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William Russell

The history of modern Europe. With an account of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, and a view of the progress of society. From the rise of the modern kingdoms to the Peace of Paris, in 1763. In a series of letters from a nobleman to his son. A new edition ...

London: Printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row ..., 1786 or 1789.

A precise edition for this title cannot be identified as it is only listed in the 18th Century catalogs, which do not list full publication details. See ESTC links at left for a complete list of editions that may have been owned by the Library.

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The history of modern Europe. With an account of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, and a view of the progress of society. From the rise of the modern kingdoms to the Peace of Paris, in 1763. In a series of letters from a nobleman to his son. A new edition ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Jonathan ElmerVolume 18/5/17898/12/1789Modern EuropeSelf
Cornelius I. BogartVolume 18/17/17898/19/1789Modern Europeson
Jonathan ElmerVolume 28/31/17899/9/1789Modern EuropeSelf
Jonathan ElmerVolume 39/9/17899/14/1789Modern EuropeSelf
Roger AldenVolume 112/30/17891/13/1790Modern Europe
Roger AldenVolume 11/18/17902/3/1790" con
Daniel LudlowVolume 26/10/17906/17/1790Modern Europe
Peter MastertonVolume 16/21/17907/7/1790Mod. Europe
Peter MastertonVolume 27/13/17907/23/1790Mod. Europe
Samuel DunscombVolume 17/19/17907/28/1790Mod. Europe
Peter MastertonVolume 37/23/17907/29/1790"
Samuel DunscombVolume 27/28/17908/11/1790"
Peter MastertonVolume 47/29/17908/4/1790"
Samuel DunscombVolume 38/11/17908/17/1790"
Samuel DunscombVolume 48/17/17908/28/1790"
Peter Jay MunroVolume 18/30/17909/19/1790Modern Europe
Alexander MacombVolume 11/22/17912/10/1791Modern Europe
Alexander MacombVolume 22/10/17913/3/1791"
William TurnbullVolume 12/22/17912/22/1791Modern Europe
Henry RemsenVolume 13/4/17913/5/1791Mod Europe
Alexander MacombVolume 33/11/17913/25/1791"
William TurnbullVolume 13/14/17914/5/1791Modern Europe
Alexander MacombVolume 43/25/17913/29/1791" con
Alexander MacombVolume 43/29/17914/19/1791"
Alexander MacombVolume 44/19/17915/9/1791" con
Robert WattsVolume 15/9/17916/1/17916pMod. Europe
Thomas CooperVolume 111/23/179112/9/1791Modern Europe
John WoodsVolume 112/9/179112/23/1791Modern Europe
Thomas CooperVolume 212/9/179112/30/1791"
Edward William LaightVolume 11/14/17922/4/1792Mod Europe
Edward William Laight2/4/17922/24/1792" con
Edward William Laight2/24/17922/25/1792" con
Edward William LaightVolume 22/25/17923/12/1792"
Edward William LaightVolume 33/12/17923/20/1792"
Edward William LaightVolume 43/20/17924/3/1792"
Samuel JonesVolume 13/23/17923/24/1792Mod Europe
William Laight3/26/17924/14/1792Mod Europe
Edward William Laight4/4/17924/17/1792" con
William LaightVolume 14/14/17925/1/1792" con
Edward William LaightVolume 44/26/17925/8/1792Mod Europe
Alexander MacombVolume 18/8/179911/1/17994dModern Europe
Catharine LivingstonVolume 38/8/17998/24/1799Modern Europe
Daniel CromwellVolume 28/12/17998/27/1799Modern Europe
Catharine LivingstonVolume 38/24/179912/6/17996/"
John RodmanVolume 112/16/179912/23/1799Modern Europe
Sands PellVolume 112/23/17991/12/1800Modern Europe
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 17/1/18007/18/1800Modern Europe
Walter RutherfordVolume 311/24/180012/15/1800Modern Europe
David CodwiseVolume 112/10/18001/9/1801Modern Europe
Maria LivingstonVolume 11/10/18011/31/1801Modern Europe
Nicholas DelaplaineVolume 11/10/18011/31/1801Modern Europe
George TurnbullVolume 21/13/18011/22/1801Modern Europe
Walter RutherfordVolume 11/22/18011/30/1801Modern Europ
George TurnbullVolume 31/22/18011/27/1801"
Maria LivingstonVolume 21/31/18012/24/1801"
Nicholas DelaplaineVolume 21/31/18012/24/18016d"
Elias MowattVolume 12/17/18013/11/18012dModern Europe
Maria LivingstonVolume 32/24/18013/16/1801"
Nicholas DelaplaineVolume 32/24/18013/16/1801"
Elias MowattVolume 13/11/18013/26/1801"
Maria LivingstonVolume 33/16/18013/16/1801"
Nicholas DelaplaineVolume 33/16/18013/16/1801"
Elias MowattVolume 23/26/18014/20/18018d"
John L. BowneVolume 13/31/18014/21/1801Modern Europe
John L. BowneVolume 14/21/18015/14/18014d"
Elias MowattVolume 35/2/18015/25/1801"
Samuel BeebeeVolume 15/14/18015/26/1801Modern Europe
John L. BowneVolume 25/14/18015/27/1801"
Elias MowattVolume 35/25/18016/16/1801"
Peter OgilvieVolume 15/28/18016/12/1801Modern Europe
Samuel BeebeeVolume 25/29/18016/12/1801Modern Europe
Elias MowattVolume 36/16/18016/27/1801"
John J. WattsVolume 26/19/18017/9/1801Modern Europe
Hannah DrakeVolume 17/7/18017/9/1801Modern Europe
John J. WattsVolume 27/10/18018/3/1801"
John J. WattsVolume 38/8/18018/14/1801"
Sands PellVolume 18/28/18019/2/1801Modern Europe
Peter OgilvieVolume 110/5/180110/16/1801Modern Europe
Peter OgilvieVolume 210/16/180110/30/1801"
Peter OgilvieVolume 310/30/180111/13/1801"
Robert AbbottVolume 111/6/180111/21/1801Modern Europe
Peter OgilvieVolume 211/13/180111/14/1801"
Robert AbbottVolume 211/21/180112/28/1801"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 111/25/180112/16/1801Modern Europe
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 112/16/180112/22/1801"
Charles SmithVolume 312/21/18011/6/1802Modern Europe
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 21/2/18021/22/1802Modern Europe
Maria LivingstonVolume 11/12/18022/4/18022dModern Europe
Nicholas DelaplaineVolume 11/12/18022/4/18024dModern Europe
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 21/23/18021/27/1802"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 31/27/18022/8/1802"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 12/11/18023/9/1802Modern Europe
Abraham BeachVolume 23/5/18023/20/1802Modern Europe
Samuel BradhurstVolume 13/9/18023/29/1802"
Abraham BeachVolume 23/20/18023/30/1802"
Robert AbbottVolume 33/24/18024/15/1802Modern Europe
Cornelius Augustus Van HorneVolume 13/30/18024/19/1802Modern Europe
Cornelius Augustus Van HorneVolume 14/19/18025/7/1802"
Cornelius Augustus Van HorneVolume 25/7/18025/31/1802"
Cornelius Augustus Van HorneVolume 25/31/18026/21/1802"
Robert BensonVolume 16/17/18027/1/1802Modern Europe
Cornelius Augustus Van HorneVolume 36/21/18027/12/1802"
Henry H. SchieffelinVolume 26/30/18027/26/180210dModern Europe
Gulian LudlowVolume 17/10/18027/20/1802Modern Europe
Robert BensonVolume 37/24/18028/6/1802Modern Europe
Henry H. SchieffelinVolume 27/26/18028/25/18022/6"
Samuel BradhurstVolume 39/1/180210/1/1802Modern Europe
Henrietta Marie ColdenVolume 112/4/180212/7/1802Modern Europe
Henrietta Marie ColdenVolume 212/7/180212/11/1802"
Henrietta Marie ColdenVolume 312/7/180212/11/1802"
Edward LydeVolume 12/25/18033/19/18032dModern Europe
Edward LydeVolume 23/19/18034/5/1803"
Edward LydeVolume 34/5/18034/21/1803"
Edward LydeVolume 44/21/18035/7/1803"
Edward LydeVolume 55/7/18035/27/1803"
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 15/20/18036/4/1803Modern Europe
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 25/20/18036/4/1803Modern Europe
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 35/20/18036/4/1803Modern Europe
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 36/4/18036/11/1803"
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 46/4/18036/11/1803"
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 56/4/18036/11/1803"
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 16/11/18036/24/1803Modern Europe
Henry W. PhillipsVolume 16/16/18037/9/18034dModern Europe
James FaineVolume 17/6/180311/14/18032/Modern Europe
Henry W. PhillipsVolume 17/9/180311/24/1803"
Joseph WinterVolume 411/11/180311/18/1803Modern Europe
James FaineVolume 211/14/180312/27/18033/6"
John B. FiskVolume 111/28/180312/17/1803Modern Europe
John B. FiskVolume 211/28/180312/17/1803Modern Europe
John B. FiskVolume 311/28/180312/17/1803Modern Europe
John B. FiskVolume 112/17/180312/18/1803"
John B. FiskVolume 212/17/180312/18/1803"
John B. FiskVolume 312/17/180312/18/1803"
William DunlapVolume 112/26/180312/28/1803Modern Europe
James JayVolume 11/11/18042/23/18043/4Modern Europe
John T. GloverVolume 11/20/18042/13/18046dModern Europe
James BaileyVolume 51/24/18042/1/1804Modern Europe
John B. Fisk1/30/18041/30/1804"
John Mowatt1/31/18041/31/1804Modern Europe
John T. GloverVolume 12/13/18043/5/1804Modern Europe
John B. FiskVolume 22/18/18043/10/1804"
James JayVolume 22/23/18042/29/1804"
Charles WilkesVolume 12/27/18043/3/1804Modern Europe
James JayVolume 32/29/18042/29/1804"
Charles WilkesVolume 23/3/18043/12/1804"
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 13/8/18044/2/18048dModern Europe
John T. GloverVolume 23/9/18043/27/1804Modern Europe
John B. FiskVolume 43/10/18043/28/1804"
Walter B. HuntVolume 13/12/18044/23/18043/6Modern Europe
Charles WilkesVolume 33/12/18043/21/1804"
James JayVolume 43/26/18043/28/1804Modern Europe
John T. GloverVolume 23/27/18044/6/1804Modern Europe
James JayVolume 53/28/18044/20/1804"
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 14/2/18044/4/1804"
John WoodsVolume 14/4/18044/20/1804Modern Europe
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 24/10/18044/18/1804Modern Europe
John WoodsVolume 24/20/18045/2/1804"
Walter B. HuntVolume 24/23/18045/14/1804"
John WoodsVolume 35/2/18045/18/1804"
William StrachanVolume 15/4/18046/18/18046dModern Europe
Walter B. HuntVolume 25/14/18046/5/18042d"
John WoodsVolume 45/18/18045/29/1804"
Walter B. HuntVolume 36/5/18046/22/1804"
William StrachanVolume 26/18/18047/16/1804"
Walter B. HuntVolume 36/22/18047/10/1804"
James BruenVolume 17/12/18047/12/1804Modern Europe
William StrachanVolume 37/16/18048/28/1804"
John WoodsVolume 57/19/18047/19/1804Modern Europe
Henry PriestVolume 18/6/18048/27/1804Modern Europe
Henry PriestVolume 28/6/18048/27/1804Modern Europe
Henry PriestVolume 38/27/18049/5/1804"
Henry PriestVolume 48/27/18049/5/1804"
William StrachanVolume 38/28/18049/26/1804"
Selah StrongVolume 19/15/180410/4/1804Modern Europe
Henry PriestVolume 310/3/180410/25/1804Modern Europe
Henry PriestVolume 410/3/180410/25/1804Modern Europe
Selah StrongVolume 210/4/180410/18/1804"
Selah StrongVolume 310/18/180410/20/1804"
Selah StrongVolume 410/20/180411/1/1804"
Gilbert MilliganVolume 110/24/180411/20/1804Modern Europe
Henry PriestVolume 310/25/180411/2/1804Modern Europe
Henry PriestVolume 410/25/180411/2/1804Modern Europe
Selah StrongVolume 511/1/180411/26/18048d"
Gilbert MilliganVolume 211/20/180412/10/1804"
William StrachanVolume 312/5/18041/16/1805"
William StrachanVolume 412/5/180412/5/1804Modern Europe
William StrachanVolume 412/5/18041/16/1805"
William StrachanVolume 512/5/180412/5/1804Modern Europe
Robert LenoxVolume 11/9/18052/4/180510dModern Europe
Robert LenoxVolume 12/4/18052/4/1805Modern Europe
Robert LenoxVolume 12/7/18053/8/18051/4Modern Europe
Robert L. BowneVolume 12/20/18053/20/1805Modern Europe
Robert L. BowneVolume 22/20/18053/20/1805Modern Europe
Robert L. BowneVolume 32/20/18053/20/1805Modern Europe
Robert LenoxVolume 13/8/18053/18/1805"
Robert LenoxVolume 23/8/18053/8/1805Modern Europe
Robert LenoxVolume 23/18/18054/10/18054d"
Robert LenoxVolume 24/10/18054/24/1805"
Robert LenoxVolume 34/24/18055/22/18051/2"
John Van Der BiltVolume 25/31/18056/27/18052/6Modern Europe
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