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John Moore

A view of society and manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany: with anecdotes relating to some eminent characters. By John Moore, M.D. ...

London: Printed for A. Strahan; and T. Cadell, in the Strand , 1786.

Volume numbers are recorded as they appear in the charging ledgers, and may not correspond to the number of volumes listed in the Library's 19th century catalogs.

Copy in collection is a later acquisition
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A view of society and manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany: with anecdotes relating to some eminent characters. By John Moore, M.D. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
James SaidlerVolume 47/29/17898/7/1789Moore's FranceSelf
John BrownVolume 18/19/17898/26/1789Moore's FranceSelf
Jonathan ElmerVolume 28/21/17898/24/1789Moore's FranceSelf
Peter OgilvieVolume 28/24/17898/28/1789Moore's FranceSelf
Peter OgilvieVolume 18/28/17899/2/1789Moore's FranceMr. Winter
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 19/4/17899/7/1789Moore's "Self
John BrownVolume 29/4/17899/16/1789Moore's FranceSelf
Daniel LudlowVolume 19/14/178910/9/1789Moore's France
John LambVolume 29/18/1789Moore's France - + 
John SwaineVolume 110/16/178910/19/1789Moores France
Isaac M. GomezVolume 112/14/178912/16/1789Moores France
Peter Jay MunroVolume 112/28/178912/30/1789Moores France
Walter RutherfurdVolume 12/3/17902/5/1790" France
Walter RutherfurdVolume 22/5/17902/8/1790" France
Richard PlattVolume 12/19/17902/22/1790Moores France
Samuel CorpVolume 13/12/17905/7/17903s/6p" France
Jacob ReedVolume 13/12/17903/17/1790Moores France
Jacob ReedVolume 23/17/17903/29/1790"
Thomas B. AtwoodVolume 13/29/17904/2/1790Moores France
Henry SeamanVolume 14/26/17904/30/1790Moore's France
Henry SeamanVolume 24/30/17905/3/1790"
Roger AldenVolume 16/5/17906/9/1790Moores France
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 26/16/17906/19/1790Moores France
Robert L. BowneVolume 17/1/17907/16/17905dMoores France
Thomas BuchananVolume 111/12/179011/22/1790" France
Thomas BuchananVolume 111/22/179011/24/1790" con
Benjamin MooreVolume 112/6/179012/15/1790Moores france
Benjamin MooreVolume 212/15/179012/29/1790"
Peter WilsonVolume 112/27/17901/5/1791Moore's France
John KeeseVolume 11/10/17911/19/1791Moores france
John MurrayVolume 21/18/17912/1/1791Moores France
George ScribaVolume 11/31/17912/1/1791Moores france
John ParsonsVolume 12/17/17912/19/1791Moore's France
Uriah HendricksVolume 12/23/17913/7/1791Moores France
John ParsonsVolume 23/1/17913/7/1791Moore's France
Uriah HendricksVolume 23/7/17913/15/1791"
Alexander PhoenixVolume 13/10/17913/11/1791Moores france
Samuel NichollVolume 13/15/17913/18/1791Moores France
Samuel NichollVolume 23/23/17913/25/1791Moores France
Solomon SaltusVolume 15/6/17915/9/1791Moore's France
Benjamin WalkerVolume 15/19/17915/26/1791Moore's France
Sidney PhoenixVolume 15/30/17916/1/1791Moores france
Sidney PhoenixVolume 26/2/17916/6/1791Moores france
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 16/20/17916/23/1791Moore's France
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 26/20/17916/23/1791Moore's France
Israel WilkesVolume 17/9/17917/13/1791Moore's France
Israel WilkesVolume 27/13/17917/18/1791"
Charles McEvers, Jr.Volume 17/29/17919/12/17912s/6pMoore France
Robert SmythVolume 18/23/17919/3/1791More's France
Robert SmythVolume 28/23/17919/3/1791More's France
James ScottVolume 28/25/17919/2/1791Moore's France
Edmund SeamanVolume 19/27/179110/3/1791Moore's France
Edmund SeamanVolume 210/3/179110/10/1791"
Marinus WillettVolume 110/24/179110/31/1791More's France
Marinus WillettVolume 210/31/179111/5/1791"
Charles ShawVolume 111/4/179112/1/1791Moore France
Robert SmythVolume 111/27/179112/3/1791Moore's France
Robert SmythVolume 211/27/179112/3/1791Moore's France
John SuydamVolume 112/23/179112/31/1791France (Moores)
John SuydamVolume 212/31/17911/21/1792"
Marinus WillettVolume 11/6/17921/16/1792More's France
Matthew Clarkson1/12/17921/30/1791Moore France
Marinus WillettVolume 21/23/17922/6/1792More's France
DeWitt ClintonVolume 11/24/17921/25/1792Moores France
John MurryVolume 12/7/17922/9/1792Moores France
John Youle2/11/17922/19/1792More France
John YouleVolume 22/19/17922/20/1792"
Francis ChildsVolume 12/21/17923/8/17923dMoore France
Francis ChildsVolume 23/9/17923/13/1792"
Isaac LivesayVolume 23/28/17923/31/1792Moores France
John MurrayVolume 24/12/17924/19/1792Moore France
William IrvingVolume 18/5/17998/10/1799Moores France
William G. WardVolume 18/12/17998/13/1799Moores France
William G. WardVolume 28/13/17998/16/1799"
John YouleVolume 11/14/18001/25/1800Moores France
John YouleVolume 21/25/18002/7/1800"
Samuel Smith BowneVolume 12/14/18002/14/1800Moore's France
Robert L. BowneVolume 22/14/18002/14/1800Moore's France
John DelamaterVolume 12/15/18002/28/1800Moores France
John DelamaterVolume 22/28/18003/12/1800"
Robert CrommelineVolume 19/27/180010/7/1800Moores France
Robert CrommelineVolume 210/7/180010/14/1800"
Gabriel FurmanVolume 110/8/180010/11/1800Moores France
Thomas CadleVolume 111/10/180011/22/1800Moore's France
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 11/6/18011/20/1801Moores France
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 21/6/18011/20/1801Moores France
James HuntVolume 11/22/18011/27/1801Moores France
Rebecca LaightVolume 13/30/18014/2/1801Moore's France
Rebecca LaightVolume 24/2/18014/4/1801"
Henry RemsenVolume 14/4/18014/9/1801" France
Henry RemsenVolume 14/9/18014/23/1801"
Henry RemsenVolume 24/9/18014/23/1801"
Abraham BeachVolume 18/4/18018/12/1801" France
Abraham BeachVolume 28/4/18018/12/1801" France
James LeeVolume 18/14/18018/24/1801Moores France
James LeeVolume 28/14/18018/24/1801Moores France
Alexander MowattVolume 18/27/18019/12/1801Moores France
Alexander MowattVolume 28/27/18019/12/1801Moores France
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 111/30/180112/8/1801Moores France
Marselis M. Van GeisenVolume 211/30/180112/8/1801Moores France
Jeromus JohnsonVolume 11/19/18022/2/1802Moore France
Jeromus JohnsonVolume 21/19/18022/2/1802Moore France
John OnderdonckVolume 12/3/18022/24/18021/2Moores France
John OnderdonckVolume 22/3/18022/24/18021/2Moores France
George KnoxVolume 13/25/18024/7/1802Moores France
George KnoxVolume 23/25/18024/7/1802Moores France
John PetersVolume 14/9/18025/10/1802Moores France
Montgomery HuntVolume 14/26/18025/10/1802Moore France
Alexander PhoenixVolume 17/22/18028/13/1802Moores France
Alexander PhoenixVolume 28/13/18028/21/1802"
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 18/16/18028/24/1802Moore's France
James R. SmithVolume 110/16/180210/29/1802" France
James R. SmithVolume 210/16/180210/29/1802" France
Robert ElderVolume 112/23/180212/27/1802Moores France
Robert ElderVolume 212/23/180212/27/1802Moores France
George D. CooperVolume 11/4/18031/18/1803Moores France
George D. CooperVolume 21/4/18031/18/1803Moores France
George D. CooperVolume 11/18/18032/1/1803"
George D. CooperVolume 21/18/18032/1/1803"
Matthias WardVolume 12/22/18033/5/1803Moores France
Matthias WardVolume 22/22/18033/5/1803Moores France
Philip RhinelanderVolume 15/26/18035/31/1803Moore France
Philip RhinelanderVolume 25/26/18035/31/1803Moore France
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 16/18/18037/9/1803Moores France
Nicholas Van AntwerpVolume 26/18/18037/9/1803Moores France
John LylburnVolume 18/4/18038/5/1803Moores France
John LylburnVolume 28/4/18038/5/1803Moores France
William LinnVolume 13/3/18043/5/1804Moore's France
William LinnVolume 23/6/18043/8/1804Moore's France
Edward LydeVolume 14/16/18044/16/1804Mores France
Edward LydeVolume 24/16/18044/16/1804Mores France
William EdgarVolume 14/23/18045/7/1804Moores France
William EdgarVolume 25/7/18045/21/1804Moores France
Christian BachVolume 15/17/18045/24/1804Moore's France
Christian BachVolume 25/24/18046/1/1804"
William WeymanVolume 18/20/18049/4/1804Moores France
William WeymanVolume 28/20/18049/4/1804Moores France
William BoydVolume 19/20/18049/24/1804Moore's France
John B. Fisk12/17/180412/31/18042dMoore's France
Henry KunzeVolume 11/28/18052/22/1805Moores France
Henry KunzeVolume 21/28/18052/22/1805Moores France
William UnderhillVolume 13/26/18054/11/18054dMoores France
William UnderhillVolume 23/26/18054/11/18054dMoores France
Selah StrongVolume 15/1/18055/16/18052dMoores France
Selah StrongVolume 25/1/18055/16/18052dMoores France
John OothoudtVolume 16/3/18056/11/1805Moores France
John OothoudtVolume 26/3/18056/11/1805Moores France
Philip EbertVolume 16/21/18056/27/1805Moores France
Philip EbertVolume 26/21/18056/27/1805Moores France
George BarnewallVolume 17/18/18057/25/1805Moores France
George BarnewallVolume 27/18/18057/25/1805Moores France
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