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James Sands

Count di Novini; or the confederate Carthusians. A Neapolitan tale. In two volumes. ...

Dublin: Printed by J. Stockdale, for P. Wogan, P. Byrne, W. Porter, J. Rice, G. Folingsby, J. Stockdale, and W. Folds, 1800.
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Count di Novini; or the confederate Carthusians. A Neapolitan tale. In two volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Alexander PhoenixVolume 18/22/18008/29/1800Count Novini
Sidney PhoenixVolume 38/25/18008/29/1800Count Novini
John Le ConteVolume 28/29/18008/30/1800Count Di Novini
David MorrisVolume 18/30/18009/2/1800Count Di Novini
David MorrisVolume 29/2/18009/13/1800"
William G. MillerVolume 19/3/18009/4/1800Count Di Novini
Thomas KnoxVolume 19/4/18009/4/1800Count Di Novini
William G. MillerVolume 29/4/18009/5/1800"
Thomas EddyVolume 19/9/18009/11/1800Count Di Novini
Thomas EddyVolume 29/9/18009/11/1800Count Di Novini
Thomas EddyVolume 39/11/18009/19/1800"
David Jones9/27/18009/27/1800Count di Novini
David JonesVolume 19/27/180010/20/1800"
David JonesVolume 29/27/180010/20/1800"
David JonesVolume 39/27/180010/20/1800"
Leffert LeffertsVolume 110/20/180010/21/1800Count di Novini
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 110/21/180010/22/1800Count di Novini
Leffert LeffertsVolume 210/21/180010/22/1800"
Leffert LeffertsVolume 310/22/180010/25/1800"
Valentine PetersVolume 110/23/180010/29/1800Count Di Novini
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 210/24/180010/25/1800Count Di Novini
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 310/25/180010/28/1800"
Valentine PetersVolume 210/29/180011/8/1800"
Rebecca LaightVolume 110/30/180010/31/1800Count Di Novini
John HoneVolume 111/1/180011/3/1800Count Di Novini
Robert BensonVolume 111/5/180011/5/1800Count Di Novini
John HoneVolume 211/8/180011/10/1800Count di Novini
Valentine PetersVolume 311/8/180011/18/1800"
Thomas BurlingVolume 111/10/180011/15/1800Count di Novini
John HoneVolume 111/17/180011/22/1800Count Di Novini
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 111/19/180011/26/1800Count di Novini
John SullivanVolume 111/19/180012/4/1800Count di Novini
Jesse Ten BrookVolume 311/26/180012/4/1800"
James BaileyVolume 111/29/180012/6/1800Count di Novini
James BaileyVolume 212/6/180012/15/1800"
James BaileyVolume 312/6/180012/15/1800"
Charles S. CuttingVolume 112/8/180012/10/1800Count di Novini
William DenningVolume 112/10/180012/12/1800Count di Novini
William IrvingVolume 112/15/180012/20/1800Count di Novini
William IrvingVolume 212/15/180012/20/1800Count di Novini
William IrvingVolume 312/15/180012/20/1800Count di Novini
Gilbert Milligan12/22/180012/22/1800Count di Novini
Gilbert MilliganVolume 112/22/180012/27/1800"
Gilbert MilliganVolume 212/22/180012/27/1800"
Gilbert MilliganVolume 312/22/180012/27/1800"
Joseph WilliamsVolume 112/27/180012/30/1800Count Di Novini
Joseph WilliamsVolume 212/27/180012/30/1800Count Di Novini
Joseph WilliamsVolume 312/27/180012/30/1800Count Di Novini
Rebecca LaightVolume 212/30/18001/3/1801Count di Novini
Rebecca LaightVolume 312/30/18001/3/1801Count di Novini
Benjamin SeixasVolume 11/3/18011/6/1801Count di Novini
Nicholas BayardVolume 11/5/18011/9/1801Count di Novini
Nicholas BayardVolume 21/5/18011/9/1801Count di Novini
Nicholas BayardVolume 31/5/18011/9/1801Count di Novini
Judith VerplanckVolume 11/10/18011/13/1801Count di Novini
Judith VerplanckVolume 21/10/18011/13/1801Count di Novini
Judith VerplanckVolume 31/10/18011/13/1801Count di Novini
Thomas KnoxVolume 11/13/18011/17/1801Count di Novini
Thomas KnoxVolume 21/13/18011/17/1801Count di Novini
Thomas KnoxVolume 31/13/18011/17/1801Count di Novini
Richard N. HarisonVolume 11/17/18011/24/1801Count di Novini
Richard N. HarisonVolume 21/17/18011/24/1801Count di Novini
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 11/24/18011/24/1801Count di Novini
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 21/24/18011/24/1801Count di Novini
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 31/24/18011/24/1801Count di Novini
Judah ZuntzVolume 11/27/18011/29/1801Count di Novini
Judah ZuntzVolume 21/27/18011/29/1801Count di Novini
Judah ZuntzVolume 31/27/18011/29/1801Count di Novini
John MooreVolume 11/30/18012/4/1801Count di Novini
John MooreVolume 21/30/18012/4/1801Count di Novini
John MooreVolume 31/30/18012/4/1801Count di Novini
Peter R. LivingstonVolume 12/5/18012/7/1801Count di Novini
Peter R. LivingstonVolume 22/5/18012/7/1801Count di Novini
Peter R. LivingstonVolume 32/5/18012/7/1801Count di Novini
Thomas GreenleafVolume 12/10/18012/14/1801Count di Novini
Thomas GreenleafVolume 22/10/18012/14/1801Count di Novini
Thomas GreenleafVolume 32/10/18012/14/1801Count di Novini
Patrick HoustounVolume 12/17/18012/20/1801Count di Novini
Patrick HoustounVolume 22/17/18012/20/1801Count di Novini
Patrick HoustounVolume 32/17/18012/20/1801Count di Novini
Isaac BurrVolume 12/20/18012/27/1801Count di Novini
Isaac BurrVolume 22/20/18012/27/1801Count di Novini
Isaac BurrVolume 32/20/18012/27/1801Count di Novini
Francis CooperVolume 12/28/18013/12/1801Count di Novini
Francis CooperVolume 22/28/18013/12/1801Count di Novini
Francis CooperVolume 32/28/18013/12/1801Count di Novini
Solomon SimpsonVolume 13/14/18013/28/1801Count di Novini
Solomon SimpsonVolume 23/14/18013/28/1801Count di Novini
Solomon SimpsonVolume 33/14/18013/28/1801Count di Novini
Moses B. SeixasVolume 13/30/18014/6/1801Count di Novini
Moses B. SeixasVolume 23/30/18014/6/1801Count di Novini
Moses B. SeixasVolume 33/30/18014/6/1801Count di Novini
Joseph WinterVolume 14/1/18014/2/1801Count di Novini
Joseph WinterVolume 24/1/18014/2/1801Count di Novini
Joseph WinterVolume 34/1/18014/2/1801Count di Novini
Elizabeth ParkerVolume 14/2/18014/11/1801Count di Novini
Elizabeth ParkerVolume 24/2/18014/11/1801Count di Novini
Elizabeth ParkerVolume 34/2/18014/11/1801Count di Novini
Robert BensonVolume 14/11/18014/18/1801Count di Novini
Robert BensonVolume 24/11/18014/18/1801Count di Novini
Robert BensonVolume 34/11/18014/18/1801Count di Novini
Elbert AndersonVolume 14/20/18014/23/1801Count di Novini
Elbert AndersonVolume 24/20/18014/23/1801Count di Novini
Elbert AndersonVolume 34/20/18014/23/1801Count di Novini
Bernard HartVolume 14/25/18014/27/1801Count di Novini
Bernard HartVolume 24/25/18014/27/1801Count di Novini
Bernard HartVolume 34/25/18014/27/1801Count di Novini
Francis ThompsonVolume 14/27/18014/30/1801Count di Novini
Francis ThompsonVolume 24/27/18014/30/1801Count di Novini
Francis ThompsonVolume 34/27/18014/30/1801Count di Novini
James Watson, Jr.Volume 15/1/18015/11/1801Count di Novini
James Watson, Jr.Volume 25/1/18015/11/1801Count di Novini
James Watson, Jr.Volume 35/1/18015/11/1801Count di Novini
Robert GosmanVolume 15/6/18015/8/1801Count di Novini
Robert GosmanVolume 25/6/18015/8/1801Count di Novini
Robert GosmanVolume 35/6/18015/8/1801Count di Novini
John P. MumfordVolume 15/8/18015/11/1801Count di Novini
John P. MumfordVolume 25/8/18015/11/1801Count di Novini
John P. MumfordVolume 35/8/18015/11/1801Count di Novini
Lewis OgdenVolume 15/11/18015/16/1801Count di Novini
Lewis OgdenVolume 25/11/18015/16/1801Count di Novini
Lewis OgdenVolume 35/11/18015/16/1801"
William G. WardVolume 15/16/18015/20/1801Count di Novini
William G. WardVolume 25/16/18015/20/1801Count di Novini
William G. WardVolume 35/16/18015/20/1801Count di Novini
Edward L. Schieffelin5/23/18015/23/1801Count di Novini
Edward L. SchieffelinVolume 15/23/18016/2/1801"
Edward L. SchieffelinVolume 25/23/18016/2/1801"
Edward L. SchieffelinVolume 35/23/18016/2/1801"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 16/2/18016/5/1801Count di Novini
Gulian VerplanckVolume 26/2/18016/5/1801Count di Novini
Gulian VerplanckVolume 36/2/18016/5/1801Count di Novini
Edmund KirbyVolume 16/6/18016/23/18019dCount di Novini
Edmund KirbyVolume 26/6/18016/23/18019dCount di Novini
Edmund KirbyVolume 36/6/18016/23/18019dCount di Novini
James DavidsonVolume 16/26/18017/10/1801Count di Novini
James DavidsonVolume 26/26/18017/10/1801Count di Novini
James DavidsonVolume 36/26/18017/10/1801Count di Novini
William ProctorVolume 17/7/18017/10/1801Count di Novini
William ProctorVolume 27/7/18017/10/1801Count di Novini
William ProctorVolume 37/7/18017/10/1801Count di Novini
John MooreVolume 17/13/18017/17/1801Count di Novini
John MooreVolume 27/13/18017/17/1801Count di Novini
John MooreVolume 37/13/18017/17/1801Count di Novini
Cornelius BogertVolume 17/27/18017/30/1801Count di Novini
Cornelius BogertVolume 27/27/18017/30/1801Count di Novini
Cornelius BogertVolume 37/27/18017/30/1801Count di Novini
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 17/30/18018/17/18011/Count di Novini
William StrachanVolume 17/30/18017/30/1801Count di Novini
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 27/30/18018/17/18011/Count di Novini
William StrachanVolume 27/30/18017/30/1801Count di Novini
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 37/30/18018/17/18011/Count di Novini
William StrachanVolume 37/30/18017/30/1801Count di Novini
Henry RogersVolume 18/17/18018/18/1801Count d Novini
Henry RogersVolume 28/17/18018/18/1801Count d Novini
Henry RogersVolume 38/17/18018/18/1801Count d Novini
Gardiner JonesVolume 18/26/18018/31/1801Count di Novini
Gardiner JonesVolume 28/26/18018/31/1801Count di Novini
Gardiner JonesVolume 38/26/18018/31/1801Count di Novini
Ann PierceVolume 19/1/18019/3/1801Count di Novini
Ann PierceVolume 29/1/18019/3/1801Count di Novini
Ann PierceVolume 39/1/18019/3/1801Count di Novini
William G. MillerVolume 19/11/18019/26/18013dCount di Novini
William G. MillerVolume 29/11/18019/26/18013dCount di Novini
William G. MillerVolume 39/11/18019/26/18013dCount di Novini
Elijah PellVolume 110/5/180110/21/1801Count di Novini
Elijah PellVolume 210/5/180110/21/1801Count di Novini
Elijah PellVolume 310/5/180110/21/1801Count di Novini
Benjamin StrongVolume 110/27/180110/29/1801Count Di Novini
Benjamin StrongVolume 210/27/180110/29/1801Count Di Novini
Benjamin StrongVolume 310/27/180110/29/1801Count Di Novini
John B. StringhamVolume 211/3/180111/5/1801Count di Novini
John B. StringhamVolume 311/5/180111/9/1801"
John BuchannanVolume 111/13/180111/18/1801Count di Novini
John BuchannanVolume 211/13/180111/18/1801Count di Novini
John BuchannanVolume 311/13/180111/18/1801Count di Novini
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 111/18/180111/24/1801Count di Novini
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 211/18/180111/24/1801Count di Novini
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 311/18/180111/24/1801Count di Novini
Abraham GomezVolume 112/12/180112/24/1801Count di Novini
Abraham GomezVolume 212/12/180112/24/1801Count di Novini
Abraham GomezVolume 312/12/180112/24/1801Count di Novini
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 112/24/18011/4/1802Count di Novini
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 212/24/18011/4/1802Count di Novini
Elijah PellVolume 11/6/18021/7/1802Count di Novini
Elijah PellVolume 21/6/18021/7/1802Count di Novini
Elijah PellVolume 31/6/18021/7/1802Count di Novini
David MorrisVolume 11/23/18022/10/1802Count di Novini
David MorrisVolume 21/23/18022/10/1802Count di Novini
David MorrisVolume 32/10/18022/10/1802"
David MorrisVolume 32/10/18023/12/18021/4"
George WarnerVolume 12/13/18022/20/1802Count di Novini
George WarnerVolume 22/13/18022/20/1802Count di Novini
John WilkinsVolume 12/20/18022/24/1802D 6dCount Di Novini
John WilkinsVolume 22/20/18022/24/1802D 6dCount Di Novini
George WarnerVolume 13/18/18023/20/1802Count di Novini
George WarnerVolume 23/18/18023/20/1802Count di Novini
George WarnerVolume 33/18/18023/20/1802Count di Novini
Henry RemsenVolume 13/20/18024/2/1802count di Novini
Henry RemsenVolume 23/20/18024/2/1802count di Novini
Henry RemsenVolume 33/20/18024/2/1802count di Novini
John KingslandVolume 14/3/18024/21/18021/Count di Novini
John KingslandVolume 24/3/18024/21/18021/Count di Novini
Judith VerplanckVolume 14/24/18025/1/1802Count di Novini
Judith VerplanckVolume 24/24/18025/1/1802Count di Novini
Judith VerplanckVolume 34/24/18025/1/1802Count di Novini
Valentine PetersVolume 15/6/18025/13/1802Count Di Novini
Valentine PetersVolume 25/6/18025/13/1802Count Di Novini
Valentine PetersVolume 35/6/18025/13/1802Count Di Novini
Alsop HuntVolume 15/14/18025/19/1802Count di Novini
Alsop HuntVolume 25/14/18025/19/1802Count di Novini
Alsop HuntVolume 35/14/18025/19/1802Count di Novini
James Davidson5/29/18025/29/1802Count di Novini (ab)
William OgilvieVolume 17/15/18027/19/1802Count di Novini
William OgilvieVolume 27/15/18027/19/1802Count di Novini
William OgilvieVolume 37/15/18027/19/1802Count di Novini
John W. MulliganVolume 12/17/18032/26/1803Count di Novini
John W. MulliganVolume 22/17/18032/26/1803Count di Novini
John W. MulliganVolume 32/17/18032/26/1803Count di Novini
Hugh GaineVolume 12/22/18034/16/1803Count de Novini
Hugh GaineVolume 22/22/18034/16/1803Count de Novini
Hugh GaineVolume 32/22/18034/16/1803Count de Novini
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 13/21/18034/12/18032/Count di Novini
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 23/21/18034/12/18032/Count di Novini
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 33/21/18034/12/18032/Count di Novini
John HoneVolume 14/19/18034/30/1803Count di Novini
John HoneVolume 24/19/18034/30/1803Count di Novini
John HoneVolume 34/19/18034/30/1803Count di Novini
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 17/19/18037/30/1803Count di Novini
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 27/19/18037/30/1803Count di Novini
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 37/19/18037/30/1803Count di Novini
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 17/30/18038/3/1803Count di Novini
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 27/30/18038/3/1803Count di Novini
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 37/30/18038/3/1803Count di Novini
Robert TroupVolume 112/24/180312/26/1803Count di Novini
Robert TroupVolume 212/24/180312/26/1803Count di Novini
Robert TroupVolume 312/24/180312/26/1803Count di Novini
Isaac BurrVolume 11/9/18041/9/1804Count di Novini
Isaac BurrVolume 21/9/18041/9/1804Count di Novini
Isaac BurrVolume 31/9/18041/9/1804Count di Novini
William LinnVolume 12/6/18042/8/1804Count di Novini
William LinnVolume 22/6/18042/8/1804Count di Novini
William LinnVolume 32/6/18042/8/1804Count di Novini
Samuel LaurenceVolume 12/8/18042/11/1804Count di Novini
Samuel LaurenceVolume 22/8/18042/11/1804Count di Novini
Samuel LaurenceVolume 32/8/18042/11/1804Count di Novini
Elijah FerrisVolume 15/24/18045/25/1804Count di Novini
Elijah FerrisVolume 15/24/18045/25/1804Count di Novini
Elijah FerrisVolume 25/24/18045/25/1804Count di Novini
Elijah FerrisVolume 25/24/18045/25/1804Count di Novini
Elijah FerrisVolume 35/24/18045/25/1804Count di Novini
Elijah FerrisVolume 35/24/18045/25/1804Count di Novini
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 15/25/18046/6/1804Count di Novini
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 25/25/18046/6/1804Count di Novini
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 35/25/18046/6/1804Count di Novini
Isaac HeyerVolume 16/7/18046/16/1804Count di Novini
Isaac HeyerVolume 26/7/18046/16/1804Count di Novini
Isaac HeyerVolume 36/7/18046/16/1804Count di Novini
Francis KeymerVolume 16/16/18046/18/1804Count di Novini
Francis KeymerVolume 26/16/18046/18/1804Count di Novini
Francis KeymerVolume 36/16/18046/18/1804Count di Novini
Archibald McLeanVolume 16/22/18047/5/1804Count di Novini
Archibald McLeanVolume 26/22/18047/5/1804Count di Novini
Archibald McLeanVolume 36/22/18047/5/1804Count di Novini
David GelstonVolume 17/6/18047/10/1804Count di Novini
David GelstonVolume 27/6/18047/10/1804Count di Novini
David GelstonVolume 37/6/18047/10/1804Count di Novini
Joseph WinterVolume 17/11/18047/11/1804Count di Novini
Joseph WinterVolume 27/11/18047/11/1804Count di Novini
Joseph WinterVolume 37/11/18047/11/1804Count di Novini
Gillian CornellVolume 19/8/18049/21/1804Count di Novini
Gillian CornellVolume 29/8/18049/21/1804Count di Novini
Robert H. BowneVolume 19/21/18049/24/1804Count di Novini
Robert H. BowneVolume 29/21/18049/24/1804Count di Novini
John ParkinsonVolume 110/6/180410/13/1804Count di Novini
John ParkinsonVolume 210/6/180410/13/1804Count di Novini
William LinnVolume 110/15/180410/23/1804Count di Novini
William LinnVolume 210/15/180410/23/1804Count di Novini
George C. MortonVolume 110/23/180410/24/1804Count di Novini
George C. MortonVolume 210/23/180410/24/1804Count di Novini
George C. MortonVolume 310/23/180410/24/1804Count di Novini
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 111/20/180411/21/1804Count di Novini
Benjamin J. MooreVolume 211/20/180411/21/1804Count di Novini
John Ten EyckVolume 111/21/180412/6/18042dCount di Novini
John Ten EyckVolume 211/21/180412/6/18042dCount di Novini
James C. WinterVolume 11/2/18051/7/1805Count di Novini
James C. WinterVolume 21/2/18051/7/1805Count di Novini
William BleeckerVolume 11/10/18051/12/1805Count di Novini
William BleeckerVolume 21/10/18051/12/1805Count di Novini
Abraham PrallVolume 11/29/18052/4/1805Count di Novini
Abraham PrallVolume 21/29/18052/4/1805Count di Novini
John KingslandVolume 12/9/18052/21/1805Count di Novini
John KingslandVolume 22/9/18052/21/1805Count di Novini
John KingslandVolume 32/9/18052/21/1805Count di Novini
Peter KettletasVolume 13/11/18053/14/1805Count di Novini
Peter KettletasVolume 23/11/18053/14/1805Count di Novini
Solomon SimpsonVolume 13/14/18053/15/1805Count di Novini
Solomon SimpsonVolume 23/14/18053/15/1805Count di Novini
Samuel JonesVolume 13/25/18053/25/1805Count di Novini
Samuel JonesVolume 23/25/18053/25/1805Count di Novini
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 13/26/18053/30/1805Count di Novini
Adrian C. Van SlyckVolume 23/26/18053/30/1805Count di Novini
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 14/18/18054/18/1805Count di Novini
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 24/18/18054/18/1805Count di Novini
Charles RhindVolume 16/15/18056/20/1805Count di Novini
Charles RhindVolume 26/15/18056/20/1805Count di Novini
Dominick LynchVolume 16/20/18057/5/1805Count di Novini
Dominick LynchVolume 26/20/18057/5/1805Count di Novini
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 17/5/18057/12/1805Count di Novini
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 27/5/18057/12/1805Count di Novini
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 37/5/18057/12/1805Count di Novini
John B. MurrayVolume 17/31/18058/20/1805Count di Novini
John B. MurrayVolume 27/31/18058/20/1805Count di Novini
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