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Susannah Dobson, Jacques-François-Paul-Aldonce de Sade

The life of Petrarch. Collected from Memoires pour la vie de Petrarch, by Mrs. Dobson. In two volumes. ... . The fourth edition, embellished with eight copper-plates, designed by Kirk, and engraved by Ridley

Alternate Titles
London: Printed by T. Maiden, for Vernor and Hood; J. Cuthell; E. Newbery; J. Walker; Lackington, Allen, and Co. Ogilvy and Son; Otridge and Son; J. Nunn; and R. Lea , 1799.
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The life of Petrarch. Collected from Memoires pour la vie de Petrarch, by Mrs. Dobson. In two volumes. ... . The fourth edition, embellished with eight copper-plates, designed by Kirk, and engraved by Ridley Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Daniel PhoenixVolume 15/15/18005/16/1800Petrarchs Life
Andrew SmythVolume 26/9/18006/16/1800Life Petrarch
Andrew SmythVolume 16/16/18006/26/1800"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 26/19/18006/14/1800Life Petrach
Andrew SmythVolume 16/26/18007/1/1800"
William DenningVolume 17/5/18007/31/1800Life Petrarch
James Parker, Jr.Volume 27/15/18008/22/1800Life Petrarch
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 29/20/180010/14/18006dLife Petrarch
William DenningVolume 210/31/180011/22/1800Life Petrarch
Charles S. CuttingVolume 111/15/180012/4/1800Life Petrarch
Edward LydeVolume 211/26/180011/28/1800Life Petrarch
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 112/4/180012/10/1800Life Petrarch
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 212/10/180012/13/1800"
Peter IrvingVolume 112/24/18001/15/1801Life Petrarch
Peter IrvingVolume 212/24/18001/15/1801Life Petrarch
John W. MulliganVolume 11/12/18011/24/1801Life Petrarch
John W. MulliganVolume 21/12/18011/24/1801Life Petrarch
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 11/24/18012/2/1801Life Petrarch
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 21/24/18012/2/1801Life Petrarch
John R. MurrayVolume 12/2/18012/20/1801Life Petrarch
John R. MurrayVolume 22/2/18012/20/1801Life Petrarch
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 12/19/18013/10/1801Life Petrarch
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 22/19/18013/10/1801Life Petrarch
Moses B. SeixasVolume 13/12/18013/12/1801Life Petrarch
Moses B. SeixasVolume 23/12/18013/12/1801Life Petrarch
Edward William LaightVolume 14/4/18014/4/1801Life Petrarch
Edward William LaightVolume 24/4/18014/4/1801Life Petrarch
John SeamanVolume 14/16/18015/1/1801Life Petrarch
John SeamanVolume 24/16/18015/1/1801Life Petrarch
Samuel B. MalcomVolume 15/12/18018/5/1801Life Petrarch
Samuel B. MalcomVolume 25/12/18018/5/1801Life Petrarch
Thomas CooperVolume 18/5/18018/17/1801Life Petrarch
Thomas CooperVolume 28/5/18018/17/1801Life Petrarch
Rich HarisonVolume 18/18/18019/2/1801Life Petrarch
Rich HarisonVolume 28/18/18019/2/1801Life Petrarch
William A. LivingstonVolume 19/5/18019/29/1801The Life of Petrarch
William A. LivingstonVolume 29/5/18019/29/1801The Life of Petrarch
Joseph ByrnesVolume 110/1/180110/10/1801Life Petrarch
Joseph ByrnesVolume 210/1/180110/10/1801Life Petrarch
William ProctorVolume 110/10/180111/6/1801Life Petrarch
William ProctorVolume 210/10/180111/6/1801Life Petrarch
Thomas EddyVolume 111/12/18011/9/18028/Life Petrarch
Thomas EddyVolume 211/12/18011/9/18028/Life Petrarch
Richard N. HarisonVolume 11/13/18021/30/1802Petrarch
John W. MulliganVolume 11/14/18022/4/1802Life Petrarch
John W. MulliganVolume 21/14/18022/4/1802Life Petrarch
William B. KeeseVolume 12/6/18022/24/1802Life Petrarch
William B. KeeseVolume 22/6/18022/24/1802Life Petrarch
Charlotte WhiteVolume 13/9/18023/30/1802Life Petrarch
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 13/13/18024/13/18022/8Life Petrarch
Quinton MillenVolume 23/31/18024/2/1802Life Petrarch
John W. MulliganVolume 14/15/18025/5/1802Life Petrarch
John W. MulliganVolume 24/15/18025/5/1802Life Petrarch
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 15/8/18025/28/1802Life Petrarch
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 25/8/18025/28/1802Life Petrarch
John ShawVolume 15/23/18026/23/18027/2Life Petrarch
John ShawVolume 25/23/18026/23/18027/2Life Petrarch
Leonard KipVolume 15/29/18026/23/18021/4The Life of Petrarch
Leonard KipVolume 25/29/18026/23/18021/4The Life of Petrarch
George Warren ChapmanVolume 16/25/18027/8/1802Life Petrarch
George Warren ChapmanVolume 26/25/18027/8/1802Life Petrarch
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 17/10/18027/20/1802Life Petrarch
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 27/10/18027/20/1802Life Petrarch
William LaurenceVolume 17/23/18027/26/1802Life Petrarch
William LaurenceVolume 27/26/18028/5/1802"
Charlotte SmithVolume 19/11/18029/29/1802Life Petrarch
Charlotte SmithVolume 29/11/18029/29/1802Life Petrarch
Moses L. MosesVolume 110/21/180211/6/1802Life Petrarch
Abraham HerringVolume 111/10/180211/26/1802Petrarch's Life
Abraham HerringVolume 211/26/180212/7/1802Petrarch's Life
Thomas C. PearsallVolume 112/8/180212/17/1802Life Petrarch
Thomas C. PearsallVolume 212/17/180212/30/1802"
Nancy IversVolume 112/18/180212/30/1802Petrarch's Life
Nancy IversVolume 212/30/18021/15/1803"
Thomas C. PearsallVolume 212/30/180212/30/1802"
Robert WattsVolume 11/7/18031/15/1803Life Petrarch
Peter OgilvieVolume 11/15/18031/20/1803Life Petrarch
Peter OgilvieVolume 21/20/18031/24/1803"
Archibald CurrieVolume 11/25/18032/8/1803Life Petrarch
Archibald CurrieVolume 22/8/18032/18/1803"
Joshua WatsonVolume 12/18/18032/19/1803Life Petrarch
Joshua WatsonVolume 22/18/18032/19/1803Life Petrarch
John S. SchermerhornVolume 12/21/18033/7/1803Life Petrarch
John S. SchermerhornVolume 22/21/18033/7/1803Life Petrarch
John S. SchermerhornVolume 23/7/18033/21/1803"
Peter StuyvesantVolume 13/15/18033/23/1803Dobson Life Petrarch
Peter StuyvesantVolume 23/23/18033/25/1803"
Thomas BurlingVolume 13/26/18034/9/1803Life Petrarch
Thomas BurlingVolume 23/26/18034/9/1803Life Petrarch
Thomas BurlingVolume 14/9/18034/22/1803"
Thomas BurlingVolume 24/9/18034/22/1803"
Judith VerplanckVolume 15/9/18035/15/1803Life Petrarch
John DodgsonVolume 16/7/18036/17/1803Life Petrarch
Valentine SeamanVolume 16/14/18037/7/1803Life Petrarch
Valentine SeamanVolume 26/14/18037/7/1803Life Petrarch
Philip RhinelanderVolume 16/17/18036/21/1803Life Petrarch
Henry RogersVolume 16/27/18036/27/1802Life Petrarch
James BradishVolume 17/1/18037/26/1803Life Petrarch
Philip RhinelanderVolume 27/14/18037/18/1803Life Petrarch
James BradishVolume 27/26/18038/9/1803"
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 17/30/18038/6/1803Life Petrarch
John CockVolume 18/6/18038/11/1803Life Petrarch
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 18/12/180311/9/1803Life Petrarch
Thomas SwordsVolume 212/8/180312/27/1803Life Petrarch
Hugh HartshorneVolume 112/9/180312/12/1803Life Petrarch
Thomas SwordsVolume 212/27/18032/11/1805"
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 11/3/18041/26/18044/Life of Petrarch
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 21/26/18042/21/1804"
Abraham HerringVolume 12/6/18042/8/1804Life Petrarch
Thomas StormVolume 12/10/18042/20/1804Life Petrarch
Thomas SwordsVolume 22/11/18042/28/1805Life Petrarch
Abraham VarickVolume 12/29/18043/12/1804Life Petrarch
Thomas StormVolume 23/3/18043/23/1804Life Petrarch
Edward William LaightVolume 13/13/18043/17/1804Life Petrarch
Thomas GreenleafVolume 13/17/18044/3/1804Life Petrarch
Thomas GreenleafVolume 23/24/18044/17/1804"
Thomas StormVolume 14/30/18045/15/1804Life Petrarch
Thomas StormVolume 24/30/18045/15/1804Life Petrarch
William DenningVolume 15/16/18045/19/1804Life Petrarch
John WilkinsVolume 26/18/18046/23/1804Life Petrarch
Peter WilsonVolume 16/23/180410/5/1804Life Petrarch
Peter WilsonVolume 26/23/180410/5/1804Life Petrarch
John G. GloverVolume 110/10/180410/24/1804Life Petrarch
John G. GloverVolume 210/10/180410/24/1804Life Petrarch
Joseph HopkinsVolume 111/8/180411/13/1804Life Petrarch
Joseph HopkinsVolume 211/8/180411/13/1804Life Petrarch
John Abraham DenomendieVolume 111/9/180412/1/1804Life Petrarch
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 112/5/180412/27/18044dLife Petrarch
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 212/5/180412/27/18044dLife Petrarch
Thomas BurlingVolume 11/19/18052/9/1805Life Petrarch
Thomas BurlingVolume 21/19/18052/9/1805Life Petrarch
Cornelius BogertVolume 12/9/18052/19/1805Life Petrarch
Cornelius BogertVolume 22/9/18052/19/1805Life Petrarch
William MooreVolume 12/26/18052/28/1805Life Petrarch
William MooreVolume 22/26/18052/28/1805Life Petrarch
Abraham HerringVolume 13/4/18053/11/1805Life Petrarch
Abraham HerringVolume 23/4/18053/11/1805Life Petrarch
Robert ManleyVolume 13/11/18053/20/1805" Life
Robert ManleyVolume 23/11/18053/20/1805" Life
William BardVolume 13/22/18054/16/1805Life Petrarch
William BardVolume 23/22/18054/16/1805Life Petrarch
William BardVolume 14/16/18055/6/1805Life Petrarch
William BardVolume 24/16/18055/6/1805Life Petrarch
Robert R. Hunter5/4/18055/7/1805Life Petrarch
William BardVolume 15/6/18055/18/1805"
William BardVolume 25/6/18055/18/1805"
John RemsenVolume 15/18/18056/1/1805Life Petrarch
William BardVolume 25/18/18055/23/1805"
John RemsenVolume 16/1/18056/15/1805"
Henry RogersVolume 16/17/18056/24/1805Life Petrarch
William WeymanVolume 17/1/18057/18/1805Petrarch
Alsop HuntVolume 18/21/18058/27/1805Dobson's Life Petrarch
Nicholas Evertson12/6/180512/16/1805Life Petrarch
John DewittVolume 112/16/180512/28/1805Life Petarch
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