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Benedikte Naubert

Herman of Unna: a series of adventures of the fifteenth century, in which the proceedings of the secret tribunal under the emperors Winceslaus and Sigismond are delineated. In three volumes. Written in German by Professor Kramer.

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Herman of Unna: a series of adventures of the fifteenth century, in which the proceedings of the secret tribunal under the emperors Winceslaus and Sigismond are delineated. In three volumes. Written in German by Professor Kramer. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 28/15/18018/22/1801Herman Una
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 38/15/18018/22/1801Herman Una
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 18/15/18018/22/1801Herman Una
Andrew SmithVolume 210/2/180110/9/1801Herman Unna
Andrew SmithVolume 310/2/180110/9/1801Herman Unna
Andrew SmithVolume 110/2/180110/9/1801Herman Unna
William MooreVolume 210/24/180110/26/1801Herman Una
William MooreVolume 310/24/180110/26/1801Herman Una
William MooreVolume 110/24/180110/26/1801Herman Una
John Jacob AstorVolume 210/26/180111/17/18012/Herman Unna
John Jacob AstorVolume 310/26/180111/17/18012/Herman Unna
John Jacob AstorVolume 110/26/180111/17/18012/Herman Unna
Walter BowneVolume 212/12/180112/30/18011/Herman Una
Walter BowneVolume 312/12/180112/30/18011/Herman Una
Walter BowneVolume 112/12/180112/30/18011/Herman Una
Thomas StormVolume 23/8/18023/13/1802Herman Unna
Thomas StormVolume 33/8/18023/13/1802Herman Unna
Thomas StormVolume 13/8/18023/13/1802Herman Unna
Selah StrongVolume 24/2/18024/10/1802Herman Unna
Selah StrongVolume 34/2/18024/10/1802Herman Unna
Selah StrongVolume 14/2/18024/10/1802Herman Unna
John D. MercierVolume 24/17/18026/1/1802Herman Unna
John D. MercierVolume 34/17/18026/1/1802Herman Unna
John D. MercierVolume 14/17/18026/1/1802Herman Unna
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 25/26/18026/5/1802Herman Unna
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 35/26/18026/5/1802Herman Unna
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 15/26/18026/5/1802Herman Unna
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 26/3/18026/16/1802Herman Unna
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 16/3/18026/16/1802Herman Unna
George Bowne Jr.Volume 26/23/18026/25/1802Herman Una
George Bowne Jr.Volume 36/23/18026/25/1802Herman Una
George Bowne Jr.Volume 16/23/18026/25/1802Herman Una
William ShipleyVolume 26/29/18027/2/1802Herman Unna act
William ShipleyVolume 16/29/18027/2/1802Herman Unna act
Thomas BurlingVolume 27/6/18027/19/1802Herman Unna
Thomas BurlingVolume 37/6/18027/19/1802Herman Unna
Thomas BurlingVolume 17/6/18027/19/1802Herman Unna
Rich HarisonVolume 28/14/18028/20/1802Herman Unna
Rich HarisonVolume 38/14/18028/20/1802Herman Unna
Rich HarisonVolume 18/14/18028/20/1802Herman Unna
Samuel BeebeeVolume 28/27/18028/28/1802Herman Unna
Samuel BeebeeVolume 38/27/18028/28/1802Herman Unna
Samuel BeebeeVolume 18/27/18028/28/1802Herman Unna
William DunlapVolume 21/28/18032/2/1803Herman Una
William DunlapVolume 31/28/18032/2/1803Herman Una
William DunlapVolume 11/28/18032/2/1803Herman Una
Thomas De MiltVolume 22/15/18033/2/18033dHerman Unna
Thomas De MiltVolume 32/15/18033/2/18033dHerman Unna
Thomas De MiltVolume 12/15/18033/2/18033dHerman Unna
Robert BruceVolume 23/14/18033/31/1803Herman Unna
Robert BruceVolume 33/14/18033/31/1803Herman Unna
Robert BruceVolume 13/14/18033/31/1803Herman Unna
Stephen Van RensselaerVolume 25/27/18036/4/1803Herman Unna
Stephen Van RensselaerVolume 35/27/18036/4/1803Herman Unna
Stephen Van RensselaerVolume 15/27/18036/4/1803Herman Unna
Abraham HerringVolume 26/6/18036/9/1803Herman Unna
Abraham HerringVolume 36/6/18036/9/1803Herman Unna
Abraham HerringVolume 16/6/18036/9/1803Herman Unna
John G. GloverVolume 26/20/18037/7/1803Herman Unna
John G. GloverVolume 36/20/18037/7/1803Herman Unna
John G. GloverVolume 16/20/18037/7/1803Herman Unna
James StringhamVolume 212/12/18031/4/1804Herman Unna
James StringhamVolume 312/12/18031/4/1804Herman Unna
James StringhamVolume 112/12/18031/4/1804Herman Unna
Philip FisherVolume 21/4/18041/9/1804Herman Unna
Philip FisherVolume 31/4/18041/9/1804Herman Unna
Philip FisherVolume 11/4/18041/9/1804Herman Unna
James StuartVolume 21/18/18041/30/1804Herman Unna
James StuartVolume 31/18/18041/30/1804Herman Unna
James StuartVolume 11/18/18041/30/1804Herman Unna
Thomas StormVolume 22/6/18042/10/1804Herman Unna
Thomas StormVolume 32/6/18042/10/1804Herman Unna
Thomas StormVolume 12/6/18042/10/1804Herman Unna
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 22/10/18042/11/1804Herman Unna
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 32/10/18042/11/1804Herman Unna
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 12/10/18042/11/1804Herman Unna
Adrian C. Van Slyck2/11/18042/21/1804Herman Unna
Isaac HeyerVolume 22/21/18042/25/1804Herman Unna
Isaac HeyerVolume 32/21/18042/25/1804Herman Unna
Isaac HeyerVolume 12/21/18042/25/1804Herman Unna
Charlotte SmithVolume 22/25/18042/27/1804Herman Unna
Charlotte SmithVolume 32/25/18042/27/1804Herman Unna
Charlotte SmithVolume 12/25/18042/27/1804Herman Unna
James B. ClarkeVolume 22/28/18042/29/1804Herman Unna
James B. ClarkeVolume 32/28/18042/29/1804Herman Unna
James B. ClarkeVolume 12/28/18042/29/1804Herman Unna
George Warren ChapmanVolume 25/16/18045/17/1804Herman Unna
George Warren ChapmanVolume 35/16/18045/17/1804Herman Unna
George Warren ChapmanVolume 15/16/18045/17/1804Herman Unna
Edward Van HorneVolume 15/21/18045/22/1804Herman Unna
Edward Van HorneVolume 25/22/18045/24/1804"
William LinnVolume 25/23/18045/25/1804Herman Unna
William LinnVolume 15/23/18045/25/1804Herman Unna
Charles RhindVolume 26/2/18047/25/18048/3Herman Unna
Charles RhindVolume 36/2/18047/25/18048/3Herman Unna
Charles RhindVolume 16/2/18047/25/18048/3Herman Unna
John T. GloverVolume 36/18/18046/18/18043dHerman Unna
Marinus WillettVolume 28/1/18048/14/1804Herman Unna
Marinus WillettVolume 38/1/18048/14/1804Herman Unna
Marinus WillettVolume 18/1/18048/14/1804Herman Unna
Edward William LaightVolume 29/22/180410/2/1804Herman Unna
Edward William LaightVolume 39/22/180410/2/1804Herman Unna
Edward William LaightVolume 19/22/180410/2/1804Herman Unna
DeWitt ClintonVolume 211/10/180411/17/1804Herman Unna
DeWitt ClintonVolume 311/10/180411/17/1804Herman Unna
DeWitt ClintonVolume 111/10/180411/17/1804Herman Unna
Christian NestelVolume 211/17/180411/17/1804Herman Unna
John ParkinsonVolume 211/17/180411/29/1804Herman Unna
Christian NestelVolume 311/17/180411/17/1804Herman Unna
John ParkinsonVolume 311/17/180411/29/1804Herman Unna
Christian NestelVolume 111/17/180411/17/1804Herman Unna
John ParkinsonVolume 111/17/180411/29/1804Herman Unna
Thomas JonesVolume 212/19/18041/2/1805Herman Unna
Thomas JonesVolume 312/19/18041/2/1805Herman Unna
Thomas JonesVolume 112/19/18041/2/1805Herman Unna
Thomas BurlingVolume 21/8/18051/19/1805Herman Unna
Thomas BurlingVolume 31/8/18051/19/1805Herman Unna
Thomas BurlingVolume 11/8/18051/19/1805Herman Unna
John DuryieVolume 21/19/18051/22/1805Herman Unna
John DuryieVolume 31/19/18051/22/1805Herman Unna
John DuryieVolume 11/19/18051/22/1805Herman Unna
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 24/2/18054/8/1805Herman Unna
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 34/2/18054/8/1805Herman Unna
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 14/2/18054/8/1805Herman Unna
John S. HunnVolume 24/24/18055/2/1805Herman Unna
John S. HunnVolume 34/24/18055/2/1805Herman Unna
John S. HunnVolume 14/24/18055/2/1805Herman Unna
Moses B. SeixasVolume 28/21/18058/27/1805Herman Unna
Moses B. SeixasVolume 38/21/18058/27/1805Herman Unna
Moses B. SeixasVolume 18/21/18058/27/1805Herman Unna
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 28/27/18058/31/1805Herman Unna
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 28/27/18058/31/1805Herman Unna
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 38/27/18058/31/1805Herman Unna
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 38/27/18058/31/1805Herman Unna
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 18/27/18058/31/1805Herman Unna
Daniel D. TompkinsVolume 18/27/18058/31/1805Herman Unna
Alsop HuntVolume 211/16/180512/23/1805Herman Unna
Alsop HuntVolume 311/16/180512/23/1805Herman Unna
Alsop HuntVolume 111/16/180512/23/1805Herman Unna
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