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Robert Henry

The history of Great Britain, From the first invasion of it by the Romans under Julius Cæsar. Written on a new plan. by Robert Henry, D.D. one of the ministers of Edinburgh, member of the Society of Antiquarians of Scotland, and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The second edition.

London: Printed for A. Strahan; and T. Cadell, in the Strand , 1788.
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The history of Great Britain, From the first invasion of it by the Romans under Julius Cæsar. Written on a new plan. by Robert Henry, D.D. one of the ministers of Edinburgh, member of the Society of Antiquarians of Scotland, and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The second edition. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 25/15/17996/2/1799Henrys Gr. Brit
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 26/2/17996/18/1799"
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 27/12/17997/24/1799Henry Gr. Brit
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 27/24/17998/23/17991/6"
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 38/23/17999/13/1799"
John EversVolume 18/28/17998/30/1799Henry's Gr Brit
Maria RapalijeVolume 28/28/17998/30/1799Henrys Gr. Brit
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 39/13/17999/29/1799"
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 39/29/179910/11/1799"
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 411/6/179912/3/179910dHenry's Gr. Brit
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 911/18/179911/19/1799Henry's Gr Brit
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 1011/19/179911/23/1799Henrys Gr Brit
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 412/3/179912/5/1799"
William HillVolume 12/26/18003/10/1800Henry's Gr. Brit
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 22/26/18003/7/1800Henrys Gr Brit
Roger AldenVolume 33/7/18003/21/1800Henry's Gr Brit
William HillVolume 23/10/18003/27/1800"
Roger AldenVolume 43/21/18003/22/1800"
Charles WilkesVolume 23/27/18003/28/1800Henry's Gr Brit
Charles WilkesVolume 13/29/18003/29/1800Henry's Gr Brit
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 75/7/18005/28/1800Henry's Gr Brit
Judith VerplanckVolume 65/9/18005/12/1800Henry's Gr Brit
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 85/28/18006/7/1800Henry's Gr Brit
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 96/7/18006/19/1800"
Roger AldenVolume 106/19/18007/7/1800Henry's Gr Brit
Edward William LaightVolume 18/2/18008/5/1800Henry Gr. Brit
Edward William LaightVolume 38/9/18008/10/1800Henry Gr. Brit
William G. MillerVolume 19/25/18009/27/1800Henry's Gr Brit
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 112/1/180012/12/1800Henry Gr. Brit
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 212/12/180012/23/1800"
Sands PellVolume 312/23/18001/15/18012dHenry's Gr Brit
Valentine SeamanVolume 41/9/18011/10/1801Henry Gr Brit.
Valentine SeamanVolume 51/10/18011/15/1801"
Joseph DelaplaineVolume 41/12/18012/4/18014dHenrys Gr Brit
Valentine SeamanVolume 71/15/18011/20/1801"
Valentine SeamanVolume 81/20/18011/22/1801"
Sands PellVolume 51/23/18011/27/1801"
Sands PellVolume 71/27/18012/6/1801"
Sands PellVolume 81/27/18012/6/1801"
Valentine SeamanVolume 91/27/18011/31/1801Henry Gr Brit.
John SmartVolume 11/30/18012/20/1801Henrys G. Brit.
Sands PellVolume 92/6/18012/25/1801"
Sands PellVolume 102/6/18012/25/1801"
John SmartVolume 12/20/18013/13/1801"
William HillVolume 52/25/18013/7/1801Henry's Gr. Br
William HillVolume 63/7/18013/11/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 13/8/18015/8/1801Henry's Gr Brit
William HillVolume 73/11/18013/17/1801"
John SmartVolume 23/13/18014/4/1801"
Christopher WolfeVolume 13/16/18014/4/1801Henry Gr. Brit.
William HillVolume 83/17/18013/21/1801"
William HillVolume 93/21/18014/8/1801"
John SmartVolume 34/4/18014/25/1801"
Christopher WolfeVolume 34/4/18014/30/1801"
William HillVolume 104/8/18015/12/18012/2"
John SmartVolume 44/25/18015/15/1801"
Christopher WolfeVolume 24/30/18015/20/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 45/23/18016/3/1801Henry Gr Brit
Peter WilsonVolume 56/3/18016/10/1801"
Peter WilsonVolume 66/10/18016/24/1801Henry Gr Brit
Christopher WolfeVolume 28/20/18018/20/1801"
James BoydVolume 111/26/180112/9/1801Henry Gr Brit
James BoydVolume 212/9/180112/24/1801"
isaac carrowVolume 112/21/180112/26/1801Henry's Gr Brit
James BoydVolume 312/24/18011/8/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 212/26/18011/5/1802"
James BoydVolume 41/8/18021/27/1802"
David WrightVolume 11/12/18021/19/1802Henry's Gr Brit.
James BoydVolume 51/27/18022/4/1802"
James BoydVolume 62/4/18022/16/1802"
James BoydVolume 72/16/18022/27/1802"
James BoydVolume 82/27/18023/13/1802"
James BoydVolume 93/13/18023/25/1802"
James BoydVolume 103/25/18024/9/1802"
John AbramsVolume 16/4/18026/14/1802Henry's Gr Brit
John AbramsVolume 26/14/18026/23/1802"
John S. HunnVolume 16/26/18027/7/1802Henrys Gr Brit
isaac carrowVolume 26/28/18026/30/1802Henry's Gr Brit
isaac carrowVolume 36/30/18027/3/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 47/3/18027/6/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 57/6/18027/7/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 67/7/18027/9/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 77/9/18027/12/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 87/12/18027/15/1802"
isaac carrowVolume 97/15/18027/20/1802"
David JonesVolume 57/20/18027/21/1802Henry Gr Brit
isaac carrowVolume 108/19/18028/24/1802Henrys Gr Brit
Peter R. MaverickVolume 15/7/18035/27/1803Henry's Gr. Brit
John T. GloverVolume 11/14/18041/20/1804Henry's Great. Brit
George Christian AnthonVolume 111/20/180412/1/1804Henry's Gr Brit
George Christian AnthonVolume 212/4/180412/22/1804"
Edward William LaightVolume 412/11/180412/17/1804Henry Gr. Brit
George Christian AnthonVolume 312/22/18041/3/1805"
Joseph WinterVolume 11/14/18051/18/1805Henrys G. Brit
Joseph WinterVolume 12/6/18052/6/1805Henrys Gr Brit
William W. RodmanVolume 18/24/18058/27/1805Henry Gr. Brit
Ebenezer StevensVolume 112/26/18051/8/1806Henrys Gr. Brit
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