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The political magazine and parliamentary, naval, military, and literary journal. For the year ..

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London: Printed for J[ohn]. Bew, Pater-noster Row, and sold by every bookseller and news-carrier in Great-Britain , 1780-1791.
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The political magazine and parliamentary, naval, military, and literary journal. For the year .. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
George Read9/16/17899/21/1789Political Magazine 1782
George Read9/21/17899/28/1789Political Magazine 
Joseph Stringham11/30/178912/11/1789Political Magazine 
Henry Haydock11/30/178912/4/1789Political Magazine 1 
John Keese12/9/178912/16/1789Political Magazine 1783 
Tunis Wortman1/6/1790Political Magazine - returned sometime 
John ParsonsVolume 1780.21/18/17901/20/1790Polit. Mag. 2. 1780
Peter KettletasVolume 1782.31/18/17901/25/1790Political Magazine
Rufus KingVolume 1783.22/17/17903/31/17903s/6pPolitical Magazine
Philip FreneauVolume 1783.13/9/17903/19/1790Political Mag 1783 1
John F. RoorbackVolume 1783.13/22/17903/26/1790Political Magazine
Patrick MurdochVolume 1780.13/24/17903/26/1790Political Magazine
Patrick MurdochVolume 1780.23/26/17903/29/1790" 2 "
James RooseveltVolume 1781.13/26/17903/29/1790Polit Magazine 1781 1 
Tunis WortmanVolume 1780.13/29/17903/31/1790Political Magazine
Patrick MurdochVolume 1781.13/29/17903/31/1790" 1 1781
James RooseveltVolume 1782.23/29/17904/7/1790" 1781 2
Patrick MurdochVolume 1782.13/31/17904/2/1790" 1 82
Abraham WaltonVolume 1783.24/7/17904/14/1790Pol. Mag
Patrick MurdochVolume 1783.24/7/17904/12/1790Pol. Mag
James RooseveltVolume 1782.14/9/17904/12/1790Po. Mag. 1782 1 
James RooseveltVolume 1782.24/19/17904/23/1790Pol Mag 1782 2 
Patrick MurdochVolume 1783.14/23/17904/26/1790Pol. Mag
Patrick MurdochVolume 1782.24/28/17904/30/1790Pol. Mag
Patrick MurdochVolume 1783.24/30/17905/3/1790"
James RooseveltVolume 1783.15/3/17905/10/1790Pol. Mag 1783 1 
John F. Roorback5/18/17905/19/1790Political " 1783
Charles Wilkes5/20/17905/22/1790Political Magazine 
Charles Wilkes5/22/17906/1/1790" 
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 1783.16/2/17906/2/1790Pol Mag
John KeeseVolume 1780.16/4/17906/16/1790Pol. Mag 1 1780 
John CozineVolume 1783.26/5/17906/14/1790Pol. Mag
John CozineVolume 1782.16/14/17906/18/1790Pol. Mag
Peter KettletasVolume 1781.16/28/17906/30/1790Pol. Mag
Peter KettletasVolume 1780.26/30/17907/2/1790" 2 "
Peter KettletasVolume 1782.17/2/17907/6/1790"
Peter KettletasVolume 1782.27/6/17907/7/1790"
Peter KettletasVolume 1783.17/7/17907/9/1790"
Peter KettletasVolume 1783.27/9/17907/10/1790"
Joseph StringhamVolume 1780.17/30/17908/11/1790Polit. Mag.
John Jordan Morgan8/30/17908/31/1790Political Mag 
John Jordan MorganVolume 1783.28/31/17909/2/1790"
John ParsonsVolume 1783.212/9/179012/14/1790Pol. Mag. 1783 2 
Peter Kettletas3/14/17913/23/1791Polim Mag 
DeWitt Clinton8/3/17918/6/1791Poll Mag 1 
DeWitt Clinton8/5/17918/8/1791" 2 
Henry Haydock8/16/17918/19/1791Pol Mag 
Daniel McCormick9/13/17919/29/1791Political Mag 1 
Daniel McCormick9/29/179110/10/1791" 2 
John Cozine10/17/179110/26/1791Pol. Mag 1 
Charles Bridgen11/7/179111/28/1791Pol Mag 3 
Charles Bridgen11/28/179112/16/1791" con
Isaac Stoutenburgh2/6/17922/11/1792Pol. Mag. 
Henry Blakely2/28/17922/29/1792Polt Mag 1 
George Christian AnthonVolume 1783.18/17/17998/22/1799Political Magazine 83.1st.1
Robert GosmanVolume 1780.111/26/179912/6/1799Polit. Mag for '80 1 
Robert GosmanVolume 1780.212/6/179912/12/1799" '80 2 
Robert GosmanVolume 1781.112/12/179912/27/1799" '81 1 
Benjamin A. Egbert2/17/18002/19/1800Political Mag '82 
hezekiah pierpontVolume 1781.12/20/18003/3/1800Polit Mag
Peter KettletasVolume 1780.14/1/18004/20/1800Polit. Mag 80 1
James Roosevelt5/7/18005/26/1800Polit. Mag. '80.1.2 
John NitchieVolume 1782.12/28/18013/5/1801Polit Mag
John NitchieVolume 1782.23/5/18013/9/1801"
John NitchieVolume 1783.13/9/18013/16/1801" 1 for '83 
John NitchieVolume 1783.23/17/18013/20/1801Polit Mag
Joseph BindonVolume 1781.13/30/18013/30/1801Political Mag '81
Samuel BeebeeVolume 1780.14/4/18014/7/1801Political Mag '80.1 
Benjamin Moore4/13/18054/19/1805Political Mag 1st 
Daniel Ludlow6/6/18056/10/1805Political Mag
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