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London: Printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church-yard, by C. Mercier and Co., 1804.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Aquila GilesVolume 22/9/18042/13/1804Popular Tales
William WaltonVolume 18/24/18048/29/1804Popular Tales
John W. MulliganVolume 18/25/18048/31/1804Popular Tales
William ProctorVolume 18/31/18049/1/1804Popular Tales
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 19/3/18049/3/1804Popular Tales
Samuel JonesVolume 39/11/18049/25/1804Popular Tales
Samuel JonesVolume 29/11/18049/25/1804Popular Tales
William Linn9/17/18049/20/1804Popular Tales
Samuel JonesVolume 19/24/180410/9/1804Popular Tales
William ProctorVolume 310/6/180410/8/1804Popular Tales
William ProctorVolume 210/6/180410/8/1804Popular Tales
Daniel PhoenixVolume 110/8/180410/12/1804Popular Tales
John S. SchermerhornVolume 310/9/180410/20/1804Popular Tales
DeWitt ClintonVolume 110/13/180410/15/1804Popular Tales
Elias HicksVolume 110/15/180410/16/1804Popular Tales
Francis L. HarisonVolume 110/17/180410/20/1804Popular Tales
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 110/20/180410/29/1804Popular Tales
Charlotte WhiteVolume 310/25/180410/31/1804Popular Tales
William WaltonVolume 210/29/180410/29/1804Popular Tales
Asher HartVolume 310/30/180411/7/1804Popular Tales
Isaac BurrVolume 110/31/180411/2/1804Popular Tales
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 211/2/180411/2/1804Popular Tales
Moses B. SeixasVolume 311/7/180411/7/1804Popular Tales
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 311/8/180411/19/1804Popular Tales
Alexander L. McDonaldVolume 111/9/180411/15/1804Popular Tales
Edward William LaightVolume 211/9/180411/10/1804Popular Tales
John KempVolume 311/10/180411/17/1804Popular Tales
John Jordan MorganVolume 111/16/180411/21/1804Popular Tales
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 211/17/180411/19/1804Popular Tales
Abraham PrallVolume 211/19/180411/22/1804Popular Tales
Jacob MortonVolume 211/22/180411/22/1804Popular Tales
Abraham VarickVolume 111/24/180411/29/1804Popular Tales
James RooseveltVolume 311/27/180412/5/1804Popular Tales
David MorrisVolume 311/27/180411/27/1804Popular Tales
David MorrisVolume 111/27/180411/27/1804Popular Tales
David MorrisVolume 211/27/180411/27/1804Popular Tales
John L. BowneVolume 111/28/180412/5/1804Popular Tales
John L. BowneVolume 211/28/180412/5/1804Popular Tales
Asher HartVolume 112/1/180412/7/1804Popular Tales
John L. BowneVolume 312/5/180412/13/1804"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 212/6/180412/26/1804Popular Tales
Marinus WillettVolume 112/7/180412/13/1804Popular Tales
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 112/13/180412/18/1804Popular Tales
John L. BowneVolume 212/13/180412/21/1804"
Francis L. HarisonVolume 312/18/180412/21/18042dPopular Tales
Abraham VarickVolume 312/22/18041/16/180511dPopular Tales
Elbert HerringVolume 212/26/180412/26/1804Popular Tales
Jacob RickettsVolume 212/26/180412/26/1804Popular Tales
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 112/28/180412/28/1804Popular Tales
Robert HunterVolume 11/2/18051/3/1805Popular Tales
Archibald McLeanVolume 11/14/18051/19/1805Popular Tales
Bernard HartVolume 11/19/18051/22/1805Popular Tales
Archibald McLeanVolume 31/22/18051/24/1805Popular Tales
Francis L. HarisonVolume 21/25/18051/30/1805Popular Tales
James W. NicholsonVolume 31/26/18051/31/1805Popular Tales
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 11/29/18052/7/1805Popular Tales
David MorrisVolume 31/30/18052/11/1805Popular Tales
Joseph HopkinsVolume 32/6/18052/8/1805Popular Tales
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 22/6/18052/9/1805Popular Tales
John G. GloverVolume 12/7/18052/12/1805Popular Tales
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 32/9/18052/11/1805"
Thomas BarfeVolume 22/9/18052/13/1805Popular Tales
John G. GloverVolume 32/14/18052/20/1805Popular Tales
Alfred S. PellVolume 12/14/18052/15/1805Popular Tales
John N. AbeelVolume 32/15/18052/20/1805Popular Tales
Ann McAdams2/18/18053/2/18051dPopular Tales
Robert L. BowneVolume 32/20/18053/20/1805Popular Tales
Peter HawesVolume 22/20/18053/1/1805Popular Tales
John N. AbeelVolume 13/5/18053/11/1805Popular Tales
James Boyd3/12/18053/16/1805Popular Tales
Jacobus FineVolume 23/12/18053/13/1805Popular Tales
Charles RhindVolume 13/14/18053/20/1805Popular Tales
Charles RhindVolume 23/14/18053/20/1805Popular Tales
James BaileyVolume 13/16/18053/19/1805Popular Tales
Elijah PellVolume 13/19/18053/26/1805Popular Tales
John N. AbeelVolume 33/20/18053/21/1805Popular Tales
John N. AbeelVolume 23/21/18053/27/1805"
James BoydVolume 33/23/18053/25/1805Popular Tales
George D. CooperVolume 24/2/18054/19/1805Popular Tales
George D. CooperVolume 14/19/1805"
Thomas JonesVolume 24/26/18054/29/1805Popular Tales
Robert H. BowneVolume 34/29/18055/4/1805Popular Tales
George HunterVolume 24/29/18055/3/1805Popular Tales
George D. CooperVolume 15/3/18055/14/1805Popular Tales
Louis Carre HammersleyVolume 25/3/18055/8/1805Popular Tales
John ClarkeVolume 15/23/18056/11/1805Popular Tales
James FaineVolume 16/20/18056/29/1805Popular Tales
James FaineVolume 26/20/18056/29/1805Popular Tales
Peter ClarkeVolume 16/29/18057/8/1805Popular Tales
John KempVolume 26/29/18057/6/1805Popular Tales
John G. CosterVolume 37/2/18057/13/1805Popular Tales
Charles RhindVolume 17/10/18057/11/1805Popular Tales
James RooseveltVolume 17/11/18057/13/1805Popular Tales
John G. CosterVolume 27/13/18058/10/1805"
John DewittVolume 17/15/18057/31/1805Popular Tales
Thomas DixonVolume 37/17/18057/18/1805Popular Tales
John ParkinsonVolume 37/19/18058/13/1805Popular Tales
John ParkinsonVolume 17/19/18058/13/1805Popular Tales
John ParkinsonVolume 27/19/18058/13/1805Popular Tales
Francis CooperVolume 37/21/18058/15/1805Popular Tales
Joseph HopkinsVolume 27/30/18058/1/1805Popular Tales
Joseph HopkinsVolume 38/1/18058/5/1805"
William BleeckerVolume 28/1/18058/1/1805Popular Tales
Jasper WardVolume 38/3/18058/16/1805Popular Tales
Hugh HartshorneVolume 38/9/18058/16/1805Popular Tales
Francis CooperVolume 28/15/18058/26/1805"
James BradishVolume 38/17/18058/22/1805Popular Tales
Horatio GatesVolume 18/19/18058/24/1805Popular Tales
Francis ChildsVolume 38/23/18058/29/1805Popular Tales
John RogersVolume 18/24/18058/30/1805Popular Tales
John RogersVolume 28/30/18058/30/1805"
Francis ChildsVolume 19/1/18059/5/1805"
John ShawVolume 19/5/18059/6/1805Popular Tales
Francis ChildsVolume 211/20/180511/23/1805Popular Tales
Isaac BurrVolume 112/7/180512/10/1805Popular Tales
Thomas R. SmithVolume 112/10/180512/24/1805Popular Tales
James DavidsonVolume 312/16/180512/31/1805Popular Tales
James DavidsonVolume 112/16/180512/31/1805Popular Tales
James DavidsonVolume 212/16/180512/31/1805Popular Tales
John FergusonVolume 112/20/180512/27/1805Popular Tales
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 212/23/180512/24/1805Populars Tales
William BoydVolume 212/26/180512/30/1805Popular Tales
John Ferguson12/27/180512/28/1805"
Christopher MillerVolume 112/28/180512/28/1805Popular Tales
Christopher MillerVolume 212/28/180512/28/1805Popular Tales
William BoydVolume 312/31/18051/3/1806Popular Tales
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