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The Literary magazine and British review for ...

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London: Printed for the proprietors and sold by C[hristopher]. Forster no. 41, Poultry , 1788-1794.
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Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
James Rivington2/1/17912/1/1791Litterary Mag 1790 
Thomas HammersleyVolume 63/6/17913/8/1791Lit Mag
Patrick MurdochVolume 14/9/17914/11/1791Literary Mag
Patrick MurdochVolume 34/11/17914/14/1791"
John OothoudtVolume 34/16/17914/22/1791Lit. Mag.
John WoodVolume 14/21/17914/29/1791Lit Mag
John P. PearssVolume 14/23/17915/2/1791Lit. Mag.
Garrett AbeelVolume 24/26/17914/30/1791Lit Mag
John F. RoorbackVolume 14/29/17915/5/1791Lit. Mag.
Henry HaydockVolume 24/30/17915/4/1791Lit Mag
John HoneVolume 35/2/17915/17/1791Lit Mag
John ParsonsVolume 25/5/17915/10/1791Lit. Mag.
Henry HaydockVolume 15/6/17915/9/1791Lit Mag
Garrett AbeelVolume 15/10/17915/13/1791Lit Mag
John OothoudtVolume 55/11/17915/13/1791Lit. Mag.
John WoodVolume 25/13/17915/26/1791Lit Mag
John F. RoorbackVolume 55/13/17915/16/1791Lit. Mag.
John HoneVolume 15/17/17915/21/1791" con
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 15/18/17915/20/1791Lit Mag
Philip FreneauVolume 55/19/17916/1/1791Lit Mag SwaineF. Childs
John HoneVolume 15/20/17916/4/1791"
Henry RemsenVolume 25/26/17915/30/1791Lit Mag
John ParsonsVolume 35/29/17916/1/1791Lit. Mag.
Daniel McCormickVolume 56/1/17916/9/1791Lit Mag
Patrick MurdochVolume 26/6/17916/13/1791Lit Mag
John R. B. RodgersVolume 36/6/17916/9/1791Lit. Mag.
John WellsVolume 16/9/17916/13/1791Lit Mag.
John HoneVolume 26/11/17916/20/1791Lit Mag
John WoodVolume 56/19/17916/26/1791Lit Mag
John Hone6/20/17916/27/1791"
John ParsonsVolume 56/27/17916/30/1791Lit. Mag.
John BlaggeVolume 37/1/17917/10/1791Lit Mag
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 57/5/17917/11/1791Lit. Mag.
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 37/8/17917/8/1791Lit Mag
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 27/9/17917/11/1791"
John WellsVolume 57/11/17918/1/1791Lit Mag.
Solomon SaltusVolume 37/13/17917/22/1791Lit. Mag.
Richard HarisonVolume 17/20/17917/24/1791Lit Mag
Henry Haydock7/22/17917/26/1791Lit Mag 89 
Richard HarisonVolume 27/24/17917/25/1791"
Richard Harison7/26/17917/30/1791Lit Mag
Henry Haydock7/26/17918/2/1791Lit 88 
Patrick MurdochVolume 47/26/17917/30/1791Lit Mag
Isaac M. Gomez7/30/17918/2/1791Litt Mag
Richard HarisonVolume 37/30/17917/31/1791Litt Mag
Arthur NobleVolume 58/1/17918/1/1791Litt Mag
Richard HarisonVolume 58/2/17918/3/1791Litt Mag
John WoodVolume 58/4/17918/15/1791Lit Mag
William LinnVolume 28/8/17918/10/1791Litt. Mag
Henry HaydockVolume 48/8/17918/10/1791Litt Mag
George BondVolume 38/10/17918/15/1791Lit Mag
Isaac StoutenburghVolume 18/10/17918/20/1791Lit. Mag.
John Stevens, IIIVolume 48/12/17918/16/1791Lit Mag
Solomon SaltusVolume 58/15/17918/25/1791Lit. Mag.
John Daniel GrossVolume 48/16/17918/18/1791Lit Mag
George BondVolume 48/18/17918/20/1791Lit Mag
George BondVolume 28/20/17918/27/1791"
Henry HaydockVolume 48/22/17918/30/1791Lit Mag
George BondVolume 18/22/17918/27/1791"
John F. RoorbackVolume 29/5/17919/9/1791Lit. Mag.
Peter KettletasVolume 49/5/17919/16/1791Lit Mag
Gulian VerplanckVolume 19/5/17919/12/1791Lit Mag
John F. RoorbackVolume 39/9/17919/14/1791"
William PrinceVolume 59/10/17919/14/1791Litt Mag
Gulian VerplanckVolume 29/12/17919/14/1791"
John HoneVolume 49/14/179110/1/1791Litt Mag
John P. PearssVolume 69/15/17919/21/1791Lit. Mag.
Samuel JonesVolume 19/17/17919/19/1791Litt Mag
Samuel JonesVolume 29/19/17919/26/1791"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 19/19/17919/20/1791Litt Mag
Gulian VerplanckVolume 29/20/17919/26/1791"
Henry HaydockVolume 59/21/17919/29/1791Lit Mag
John OothoudtVolume 69/21/179110/7/1791Lit. Mag.
David M. ClarksonVolume 59/29/179110/6/1791Lit Mag
John KeeseVolume 410/1/179110/6/1791Lit Mag
Peter KettletasVolume 610/7/179110/21/1791Lit Mag
Arthur NobleVolume 410/7/179110/8/1791Lit Mag
Arthur NobleVolume 310/8/179110/10/1791
Nathaniel GardinerVolume 510/12/179110/20/1791Lit Mag
Charles Wilkes10/14/179110/26/1791Lit. Mag. 1791 
Gulian VerplanckVolume 410/15/179110/19/1791Lit Mag
George Christian AnthonVolume 410/17/179110/25/1791Lit Mag
Edward GreswoldVolume 310/19/179110/24/1791Lit Mag
Charles WilkesVolume 110/19/179110/24/1791"
James RooseveltVolume 510/20/179110/31/1791Lit Mag
Valentine PetersVolume 510/21/179111/10/1791Lit Mag
Charles WilkesVolume 210/24/179111/9/1791"
George Christian AnthonVolume 310/25/179111/5/1791"
William CockVolume 410/25/179110/28/1791Lit Mag
Jacob ReedVolume 110/25/179111/21/17911xLit Mag
John VernonVolume 410/29/179111/11/1791Lit Mag
Charles WilkesVolume 311/9/179111/17/1791"
Solomon SaltusVolume 411/12/179111/19/1791Lit. Mag.
Thomas BarrowVolume 511/14/179111/24/1791Litmag
Jacob ReedVolume 211/21/179112/6/1791"
Charles WilkesVolume 411/22/179111/29/1791Lit. Mag.
Charles WilkesVolume 511/29/179112/12/1791"
William LuptonVolume 411/30/179112/17/1791Lit Mag
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 612/5/179112/14/1791Lit Mag
William ProctorVolume 212/6/179112/9/1791Lt Mag
Jacob ReedVolume 312/6/179112/22/1791"
William ProctorVolume 112/9/179112/16/1791"
George Christian AnthonVolume 212/10/179112/19/1791Lit Mag
Charles WilkesVolume 512/12/179112/16/1791" con
Patrick MurdochVolume 612/14/179112/17/1791Lit Mag
William ProctorVolume 512/16/179112/24/1791"
William LuptonVolume 612/17/17911/4/1792"
George Christian AnthonVolume 112/19/17911/3/1792"
Edward William LaightVolume 412/20/179112/22/1791Lit Mag
Edward William Laight12/22/179112/23/1791" con
Benjamin SeixasVolume 312/22/179112/24/1791Lit Mag
nicholas evertsenVolume 212/24/179112/31/1791Lit Mag
William ProctorVolume 412/24/179112/31/1791"
Patrick MurdochVolume 512/27/179112/29/1791Lit Mag
Patrick MurdochVolume 612/29/179112/30/1791"
William ProctorVolume 312/31/17911/5/1792"
Benjamin SeixasVolume 21/3/17921/3/1792Lit Mag
George Christian AnthonVolume 51/3/17921/21/1792"
John ParsonsVolume 61/5/17921/8/1792Lit. Mag.
John JohnstonVolume 21/6/17921/10/1792Lit Mag
Samuel BardVolume 31/7/17922/8/1791Lit Mag
David GelstonVolume 21/11/17921/25/1792Lit Mag
nicholas evertsenVolume 31/11/17922/2/1792Lit Mag
John HoneVolume 61/11/17921/17/1792Lit "
John WoodVolume 41/11/17921/23/1792Lit Mag
nicholas evertsenVolume 41/16/1792" - X 
William ProctorVolume 31/17/17921/23/1792Lit Mag
Henry RemsenVolume 51/21/17922/2/1792Lit Mag
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 61/24/17921/26/1792Lit. Mag.
Benjamin S. Judah1/25/17921/26/1792Lit " 90 
Benjamin S. Judah1/26/17921/27/1792" 91 
Bernard HartVolume 21/27/17921/28/1792Lit Mag
Isaac M. GomezVolume 61/28/17922/17/1792Lit Mag
William Bowne2/1/17922/16/1792Lit Mag 90 
Henry RemsenVolume 32/2/17922/11/1792"
John ForbesVolume 22/8/17922/11/1792Lit. Mag
Henry RemsenVolume 52/11/17922/21/1792"
William BowneVolume 32/16/17922/21/1792"
John D. MercierVolume 42/16/17922/23/1792Lit Mag
Henry RemsenVolume 62/21/17922/28/1792"
William Cock2/23/17922/25/1792Lit Mag
John D. MercierVolume 52/23/17922/28/1792"
William ThomasVolume 42/28/17923/13/1792Lit Mg
William LinnVolume 12/28/17923/6/1792Lt. Mag
William LinnVolume 23/2/17923/6/1792Lit. Mag
William LinnVolume 33/6/17923/12/1792"
William LinnVolume 43/6/17923/12/1792"
Isaac M. GomezVolume 23/9/17923/17/1792Lit Mag
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 63/15/17923/19/1792Lit Mag
Ephraim HartVolume 53/17/17923/23/1792Litmag
John CozineVolume 63/19/17923/27/1792Lit Mag
Isaac M. Gomez3/24/17923/31/1792Litt Mag
Samuel JonesVolume 33/26/17923/28/1792Lit Mag
John VernonVolume 53/29/17924/6/1792Lit Mag
James Parker, Jr.Volume 33/29/17923/30/1792Lit Mag
Alexander PhoenixVolume 34/2/17924/12/1792Lit Mag
William Henderson4/3/17925/5/17922s/6pLit Mag
Nathaniel GardinerVolume 14/3/17924/14/1792Lit MagDavid Gardiner
John G. GloverVolume 24/4/17924/7/1792Lit Mag
John VernonVolume 44/6/17924/7/1792"
Comfort SandsVolume 24/10/17924/10/1792Lit Mag
Alexander PhoenixVolume 24/12/17924/20/1792"
James Parker, Jr.Volume 54/12/17924/16/1792Lit Mag
Solomon SaltusVolume 44/12/17924/13/1792Lit. Mag.
Isaac M. GomezVolume 64/14/17924/14/1792Lit Mag
Nathaniel GardinerVolume 44/14/17925/10/17921s"David Gardiner
William RhinelanderVolume 54/17/17924/25/1792Lit Mag
Samuel BardVolume 14/17/17924/27/1792Lit Mag
Josiah BlakelyVolume 54/25/17924/26/1792Lit Mag
Henry Bethune StarkVolume 54/30/17924/30/1792Lit Mag
William CowleyVolume 14/30/17925/15/1792Lit Mag
Robert ElderVolume 18/23/17995/21/18003/Literary Mag
Thomas ServiceVolume 611/6/179911/25/1799Literary Mag
John R.B. RogersVolume 61/15/18001/16/1800Literary Mag
John R.B. RogersVolume 31/16/18001/20/1800"
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 16/7/18006/9/1800Literary Magazine
John WoodVolume 16/7/18006/7/1800Literary Mag.
Cornelius CadleVolume 18/5/18008/21/1800Literary Mag
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 38/11/18008/14/1800Literary Mag
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 48/14/18009/24/18003/4Literary Mag
Cornelius CadleVolume 38/21/18009/2/1800"
John R.B. RogersVolume 49/26/180010/4/1800Literary Mag
William G. MillerVolume 61/9/18011/13/1801Literary Mag
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 11/31/18012/3/1801Literary Mag
John Graham Jr.Volume 12/3/18012/11/1801Literary Mag
Robert GosmanVolume 32/5/18012/16/1801Literary Mag
John DodgsonVolume 12/11/18012/25/1801Literary Mag
Robert GosmanVolume 52/16/18012/18/1801"
Robert GosmanVolume 62/18/18012/19/1801"
William G. MillerVolume 13/10/18013/12/1801Literary Mag
William G. MillerVolume 63/12/18013/16/1801Literary Mag
Elijah PellVolume 17/15/18017/16/1801Literary Mag
Abraham LeggetVolume 110/13/180110/27/1801Literary Mag
Abraham LeggetVolume 612/7/180112/22/1801Literary Mag
John DodgsonVolume 13/17/18023/30/1802Literary Mag
Henrietta Marie ColdenVolume 13/25/18033/26/1803Literary Mag
Henrietta Marie ColdenVolume 53/26/18033/28/1803"
John Le ConteVolume 15/27/18055/31/1805Literary Mag
Joseph WinterVolume 25/30/18056/17/18052dLiterary Mag
Benjamin MooreVolume 16/1/18056/8/1805Literary Mag
Charlotte WhiteVolume 16/8/18056/20/1805Literary Mag & Rev
John Le ConteVolume 26/10/18056/17/1805Literary Mag
John G. CosterVolume 16/13/18057/2/1805Literary Mag
Peter AllairVolume 16/20/18056/22/1805Literary Magazine 
Jacobus FineVolume 26/21/18057/2/1805Literary Mag
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 16/25/18056/26/1805Literary Mag
George CockVolume 26/29/18057/19/1805Literary Mag
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 17/1/18057/6/1805Literary Mag
John ShawVolume 17/6/18057/11/1805Literary Mag
Henry SadlerVolume 17/9/18058/9/18051/8Literary Mag & Review
George TurnbullVolume 27/19/180511/6/1805Literary Mag
John MersereauVolume 27/20/18058/2/1805Literary Mag
Samuel LaurenceVolume 18/10/18058/13/1805Literary Mag
Samuel LaurenceVolume 18/10/18058/13/1805Literary Mag
Jasper WardVolume 18/16/18059/1/1805Literary Mag
James BoydVolume 28/17/18058/19/1805Literary Mag
John DodgsonVolume 28/20/18059/7/1805Literary Mag
John ShawVolume 19/2/18059/5/1805Literary Mag
Philip RhinelanderVolume 19/6/180511/4/1805Literary Mag
Philip RhinelanderVolume 311/4/180511/15/1805"
John FergusonVolume 111/4/180511/6/1805Literary Mag
John G. CosterVolume 211/9/180511/14/1805Literary Mag
James BaileyVolume 311/29/180512/5/1805Literary Mag.
John ShawVolume 212/4/180512/13/1805Literary Mag
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 312/5/180512/26/1805Literary Mag
William RhinelanderVolume 112/7/180512/13/1805Literary Mag
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 212/14/180512/19/1805Literary Mag
George LorillardVolume 112/14/180512/28/1805Literary Mag
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 212/19/18061/11/1807Literary Mag
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 212/19/18061/11/1807Literary Mag
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