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William Robertson

The history of the reign of the Emperor Charles V. With a view of the progress of society in Europe, from the subversion of the Roman empire to the beginning of the sixteenth century. ... By William Robertson, ..

Dublin: Printed for W. Whitestone, W. Sleater, M. Hay, D. Chamberlaine, J. Potts [and 9 others in Dublin] , 1777.
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The history of the reign of the Emperor Charles V. With a view of the progress of society in Europe, from the subversion of the Roman empire to the beginning of the sixteenth century. ... By William Robertson, .. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Edward GreswoldVolume 28/5/17898/5/1789Robertson's Chas. 5thper Mr. Wells
Edward GreswoldVolume 38/5/17898/19/1789Robertson's Chas. 5thper Mr. Wells
George WellsVolume 48/19/17898/28/1789Robertson's Chas. 5thSelf
Robert L. BowneVolume 19/28/178910/5/1789Robertson's Char. 5th
John OothoudtVolume 21/18/17901/25/1790Robertson's Charles 5
John OothoudtVolume 31/25/17901/27/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 41/27/17901/29/1790"
John SlidellVolume 12/1/17902/8/1790Robertson's Charles Vth
John SlidellVolume 22/8/17902/15/1790"
John SlidellVolume 32/15/17902/22/1790"
John SlidellVolume 42/22/17902/26/1790"
Cornelius StevensonVolume 13/8/17903/15/1790Robertson's Charles 5th
Cornelius StevensonVolume 23/15/17903/19/1790"
Cornelius StevensonVolume 33/19/17904/7/1790"
Cornelius StevensonVolume 44/7/17904/26/1790"
John Jordan MorganVolume 15/11/17905/18/1790Robertsons Charles 5th
John Jordan MorganVolume 25/18/17905/20/1790"
John Jordan MorganVolume 35/20/17905/27/1790"
John Jordan MorganVolume 45/27/17905/28/1790"
John WellsVolume 111/29/179012/24/179010sRob'tson's Charles
William LaightVolume 112/11/17901/21/17913s/6pRobtsons Charles 5
James RenwickVolume 11/24/17911/28/1791Robertsons Charls: 5
John JohnsonVolume 11/29/17912/11/1791Robtson Charles 5
James RenwickVolume 22/1/17912/16/1791Robertsons Charls 5
James RenwickVolume 12/16/17912/22/1791"
James RenwickVolume 22/22/17912/28/1791"
James RenwickVolume 32/28/17913/11/1791"
James RenwickVolume 43/11/17913/19/1791"
Thomas HammersleyVolume 13/28/17914/10/1791"Charles 5th
John WellsVolume 25/12/17915/19/1791Robertson's Charles 5th
John WellsVolume 35/19/17915/30/1791"
Samuel DunscombVolume 16/3/17916/16/1791Robtsons Charles 5
John BlaggeVolume 46/8/17916/10/1791Robt Charles 5th
Samuel DunscombVolume 26/16/17916/29/1791"
Samuel DunscombVolume 36/29/17917/5/1791"
Cornelius DavisVolume 18/3/17918/12/1791Robertsons Charles 5
Robert SmythVolume 18/5/17918/7/1791Robertson's Charles 5
Robert SmythVolume 28/7/17918/9/1791"
Robert SmythVolume 38/9/17918/10/1791"
Robert SmythVolume 48/10/17918/11/1791"
Alexander MacombVolume 19/1/17919/22/1791Robt. Charles 5
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 29/9/17919/10/1791Rob. Charles 5
Alexander MacombVolume 29/22/17919/26/1791"
Alexander MacombVolume 29/26/179110/18/17916p"
Alexander MacombVolume 310/18/179111/8/1791"
Alexander MacombVolume 311/8/179111/14/17916p" con
Alexander MacombVolume 411/14/179112/5/1791"
John WellsVolume 111/16/179112/10/17916pRobertson's Charles 5th
Alexander MacombVolume 412/5/17911/4/17921s/8p" con
Robert L. BowneVolume 112/14/179112/21/1791" Charles 5th
Francis ChildsVolume 112/14/17911/11/1792Robt. Charles 5th
Francis ChildsVolume 412/14/17911/8/1792"
Robert L. BowneVolume 212/21/179112/27/1791"
Robert L. BowneVolume 312/27/17911/5/1792"
Robert L. BowneVolume 41/5/17921/12/1792"
Cornelius DavisVolume 11/30/17922/20/1792Robertsons Charles 5
Archibald CurrieVolume 13/14/17923/28/1792Robt Charles 5
Cornelius Davis3/21/17924/7/1792Rob Charles 5th
William Hammersley4/10/17924/28/1792Robt Ch. 5
Gilbert MilliganVolume 14/11/17925/1/1792" Charles5
William HammersleyVolume 34/28/17925/5/1792"
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 18/22/17998/26/1799Robertsons Ch. V
Robert AbbottVolume 111/7/179911/18/1799Robertson's Ch V
Robert AbbottVolume 211/18/179912/4/1799"
Elias Haines11/30/179912/2/1799Robertson's Charles V
Elias HainesVolume 212/2/179912/4/1799"
Robert AbbottVolume 312/4/179912/23/1799"
Elias HainesVolume 312/4/179912/6/1799"
Elias HainesVolume 412/6/179912/9/1799"
Jonathan PearseeVolume 11/7/18002/24/18009dRobertsons Charles V
John VarickVolume 11/8/18003/12/18003/6Robertson's Charles
Edward William LaightVolume 12/28/18003/7/1800Robertsons Charles
Edward William LaightVolume 23/7/18003/24/1800"
John J. WattsVolume 13/11/18003/18/1800Robertsons Ch V
Malcolm CampbellVolume 13/17/18004/2/1800Robertsons Ch V
John J. WattsVolume 23/18/18003/22/1800"
John J. WattsVolume 33/22/18003/22/1800"
Malcolm CampbellVolume 24/2/18004/20/1800"
Malcolm CampbellVolume 34/20/18004/28/1800"
Monson HoytVolume 24/23/18005/13/1800Robertson's Ch V
Monson HoytVolume 25/13/18005/30/1800"
Joshua SandsVolume 15/28/18006/4/1800Robertsons Charles V
Monson HoytVolume 35/30/18006/18/1800"
Joshua SandsVolume 16/4/18006/9/1800"
George CodwiseVolume 16/10/18007/2/1800Robertsons charles V
William LaightVolume 27/12/18008/5/18006dRobertson's Ch. V
George CodwiseVolume 17/15/18008/7/18004d"
David CodwiseVolume 28/1/18009/1/18001/8Robertsons Ch V
William LaightVolume 38/5/18008/29/18008d"
David CodwiseVolume 29/1/18009/13/1800"
David CodwiseVolume 39/13/180010/3/1800"
John VarickVolume 110/20/18001/10/18013/4Robertsons Charles V
Alsop HuntVolume 110/27/180011/4/1800Robertson's Ch. V
Alsop HuntVolume 211/4/180011/8/1800"
Alsop HuntVolume 311/8/180011/14/1800"
Alsop HuntVolume 411/14/180011/22/1800"
Thomas PearsallVolume 111/25/180012/5/1800Robertsons Ch V
Elijah PellVolume 211/29/180012/5/1800Robertsons ch V
John Graham Jr.Volume 13/12/18013/24/1801Robhe Charles V
John Graham Jr.Volume 23/24/18014/6/1801Robertson Ch. V.
John Graham Jr.Volume 34/1/18014/11/1801"
Henry OgdenVolume 14/20/18015/11/1801Robertson Ch V
Henry OgdenVolume 25/20/18015/28/1801"
Henry OgdenVolume 35/28/18016/22/18018d"
William MooreVolume 15/29/18016/5/1801Robertsons Ch V
William MooreVolume 26/5/18016/15/1801"
William MooreVolume 36/15/18016/16/1801"
William MooreVolume 46/16/18016/18/1801"
Columbia UniversityVolume 16/17/18017/10/18014/Robertson's Charles 5thHenry Schenck
Henry SchenckVolume 16/17/18017/10/18014dRoberstons Ch V.
Henry OgdenVolume 46/22/18016/29/1801"
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 17/1/18017/18/1801Robertsons Ch V
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 27/18/18017/23/1801"
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 37/23/18017/25/1801"
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 47/24/18017/25/1801"
Walter B. HuntVolume 17/27/18018/6/1801Robertsons Ch. V
Jonathan PearseeVolume 17/28/180110/9/180117/8Robertsons Ch V
Jonathan PearseeVolume 27/28/180110/9/180117/8Robertsons Ch V
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 18/7/18018/27/1801Robertsons Ch V
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 28/7/18018/27/1801Robertsons Ch V
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 38/7/18018/27/1801Robertsons Ch V
Catharine CoxVolume 19/19/180110/7/1801Rob Ch V
Samuel LaurenceVolume 110/12/180110/28/1801Robertson's Ch. V
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 110/20/180111/13/18012/Robert Ch V
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 210/20/180111/13/18012/Robert Ch V
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 111/6/180111/6/1801Robertsons Charles V
Anthony BleeckerVolume 111/9/180111/23/1801Robertson Ch V
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 311/13/180112/7/1801"
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 411/13/180112/7/1801"
Robert WattsVolume 111/28/180112/12/1801Robertsons Ch V
Hamilton StewartVolume 112/8/18011/16/18023/Rob Ch V.
Anthony BleeckerVolume 212/8/180112/17/1801Rob. Ch. V
Anthony BleeckerVolume 312/17/180112/21/1801"
Thomas IversVolume 112/19/180112/19/1801Life Ch. V
Anthony BleeckerVolume 412/21/180112/31/1801"
Elbert HerringVolume 11/7/18021/12/1802Robertsons Charles V
Elbert HerringVolume 21/12/18021/18/1802"
Hamilton StewartVolume 11/16/18022/13/18022/2"
Elbert HerringVolume 31/19/18021/23/1802"
Hamilton StewartVolume 22/13/18023/4/1802"
Henry PriestVolume 22/19/18022/25/1802Robertson's Charles V
Henry PriestVolume 32/25/18023/1/1802"
Christian SchultzVolume 13/3/18023/6/1802Robertsons Ch V
John McVicarVolume 13/4/18023/31/18021/Robert Charles V
Hamilton StewartVolume 33/4/18023/26/18022d"
Charles S. CuttingVolume 13/10/18023/30/1802Robert Charles V
Hamilton StewartVolume 33/26/18024/13/1802"
Charles S. CuttingVolume 23/30/18024/9/1802"
George Christian AnthonVolume 14/3/18024/19/1802Robertson's Charles 5th
Robert BensonVolume 14/9/18024/26/1802Robertson's Charles 5th
Charles S. CuttingVolume 24/9/18024/22/1802"
Hamilton StewartVolume 44/13/18025/14/18021/8"
Charles S. CuttingVolume 34/19/18025/4/1802"
Robert BensonVolume 35/7/18025/18/1802Robertsons Ch V
Robert BensonVolume 35/18/18025/21/1802Robertson's Char V
Robert BensonVolume 45/21/18025/28/1802Robertson's Char V
Rebecca LaightVolume 16/9/18026/10/1802Rob. Charles V
Rebecca LaightVolume 26/10/18026/14/1802"
William MooreVolume 16/12/18026/22/1802Robert Charles V
Rebecca LaightVolume 36/14/18026/16/1802"
William MooreVolume 26/23/18026/28/1802Rob Charles V
William MooreVolume 36/28/18027/1/1802"
Frederick de PeysterVolume 17/6/18027/19/1802Robert Charles
Frederick de PeysterVolume 17/19/18028/7/1802"
Hannah DrakeVolume 18/3/18028/26/18022/Rob. Ch V
Hannah DrakeVolume 28/3/18028/26/18022/Rob. Ch V
Hannah DrakeVolume 38/3/18028/26/18022/Rob. Ch V
Hannah DrakeVolume 38/26/18029/17/18022d"
William OgilvieVolume 29/6/18029/10/1802Robertsons Charles V
William OgilvieVolume 39/10/18029/11/1802"
Henry PriestVolume 19/13/18029/27/1802Robertsons Charles V
Henry PriestVolume 29/13/18029/27/1802Robertsons Charles V
Henry PriestVolume 39/13/18029/27/1802Robertsons Charles V
Ebenezer Stevens9/16/18029/29/1802Robertsons Charles V
Hannah DrakeVolume 39/17/180210/7/1802"
Hannah DrakeVolume 49/17/180210/7/1802"
Ebenezer StevensVolume 29/29/180210/28/1802"
Hannah DrakeVolume 410/7/180210/25/1802"
Ebenezer StevensVolume 310/28/180211/10/1802"
Alexander MacombVolume 111/10/180212/14/1802Robertsons Ch V
Ebenezer StevensVolume 411/10/180211/20/1802"
Nicholas RooseveltVolume 111/26/180212/14/1802Robertsons Ch V
Samuel BeebeeVolume 112/30/18021/24/1803Robertsons Charles V
James FarquharVolume 11/6/18031/27/1803" Charles V
Samuel BeebeeVolume 21/24/18032/8/1803"
James FarquharVolume 11/27/18032/5/1803"
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 12/3/18032/15/1803Robertsons Charles V
James FarquharVolume 22/5/18032/18/1803"
Samuel BeebeeVolume 32/8/18033/1/1803"
James FarquharVolume 32/14/18032/18/1803"
John G. GloverVolume 12/15/18033/7/1803Robertson's Charles 5th
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 22/15/18032/23/1803Robertson Charles V
James FarquharVolume 42/18/18033/9/1803"
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 32/23/18032/26/1803"
William LaurenceVolume 13/7/18034/1/18032/Robertsons Charles V
William LaurenceVolume 23/7/18034/1/18032/Robertsons Charles V
William LaurenceVolume 33/7/18034/1/18032/Robertsons Charles V
Alfred S. PellVolume 13/18/18033/24/1803Robertsons charles V
Alfred S. PellVolume 23/24/18033/29/1803"
William DenningVolume 15/26/18036/13/1803Robertsons Charles V
William DenningVolume 25/26/18036/13/1803Robertsons Charles V
Ephraim HartVolume 15/27/18036/29/1803Robertsons Charles V
William DenningVolume 26/13/180311/14/1803"
William DenningVolume 36/13/180311/14/1803"
John Murray Jr.Volume 16/27/18037/1/1803Robertsons Carles V
Ephraim HartVolume 26/29/18037/9/1803"
John Murray Jr.Volume 27/16/18037/18/1803Robertsons Charles V
John Murray Jr.Volume 37/18/18037/21/1803"
Ephraim HartVolume 37/23/18037/30/1803Robertsons Charles V
Ephraim HartVolume 47/30/18038/6/1803"
Olivia MunroVolume 111/24/18031/19/18046/Robertsons Charles
Hannah DrakeVolume 311/30/180312/10/1803Robertsons Charles V
Gulian VerplanckVolume 112/16/180312/31/1803Robertson's Charles V
William KenyonVolume 112/22/18031/11/1804Robertsons Charles V
William KenyonVolume 11/11/18041/20/1804"
Samuel WatkinsVolume 11/26/18042/21/180410dRobertsons Charles V
Samuel WatkinsVolume 22/21/18043/26/18042/2"
Walter BurlingVolume 16/1/18046/5/1804Robertsons Charles V
Walter BurlingVolume 26/5/18046/12/1804"
Walter BurlingVolume 36/12/18046/18/1804"
Elbert HerringVolume 16/13/18046/30/1804Robertsons Charles V
Elbert HerringVolume 26/30/18047/19/1804"
David GordonVolume 17/18/180410/18/18048/6Robertsons Charles V
Elbert HerringVolume 37/19/18048/11/1804"
Abraham HerringVolume 28/2/18048/10/1804Robertson's Charles V
Archibald RobertsonVolume 48/13/18048/14/1804Robertsons Charles V
Abraham HerringVolume 39/4/18049/21/1804"
Abraham HerringVolume 39/21/180410/15/18046d"
Archibald M. CockVolume 110/5/180410/29/1804Robertsons Charles V
Archibald M. CockVolume 110/29/180411/17/1804"
Daniel LudlowVolume 111/20/180411/22/1804Robertsons' Charles V
Archibald M. CockVolume 212/15/180412/26/1804Robertsons Charles V
Robert L. BowneVolume 112/18/18041/2/1805Robertson's Charles 5th
Robert L. BowneVolume 212/18/18041/2/1805Robertson's Charles 5th
Robert L. BowneVolume 312/18/18041/2/1805Robertson's Charles 5th
Archibald M. CockVolume 212/26/18041/18/1805"
James BruenVolume 11/2/18051/14/1805Robertsons Charles V
Robert L. BowneVolume 41/2/18051/18/1805"
James BruenVolume 21/14/18051/19/1805"
Archibald M. CockVolume 21/18/18051/29/1805"
James BruenVolume 31/19/18051/31/1805"
Archibald M. CockVolume 31/29/18052/8/1805"
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 11/30/18052/7/1805Robertson's Charles V
James BruenVolume 41/31/18052/1/1805"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 12/1/18052/21/1805Robertsons Charles V
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 22/1/18052/21/1805Robertsons Charles V
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 22/7/18053/2/1805"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 22/21/18052/26/1805"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 32/21/18052/26/1805"
John H. EddyVolume 22/26/18053/5/1805Robertsons Charles V
John H. EddyVolume 32/26/18053/5/1805Robertsons Charles V
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 33/2/18053/15/1805Robertsons Charles V
Archibald M. CockVolume 13/20/18053/27/1805"
Thomas RobertsVolume 13/28/18054/5/1805Robertsons Charles V
William MooreVolume 44/1/18054/16/1805Robertsons Charles V
Thomas RobertsVolume 24/5/18054/26/1805"
Charles SmithVolume 14/22/18054/30/1805" Charles V
Thomas RobertsVolume 24/26/18055/7/1805"
Charles SmithVolume 24/30/18055/20/1805"
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 15/4/18055/30/180510dRobertson's Charles V
Thomas RobertsVolume 35/7/18055/18/1805"
Thomas RobertsVolume 45/18/18056/1/1805"
Charles SmithVolume 35/20/18055/27/1805"
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 15/30/18056/28/18052/"
John De Ponthieu WilkesVolume 16/28/18057/10/1805"
Christian BachVolume 17/12/18058/22/1805Robertson's Charles 5th
George D. CooperVolume 18/9/18058/11/1805" Charles V
George D. CooperVolume 28/9/18058/11/1805" Charles V
George D. CooperVolume 38/9/18058/11/1805" Charles V
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 18/13/18058/27/1805Robertsons Charles V
Henry RutgersVolume 28/13/18058/29/1805Robertsons Charles V
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 28/27/18058/30/1805Robertsons Charles V
John TurnerVolume 19/7/18059/10/1805robertsons Charles V
John TurnerVolume 29/7/18059/10/1805robertsons Charles V
John TurnerVolume 39/7/18059/10/1805robertsons Charles V
Gilbert MilliganVolume 112/23/18051/3/1806Robertsons Charles V
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