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The hermit of the rock: or, the history of the Marchioness de Lausanne, and the Comte de Luzy. Translated from a French manuscript. In three volumes. ...

London: Printed for F. Noble; and B. Desbrow, successor to J. Noble, 1779.
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The hermit of the rock: or, the history of the Marchioness de Lausanne, and the Comte de Luzy. Translated from a French manuscript. In three volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Isaac BurrVolume 29/29/180110/13/1801Hermet on Rock
Isaac BurrVolume 39/29/180110/13/1801Hermet on Rock
Isaac BurrVolume 19/29/180110/13/1801Hermet on Rock
William CuttingVolume 210/13/180111/16/1801Hermit on Rock
William CuttingVolume 310/13/180111/16/1801Hermit on Rock
William CuttingVolume 110/13/180111/16/1801Hermit on Rock
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 211/17/180111/26/1801Hermit on Rock
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 311/17/180111/26/1801Hermit on Rock
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 111/17/180111/26/1801Hermit on Rock
John McQueenVolume 212/12/180112/29/18019dHemit Rock
John McQueenVolume 312/12/180112/29/18019dHemit Rock
John McQueenVolume 112/12/180112/29/18019dHemit Rock
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 21/8/18021/12/1802Hermit Rock
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 31/8/18021/12/1802Hermit Rock
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 11/8/18021/12/1802Hermit Rock
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 21/12/18021/16/1802Hermit Rock
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 31/12/18021/16/1802Hermit Rock
Elijah D. RattooneVolume 11/12/18021/16/1802Hermit Rock
Elijah PellVolume 21/16/18021/19/1802Hermit Rock
Elijah PellVolume 31/16/18021/19/1802Hermit Rock
Elijah PellVolume 11/16/18021/19/1802Hermit Rock
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 21/26/18022/1/1802Hermit Rock
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 31/26/18022/1/1802Hermit Rock
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 11/26/18022/1/1802Hermit Rock
Isaac CrossVolume 22/3/18023/1/1802Hermit Rock
Isaac CrossVolume 32/3/18023/1/1802Hermit Rock
Isaac CrossVolume 12/3/18023/1/1802Hermit Rock
Thomas StormVolume 23/2/18023/4/1802Hermit on Rock
Thomas StormVolume 33/2/18023/4/1802Hermit on Rock
Thomas StormVolume 13/2/18023/4/1802Hermit on Rock
Peter GriffenVolume 23/6/18023/15/1802Hermit on Rock
Peter GriffenVolume 33/6/18023/15/1802Hermit on Rock
Peter GriffenVolume 13/6/18023/15/1802Hermit on Rock
William ShipleyVolume 23/17/18023/20/1802Hermit Rock
William ShipleyVolume 33/17/18023/20/1802Hermit Rock
William ShipleyVolume 13/17/18023/20/1802Hermit Rock
Abraham GomezVolume 23/20/18023/27/1802Hermit Rock
Abraham GomezVolume 33/20/18023/27/1802Hermit Rock
Abraham GomezVolume 13/20/18023/27/1802Hermit Rock
John Ten BrookVolume 23/27/18024/9/1802Hermit Rock
John Ten BrookVolume 33/27/18024/9/1802Hermit Rock
John Ten BrookVolume 13/27/18024/9/1802Hermit Rock
John SullivanVolume 24/9/18024/15/1802Hermit on Rock
John SullivanVolume 34/9/18024/15/1802Hermit on Rock
John SullivanVolume 14/9/18024/15/1802Hermit on Rock
Solomon SimpsonVolume 24/17/18024/24/1802Hermit on Rock
Solomon SimpsonVolume 34/17/18024/24/1802Hermit on Rock
Solomon SimpsonVolume 14/17/18024/24/1802Hermit on Rock
Elizabeth MannVolume 24/24/18025/8/1802Hermit Rock
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 24/24/18025/8/1802Hermit Rock
Elizabeth MannVolume 34/24/18025/8/1802Hermit Rock
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 34/24/18025/8/1802Hermit Rock
Elizabeth MannVolume 14/24/18025/8/1802Hermit Rock
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 14/24/18025/8/1802Hermit Rock
John Ten EyckVolume 25/8/18025/26/18022/4Hermit Rock
John Ten EyckVolume 35/8/18025/26/18022/4Hermit Rock
John Ten EyckVolume 15/8/18025/26/18022/4Hermit Rock
Valentine PetersVolume 25/26/18026/1/1802Hermit Rock
Valentine PetersVolume 35/26/18026/1/1802Hermit Rock
Valentine PetersVolume 15/26/18026/1/1802Hermit Rock
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 26/1/18026/11/1802Hermit Rock
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 36/1/18026/11/1802Hermit Rock
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 16/1/18026/11/1802Hermit Rock
Margaret CunninghamVolume 26/12/18026/18/1802Hermit Rock
Margaret CunninghamVolume 36/12/18026/18/1802Hermit Rock
Margaret CunninghamVolume 16/12/18026/18/1802Hermit Rock
James BruenVolume 26/19/18026/22/1802Hermit Rock
James BruenVolume 36/19/18026/22/1802Hermit Rock
James BruenVolume 16/19/18026/22/1802Hermit Rock
John McLarenVolume 26/22/18026/28/1802Hermit Rock
John McLarenVolume 36/22/18026/28/1802Hermit Rock
John McLarenVolume 16/22/18026/28/1802Hermit Rock
James DavidsonVolume 27/10/18027/21/1802Hermit Rock
James DavidsonVolume 37/10/18027/21/1802Hermit Rock
James DavidsonVolume 17/10/18027/21/1802Hermit Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 28/13/18028/21/1802Hermit Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 38/13/18028/21/1802Hermit Rock
Matthew LasherVolume 18/13/18028/21/1802Hermit Rock
William DenningVolume 22/12/18032/16/1803Hermit on Rock
William DenningVolume 32/12/18032/16/1803Hermit on Rock
William DenningVolume 12/12/18032/16/1803Hermit on Rock
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 24/13/18034/14/1803Hermets Rock
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 34/13/18034/14/1803Hermets Rock
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 14/13/18034/14/1803Hermets Rock
Marinus WillettVolume 24/14/18034/27/1803Hermit on Rock
Marinus WillettVolume 34/14/18034/27/1803Hermit on Rock
Marinus WillettVolume 14/14/18034/27/1803Hermit on Rock
Gillian CornellVolume 25/3/18035/11/1803Hermit Rock
Gillian CornellVolume 35/3/18035/11/1803Hermit Rock
Gillian CornellVolume 15/3/18035/11/1803Hermit Rock
William StrachanVolume 26/11/18036/18/1803Hermit Rock
William StrachanVolume 36/11/18036/18/1803Hermit Rock
William StrachanVolume 16/11/18036/18/1803Hermit Rock
William G. ForbesVolume 26/18/18036/20/1803Hermit Rock
William G. ForbesVolume 36/18/18036/20/1803Hermit Rock
William G. ForbesVolume 16/18/18036/20/1803Hermit Rock
David WolfeVolume 26/20/18036/21/1803Hermit Rock
David WolfeVolume 36/20/18036/21/1803Hermit Rock
David WolfeVolume 16/20/18036/21/1803Hermit Rock
John RogersVolume 27/21/18037/23/1803Hermet Rock
John RogersVolume 37/21/18037/23/1803Hermet Rock
John RogersVolume 17/21/18037/23/1803Hermet Rock
Dominick LynchVolume 27/23/18038/8/1803Hermit Rock
Dominick LynchVolume 37/23/18038/8/1803Hermit Rock
Dominick LynchVolume 17/23/18038/8/1803Hermit Rock
Samuel JonesVolume 28/8/18038/8/1803Hermit Rock
Samuel JonesVolume 38/8/18038/8/1803Hermit Rock
Samuel JonesVolume 18/8/18038/8/1803Hermit Rock
John AbramsVolume 212/29/18031/3/1804Hermit Rock
John AbramsVolume 312/29/18031/3/1804Hermit Rock
John AbramsVolume 112/29/18031/3/1804Hermit Rock
Abraham PrallVolume 21/4/18041/5/1804Hermi Rock
Abraham PrallVolume 31/4/18041/5/1804Hermi Rock
Abraham PrallVolume 11/4/18041/5/1804Hermi Rock
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 21/10/18041/16/1804Hermit Rock
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 31/10/18041/16/1804Hermit Rock
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 11/10/18041/16/1804Hermit Rock
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 22/2/18042/4/1804Hermit Rock
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 32/2/18042/4/1804Hermit Rock
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 12/2/18042/4/1804Hermit Rock
Allard AnthonyVolume 22/11/18042/18/1804Hermit Rock
Allard AnthonyVolume 32/11/18042/18/1804Hermit Rock
Allard AnthonyVolume 12/11/18042/18/1804Hermit Rock
James I. MargarumVolume 23/20/18043/23/1804Hermit Rock
James I. MargarumVolume 33/20/18043/23/1804Hermit Rock
James I. MargarumVolume 13/20/18043/23/1804Hermit Rock
Henry W. PhillipsVolume 23/24/18044/7/1804Hermit Rock
Henry W. PhillipsVolume 33/24/18044/7/1804Hermit Rock
Henry W. PhillipsVolume 13/24/18044/7/1804Hermit Rock
Christian NestelVolume 26/9/18046/21/1804Hermit on Rock
Christian NestelVolume 36/9/18046/21/1804Hermit on Rock
Christian NestelVolume 16/9/18046/21/1804Hermit on Rock
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 28/24/18048/27/1804Hermit Rock
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 38/24/18048/27/1804Hermit Rock
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 18/24/18048/27/1804Hermit Rock
Alfred S. PellVolume 22/13/18052/14/1805Hermit on Rock
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 22/15/18052/23/1805Hermit on Rock
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 32/15/18052/23/1805Hermit on Rock
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 12/15/18052/23/1805Hermit on Rock
Charlotte WhiteVolume 23/2/18053/9/1805Hermit on Rock
Charlotte WhiteVolume 33/2/18053/9/1805Hermit on Rock
Charlotte WhiteVolume 13/2/18053/9/1805Hermit on Rock
William BleeckerVolume 24/1/18054/4/1805Hermit on Rock
William BleeckerVolume 34/1/18054/4/1805Hermit on Rock
William BleeckerVolume 14/1/18054/4/1805Hermit on Rock
Edward WatkeysVolume 24/5/18054/11/1805Hermits Rock
Edward WatkeysVolume 34/5/18054/11/1805Hermits Rock
Edward WatkeysVolume 14/5/18054/11/1805Hermits Rock
Samuel BeebeeVolume 24/13/18054/23/1805Hermit Rock
Samuel BeebeeVolume 14/13/18054/23/1805Hermit Rock
William PauldingVolume 25/1/18055/16/18053dHermit on Rock
William PauldingVolume 15/1/18055/16/18053dHermit on Rock
William PauldingVolume 25/16/18056/1/18056d"
William PauldingVolume 15/16/18056/1/18056d"
Andrew GiffordVolume 26/1/18056/6/1805Hermit Rock
Andrew GiffordVolume 36/1/18056/6/1805Hermit Rock
Andrew GiffordVolume 16/1/18056/6/1805Hermit Rock
James RenwickVolume 26/6/18056/8/1805Hermit Rock
James RenwickVolume 36/6/18056/8/1805Hermit Rock
James RenwickVolume 16/6/18056/8/1805Hermit Rock
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 27/3/18057/6/1805Hermit on Rock
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 37/3/18057/6/1805Hermit on Rock
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 17/3/18057/6/1805Hermit on Rock
Michael PriceVolume 28/9/18058/19/1805Hermit on Rock
Michael PriceVolume 38/9/18058/19/1805Hermit on Rock
Michael PriceVolume 18/9/18058/19/1805Hermit on Rock
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 28/27/18058/30/1805Hermit on Rock
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 38/27/18058/30/1805Hermit on Rock
Gouveneur Ogden IsaacVolume 18/27/18058/30/1805Hermit on Rock
David WilliamsonVolume 211/14/180511/29/1805Hermit on Rock
David WilliamsonVolume 311/14/180511/29/1805Hermit on Rock
David WilliamsonVolume 111/14/180511/29/1805Hermit on Rock
Jacob RickettsVolume 211/29/180512/16/1805Hermit on Rock
Jacob RickettsVolume 311/29/180512/16/1805Hermit on Rock
Jacob RickettsVolume 111/29/180512/16/1805Hermit on Rock
Isaac HeyerVolume 212/16/180512/21/1805Hermit on Rock
Isaac HeyerVolume 312/16/180512/21/1805Hermit on Rock
Isaac HeyerVolume 112/16/180512/21/1805Hermit on Rock
John Ten BrookVolume 212/21/180512/23/1805Hermint on Rock
John Ten BrookVolume 312/21/180512/23/1805Hermint on Rock
John Ten BrookVolume 112/21/180512/23/1805Hermint on Rock
Joseph HopkinsVolume 212/31/18051/2/1806Hermit on Rock
Joseph HopkinsVolume 112/31/18051/2/1806Hermit on Rock
Samuel TalmanVolume 212/23/180612/31/1806Hermit on Rock
Samuel TalmanVolume 312/23/180612/31/1806Hermit on Rock
Samuel TalmanVolume 112/23/180612/31/1806Hermit on Rock
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