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Anne Hughes

Henry and Isabella : or, a traite through life. By the author of Caroline, or the diversities of fortune.

London: Printed for William Lane, Leadenhall-Street, 1788.
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Henry and Isabella : or, a traite through life. By the author of Caroline, or the diversities of fortune. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 110/3/179910/9/1799Henry & Isabella
Thomas R. SmithVolume 12/7/18002/12/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas R. SmithVolume 22/12/18002/18/1800"
Thomas ArdenVolume 12/13/18002/15/1800Henry & Isabella
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 12/15/18002/21/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas ArdenVolume 22/19/18002/20/1800Henry & Isabella
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 22/21/18002/24/1800"
Ephraim HartVolume 12/26/18002/27/1800Henry & Isabella
Henry RogersVolume 22/27/18003/3/1800Henry & Isabella
Henry Ten BrookVolume 12/27/18003/1/1800Henry & Isabella
John G. GloverVolume 13/1/18003/12/1800Henry & Isabella
Henry Ten BrookVolume 23/3/18003/5/1800Henry & Isabella
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 23/20/18003/25/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas JonesVolume 13/20/18003/28/1800Henry & Isabella
George KnoxVolume 13/24/18003/26/1800Henry & Isabella
George KnoxVolume 23/26/18003/27/1800"
Thomas JonesVolume 23/28/18004/24/1800"
John KingslandVolume 13/29/18004/4/1800Henry & Isabella
John KingslandVolume 24/4/18004/4/1800"
John S. SchermerhornVolume 14/4/18004/12/1800Henry & Isabella
Newbery DavenportVolume 24/13/18004/21/1800Henry & Isabella
Newbery DavenportVolume 14/13/18004/21/1800Henry & Isabella
John P. SchermerhornVolume 24/28/18005/5/1800"
John P. SchermerhornVolume 14/28/18004/28/1800Henry & Isabella
William UnderhillVolume 14/28/18004/28/1800Henry & Isabella
John MooreVolume 15/8/18005/10/1800Henry & Isabella
Leffert LeffertsVolume 15/10/18005/14/1800Henry & Isabella
Henry SeamanVolume 25/16/18005/20/1800Henry & Isabella
Solomon SimpsonVolume 15/16/18005/23/1800Henry Isabella
Leffert LeffertsVolume 25/23/18005/24/1800Henry & Isabella
James RooseveltVolume 25/26/18005/29/1800Henry & Isabella
James RooseveltVolume 15/26/18005/29/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas BurlingVolume 15/30/18005/31/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas BurlingVolume 25/31/18006/7/1800"
Robert BensonVolume 16/7/18006/19/1800Henry & Isabella
Robert BensonVolume 26/19/18006/28/1800"
George KnoxVolume 26/23/18006/25/1800Henry & Isabella
Robert Benson6/24/18006/24/1800"
Thomas KnoxVolume 16/25/18006/27/1800Henry & Isabella
Isaac Van VleeckVolume 16/30/18007/1/1800Henry & Isabella
John MooreVolume 17/1/18007/2/1800Henry & Isabella
John RemsenVolume 17/3/18007/23/18006dHenry & Isabella
John MooreVolume 27/5/18007/8/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas KnoxVolume 27/19/18007/23/1800Henry & Isabella
Hezekiah IversVolume 27/23/18008/6/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas IversVolume 17/23/18008/6/1800Henry & Isabella
Benjamin SeixasVolume 28/2/18008/5/1800Henry & Isabella
John CrygierVolume 18/5/18008/21/18002dHenry & Isabella
Henry SeamanVolume 28/8/18008/12/1800Henry & Isabella
John CrygierVolume 18/21/18008/26/1800"
John CrygierVolume 28/26/18008/27/1800"
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 18/26/18008/27/1800Henry & Isabella
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 18/27/18009/2/1800Henry & Isabella
Charlotte ShipmanVolume 29/2/18009/20/1800"
Manuel MyersVolume 19/6/18009/8/1800Henry & Isabella
James StuartVolume 19/9/18009/16/1800Henry & Isabella
John CrygierVolume 29/20/180010/23/1800Henry & Isabella
Daniel StansburyVolume 110/3/180010/9/1800Henry & Isabella
George LorillardVolume 210/4/180010/14/1800Henry & Isabella
David MorrisVolume 110/9/180010/14/1800Henry & Isabella
Abraham GomezVolume 110/14/180010/16/1800Henry & Isabella
Manuel MyersVolume 210/17/180010/21/1800Henry & Isabella
William HolmsVolume 110/17/180010/18/1800Henry & Isabella
David MorrisVolume 210/21/180010/24/1800Henry & Isabella
Theophilius BrowerVolume 110/21/180010/23/1800Henry & Isabella
Theophilius BrowerVolume 210/24/180010/28/1800Henry & Isabella
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 110/29/180011/1/1800Henry & Isabella
Abraham GomezVolume 210/31/180011/8/1800Henry & Isabella
Robert BensonVolume 111/1/180011/5/1800Henry & Isabella
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 211/8/180011/11/1800Henry & Isabella
George Bowne Jr.Volume 111/13/180011/14/1803Henry & Isabella
George Bowne Jr.Volume 211/14/180011/15/1803"
John MyersVolume 111/17/180011/18/1800Henry & Isabella
William HolmsVolume 211/18/180011/28/1800Henry & Isabella
John Le ConteVolume 212/1/180012/4/1800Henry & Isabella
John Le ConteVolume 212/1/180012/4/1800Henry & Isabella
John Le ConteVolume 112/1/180012/4/1800Henry & Isabella
Thomas B. AtwoodVolume 112/2/180012/20/18004/Henry & Isabella
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 212/6/180012/5/1800Henry & Isabella
Benjamin SeixasVolume 212/20/180012/20/1800Henry & Isabella
Benjamin SeixasVolume 112/20/180012/20/1800Henry & Isabella
Benjamin SeixasVolume 112/20/180012/20/1800Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 212/22/180012/31/1800Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 112/22/180012/31/1800Henry & Isabella
Leonard BleeckerVolume 21/3/18011/8/1801Henry & Isabella
Leonard BleeckerVolume 11/3/18011/8/1801Henry & Isabella
David MorrisVolume 21/9/18011/9/1801Henry Isabella
David MorrisVolume 11/9/18011/9/1801Henry Isabella
James Parker, Jr.Volume 21/12/18012/3/1801Henry & Isabella
James Parker, Jr.Volume 11/12/18012/3/1801Henry & Isabella
Abraham BeachVolume 22/3/18012/14/1801Henry & Isabella
Abraham BeachVolume 12/3/18012/14/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas BullockVolume 22/21/18012/21/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas BullockVolume 12/21/18012/21/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas BuckleyVolume 22/28/18012/28/1801Henry & Isabella
Peter VandervoortVolume 22/28/18013/14/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas BuckleyVolume 12/28/18012/28/1801Henry & Isabella
Peter VandervoortVolume 12/28/18013/14/1801Henry & Isabella
Abraham LeggetVolume 23/16/18013/23/1801Henry & Isabella
Abraham LeggetVolume 13/16/18013/23/1801Henry & Isabella
Matthew LasherVolume 23/24/18014/13/1801Henry & Isabella
Matthew LasherVolume 13/24/18014/13/1801Henry & Isabella
Dominick LynchVolume 24/6/18014/8/1801Henry & Isabella
Dominick LynchVolume 14/6/18014/8/1801Henry & Isabella
Ebenezer IrvingVolume 24/8/18014/17/1801Henry & Isabella
Ebenezer IrvingVolume 14/8/18014/17/1801Henry & Isabella
Israel HavelandVolume 24/17/18015/5/1801Henry & Isabella
Israel HavelandVolume 14/17/18015/5/1801Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 25/5/18015/12/1801Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 15/5/18015/12/1801Henry & Isabella
Robert H. BowneVolume 25/12/18015/14/1801Henry & Isabella
Robert H. BowneVolume 15/12/18015/14/1801Henry & Isabella
Joseph WinterVolume 25/14/18015/18/1801Henry & Isabella
Joseph WinterVolume 15/14/18015/18/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas PearsallVolume 25/21/18016/1/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas PearsallVolume 15/21/18016/1/1801Henry & Isabella
Daniel LudlowVolume 26/2/18016/10/1801Heny & Isabella
Henry RogersVolume 26/2/18016/2/1801Henry & Isabella
Daniel LudlowVolume 16/2/18016/10/1801Heny & Isabella
Henry RogersVolume 16/2/18016/2/1801Henry & Isabella
William Prince Jr.Volume 26/10/18016/12/1801Henry & Isabella
William Prince Jr.Volume 16/10/18016/12/1801Henry & Isabella
Joseph BindonVolume 26/16/18016/19/1801Henry & Isabella
Joseph BindonVolume 16/16/18016/19/1801Henry & Isabella
Nicholas G. Carmer6/19/18016/19/1801Henry & Isabella
Judah ZuntzVolume 27/6/18017/8/1801Henry & Isabella
Judah ZuntzVolume 17/6/18017/8/1801Henry & Isabella
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 27/11/18017/18/1801Henry & Isabella
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 17/11/18017/18/1801Henry & Isabella
Jacob WilkinsVolume 27/18/18017/23/1801Henry & Isabella
Jacob WilkinsVolume 17/18/18017/23/1801Henry & Isabella
Archibald RobertsonVolume 27/25/18018/1/1801Henry & Isabella
Archibald RobertsonVolume 17/25/18018/1/1801Henry & Isabella
Rich HarisonVolume 28/1/18018/4/1801Henry & Isabella
Rich HarisonVolume 18/1/18018/4/1801Henry & Isabella
Theophilius BrowerVolume 28/4/18018/7/1801Henry & Isabella
Theophilius BrowerVolume 18/4/18018/7/1801Henry & Isabella
Robert H. BowneVolume 28/8/18018/13/1801Henry & Isabella
Robert H. BowneVolume 18/8/18018/13/1801Henry & Isabella
Gillian CornellVolume 28/29/18019/5/1801Henry & Isabella
Gillian CornellVolume 18/29/18019/5/1801Henry & Isabella
Peter VandervoortVolume 29/12/180110/13/18016dHenry & Isabella
Peter VandervoortVolume 19/12/180110/13/18016dHenry & Isabella
Matthew DanielVolume 210/15/180110/26/1801Henry & Isabella
Matthew DanielVolume 110/15/180110/26/1801Henry & Isabella
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 210/26/180110/27/1801Henry & Isabella
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 110/26/180110/27/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas StormVolume 211/10/180111/18/1801Henry & Isabella
Thomas StormVolume 111/10/180111/18/1801Henry & Isabella
John B. StringhamVolume 211/18/18011/9/1802Henry & Isabella
John B. StringhamVolume 111/18/18011/9/1802Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 21/11/18021/21/1802Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 11/11/18021/21/1802Henry & Isabella
Gilbert SmithVolume 11/15/18021/19/1802Henry & Isabella
Manuel MyersVolume 21/19/18022/1/1802Henry & Isabella
Manuel MyersVolume 11/19/18022/1/1802Henry & Isabella
Townsend UnderhillVolume 22/1/18022/6/1802Henry & Isabella
Townsend UnderhillVolume 12/1/18022/6/1802Henry & Isabella
Henry Ten BrookVolume 22/6/18022/9/1802Henry & Isabella
Henry Ten BrookVolume 12/6/18022/9/1802Henry & Isabella
John HoneVolume 22/9/18022/10/1802Henry & Isabella
John HoneVolume 12/9/18022/10/1802Henry & Isabella
Daniel DunscombVolume 22/10/18022/19/1802Henry & Isabella
Daniel DunscombVolume 12/10/18022/19/1802Henry & Isabella
George WarnerVolume 22/24/18022/27/1802Henry & Isabella
George WarnerVolume 12/24/18022/27/1802Henry & Isabella
Thomas GardnerVolume 22/27/18023/10/1802Henry & Isabella
Thomas GardnerVolume 12/27/18023/10/1802Henry & Isabella
John CrygierVolume 23/11/18023/18/1802Henry & Isabella
John CrygierVolume 13/11/18023/18/1802Henry & Isabella
Charles BaldwinVolume 23/12/18023/19/1802Henry & Isabella
Charles BaldwinVolume 13/12/18023/19/1802Henry & Isabella
James Watson, Jr.Volume 23/18/18024/1/1802Henry & Isabella
James Watson, Jr.Volume 13/18/18024/1/1802Henry & Isabella
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 24/2/18024/13/1802Henry & Isabella
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 14/2/18024/13/1802Henry & Isabella
Christopher WolfeVolume 24/22/18025/8/1802Henry & Isabella
Christopher WolfeVolume 14/22/18025/8/1802Henry & Isabella
David M. ClarksonVolume 25/14/18025/28/1802Henry & isabella
David M. ClarksonVolume 15/14/18025/28/1802Henry & isabella
John McLarenVolume 26/1/18026/22/1802Henry & Isabella
John McLarenVolume 16/1/18026/22/1802Henry & Isabella
Thomas De MiltVolume 26/6/18026/16/1802Henry & Isabella
Thomas De MiltVolume 16/6/18026/16/1802Henry & Isabella
Elbert AndersonVolume 26/15/18026/22/1802Henry & Isabella
Elbert AndersonVolume 16/15/18026/22/1802Henry & Isabella
William T. RobinsonVolume 26/24/18027/1/1802Henry & Isabella
William T. RobinsonVolume 16/24/18027/1/1802Henry & Isabella
Anthony AckleyVolume 27/2/18027/3/1802Henry & Isabella
Anthony AckleyVolume 17/2/18027/3/1802Henry & Isabella
William ShipleyVolume 27/17/18027/20/1802Henry & Isabella
William ShipleyVolume 17/17/18027/20/1802Henry & Isabella
Theodorus Van WyckVolume 28/4/18028/6/1802Henry & Isabella
Theodorus Van WyckVolume 18/4/18028/6/1802Henry & Isabella
George MillerVolume 28/9/18029/1/1802Henry & Isabella
George MillerVolume 18/9/18029/1/1802Henry & Isabella
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 210/1/180210/2/1802Henry & Isabella
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 110/1/180210/2/1802Henry & Isabella
John MyersVolume 210/7/180211/7/1802Henry & Isabella
John MyersVolume 110/7/180211/7/1802Henry & Isabella
Alsop HuntVolume 210/26/180211/9/1802Henry & Isabella
Alsop HuntVolume 110/26/180211/9/1802Henry & Isabella
Alsop HuntVolume 211/9/180211/16/1802"
Alsop HuntVolume 111/9/180211/16/1802"
Bernard HartVolume 211/18/180211/19/1802Henry & Isabella
Bernard HartVolume 111/18/180211/19/1802Henry & Isabella
Thomas SalterVolume 211/20/180211/27/1802Henry & Isabella
Thomas SalterVolume 111/20/180211/27/1802Henry & Isabella
Rebecca LaightVolume 212/2/180212/4/1802Henry & Isabella
Rebecca LaightVolume 112/2/180212/4/1802Henry & Isabella
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 212/23/180212/27/1802Henry & Isabella
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 112/23/180212/27/1802Henry & Isabella
Jacob SherredVolume 212/28/180212/31/1802Henry & Isabella
Jacob SherredVolume 112/28/180212/31/1802Henry & Isabella
Townsend UnderhillVolume 212/31/18021/4/1803Henry & Isabella
Townsend UnderhillVolume 112/31/18021/4/1803Henry & Isabella
Thomas SkinnerVolume 21/12/18031/14/1803Henry & Isabella
Thomas SkinnerVolume 11/12/18031/14/1803Henry & Isabella
James C. RooseveltVolume 21/28/18032/11/1803Henry & Isabella
James C. RooseveltVolume 11/28/18032/11/1803Henry & Isabella
James BruenVolume 22/12/18032/26/1803Henry & Isabella
James BruenVolume 12/12/18032/26/1803Henry & Isabella
John WilkinsVolume 22/26/18033/10/1803Henry & Isabela
John WilkinsVolume 12/26/18033/10/1803Henry & Isabela
Thomas DelvesVolume 24/9/18034/21/1803Henry & Isabella
Thomas DelvesVolume 14/9/18034/21/1803Henry & Isabella
Jeremiah HillVolume 24/23/18034/26/1803Henry & Isabella
Jeremiah HillVolume 14/23/18034/26/1803Henry & Isabella
John B. DashVolume 25/14/18035/25/1803Henry & Isabella
John B. DashVolume 15/14/18035/25/1803Henry & Isabella
Robert LenoxVolume 26/7/18036/10/1803Henry & Isabella
Robert LenoxVolume 16/7/18036/10/1803Henry & Isabella
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 26/11/18036/13/1803Henry & Isabella
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 16/11/18036/13/1803Henry & Isabella
James B. ClarkeVolume 211/23/180312/5/1803Henry & Isabella
James B. ClarkeVolume 111/23/180312/5/1803Henry & Isabella
Robert TroupVolume 21/31/18042/1/1804Henry & Isabella
Robert TroupVolume 11/31/18042/1/1804Henry & Isabella
John AbramsVolume 23/8/18043/14/1804Henry & Isabella
John AbramsVolume 13/8/18043/14/1804Henry & Isabella
Isaac HeyerVolume 23/14/18043/20/1804Henry & Isabella
Isaac HeyerVolume 13/14/18043/20/1804Henry & Isabella
Charlotte SmithVolume 23/27/18043/28/1804Henry & Isabella
Charlotte SmithVolume 13/27/18043/28/1804Henry & Isabella
Gillian CornellVolume 25/5/18045/9/1804Henry & Isabella
Gillian CornellVolume 15/5/18045/9/1804Henry & Isabella
James TillaryVolume 27/9/18047/9/1804Henry & Isabella
James TillaryVolume 17/9/18047/9/1804Henry & Isabella
Walter MitchellVolume 29/11/18049/15/1804Henry & Isabella
Walter MitchellVolume 19/11/18049/15/1804Henry & Isabella
George LewisVolume 21/22/18051/30/1805Henry & Isabella
George LewisVolume 11/22/18051/30/1805Henry & Isabella
Thomas SkinnerVolume 22/16/18052/27/1805Henry & Isabella
Thomas SkinnerVolume 12/16/18052/27/1805Henry & Isabella
John R. MurrayVolume 24/9/18054/13/1805Henry & Isabella
John R. MurrayVolume 14/9/18054/13/1805Henry & Isabella
Cornelius DuBoisVolume 24/24/18055/7/1805Henry & Isabella
Cornelius DuBoisVolume 14/24/18055/7/1805Henry & Isabella
Garret GilbertVolume 25/28/18056/4/1805Henry & Isabella
Garret GilbertVolume 15/28/18056/4/1805Henry & Isabella
Archibald RobertsonVolume 27/13/18057/13/1805Henry & Isabella
Archibald RobertsonVolume 17/13/18057/13/1805Henry & Isabella
William BleeckerVolume 28/31/18059/4/1805Henry & Isabella
William BleeckerVolume 18/31/18059/4/1805Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 212/31/18051/8/1806Henry & Isabella
Abraham PolhemusVolume 112/31/18051/8/1806Henry & Isabella
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