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Denis Diderot

Encyclopédie : ou Dictionaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des metiers

Livourne: De l'impr. des éditeurs., 1770-1778.
Misprints in the 1813, 1838, and 1850 catalogs list the years of publication as 1770-1779, instead of 1770-1778, as is stated in the WorldCat record.
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Encyclopédie : ou Dictionaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des metiers Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Peter KettletasVolume 68/19/17898/21/1789B. General DictionarySelf
Matthew Clarkson10/5/178910/14/1789Encyclopedia
James RivingtonVolume 2312/14/178912/30/1789Encyclopedia French
James RivingtonVolume 2012/30/17891/20/1790"
Frederick RhinelanderVolume 101/20/17901/29/1790Ency. French
William RhinelanderVolume 221/22/17901/29/1790Ency French
Henry WaltonVolume 52/12/17902/22/1790Ency. (French)
Henry WaltonVolume 12/22/17904/2/1790"
Patrick MurdochVolume 12/26/17903/5/1790Ency A.
Robert R. LivingstonVolume 153/2/17903/8/1790Ency. French
Patrick MurdochVolume 23/19/17903/24/1790Ency A
Samuel Bard3/24/17903/29/1790A Volume of Plates
John BlaggeVolume 243/31/17904/7/1790" F.
Henry WaltonVolume 334/2/17904/12/1790"
Patrick MurdochVolume 34/16/17904/19/1790Ency (A)
John KempVolume 54/19/17904/23/1790Ency. 5 Plates
John KempVolume 44/23/17904/26/1790"
Garrett AbeelVolume 36/11/17906/18/1790Ency A
John KempVolume 126/26/17907/8/1790Ency French
John KempVolume 106/26/17907/8/1790Ency French
William BowneVolume 17/2/17907/19/1790Ency A.
John BlaggeVolume 207/8/17907/26/1790Ency. F
William BowneVolume 27/19/17908/6/1790"
Patrick MurdochVolume 47/24/17907/29/1790Ency A
James RenwickVolume 17/30/17908/16/1790Ency A
Malachi TreatVolume 28/17/17908/19/1790Enc. (A)
Matthew ClarksonVolume 79/22/17909/29/1790Ency: Fr
Solomon SaltusVolume 210/4/179010/29/1790Ency. A.
Solomon SaltusVolume 310/29/179011/23/1790"
Patrick MurdochVolume 511/12/179011/20/1790Ency A
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 111/23/179011/29/1790Ency French
Solomon SaltusVolume 411/23/179012/13/1790"
Robert R. LivingstonVolume 2212/6/179012/30/1790Ency French
Malachi TreatVolume 201/10/17911/11/1791Ency. French
Malachi TreatVolume 211/11/17911/12/1791"
Malachi Treat1/12/17911/13/1791"
John Johnson2/25/17913/7/1791Ency French
James RivingtonVolume 233/6/17913/14/1791French Ency
Solomon SaltusVolume 213/14/17913/15/1791Encyclopedia (French)
James RivingtonVolume 243/14/17913/25/1791"
Isaac LivesayVolume 103/22/17913/29/1791"
Isaac LivesayVolume 93/22/17913/22/1791Ency french
James RivingtonVolume 253/30/17914/12/1791"
Henry Oudenaarde4/4/17914/9/1791Ency at paris
Thomas BuchananVolume 334/6/17914/7/1791Ency French
James RivingtonVolume 264/12/1791"
James CogswellVolume 76/19/17918/12/17916/9dA Enicipedia (-Ed)
John Stevens, Jr.Volume 76/19/17916/29/1791Ency. A
Samuel BardVolume 196/25/17917/7/1791Ency F
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 87/19/17917/20/1791Ency french
Henry WaltonVolume 79/12/17919/19/1791Ency. (French)
Henry LudlowVolume 271/30/17922/1/1792French En
Archibald McLeanVolume 42/4/17922/23/1792Enc (French)
Peter T. CurteniusVolume 212/6/17923/12/1792Ency F.
Samuel BardVolume 52/20/17922/24/1792Ency F
Gulian VerplanckVolume 38/17/17999/4/1799Encyclop Francois
Gulian VerplanckVolume 48/17/17999/4/1799Encyclop Francois
James BradishVolume 236/30/18007/6/1800Ency FrancoisW
James BradishVolume 2310/4/180011/5/1800"
David GelstonVolume 11/30/18012/13/1801Encyclop. Francois
David GelstonVolume 22/13/18013/2/1801"
David GelstonVolume 33/2/18013/16/1801"
David GardinerVolume 103/4/18013/11/1801Encyclop. Francoois
David GardinerVolume 23/11/18013/17/1801"
David GelstonVolume 43/16/18014/4/1801"
David GardinerVolume 23/17/18013/23/1801"
David GelstonVolume 54/4/18014/14/1801"
David GelstonVolume 64/14/18014/30/1801"
David GelstonVolume 74/30/18015/29/1801"
David GelstonVolume 85/29/18017/8/1801"
David GelstonVolume 97/8/18019/8/18016/4"
James Stringham11/24/180211/24/1802Encyclop. Francoise
Alexander MacombVolume 212/12/18052/12/1805Encyclopedia Francois
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