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Anne Ker

Adeline St. Julian; or, the midnight hour. A novel. In two volumes. By Mrs. Anne Ker, Author of the Heiress DI Montalde, &c.

London: Printed by J. Bonsor, Salisbury Square ; for J. and E. Kerby, Bond Street ; and sold by T. Hurst, Paternoster Row., 1800.
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Adeline St. Julian; or, the midnight hour. A novel. In two volumes. By Mrs. Anne Ker, Author of the Heiress DI Montalde, &c. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Thomas JonesVolume 28/23/18008/25/1800Adeline St. Julien
Thomas JonesVolume 18/23/18008/25/1800Adeline St. Julien
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 18/25/18008/29/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 28/29/18009/3/1800"
Henry RogersVolume 19/5/18009/6/1800Adeline St. Julian
Henry KunzeVolume 19/6/18009/8/1800Adeline St. Julian
Henry KunzeVolume 29/8/18009/9/1800"
Manuel MyersVolume 19/8/18009/9/1800Julian St Adelaide
Manuel MyersVolume 29/9/18009/10/1800"
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 19/10/18009/10/1800Adelaine St Julian
John RemsenVolume 19/12/18009/15/1800Adelaide St Julian
John RemsenVolume 29/15/18009/22/1800"
Rebecca LaightVolume 19/17/18009/18/1800Adelaine St. Julian
William Laight, Jr.Volume 29/22/18009/23/1800Adeline St. Julian
William Laight, Jr.Volume 29/23/18009/23/1800"
John AbramsVolume 19/23/18009/25/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Valentine PetersVolume 29/25/180010/8/1800Adeline St. Julian
Leonard BleeckerVolume 110/1/180010/4/1800Adeline St. Julian
John IrelandVolume 110/3/180010/10/1800Adeline St. Julian
Leonard BleeckerVolume 210/9/180010/10/1800Adeline St. Julian
John IrelandVolume 210/10/180010/28/1800"
Abraham GomezVolume 110/18/180010/20/1800Adeline St. Julian
Benjamin SeixasVolume 110/20/180010/22/1800Adeline St Julian
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 210/25/180010/27/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 110/28/180010/29/1800Adeline St Julian
John AbramsVolume 210/29/180010/30/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Moses L. MosesVolume 211/1/180011/3/1800Adelaide St Julian
Moses L. MosesVolume 111/1/180011/3/1800Adelaide St Julian
Moses B. SeixasVolume 211/3/180011/13/1800Adelaide St Julian
Moses B. SeixasVolume 111/3/180011/13/1800Adelaide St Julian
Sidney PhoenixVolume 211/14/180011/27/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Sidney PhoenixVolume 111/14/180011/27/1800Adelaide St. Julian
William MooreVolume 111/26/180011/28/1800Adelaide St Julian
William MooreVolume 211/28/180011/29/1800"
Edward LydeVolume 111/28/180012/9/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 111/29/180012/1/1800Adelaide St Julian
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 212/1/180012/2/1800Adelaide St. Julian
William TabeleVolume 112/1/180012/4/1800Adelaide St Julian
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 212/2/180012/4/1800Adelaide St Julian
George ScribaVolume 212/3/180012/6/1800"
William TabeleVolume 212/4/180012/5/1800"
George ScribaVolume 112/4/180012/5/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Abraham GomezVolume 212/6/180012/23/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Isaac BurrVolume 112/13/180012/16/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Daniel LudlowVolume 212/15/180012/17/1800Adelaide St. Julian
Charles S. CuttingVolume 212/17/180012/19/1800Adelaide St Julian
Charles S. CuttingVolume 112/17/180012/19/1800Adelaide St Julian
Manuel MyersVolume 212/19/180012/23/1800Adelaide St Julian
Manuel MyersVolume 112/19/180012/23/1800Adelaide St Julian
Joseph WilliamsVolume 212/30/18001/3/1801Adelaide St Julian
Joseph WilliamsVolume 112/30/18001/3/1801Adelaide St Julian
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 21/3/18011/13/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 11/3/18011/13/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Isaac BurrVolume 21/10/18011/17/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Isaac BurrVolume 11/10/18011/17/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 21/17/18011/21/1801Adelaide St Julian
Samuel WatkinsVolume 21/17/18011/17/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 11/17/18011/21/1801Adelaide St Julian
Samuel WatkinsVolume 11/17/18011/17/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Patrick HoustounVolume 21/21/18011/29/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Patrick HoustounVolume 11/21/18011/29/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Francis CooperVolume 21/29/18012/3/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Francis CooperVolume 11/29/18012/3/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 22/3/18012/6/1801Adelaide St Julian
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 12/3/18012/6/1801Adelaide St Julian
Silas TalbotVolume 22/6/18012/11/1801Adelaide St Julian
Silas TalbotVolume 12/6/18012/11/1801Adelaide St Julian
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 22/13/18012/20/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 12/13/18012/20/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Lewis OgdenVolume 22/20/18013/9/1801Adelaide St Julian
Lewis OgdenVolume 12/20/18013/9/1801Adelaide St Julian
Patrick HoustounVolume 23/10/18013/21/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Patrick HoustounVolume 13/10/18013/21/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 23/14/18013/16/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 13/14/18013/16/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Samuel TalmanVolume 23/17/18013/24/1801Adelaide St Julian
Samuel TalmanVolume 13/17/18013/24/1801Adelaide St Julian
Walter Bowne3/24/18013/31/1801St. Julian
William EdgarVolume 23/24/18013/28/1801Adelaide St. Julian
William EdgarVolume 13/24/18013/28/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Solomon SimpsonVolume 23/28/18014/11/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Solomon SimpsonVolume 13/28/18014/11/1801Adelaide St. Julian
John MyersVolume 24/11/18014/17/1801Adelaide St Julian
John MyersVolume 14/11/18014/17/1801Adelaide St Julian
Peter IrvingVolume 24/17/18014/20/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Peter IrvingVolume 14/17/18014/20/1801Adelaide St. Julian
John Ten EyckVolume 24/20/18015/4/1801Adelaide St Julian
John Ten EyckVolume 14/20/18015/4/1801Adelaide St Julian
Nicholas G. CarmerVolume 25/4/18015/16/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Nicholas G. CarmerVolume 15/4/18015/16/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Judah ZuntzVolume 25/16/18015/18/1801Adelaide St Julian
Judah ZuntzVolume 15/16/18015/18/1801Adelaide St Julian
David M. ClarksonVolume 25/18/18016/5/1801Adelaide St. Julian
David M. ClarksonVolume 15/18/18016/5/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 26/2/18019/2/1801Adelaide St Julian
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 16/2/18019/2/1801Adelaide St Julian
David M. ClarksonVolume 26/5/18016/5/1801"
William DenningVolume 26/6/18018/3/1801Adelaide St. Julian
William DenningVolume 16/6/18018/3/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Edward WatkeysVolume 28/3/18018/7/1801Adelaide St Julian
Edward WatkeysVolume 18/3/18018/7/1801Adelaide St Julian
Edward WatkeysVolume 28/7/18018/17/1801"
Edward WatkeysVolume 18/7/18018/17/1801"
Gardiner JonesVolume 28/17/18018/18/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Gardiner JonesVolume 18/17/18018/18/1801Adelaide St. Julian
James DavidsonVolume 29/2/18019/14/1801Adelaide St. Julian
James DavidsonVolume 19/2/18019/14/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Dominick LynchVolume 19/14/180110/7/1801Adelaide St Julian
Joseph WinterVolume 210/7/180110/7/1801Adelaide St Julian
Joseph WinterVolume 110/7/180110/7/1801Adelaide St Julian
John ParkinsonVolume 210/8/180110/16/1801Adelaid St Julian
John ParkinsonVolume 110/8/180110/16/1801Adelaid St Julian
Joshua WhitcombVolume 210/20/180111/4/1801Adelaide St Jul
Joshua WhitcombVolume 110/20/180111/4/1801Adelaide St Jul
John UttVolume 211/4/180111/19/1801Adelaide St. Julian
John UttVolume 111/4/180111/19/1801Adelaide St. Julian
William BleeckerVolume 211/19/180111/28/1801Adelaide St julian
William BleeckerVolume 111/19/180111/28/1801Adelaide St julian
George Bowne Jr.Volume 211/28/180112/9/1801Adelaide St. Julian
George Bowne Jr.Volume 111/28/180112/9/1801Adelaide St. Julian
John P. MumfordVolume 212/9/180112/14/1801Adelaide St Julian
John P. MumfordVolume 112/9/180112/14/1801Adelaide St Julian
John StoutenburghVolume 212/14/180112/19/1801Adelaide St. Julian
John StoutenburghVolume 112/14/180112/19/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Thomas PearsallVolume 212/21/180112/28/1801Adelaide St. Julian
Thomas PearsallVolume 112/21/180112/28/1801Adelaide St. Julian
William G. ForbesVolume 212/28/18011/6/1802Adelaide St. Julian
William G. ForbesVolume 112/28/18011/6/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Robert BruceVolume 21/6/18021/9/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Robert BruceVolume 11/6/18021/9/1802Adelaide St. Julian
David WolfeVolume 21/11/18021/15/1802Adelaide St Julian
David WolfeVolume 11/11/18021/15/1802Adelaide St Julian
Willet ColesVolume 21/15/18021/28/1802adelaid St. Julian
Willet ColesVolume 11/15/18021/28/1802adelaid St. Julian
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 21/30/18022/5/1802Adelaide St Julian
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 11/30/18022/5/1802Adelaide St Julian
Peter VandervoortVolume 22/11/18022/13/1802Adelaide St Julian
Peter VandervoortVolume 12/11/18022/13/1802Adelaide St Julian
Peter GriffenVolume 22/13/18022/15/18023dAdelaide St. Jul
Peter GriffenVolume 12/13/18022/15/18023dAdelaide St. Jul
Valentine SeamanVolume 22/15/18022/16/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Valentine SeamanVolume 12/15/18022/16/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Joshua WhitcombVolume 22/16/18023/1/1802Adelaide St Juilian
Joshua WhitcombVolume 12/16/18023/1/1802Adelaide St Juilian
Thomas GreenleafVolume 23/2/18023/13/1802Adelaide St. Jul.
Thomas GreenleafVolume 13/2/18023/13/1802Adelaide St. Jul.
Hezekiah IversVolume 23/13/18023/22/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Hezekiah IversVolume 13/13/18023/22/1802Adelaide St. Julian
John MooreVolume 23/24/18023/27/1802Adelaide St Julian
John MooreVolume 13/24/18023/27/1802Adelaide St Julian
Abraham GomezVolume 23/27/18023/30/1802Adelaide St Julian
Abraham GomezVolume 13/27/18023/30/1802Adelaide St Julian
Patrick MunnVolume 24/5/18024/12/1802Adelaide St Julian
Patrick MunnVolume 14/5/18024/12/1802Adelaide St Julian
John CrygierVolume 24/14/18024/17/1802Adeliade St. Julian
John CrygierVolume 14/14/18024/17/1802Adeliade St. Julian
Daniel StansburyVolume 24/17/18024/22/1802Adelaide St Julian
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 24/17/18024/22/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Daniel StansburyVolume 14/17/18024/22/1802Adelaide St Julian
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 14/17/18024/22/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Samuel WardVolume 24/22/18025/13/1802Adelaide St Jul
Samuel WardVolume 14/22/18025/13/1802Adelaide St Jul
William ShipleyVolume 25/14/18025/20/1802Adelaide St Julian
William ShipleyVolume 15/14/18025/20/1802Adelaide St Julian
Manuel MyersVolume 25/25/18026/4/1802Adelaide St Julian
Manuel MyersVolume 15/25/18026/4/1802Adelaide St Julian
George Warren Chapman5/28/18026/4/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Margaret CunninghamVolume 26/4/18026/12/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Margaret CunninghamVolume 16/4/18026/12/1802Adelaide St. Julian
John P. MumfordVolume 26/12/18026/17/1802Adelaide St Julian
John P. MumfordVolume 16/12/18026/17/1802Adelaide St Julian
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 26/16/18026/21/1802Adelaide St Julian
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 16/16/18026/21/1802Adelaide St Julian
John ClarkeVolume 26/24/18027/1/1802Adelaide St. Julian
John ClarkeVolume 16/24/18027/1/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Elbert HerringVolume 27/9/18027/21/1802Adelaide St. Jul
Elbert HerringVolume 17/9/18027/21/1802Adelaide St. Jul
Henry RogersVolume 28/19/18028/21/1802Adelaide St Julian
Henry RogersVolume 18/19/18028/21/1802Adelaide St Julian
Joseph KingVolume 29/2/18029/8/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Joseph KingVolume 29/2/18029/8/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Joseph KingVolume 19/2/18029/8/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Joseph KingVolume 19/2/18029/8/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 210/5/180210/6/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 110/5/180210/6/1802Adelaide St. Julian
John B. StringhamVolume 210/7/180210/8/1802Adelaide St Julian
John B. StringhamVolume 110/7/180210/8/1802Adelaide St Julian
Montgomery HuntVolume 212/15/180212/24/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Montgomery HuntVolume 112/15/180212/24/1802Adelaide St. Julian
Marinus WillettVolume 212/24/180212/31/1802Adelaide St Julian
Marinus WillettVolume 112/24/180212/31/1802Adelaide St Julian
Henry SeamanVolume 212/31/18021/15/18032dAdelaide St Julian
Henry SeamanVolume 112/31/18021/15/18032dAdelaide St Julian
Benjamin MooreVolume 21/17/18031/21/1803Adelaide St Julian
Benjamin MooreVolume 11/17/18031/21/1803Adelaide St Julian
John W. MulliganVolume 22/9/18032/12/1803Adelaide St Julian
John W. MulliganVolume 12/9/18032/12/1803Adelaide St Julian
Richard DavisVolume 22/11/18032/14/1803Adelaide St. Julian
Richard DavisVolume 12/11/18032/14/1803Adelaide St. Julian
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 22/14/18032/21/1803Adelaide St Julian
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 12/14/18032/21/1803Adelaide St Julian
Thomas StormVolume 23/2/18033/4/1803Adelaide St Julian
Thomas StormVolume 13/2/18033/4/1803Adelaide St Julian
John KempVolume 23/15/18033/16/1803Adelaide St. Julian
John KempVolume 13/15/18033/16/1803Adelaide St. Julian
John W. MulliganVolume 23/18/18033/21/1803Adelaide St Julian
John W. MulliganVolume 13/18/18033/21/1803Adelaide St Julian
Christian Nestel5/27/18036/1/1803Adelaide St...
David WilliamsonVolume 25/30/18036/10/1803Adeline St Julian
David WilliamsonVolume 15/30/18036/10/1803Adeline St Julian
Andrew CockVolume 27/9/18037/22/1803Adelaide St. Julian
Andrew CockVolume 17/9/18037/22/1803Adelaide St. Julian
Benjamin StrongVolume 27/25/18037/28/1803Adelaide St Julian
Benjamin StrongVolume 17/25/18037/28/1803Adelaide St Julian
Robert TroupVolume 211/29/180312/1/1803Adelaide St Julian
Robert TroupVolume 111/29/180312/1/1803Adelaide St Julian
Benjamin MooreVolume 21/10/18041/18/1804Adelaide St Julian
Benjamin MooreVolume 11/10/18041/18/1804Adelaide St Julian
James BruenVolume 22/21/18042/22/1804Adelaide St. Julian
James BruenVolume 12/21/18042/22/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 22/22/18042/25/1804Adelaide St Julian
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 12/22/18042/25/1804Adelaide St Julian
James TillaryVolume 22/25/18042/28/1804Adelaide St Julian
James TillaryVolume 12/25/18042/28/1804Adelaide St Julian
Frederick de PeysterVolume 23/16/18043/19/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Frederick de PeysterVolume 13/16/18043/19/1804Adelaide St. Julian
William LinnVolume 23/23/18043/24/1804Adelaide St. Julian
William LinnVolume 13/23/18043/24/1804Adelaide St. Julian
John MowattVolume 23/24/18044/6/1804Adelaide St Julian
John MowattVolume 13/24/18044/6/1804Adelaide St Julian
James HewittVolume 14/6/18044/17/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Thomas De MiltVolume 24/12/18044/17/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Thomas De MiltVolume 14/12/18044/17/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 24/18/18044/23/1804Adelaide St Julian
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 14/18/18044/23/1804Adelaide St Julian
Jacobus FineVolume 26/7/18046/12/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Jacobus FineVolume 16/7/18046/12/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Hamilton StewartVolume 26/13/18046/19/1804Adelaide St Julian
Hamilton StewartVolume 16/13/18046/19/1804Adelaide St Julian
Nancy IversVolume 29/29/180410/13/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Nancy IversVolume 19/29/180410/13/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Hamilton StewartVolume 210/22/180411/7/1804Adelaide St Julien
Hamilton StewartVolume 110/22/180411/7/1804Adelaide St Julien
Peter KettletasVolume 210/30/180410/31/1804Adelaide St. Julien
Peter KettletasVolume 110/30/180410/31/1804Adelaide St. Julien
Abraham PrallVolume 211/7/180411/14/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Abraham PrallVolume 111/7/180411/14/1804Adelaide St. Julian
Moses L. MosesVolume 22/21/18052/22/1805Adelaide St Julian
Moses L. MosesVolume 12/21/18052/22/1805Adelaide St Julian
John SullivanVolume 22/22/18052/26/1805Adelaide St Julian
John SullivanVolume 12/22/18052/26/1805Adelaide St Julian
Alfred S. PellVolume 22/26/18053/7/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Aron Judah3/13/18053/16/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Aron JudahVolume 23/13/18053/16/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Aron JudahVolume 13/13/18053/16/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Alfred S. PellVolume 24/13/18054/24/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 25/18/18055/21/1805Adeline St Julian
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 15/18/18055/21/1805Adeline St Julian
Caleb S. RiggsVolume 26/4/18056/5/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Caleb S. RiggsVolume 16/4/18056/5/1805Adelaide St. Julian
John S. SchermerhornVolume 26/6/18056/28/1805Adelaide St. Julian
John S. SchermerhornVolume 16/6/18056/28/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Charles L. CammanVolume 26/29/18057/5/1805Adelaid St. Julian
Charles L. CammanVolume 16/29/18057/5/1805Adelaid St. Julian
Van Brunt MagawVolume 28/17/18058/20/1805Adelaide St Julian
Van Brunt MagawVolume 18/17/18058/20/1805Adelaide St Julian
William G. ForbesVolume 210/16/180510/23/1805Adelaide St. Julian
William G. ForbesVolume 110/16/180510/23/1805Adelaide St. Julian
Walter MitchellVolume 211/30/180512/2/1805Adelaide St Julian
Walter MitchellVolume 111/30/180512/2/1805Adelaide St Julian
David WilliamsonVolume 212/20/18051/4/1806Adelaide St Julian
David WilliamsonVolume 112/20/18051/4/1806Adelaide St Julian
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