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The American museum: or, annual register of fugitive pieces, ancient and modern. For the year 1798. [One line in Latin]

Philadelphia: Printed for Mathew Carey, Philadelphia, by W. & R. Dickson, 1799.
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The American museum: or, annual register of fugitive pieces, ancient and modern. For the year 1798. [One line in Latin] Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John ParsonsVolume 511/6/178911/9/1789American Museum
John ParsonsVolume 411/23/178911/27/1789American Museum
Garrett AbeelVolume 512/18/178912/21/1789Am. Museum
John HoneVolume 22/24/17902/26/1790American Museum
John HoneVolume 32/26/17903/3/1790"
John HoneVolume 43/3/17903/5/1790"
Marinus OudenaardeVolume 23/4/17903/19/1790Am. Museum
Henry OudenaardeVolume 33/31/17904/12/1790Am. Museum
Peter T. CurteniusVolume 55/14/17906/2/1790American Museum
Henry HaydockVolume 56/18/17906/22/1790Am. Museum
Peter T. CurteniusVolume 27/1/17907/22/1790Am. Museum
David M. ClarksonVolume 57/14/17908/4/1790Am. Museum
Solomon SaltusVolume 47/15/17907/20/1790Am. Museum
Henry HaydockVolume 37/17/17907/19/1790American Museum
Henry HaydockVolume 47/31/17908/3/1790Am. Museum
Henry HaydockVolume 38/5/17908/12/1790American Museum
Henry HaydockVolume 28/28/17908/31/1790Am. Mus
John P. PearssVolume 29/28/17909/29/1790Am. Museum
John P. PearssVolume 39/29/179010/2/1790"
John P. PearssVolume 410/2/179010/9/1790"
John P. PearssVolume 510/9/179010/11/1790"
John JohnsonVolume 512/4/179012/9/1790Am. Museum
John R. B. RodgersVolume 412/9/179012/23/1790Am. Museum
John ParsonsVolume 11/10/17911/12/1791Am. Museum
John Stagg, Jr.Volume 51/31/17912/5/1791Am. Museum
Robert L. BowneVolume 22/5/17912/7/1791Am. Museum
Robert L. BowneVolume 32/7/17912/9/1791"
Robert L. BowneVolume 42/9/17912/11/1791"
Robert L. BowneVolume 52/12/17912/19/1791"
John ParsonsVolume 43/7/17913/10/1791Am. Museum
John ParsonsVolume 53/10/17913/17/1791"
Joseph StringhamVolume 23/30/17914/13/1791Am. Museum
Patrick MurdochVolume 54/21/17914/23/1791Am. Museum
Henry HaydockVolume 55/10/17915/11/1791Am. Museum
John JohnsonVolume 36/28/17916/30/1791Am. Museum
John JohnsonVolume 47/20/17917/23/1791Am. Museum
Abraham HerringVolume 57/30/17918/12/1791Am Museum
John P. PearssVolume 68/16/17918/29/1791Am. Museum
Abraham HerringVolume 58/19/17919/2/1791Am. Museum
John Stagg, Jr.Volume 88/19/17919/10/1791Am. Museum
John ParsonsVolume 78/20/17918/23/1791Am. Museum
Burnet R. KingslandVolume 28/24/179110/10/1791Am. MuseumSelf
Abraham HerringVolume 69/2/17919/19/1791"
John OothoudtVolume 79/2/17919/9/1791Am. Museum
Robert MottVolume 49/8/17919/12/1791Am. Museum
Abraham HerringVolume 79/19/17919/27/1791"
John ParsonsVolume 89/23/17919/24/1791Am. Museum
Elizabeth ParkerVolume 89/30/179110/3/1791Am. Museum
Peter R. MaverickVolume 310/1/179110/5/1791Am. Museum
Elizabeth ParkerVolume 710/3/179110/6/1791"
Solomon SaltusVolume 410/4/179110/20/1791Am. Museum
Abraham HerringVolume 310/8/179110/10/1791Am. Museum
Abraham HerringVolume 210/10/179110/14/1791"
Abraham HerringVolume 510/17/179110/18/1791"
Valentine PetersVolume 712/1/179112/17/1791Am. Museum
Abraham HerringVolume 612/7/179112/14/1791Am Museum
Benjamin RomaineVolume 812/10/179112/27/1791Am. Museum
James Parker, Jr.Volume 412/13/179112/16/1791Am. Museum
Benjamin SeixasVolume 612/14/179112/16/1791Am. Museum
David GelstonVolume 81/3/17921/6/1792Am. Museum
Garrett AbeelVolume 71/10/17921/14/1792Am. Museum
Garrett AbeelVolume 41/14/17921/21/1792"
Peter T. CurteniusVolume 71/19/17922/6/1792Am Mus
Garrett AbeelVolume 51/21/17921/25/1792"
William RhinelanderVolume 82/4/17922/8/1791American Museum
William ProctorVolume 72/8/17922/10/1792American Museum
William CockVolume 72/17/17922/17/1792Am. Museum
Abraham BussingVolume 22/17/17922/20/1792Am. Museum
Abraham BussingVolume 32/20/17922/22/1792"
James Parker, Jr.Volume 52/21/17922/22/1792American Museum
Abraham BussingVolume 42/22/17922/29/1792"
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 83/6/17923/22/1792American Museum
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 73/22/17923/30/1792"
Henry Bethune StarkVolume 33/23/17923/26/1792Am. Museum
Henry Bethune StarkVolume 43/27/17923/30/1792Am. Museum
John Sloss HobartVolume 44/16/17924/20/1792Am Museum
Samuel JonesVolume 24/16/17925/5/1792Am. Museum
Solomon SaltusVolume 74/19/17924/26/1792Am. Museum
John Sloss HobartVolume 54/20/17924/28/1792"
Philip RhinelanderVolume 14/27/17924/28/1792Museum
hezekiah pierpontVolume 128/1/17998/8/1799American Museum
John DuffieVolume 28/17/17998/26/1799American Museum
John NitchieVolume 78/23/17998/27/1799American Museum
John NitchieVolume 88/27/17998/30/1799"
John NitchieVolume 98/30/17999/2/1799"
John NitchieVolume 109/2/17999/5/1799"
Walter B. HuntVolume 211/12/179911/20/1799American Museum
Walter B. HuntVolume 311/20/179911/23/1799"
James B. ClarkeVolume 1212/2/179912/10/1799American Museum
Robert BensonVolume 212/14/179912/14/1799Am Museum
John R.B. RogersVolume 212/17/179912/23/1799Am Museum
Christian BachVolume 1112/20/17991/4/1800Am Museum
Robert GosmanVolume 912/27/17991/8/1800Am. Museum
Samuel MillerVolume 111/6/18001/8/1800American Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 111/8/18001/28/1800American Museum
John R.B. RogersVolume 21/9/18001/15/1800Am Museum
John R.B. RogersVolume 61/22/18001/23/1800Am. Museum
Francis L. HarisonVolume 31/29/18001/29/1800Am. Museum
Francis L. HarisonVolume 11/29/18001/29/1800Am. Museum
James HuntVolume 132/3/18002/6/1800Am. Museum
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 32/6/18002/11/1800Am. Museum
Charles StewartVolume 22/7/18002/12/1800Am Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 112/11/18002/22/1800"
Charles StewartVolume 42/12/18002/20/1800"
William WheelerVolume 132/15/18002/20/1800Am. Museum
Joseph EdenVolume 82/20/18002/26/1800Am Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 32/22/18002/28/1800"
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 32/24/18003/5/1800Am Museum
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 12/24/18003/5/1800Am Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 52/28/18003/12/1800"
Benjamin SeixasVolume 133/5/18003/6/1800Am Museum
Samuel BeebeeVolume 73/7/18003/21/1800Am. Museum
William WilsonVolume 133/12/18003/13/1800Am. Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 103/12/18004/4/1800"
Henry RogersVolume 133/17/18003/18/1800Am. Museum
Joseph BindonVolume 23/20/18003/24/1800American Museum
David MumfordVolume 133/21/18003/22/1800Am Museum
Joseph BindonVolume 33/24/18003/31/1800"
Judith VerplanckVolume 133/28/18003/28/1800Am Museum
Ann PierceVolume 24/4/18004/25/1800Am Museum
Matthew LasherVolume 74/21/18004/23/1800Am Museum
Ann PierceVolume 35/1/18005/5/1800"
Thomas Ten EyckVolume 35/9/18005/10/1800Am Museum
Thomas Ten EyckVolume 15/9/18005/10/1800Am Museum
John D. MercierVolume 135/17/18006/3/1800Am Museum
William EdgarVolume 105/19/18006/4/1800Am Museum
Gilbert MilliganVolume 25/24/18005/28/1800Am Museum
Dominick LynchVolume 35/26/18005/31/1800Am Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 85/29/18005/31/1800American Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 126/2/18006/7/1800American Museum
Robert GosmanVolume 96/19/18006/26/1800Am Museum
George Christian AnthonVolume 136/26/18006/27/1800Am Museum
Abraham LeggetVolume 27/16/18007/18/1800Am. Museum
John SeamanVolume 137/30/18008/1/1800Am Museum
John McLarenVolume 138/19/18008/21/1800Am Museum '98
John McQueenVolume 139/22/18009/27/1800Am Museum '98
Philip RhinelanderVolume 139/29/180010/10/1800American Museum
William W. StoreyVolume 1310/13/180010/20/1800Am Museum '98
George LorillardVolume 1311/15/180011/29/1800Am Museum
John DuffieVolume 31/3/18011/10/1801Am. Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 131/16/18011/24/1801American Museum 1798
William G. MillerVolume 21/28/18011/29/1801Am Museum
William G. MillerVolume 31/29/18011/30/1801"
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 71/30/18011/31/1801American Museum
Robert H. BowneVolume 132/4/18012/20/1801Am Museum '98
Robert H. BowneVolume 132/4/18012/20/1801Am Museum '98
William G. MillerVolume 62/5/18012/6/1801American Museum
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 62/11/18012/11/1801Am Museum
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 42/20/18012/21/1801Am Museum
Roger AldenVolume 23/7/18013/13/1801American Museum
Isaac CockVolume 133/9/18013/28/1801Am Museum '98
Roger AldenVolume 33/13/18013/25/1801"
Roger AldenVolume 43/25/18014/7/1801"
Townsend UnderhillVolume 133/28/18014/20/1801Am. Museum 98
Isaac CockVolume 134/4/18014/20/1801Am Museum 98
Roger AldenVolume 54/7/18014/20/1801"
Roger AldenVolume 64/20/18014/29/1801"
Pascal N. SmithVolume 74/22/18015/15/18014dAm. Museum'98
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 75/30/18016/3/1801American Museum
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 136/22/18016/25/1801Am Museum '98
William G. MillerVolume 126/29/18017/7/1801Am Museum
Archibald RobertsonVolume 27/11/18017/14/1801Am Museum
Thomas JonesVolume 28/21/18018/24/1801Am Museum
John ForbesVolume 128/25/18018/27/1801Am. Museum
John ForbesVolume 98/25/18018/27/1801"
Abraham PolhemusVolume 29/11/18019/16/1801Am. Museum
John ForbesVolume 79/12/18019/13/1801Am. Museum H
Abraham PolhemusVolume 39/16/18019/23/1801"
Abraham PolhemusVolume 49/23/18019/29/1801"
Abraham PolhemusVolume 59/29/180110/10/1801"
Jonathon HobsonVolume 310/17/180111/9/18014dAm Museum
Abraham PolhemusVolume 22/16/18023/5/1802Am. Museum
Abraham PolhemusVolume 12/16/18023/5/1802Am. Museum
Michael PriceVolume 22/22/18023/6/1802Am Museum
Michael PriceVolume 12/22/18023/6/1802Am Museum
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 22/25/18022/27/1802Am Museum
John H. SicklesVolume 23/5/18023/15/1802Am. Museum
Michael PriceVolume 23/6/18023/27/1802"
Michael PriceVolume 13/6/18023/27/1802"
Cornelius C. RooseveltVolume 23/25/18023/28/1802Am. Museum
John DuffieVolume 24/2/18027/23/1802Am. Museum
George GosmanVolume 44/19/18025/3/1802Am. Museum
Rich HarisonVolume 34/22/18024/23/1802Am. Museum
John AtkinsonVolume 115/28/18025/29/1802Am Museum
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 136/1/18026/7/1802American Museum 1798
William BowneVolume 36/25/18026/28/1802Am Museum
William BowneVolume 138/30/180211/2/1802Am Museum '98
George LorillardVolume 19/6/18029/9/1802Am Museum
Edmund KirbyVolume 122/21/18032/28/1803Am. Museum
Edmund KirbyVolume 122/28/18032/28/1803"
William BowneVolume 23/7/18033/15/1803Am Museum
Robert H. BowneVolume 133/29/18033/29/1803American Museum '98
Archibald M. CockVolume 27/12/18037/21/1803Am Museum
Charles RhindVolume 27/16/18037/18/1803Am Museum
George LorillardVolume 27/28/18037/30/1803American Museum
Christian NestelVolume 134/11/18045/8/1804America Museum '98
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 136/27/18047/5/1804Am Museum '98
Hamilton StewartVolume 26/30/18047/2/1804American Museum
Garret H. Van Wagenen7/5/18047/5/1804Nother 
Hugh HartshorneVolume 137/11/18047/12/1804Am Museum '98
Daniel BraineVolume 38/31/18059/5/1805American Museum
Joseph ByrnesVolume 1011/5/180511/7/1805Am. Museum
Joseph ByrnesVolume 911/5/180511/7/1805Am. Museum
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