded
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.7/19/18007/21/1800Obedience Rewarded
George Knox7/31/18007/31/1800Obedience Rewarded
Walter Bowne8/13/18008/14/1800Obedience Rewarded
Isaac B. Seixas8/19/18008/26/1800Obedience Rewarded
William Holms8/28/18009/10/1800Obedience Rewarded
James Davidson9/12/18009/16/1800Obedience Rewarded
John Hodgkinson9/25/18009/25/1800Obedience Rewarded
Henry Kunze9/30/180010/3/1800Obedience Reward
Thomas Burling10/3/180010/4/1800Obedience Rewarded
Abraham Gomez10/6/180010/11/1800Obedience Rewarded
John Jacob Astor10/9/180010/10/1800Obedience Rewarded
Benjamin S. Judah10/10/180010/14/18001/6Obedience Rewarded
Gillian Cornell10/15/180010/21/1800Obedience Rewarded
Francis J. Barretto10/22/180010/28/1800Obedience Rewarded
John Hone10/28/180010/30/1800Obedience Rewarded
John Myers11/5/180011/5/1800Obedience Rewarded
Cornelius Brinckerhoff11/11/180011/15/1800Obedience Rewarded
John N. Abeel12/10/180012/12/1800Obedience Rewarded
William Moore12/13/180012/15/1800Obedience Reward
Thomas Swords12/20/180012/22/1800Obedience Rewarded
Alexander Zuntz12/27/180012/30/1800Obedience Rewarded
Philip Ten Eyck1/6/18011/9/1801Obedience Rewarded
Gilbert Milligan1/12/18011/13/1801Obedience Rewarded
William G. Forbes1/31/18012/3/1801Obedience Rewarded
James Stuart2/11/18012/11/1801Obedience Rewarded
Selah Strong2/12/18012/16/1801Obedience Rewarded
Joseph Williams2/20/18012/21/1801Obedience Rewarded
Francis L. Harison3/2/18013/2/1801Obedience Rewarded
John Moore3/5/18013/7/1801Obedience Rewarded
Robert Benson3/7/18013/10/1801Obedience Rewarded
Abraham Beach3/14/18013/24/1801Obedience Rewarded
Charles S. Cutting3/24/18013/25/1801Obedience Rewarded
Augustus Van Horne3/27/18013/30/1801Obedience Rewarded
Ann McAdams4/1/18014/9/1801Obedience Rewarded
Charlotte Shipman4/7/18014/18/1801Obedience Rewarded
Arthur Noble4/25/18014/25/1801Obedience Rewarded
Thomas Timpson4/25/18014/30/1801Obedience Rewarded
Ezekiel Robins5/2/18015/5/1801Obedience Rewarded
John Peters5/5/18015/6/1801Obedience Rewarded
Charles Stewart5/7/18015/19/1801Obedience Rewarded
Manuel Myers5/20/18015/23/1801Obediance Rewarded
John Hone5/23/18015/23/1801Obedience Rewarded
Isaac Cross5/30/18016/3/1801Obedience Rewarded
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