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Jean-François de Galaup La Pérouse

A voyage round the world: which was peformed [sic] in the years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788. By M. de la Peyrouse: abridged from the original French journal of M. De La Peyrouse, which was lately published by M. Millet-Mureau, in obedience to an order from the French Government. To which are added: a voyage from Manilla to California. By Don Antonio Maurelle: and an abstract of the voyage and discoveries of the late captain G. Vancouver. Embellished with four fine engravings.

Alternate Titles
Edinburgh: Printed by J. Moir, Paterson’s-Court: for T. Brown, No. I. North-Bridge-Street; and sold by W. Coke, Leith; Brash and Reid, Glasgow; T. Hill, Perth; A. Brown, Aberdeen; G. Milne, Dundee; W. Boyd, Dumfries; Embleton, Berwick on Tweed; W. Hallgarth, Jun. South Shields; and Crosby & Co. London., 1798.
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A voyage round the world: which was peformed [sic] in the years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788. By M. de la Peyrouse: abridged from the original French journal of M. De La Peyrouse, which was lately published by M. Millet-Mureau, in obedience to an order from the French Government. To which are added: a voyage from Manilla to California. By Don Antonio Maurelle: and an abstract of the voyage and discoveries of the late captain G. Vancouver. Embellished with four fine engravings. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Archibald Robertson5/16/18005/19/1800Perouse Voyage
Bernard Hart5/30/18006/11/1800Peyrouses Voyage
Thomas Knox6/11/18006/12/1800Peyouses Voyage
Israel Wilkes6/16/18006/23/1800Peryouses Voyage
Israel Wilkes6/28/18007/2/1800Peryouses Voyage
John Le Conte7/8/18007/14/1800Peyrouses Voyage
Isaac Van Vleeck7/14/18007/16/1800Pereous Voyage
Thomas Gardner7/16/18007/19/1800Peyrous Voyage
Philip RhinelanderVolume 17/19/18008/21/18002/6Peryous Voyage
Richard N. Harison9/1/18009/5/1800Peyrouses Voyage
Manuel Myers9/5/18009/6/1800Peryous Voyage
Joseph Winter9/9/18009/11/1800Peyrouses Voyage
Thomas EddyVolume 19/11/18009/19/1800Peyrous Voyage
Rodolphus Bogert9/19/18009/24/1800Peyrouse's Voyage
Charles Rhind9/24/180010/1/1800Peyrouse's Voyage
John Dodgson10/7/180010/17/1800Peyrouses Voyage
Christian Schultz10/30/180011/1/1800Peryou's Voyage
John H. Remsen11/6/180011/20/1800Peyrous' Voyages
Peter Kemble11/20/180011/24/1800Peyrouses Voyage
Moses B. Seixas12/6/180012/13/1800Peryous Voyage
Robert R. HunterVolume 112/13/180012/20/1800Peyrouses Voyage
Robert H. Bowne1/6/18011/22/18012dPeyrouse's Voyage
William Irving1/28/18012/2/1801Peyrous Voyage
Augustus Van Horne2/3/18012/17/1801Peryous Voyage
John Parkinson2/25/18015/18/18012/6Peiyrouse Voyage
George C. MortonVolume 13/3/18014/18/1801Peryouses Voyage
George C. MortonVolume 23/3/18014/18/1801Peryouses Voyage
George C. MortonVolume 33/3/18014/18/1801Peryouses Voyage
John Jacob Astor3/19/18014/10/1801Peyrouse's Voyage
William BleeckerVolume 23/26/18013/28/1801Peyrouse's Voyage
Augustus Van Horne4/7/18014/13/1801Peryouses Voyage
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 14/23/18015/13/18013/Perouses Voyage
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 24/23/18015/13/18013/Perouses Voyage
Peter KembleVolume 15/13/18015/22/1801Peyrouse Voyage
Peter KembleVolume 25/13/18015/22/1801Peyrouse Voyage
Peter KembleVolume 35/13/18015/22/1801Peyrouse Voyage
isaac carrowVolume 15/23/18015/26/1801Peyrouse Voyage
Rebecca LaightVolume 25/25/18015/27/1801Voyage Search Peyrouse
isaac carrowVolume 25/26/18015/30/1801"
Rebecca LaightVolume 15/27/18016/5/1801Peyrouses Voyage
William Laight, Jr.Volume 35/29/18015/30/1801Peyrouses Voyage
John D. Mercier5/30/18016/18/1801Peyrouse Voyage
Robert AbbottVolume 15/30/18016/24/1801Peyrouses Voyage
isaac carrowVolume 35/30/18016/5/1801"
Henry RogersVolume 26/10/18016/15/1801Peyrouse Voyage
Henry RogersVolume 36/15/18016/17/1801"
Robert AbbottVolume 26/24/18017/29/1801"
John DodgsonVolume 17/7/18017/14/1801Voyage Search Peyrouse
John DodgsonVolume 27/14/18017/21/1801"
Charles SmithVolume 17/21/18018/22/18012/10La Peryouse Voyage
Charles SmithVolume 27/21/18018/22/18012/10La Peryouse Voyage
Robert AbbottVolume 37/29/18018/24/1801"
Judah Zuntz8/15/18018/17/1801Peryouses Voyage
John Le ConteVolume 18/19/18018/21/1801Voyage Search Peyrouse
Charles SmithVolume 28/22/18019/3/1801"
Willet ColesVolume 18/24/18019/3/1801Peryouses Voyage
Leffert LeffertsVolume 58/31/18019/10/1801Peyrouses Voyage
Willet ColesVolume 29/3/18019/19/1801"
Charles SmithVolume 39/3/18019/17/1801"
Francis ArdenVolume 19/18/180110/13/18018/Peyrouse's Voyage
Willet ColesVolume 29/19/180110/2/1801Peryouses Voyage
James SaidlerVolume 19/26/180110/3/1801Voyage in S. Peryouse
James SaidlerVolume 29/26/180110/3/1801Voyage in S. Peryouse
Francis CooperVolume 39/30/180110/7/1801Peyrouses Voyages
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 210/2/180110/9/1801Peyrouses Voyage
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 310/9/180110/14/1801"
Francis ArdenVolume 210/13/180110/26/1801"
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 110/14/180110/20/1801"
Charlotte Smith10/15/180110/24/1801Payoruses Voyage (ab)
Thomas De Milt10/15/180110/15/1801Peyrouses Voyage
Willet ColesVolume 310/15/180111/3/1801La Peryouse Voyage
Bernard HartVolume 110/24/180110/31/1801Peyrouse Voyage
Bernard HartVolume 210/31/180112/11/1801"
John WoodsVolume 111/5/180111/26/1801Peryouses Voyage
Robert WardellVolume 211/20/180111/26/1801Peryouses Voyage
Peter AllairVolume 111/27/180112/22/1801Peyrouse's Voyage
Peter AllairVolume 211/27/180112/22/1801Peyrouse's Voyage
Robert WardellVolume 312/7/180112/14/1801Peryouses Voyage
Willet ColesVolume 112/15/18011/9/1802Voyage Search Peryouse
Willet ColesVolume 212/15/18011/9/1802Voyage Search Peryouse
Peter AllairVolume 312/22/180112/30/1801"
James F. SeborVolume 112/26/18011/12/1802Peryouses Voyage
George Warren ChapmanVolume 11/11/18021/15/1802Voyage Search Perouse
George Warren ChapmanVolume 21/11/18021/15/1802Voyage Search Perouse
George Warren Chapman1/12/18021/15/1802Plates of Perouse
James F. SeborVolume 21/12/18021/20/1802"
Joseph Williams1/14/18021/16/1802Peryouses Voyage
Arthur NobleVolume 11/16/18021/21/1802Perouses Voyage
Arthur NobleVolume 21/21/18022/6/1802"
Arthur NobleVolume 31/21/18022/6/1802"
John NitchieVolume 12/19/18022/27/1802Perouses Voyage
John NitchieVolume 22/19/18022/27/1802Perouses Voyage
John NitchieVolume 32/19/18022/27/1802Perouses Voyage
John ParsonsVolume 13/4/18023/12/1802Voyage Perouse
John ParsonsVolume 23/4/18023/12/1802Voyage Perouse
John ParsonsVolume 33/4/18023/12/1802Voyage Perouse
John ParsonsVolume 43/4/18023/12/1802Voyage Perouse
Cornelius Brinckerhoff3/6/18023/30/180210dPerouses Voyage
William DenningVolume 13/20/18023/20/1802Perouses Voyage
John P. MumfordVolume 13/26/18024/17/1802Perouses Voyage
John P. MumfordVolume 23/26/18024/17/1802Perouses Voyage
John P. MumfordVolume 33/26/18024/17/1802Perouses Voyage
William Green4/1/18024/3/1802Perouses Voyage
Willet ColesVolume 14/17/18024/27/1802Perouses Voyage
John P. MumfordVolume 24/17/18025/3/1802"
John P. MumfordVolume 34/17/18025/3/1802"
Willet ColesVolume 25/5/18025/18/1802Perouses Voyage
Willet ColesVolume 35/5/18025/18/1802Perouses Voyage
Samuel Boyd5/8/18025/13/1802Peyrouses Voyage
James Robertson5/15/18025/25/1802Peyrouses Voyage
Willet Coles5/18/18025/18/1802Voyage in Search Perouse
Willet ColesVolume 15/18/18026/3/1802"
George Warren ChapmanVolume 15/19/18025/28/1802Perouses Voyage
George Warren ChapmanVolume 25/19/18025/28/1802Perouses Voyage
George Warren ChapmanVolume 35/19/18025/28/1802Perouses Voyage
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 15/28/18026/1/1802Peyrouses Voyage
John D. Mercier6/1/18026/10/1802Perouses Voyage
William Bowne6/16/18026/21/1802Peyrouse's Voyage
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 17/31/18028/12/1802Peyrouses Voyage
Abraham Brower8/10/18028/17/1802Peyrouses Voyage
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 28/12/18028/23/1802"
George Lorillard8/23/18029/6/1802Peyrouses Voyage
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 38/23/18028/26/1802"
Willet ColesVolume 19/25/180210/11/1802Voyage Search Pery
Willet ColesVolume 29/25/180210/11/1802Voyage Search Pery
Joseph WilliamsVolume 29/28/180210/2/1802Perouses Voyage
Daniel Ludlow9/29/180210/29/1802Peyrouses Voyage (ab)
Joshua WhitcombVolume 110/16/180210/23/1802Perouses Voyage
Joshua WhitcombVolume 110/23/180210/28/1802"
Joshua WhitcombVolume 210/28/180211/12/1802"
Joshua WhitcombVolume 311/12/180211/27/1802"
William RichardsonVolume 111/27/180212/21/1802Peyrouses Voyage
William RichardsonVolume 211/27/180212/21/1802Peyrouses Voyage
William RichardsonVolume 311/27/180212/21/1802Peyrouses Voyage
William RichardsonVolume 112/21/180212/24/1802"
William RichardsonVolume 212/21/180212/24/1802"
William RichardsonVolume 312/21/180212/24/1802"
Anthony AckleyVolume 112/24/180212/27/1802Peyrouses Voyages
Anthony AckleyVolume 212/27/180212/30/1802"
Anthony AckleyVolume 312/30/18021/3/1803"
James InglisVolume 11/4/18031/25/1803Peyrouse Voyage
James InglisVolume 21/4/18031/25/1803Peyrouse Voyage
John Shaw1/21/18031/27/1803Peyrouses Voyage (ab)
John TurnerVolume 11/25/18032/4/1803Peryouses Voyage
John TurnerVolume 21/25/18032/4/1803Peryouses Voyage
James InglisVolume 31/25/18031/28/1803"
John D. Mercier2/1/18032/9/1803Peyrouses Voyage ab
Thomas SlidellVolume 12/8/18032/19/1803Peryouse Voyage
Thomas SlidellVolume 22/8/18032/19/1803Peryouse Voyage
Augustus BaileyVolume 32/12/18032/18/1803Peyrouse's Voyage
Thomas SlidellVolume 32/19/18032/15/1803Peryouse Voyage
John ClarkeVolume 13/3/18033/21/1803Peyrouses Voyage
John ClarkeVolume 23/3/18033/21/1803Peyrouses Voyage
John ClarkeVolume 33/21/18033/26/1803"
John LylburnVolume 13/26/18033/28/1803Peyrouses Voyage
John LylburnVolume 23/28/18034/5/1803"
Walter MitchellVolume 14/1/18034/16/1803Peryouse's Voyage
John LylburnVolume 34/7/18034/12/1803"
Walter MitchellVolume 24/16/18035/19/18034/"
Walter MitchellVolume 34/16/18035/19/18034/"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 14/20/18034/23/1803Peyrouse's Voyage
Henry SadlerVolume 15/14/18035/28/1803Peryouse Voyage
Matthew ClarksonVolume 25/19/18035/23/1803Peyrouse Voyage
Matthew ClarksonVolume 35/23/18035/25/1803"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 65/25/18035/30/1803"
Henry SadlerVolume 25/28/18036/13/1803"
Henry SadlerVolume 35/28/18036/13/1803"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 16/1/18036/18/1803Peyrouse Voyage
Samuel LaurenceVolume 16/18/18037/6/1803"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 26/18/18037/6/1803"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 36/18/18037/6/1803"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 17/6/18037/25/1803"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 27/6/18037/25/1803"
Samuel LaurenceVolume 37/6/18037/25/1803"
John ClarkeVolume 18/10/180311/11/1803Peyrouses Voyage
John ClarkeVolume 28/10/180311/11/1803Peyrouses Voyage
John ClarkeVolume 38/10/180311/11/1803Peyrouses Voyage
Rich HarisonVolume 111/21/180311/25/1803Peryouses Voyage
Rich HarisonVolume 211/30/180312/2/1803Peryouses Voyage
Rich HarisonVolume 312/2/180312/5/1803"
Andrew CockVolume 11/24/18042/8/1804Peyrouses Voyage
Andrew CockVolume 21/24/18042/8/1804Peyrouses Voyage
Andrew CockVolume 31/24/18042/8/1804Peyrouses Voyage
Gulian LudlowVolume 14/2/18044/6/1804Peyrouses Voyage
Gulian LudlowVolume 24/6/18044/8/1804"
Gulian LudlowVolume 34/8/18044/11/1804"
Aron Judah6/19/18046/26/1804Peyrouse Voyage (ab)
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 16/28/18047/2/1804Peryouses Voyage
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 27/2/18047/5/1804"
William Neilson7/3/18047/11/1804Perouses Voyage (ab)
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 37/5/18047/7/1804"
James WatsonVolume 17/13/18047/16/1804Perouses Voyage
James WatsonVolume 27/16/18047/18/1804"
James WatsonVolume 37/16/18047/18/1804"
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 11/5/18051/19/1805Peryouses Voyage
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 21/19/18052/2/1805Peryouses Voyage
Jacobus FineVolume 11/22/18051/26/1805Peyrouses Voyage
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 32/2/18052/16/1805Peryouses Voyage
Peter OgilvieVolume 14/6/18054/13/1805Peryouse Voyage
Peter OgilvieVolume 24/13/18055/11/1805"
John ThomsonVolume 15/10/18055/15/1805Peryouses Voyage
John ThomsonVolume 35/10/18055/15/1805Peryouses Voyage
James BeekmanVolume 15/28/18056/14/1805Peyrouses Voyage
James BeekmanVolume 26/14/18056/29/1805Peyrouse's Voyage
James BeekmanVolume 36/14/18056/29/1805Peyrouse's Voyage
Allard AnthonyVolume 18/5/18058/15/1805Peyrouse's Voyage
Allard AnthonyVolume 28/5/18058/15/1805Peyrouse's Voyage
Allard AnthonyVolume 38/5/18058/15/1805Peyrouse's Voyage
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