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J.-J. (Jean-Jacques) Barthélemy

Carite and Polydorus. To which is prefixed, A treatise on morals. By J. J. Barthélemy, Author of the Travels of Anacharsis. With The life of the author.

London: Printed for Otridge and Son; R. Faulder; J. Walker; R. Lea; J. Cuthell; J. Nunn; Ogilvy and Son; Lackington, Allen and Co.; and Vernor and Hood, 1799.
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Carite and Polydorus. To which is prefixed, A treatise on morals. By J. J. Barthélemy, Author of the Travels of Anacharsis. With The life of the author. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William Beekman1/23/18001/28/1800Crite of Phoydore
William Samuel Johnson3/14/18003/31/1800Crite & Polydorus
Cornelia Blaau3/31/18003/31/1800Carite & Polydorus
Walter Jonas JudahVolume 15/24/18005/28/1800Carite & Polydorus
Edward Lyde6/2/18006/3/1800Carite & Polydorus
Samuel Jones, Jr.6/3/18006/6/1800Carite and Polydorus
John Moore6/6/18006/19/1800Carite & Polydorus
Francis L. Harison7/9/18007/10/1800Carite & Polydorus
John McQueen7/23/18008/5/1800Carite & Polydorus
Abraham Gomez8/11/18008/16/1800Carite & Polydorus
Rich Harison9/18/18009/20/1800Carite & Polydorus
Gilbert Milligan9/20/18009/27/1800Carite & Polydorus
John Ireland9/27/180010/3/1800Carite & Polydorus
Manuel Myers11/29/180012/3/1800Carite & Polidorus
George Bowne Jr.12/6/180012/9/1803Carite & Polid
John Kingsland12/13/180012/26/1800Carite & Polydorus
Charlotte White12/27/18001/3/1801Carite & Polidorus
Judah Zuntz1/22/18011/24/1801Carite & Polidorus
Benjamin S. Judah2/4/18012/7/1801Carite and Polydorus
Frederick de Peyster2/12/18012/12/1801Carite & Polydorus
Peter Mesier2/21/18013/21/18011/2Carite & Polidorus
Francis L. Harison3/24/18013/26/1801Carite & Polidorus
William G. ForbesVolume 13/30/18014/11/1801Carite & Polydorus
William G. ForbesVolume 23/30/18014/11/1801Carite & Polydorus
William G. ForbesVolume 33/30/18014/11/1801Carite & Polydorus
William G. ForbesVolume 43/30/18014/11/1801Carite & Polydorus
George Knox4/13/18014/20/1801Carite & Polydorus
James Bradish4/20/18014/21/1801Carite & Polidorus
Joseph Winter4/22/18014/22/1801Carite & Polidorus
Jonathan Pearsee5/7/18015/12/1801Carite & Poledorus
John N. Abeel5/14/18015/19/1801Carite and Polydorus
John P. Mumford5/19/18015/21/1801Carite & Polid
John Hone5/23/18015/26/1801Carite & Polid
Arthur Noble6/13/18016/15/1801Carite & Polidorus
William G. Forbes6/17/18016/19/1801Carite & Polid.
John Cock7/28/18017/30/1801Carite & Polidorus
Theophilius Brower7/31/18018/4/1801Carite & Polidorus
Henry Remsen, Jr.8/24/18018/25/1801Carite & Polidorus
Robert C. Livingston9/18/18019/21/1801Carite & polidorus
Robert C. Livingston9/22/18019/22/1801Carite & polidorus
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.9/29/180110/3/1801Cartie & Polidorus
Gardiner Jones10/14/180110/15/1801Carite & Polidorus
Henry Remsen, Jr.1/4/18021/5/1802Carite & Polidorus
John G. Glover2/2/18022/4/1802Carite & Polidorus
Monson Hoyt2/27/18023/4/1802Carite Polidorus
Garret H. Van Wagenen3/4/18023/6/1802Carite & Polidorus
Rich HarisonVolume 15/22/18025/26/1802Carite & Polidorus
Rich HarisonVolume 25/22/18025/26/1802Carite & Polidorus
Rich HarisonVolume 35/22/18025/26/1802Carite & Polidorus
Rich HarisonVolume 45/22/18025/26/1802Carite & Polidorus
Jeremiah Hill2/26/18032/26/1803Carite & Polidorus
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 15/20/18035/24/1803Carite & Polidorus
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 15/24/18035/25/1803Carite & Polidorus
Walter Burling7/27/18037/28/1803Carite & Polidorus
Malcolm Campbell6/15/18046/21/1804Carite and Polydorus
Anthony Ackley12/26/180412/27/1804Carite and Polydorus
Garret GilbertVolume 112/9/180512/10/1805Carite & Polydorus
Garret GilbertVolume 212/9/180512/10/1805Carite & Polydorus
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