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George Adams

Lectures on natural and experimental philosophy, considered in it’s present state of improvement. Describing, in a familiar and easy manney, the principal philomena of nature; and shewing, that they all co-operate in displaying the goodness, wisdom, and power of God. By George Adams, mathematical instrument maker to His Majesty, and optician to His Royal Highness the Price of Wales. In five volumes. The fifth volume consisting of the plates and index. ...

London: Printed by R. Hindmarsh, printer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Old-Bailey. Sold by the author, No. 60, Fleet-Street , 1794.
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Lectures on natural and experimental philosophy, considered in it’s present state of improvement. Describing, in a familiar and easy manney, the principal philomena of nature; and shewing, that they all co-operate in displaying the goodness, wisdom, and power of God. By George Adams, mathematical instrument maker to His Majesty, and optician to His Royal Highness the Price of Wales. In five volumes. The fifth volume consisting of the plates and index. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Peter WilsonVolume 312/6/179912/10/1799Adams Philosophy
Peter WilsonVolume 312/12/179912/16/1799Adam's Lectures
John R. MurrayVolume 112/20/17991/6/1800Adams Lectures
Columbia UniversityVolume 312/23/179912/24/1799Lectures on Natural PhilosophyWilson
John R. MurrayVolume 21/6/18001/27/1800"
Columbia UniversityVolume 31/20/18001/22/1800Lectures on Natural PhilosophyWilson
John R. MurrayVolume 31/27/18002/8/1800"
James HuntVolume 31/27/18002/3/1800Adam's Lectures
Jasper WardVolume 12/6/18002/28/18002dAdams Lectures
James BoydVolume 13/14/18003/27/1800Adam's Lectures
Louis SymondVolume 25/22/18005/23/1800Adam's Lectures
Louis SymondVolume 25/23/18006/21/18002/4"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 46/19/18006/24/1800Lectures on Natural Philosophy
Elbert AndersonVolume 28/4/18009/15/1800Lectures on Natural Philosophy
Henry SadlerVolume 19/1/18009/15/1800Adam's Lectures
Elbert AndersonVolume 29/15/180010/30/1800"
George Bowne Jr.Volume 19/22/18009/30/1803Adams Lectures
George Bowne Jr.Volume 310/6/180010/16/1803Adam's Lectures
Robert BensonVolume 310/27/180011/5/1800Adam's Lectures
Elbert AndersonVolume 210/30/180012/8/18008/"
Columbia UniversityVolume 111/1/180011/4/1800Lectures on Natural PhilosophyHenry Schenck
Henry SchenckVolume 111/1/180011/4/1800Adam's Lectures
Columbia UniversityVolume 311/4/180011/20/1800"Henry Schenck
Henry SchenckVolume 311/4/180011/20/1800"
Richard N. HarisonVolume 111/5/180012/5/18002/6Adam's Lectures
Francis L. HarisonVolume 511/7/180012/5/18002dAdam's Lectures
Francis L. HarisonVolume 112/5/180012/5/1800"
John McLarenVolume 312/5/180012/17/1800Adam's Lectures
Francis L. HarisonVolume 512/5/180012/5/1800"
Richard N. HarisonVolume 512/5/180012/18/18002/6Adam's Lectures
Elbert AndersonVolume 212/8/180012/31/1800"
Francis L. HarisonVolume 112/18/18001/5/1801"
John McLarenVolume 412/27/180012/30/1800"
Elbert AndersonVolume 212/31/18002/11/1801"
David Van HorneVolume 11/17/18011/20/1801Adam's Lectures
David Van HorneVolume 31/20/18011/22/1801"
John WoodVolume 11/29/18012/28/1801Adam's Lectures
John WoodVolume 51/30/1801"
Charles BaldwinVolume 31/31/18012/21/1801Adam's Lectures
John WoodVolume 22/18/18013/12/1801"
Abraham BrinckerhoffVolume 12/20/18013/7/1801Adam's Lectures
John WoodVolume 23/12/18013/19/1801"
John WoodVolume 33/19/18015/1/1801"
Columbia UniversityVolume 24/4/18014/27/1801Lectures on Natural PhilosophyHenry Schenck
Henry SchenckVolume 24/4/18014/27/1801" Lectures
Columbia UniversityVolume 24/27/18015/5/1801"Henry Schenck
Henry SchenckVolume 24/27/18015/5/1801"
Daniel PhoenixVolume 15/9/18015/13/1801Adam's Lectures
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 15/23/18016/16/18016dAdam's Lectures
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 16/16/18017/8/18013d"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 16/23/18017/16/1801Lectures on Natural Philosophy
Matthew ClarksonVolume 26/23/18017/16/1801Lectures on Natural Philosophy
Matthew ClarksonVolume 36/23/18017/16/1801Lectures on Natural Philosophy
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 17/8/18017/28/1801"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 17/28/18018/19/18012d"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 28/19/18019/7/1801"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 29/7/18019/28/1801"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 29/28/180110/19/1801"
Anthony BleeckerVolume 310/7/180110/26/1801Adam's Lectures
Anthony BleeckerVolume 510/10/180110/24/1801"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 210/19/180111/10/1801"
Anthony BleeckerVolume 310/26/180111/7/1801"
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 110/29/180111/24/180110dAdam's Lectures
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 211/10/180111/26/1801"
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 111/24/180112/9/180110d"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 211/26/180112/26/18011/6"
Henry PriestVolume 312/16/180112/17/1801Adam's Lectures
William MooreVolume 11/9/18021/25/1802Adam's Lectures
William MooreVolume 21/25/18022/13/1802"
Nicholas RooseveltVolume 11/28/18022/5/1802Adam's Lectures
Francis Childs, Jr.2/3/18023/3/18021/2"
William MooreVolume 42/13/18022/19/1802"
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 23/2/18023/31/18022/4Adam's Philosophy
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 33/3/18023/20/1802"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 13/29/18024/17/1802Lectures on Natural Philosophy
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 33/31/18024/17/1802"
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 44/23/18025/18/18028/4Adam's Lectures
Sands PellVolume 15/1/18025/8/1802Adams Lectures
Sands PellVolume 15/4/18026/25/18024/Plates
Sands PellVolume 25/8/18026/24/1802Plates
John TurnerVolume 15/19/18026/8/1802Adam's Lectures
Sands PellVolume 35/24/1802Plates
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 46/3/18026/17/1802"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 46/17/18027/12/18028d"
Sands PellVolume 56/25/18027/19/18026dPlates
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 47/12/18028/2/18024d"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 48/2/18028/25/18024d"
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 48/25/18029/15/1802"
Matthew ClarksonVolume 19/14/18029/28/1802Lectures on Natural Philosophy
Francis Childs, Jr.Volume 49/15/180210/13/18021/2"
James StringhamVolume 112/3/180212/11/1802Adam's Lectures
Henry SandsVolume 12/4/18032/5/1803Adam's Lectures
George SnowdenVolume 42/5/18032/8/1803Adam's Lectures
William GreenVolume 13/12/18033/17/1803Adam's Lectures
Robert WattsVolume 24/5/18034/26/1803Adams Lectures
John LylburnVolume 14/12/18034/19/1803Adam's Lectures
Robert WattsVolume 24/26/18035/14/1803Adam's Lectures
John H. SicklesVolume 16/10/18036/17/1803Adam's Lectures
John Ten BrookVolume 111/26/180312/10/1803Adam's Philosophy
Valentine SeamanVolume 12/9/18042/23/1804Adam's Philosophy
Valentine SeamanVolume 23/8/18043/28/1804" Philosopy
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 24/28/18045/19/1804Adam's Lectures
George SnowdenVolume 18/15/18048/29/1804Adam's Philosophy
George SnowdenVolume 48/29/18049/17/1804"
George SnowdenVolume 28/29/18049/17/1804"
George SnowdenVolume 38/29/18049/17/1804"
Ann PierceVolume 110/18/180410/19/1804Adam's Philosophy
Ann Pierce10/19/180411/14/180410dPlates
Ann PierceVolume 310/19/180411/14/180410d"
Nathaniel F. MooreVolume 111/6/180411/7/1804Adam's Philosophy
Abraham HerringVolume 111/9/180411/30/1804Adam's Lecture
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 211/13/180411/16/1804Adam's Philosop
Ann PierceVolume 311/14/18041/5/180510/4" & 3
Henry KunzeVolume 112/18/180412/28/1804Adam's Nat Philoso
Thomas RobertsVolume 112/28/18041/10/1805Adam's Lectures
Thomas RobertsVolume 212/28/18041/10/1805Adam's Lectures
Ann PierceVolume 31/5/18051/19/1805" 3 & Plates
Thomas RobertsVolume 11/10/18051/25/1805"
Ann PierceVolume 31/19/18051/26/1805" 3 & Plates
Thomas RobertsVolume 41/25/18052/9/1805"
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 21/25/18052/1/1805Adam's Lectures
Ann PierceVolume 11/28/18052/9/1805Adam's Philosop.
Thomas RobertsVolume 42/9/18052/23/1805"
Matthias NachVolume 12/20/18053/4/1805Adam's Philosop
Thomas RobertsVolume 42/23/18052/26/1805"
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 32/26/18052/26/1805Adam's Lectures
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 33/6/18053/28/1805Adams Lectures
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 14/5/18054/17/1805Adam's Lectures
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 44/9/18054/13/1805Adam's Philosophy
Archibald M. CockVolume 44/16/18054/26/1805Adams Lectures
Ann PierceVolume 14/18/18054/29/1805Adam's Electricity
John Onderdonck4/22/18055/18/1805Adams Lectures
Ann Pierce4/29/18055/11/1805" Plates
Ann PierceVolume 24/29/18055/11/1805" Lectures
Henry KunzeVolume 16/1/18056/13/1805Adams Lectures
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 26/21/18057/13/18054dAdams Lectures
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 56/27/18057/13/1805"
Clement Joseph DelacroixVolume 18/16/18059/1/1805Adam's Lectures
Robert GosmanVolume 311/14/180511/28/1805Adam's Lectures
Malcolm CampbellVolume 112/13/1805Adam's Philosophy
Malcolm CampbellVolume 512/28/1805"
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 28/22/18068/22/1806Adams Lectures
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 28/22/18068/22/1806Adams Lectures
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