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Philadelphia: Printed; Reprinted by John Holt, in Water-Street, 1775.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
John ParsonsVolume 211/13/1789Journals of Congress - Ret'd. 
John ParsonsVolume 111/13/1789Journals of Congress - Ret'd. 
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 25/3/17905/11/1790Journals of Congress
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 15/3/17905/11/1790Journals of Congress
John ParsonsVolume 136/3/17906/7/1790Journals Congress
John ParsonsVolume 126/3/17906/7/1790Journals Congress
Edward GreswoldVolume 51/6/17911/6/1791Journals of Congress
Edward GreswoldVolume 31/6/17911/6/1791Journals of Congress
Robert L. BowneVolume 112/28/17913/7/1791Journals Congress
Robert L. BowneVolume 102/28/17913/7/1791Journals Congress
Stephen Van RensselaerVolume 62/28/17913/1/1791Journal Congress
Stephen Van RensselaerVolume 52/28/17913/1/1791Journal Congress
Robert L. BowneVolume 23/7/17913/28/1791"
Robert L. BowneVolume 13/7/17913/28/1791"
C. V. AllenVolume 25/18/17915/20/1791Journal C.
C. V. AllenVolume 15/18/17915/20/1791Journal C.
Bezaleel HoweVolume 110/26/179110/27/1791Journals Congress
Robert StewartVolume 111/18/179112/15/17911sJournal Congress
William S. LivingstonVolume 132/20/17922/22/1792Journals Congress
William S. LivingstonVolume 122/20/17922/22/1792Journals Congress
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 93/8/17923/9/1792Journals Congress
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 83/8/17923/9/1792Journals Congress
Samuel JonesVolume 113/14/17923/16/1792J. Congress
Samuel JonesVolume 103/14/17923/16/1792J. Congress
Thomas CooperVolume 93/26/17924/10/1792J. Congress
Thomas CooperVolume 83/26/17924/10/1792J. Congress
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 94/12/17924/23/1792Journals Congress
Samuel MillerVolume 83/17/18003/20/1800Journals Congress
William LaurenceVolume 21/11/18031/26/1803Journals Congress
William LaurenceVolume 11/11/18031/26/1803Journals Congress
John S. HunnVolume 26/24/18036/30/1803Journals Congress.
John S. HunnVolume 16/24/18036/30/1803Journals Congress.
John S. HunnVolume 36/24/18036/30/1803Journals Congress.
John W. MulliganVolume 17/2/18047/2/1804Journals Congress
Peter HegemanVolume 211/6/180411/27/1804Journals Congress
Peter HegemanVolume 111/6/180411/27/1804Journals Congress
Peter HegemanVolume 311/27/180412/17/1804"
Peter HegemanVolume 412/17/18041/5/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 61/5/18051/19/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 51/5/18051/19/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 71/19/18052/2/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 92/2/18052/19/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 82/2/18052/19/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 122/19/18052/26/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 112/19/18052/26/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 132/26/18053/2/1805"
Peter HegemanVolume 122/26/18053/2/1805"
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