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Robert Sadler

Wanley Penson; or, the melancholy man: a miscellaneous history. In three volumes. ...

London: Printed for C. and G. Kearsley, No. 46, Fleet-Street, 1791.
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Wanley Penson; or, the melancholy man: a miscellaneous history. In three volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John BuchannanVolume 18/1/17998/3/1799Wanley Penson
John BuchannanVolume 28/3/17998/6/1799"
John BuchannanVolume 38/6/17998/10/1799"
Richard TurnbullVolume 18/15/17998/17/1799Wanley Penson
Richard TurnbullVolume 28/17/17998/19/1799"
Richard TurnbullVolume 38/19/17998/20/1799"
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 11/20/18001/22/1800Wanley Penson
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 21/22/18001/24/1800"
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 31/24/18001/30/1800"
John Ten BrookVolume 31/30/18002/5/1800Wanley Penson
Abraham PolhemusVolume 22/10/18012/19/1801Wanley Penson
Abraham PolhemusVolume 32/10/18012/19/1801Wanley Penson
Abraham PolhemusVolume 12/10/18012/19/1801Wanley Penson
Daniel PhoenixVolume 23/7/18013/13/1801Wanley Penson
Daniel PhoenixVolume 33/7/18013/13/1801Wanley Penson
Daniel PhoenixVolume 13/7/18013/13/1801Wanley Penson
Henry Ten BrookVolume 25/1/18015/13/1801Wanley Penson
Henry Ten BrookVolume 15/1/18015/13/1801Wanley Penson
Philip RhinelanderVolume 210/10/180110/12/1801Wanley Penson
Philip RhinelanderVolume 310/10/180110/12/1801Wanley Penson
Philip RhinelanderVolume 110/10/180110/12/1801Wanley Penson
Christopher WolfeVolume 13/10/18023/13/1802Wanley Penson
Christopher WolfeVolume 23/13/18023/20/1802"
Christopher WolfeVolume 33/13/18023/20/1802"
Rich HarisonVolume 24/28/18024/28/1802Wanley Penson
Edward WatkeysVolume 24/28/18025/7/1802Wanley Penson
Rich HarisonVolume 34/28/18024/28/1802Wanley Penson
Edward WatkeysVolume 34/28/18025/7/1802Wanley Penson
Rich HarisonVolume 14/28/18024/28/1802Wanley Penson
Edward WatkeysVolume 14/28/18025/7/1802Wanley Penson
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 25/15/18025/21/1802Wanley Penson
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 35/15/18025/21/1802Wanley Penson
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 15/15/18025/21/1802Wanley Penson
Patrick HoustounVolume 25/21/18025/27/1802Wanley Penson
Patrick HoustounVolume 35/21/18025/27/1802Wanley Penson
Patrick HoustounVolume 15/21/18025/27/1802Wanley Penson
Abraham GomezVolume 26/5/18026/12/1802Wanley Penson
Abraham GomezVolume 36/5/18026/12/1802Wanley Penson
Abraham GomezVolume 16/5/18026/12/1802Wanley Penson
George Warren ChapmanVolume 26/19/18026/25/1802Wanley Penson
George Warren ChapmanVolume 36/19/18026/25/1802Wanley Penson
George Warren ChapmanVolume 16/19/18026/25/1802Wanley Penson
John P. MumfordVolume 26/25/18026/29/1802Wanley Penson
John P. MumfordVolume 36/25/18026/29/1802Wanley Penson
John P. MumfordVolume 16/25/18026/29/1802Wanley Penson
Peter R. MaverickVolume 23/1/18033/4/1803Wanley Penson
Peter R. MaverickVolume 33/1/18033/4/1803Wanley Penson
Peter R. MaverickVolume 13/1/18033/4/1803Wanley Penson
Peter StuyvesantVolume 23/28/18033/31/1803Wanley Person
Peter StuyvesantVolume 33/28/18033/31/1803Wanley Person
Peter StuyvesantVolume 13/28/18033/31/1803Wanley Person
Dominick LynchVolume 23/16/18043/23/1804Wanley Penson
Dominick LynchVolume 33/16/18043/23/1804Wanley Penson
Dominick LynchVolume 13/16/18043/23/1804Wanley Penson
Thomas LiddleVolume 29/24/18049/27/1804Wanley Penson
Thomas LiddleVolume 39/24/18049/27/1804Wanley Penson
Thomas LiddleVolume 19/24/18049/27/1804Wanley Penson
John N. ClarkeVolume 210/15/180410/26/1804Wanley Penson
John N. ClarkeVolume 310/15/180410/26/1804Wanley Penson
John N. ClarkeVolume 110/15/180410/26/1804Wanley Penson
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 212/3/180512/16/1805Wanley Penson
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 312/3/180512/16/1805Wanley Penson
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 112/3/180512/16/1805Wanley Penson
John Ten EyckVolume 212/16/180512/27/1805Wanley Penson
John Ten EyckVolume 312/16/180512/27/1805Wanley Penson
John Ten EyckVolume 112/16/180512/27/1805Wanley Penson
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