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François-Alexandre-Frédéric La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt

Travels through the United States of North America, the country of the Iroquois, and Upper Canada : in the years 1795, 1796, and 1797 : with an authentic account of Lower Canada / by the Duke de La Rochefoucault Liancourt.

London: printed for R. Phillips, No. 71, St. Paul’s Church Yard; sold by T. Hurst and J. Wallis, Paternoster-Row, and by Carpenter and Co. Old Bond Street, 1799.
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Travels through the United States of North America, the country of the Iroquois, and Upper Canada : in the years 1795, 1796, and 1797 : with an authentic account of Lower Canada / by the Duke de La Rochefoucault Liancourt. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
George Turnbull2/18/18003/10/1800Liancourts Travels
Walter Rutherford3/10/18004/14/1800Liancourts Travels
John Parsons4/23/18005/14/1800Liancourts Travels
Alexander Dunlap5/17/18005/24/1800Liancourts Travels
Jonathan Laurence, Jr.5/29/18006/11/1800Liancourts Travels
William Walton6/2/18006/2/1800Liancourts Travels
John L. Bowne6/13/18007/9/1800Liancourts Travels
Elizabeth Parker7/10/18009/4/1800Liancourts Travels
James Parker, Jr.9/4/180011/15/18004/0Liancourts Travels
Archibald Robertson11/20/180012/1/1800Liancourts Travels
John Dodgson12/5/180012/27/1800Liancourts Travels
Robert R. Randall12/27/18001/3/1801Liancourts Travels
John Ten Eyck1/9/18011/30/1801Liancourts Travels
Edward Lyde2/3/18012/20/1801Liancourts Travels
Thomas Gardner2/20/18013/4/1801Liancourts Travels
Cornelius C. Roosevelt3/9/18013/20/1801Liancourts Travels
Benjamin A. EgbertVolume 23/21/18014/9/1801Liancourts Travels
Samuel Delaplaine4/10/18014/21/1801Liancourts Travels
Elizabeth Mann4/23/18015/23/1801Liancourt's Travels
Daniel D. Tompkins4/23/18015/23/1801Liancourts Travels
Nicholas Evertson5/29/18016/26/1801Liancourts Travels
John Lylburn6/26/18017/22/1801Liancourts Travels
John Lylburn7/22/18018/1/1801"
Peter Hegeman8/6/18018/13/1801Liancourt's Travels
William Paulding8/17/18019/25/18012/9Liancourts Travels
Richard Davis9/14/180111/11/18013dLiancourts Travels
William Paulding9/25/18019/26/1801"
William Laight10/3/180110/6/1801Liancourts Travels
Rebecca Laight10/10/180110/12/1801Liancourts Travels
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 112/7/180112/17/1801Liancourts Travels
Theodorus Van Wyck12/24/18011/5/1802Liancourts Travels
Bernardus Swartwout1/21/18021/27/1802Liancourts Travels
Judah Zuntz1/28/18023/2/18021/Liancourts Travels
William Bowne3/2/18023/6/1802Liancourt's Travels
Robert McMennomy3/8/18023/9/1802Liancourts Travels
Robert McMennomyVolume 13/9/18023/20/1802"
Philip Rhinelander, Jr.4/10/18024/24/1802Liancourts Travels
William GreenVolume 14/26/18024/30/1802Liancourts Travels
john wilkes d6/22/18027/1/1802Liancourts Travels
John Shaw7/7/18027/10/1802Liancourts Travels
George Warren Chapman9/16/18029/22/1802Liancourts Travels
Anthony Ackley1/6/18031/8/1803Liancourt's Travels
Allard Anthony1/6/18031/6/1803Liancourt's Travels
John Shaw2/7/18032/19/1803Liancourts Travels
Walter Mitchell7/11/18037/14/1803Liancourts Travels
Valentine SeamanVolume 17/22/18038/10/1803Liancourts Travels
Judith Verplanck11/28/180311/30/1803Liancourts Travels
Joshua Whitcomb1/24/18041/27/1804Liancourts Travels
Simon Van Antwerp2/21/18043/6/1804Liancourts Travels
Charlotte White3/19/18043/24/1804Liancourts Travels
Gulian Verplanck4/2/18044/18/1804Liancourts Travels
John Moore5/5/18045/29/1804Liancourts Travels
William Rhodes6/1/18046/11/1804Liancourts Travels
James Watson8/11/18048/13/1804Liancourts Travels
John Abraham Denomendie9/11/18049/12/1804Liancourts Travels
Cornelius Bogert9/27/180410/5/1804Liancourts Travels
Henry M. Van Solingen10/5/180410/19/1804Liancourts Travels
Charlotte White12/3/180412/3/1804Liancourts Travels
Horatio Gates1/30/18052/26/1805Liancourts Travels
John Dodgson5/4/18055/25/1805Liancourts Travels
Samuel AkerlyVolume 16/22/18057/3/1805Liancourt Transact
Samuel AkerlyVolume 27/3/18057/15/1805"
Samuel AkerlyVolume 37/15/18058/5/1805"
Cornelius CadleVolume 18/2/18058/23/1805Liancourts Travels
Cornelius CadleVolume 28/2/18058/23/1805Liancourts Travels
isaac carrow8/23/18058/27/1805Liancourt's Travels
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