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The adventures of Numa Pompilius, second King of Rome. Translated from the French of M. de Florian. In two volumes. ...

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The adventures of Numa Pompilius, second King of Rome. Translated from the French of M. de Florian. In two volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William LaightVolume 12/28/17913/1/1791Numa pompilius
William LaightVolume 23/1/17913/2/1791"
Robert Watts7/7/17917/14/1791Numa pompiliun
Abraham HerringVolume 17/19/17917/30/1791Numa Popilius
John CozineVolume 19/8/17919/10/1791Numa pompilius
John CozineVolume 29/10/17919/12/1791"
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 19/30/179110/4/1791Numa Pomphilius
Henry M. Van SolingenVolume 210/4/179110/6/1791"
Elizabeth Parker10/6/179110/7/1791Numa Pompilius
Bezaleel HoweVolume 210/10/179110/15/17916pNum Phumplius
Bezaleel HoweVolume 110/15/179110/17/1791"
John Keese10/24/179110/31/1791LostNuma Pomphilius
Abraham HerringVolume 112/30/17911/3/1792Numa Pompilius
Abraham HerringVolume 21/3/17921/7/1792"
Alexander PhoenixVolume 11/30/17921/31/1792Numa Pompilius
Alexander PhoenixVolume 21/31/17922/3/1792"
Sidney Phoenix2/1/17922/3/1792Numa Pomphilius
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 12/16/17922/17/1792Numa Pompilius
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 22/17/17922/20/1792"
Robert BensonVolume 13/6/17923/21/1792Numa Pomponious
Robert BensonVolume 23/21/17924/4/1792"
Martin HoffmanVolume 13/23/17923/26/1792Numa pomilius
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 14/7/17924/10/1792Numa pomp.
Martin HoffmanVolume 24/7/17924/13/1792Numa Pomp.
John LambVolume 14/14/17924/17/1792Numa pom
John LambVolume 24/17/17924/20/1792"
Joseph HopkinsVolume 15/10/18005/21/1800Numa Pompil.
Joseph HopkinsVolume 25/21/18006/10/18006d"
Alexander PhoenixVolume 13/13/18013/17/1801Numa Pompilius
Alexander PhoenixVolume 23/13/18013/17/1801Numa Pompilius
Theophilius BrowerVolume 13/27/18014/1/1801Numa Pompilius
Theophilius BrowerVolume 23/27/18014/1/1801Numa Pompilius
James DavidsonVolume 14/15/18014/23/1801Numa Pompilius
James DavidsonVolume 24/15/18014/23/1801Numa Pompilius
John Ten BrookVolume 15/24/18014/25/18012/2Numa Pompolius
John Ten BrookVolume 25/24/18014/25/18012/2Numa Pompolius
John SullivanVolume 16/5/18016/15/1801Numa Pomp.
John SullivanVolume 26/5/18016/15/1801Numa Pomp.
Abraham GomezVolume 17/16/18017/17/1801Numa Pompilius
Abraham GomezVolume 27/16/18017/17/1801Numa Pompilius
Alexander PhoenixVolume 17/17/18018/8/1801Numa Pomp
Alexander PhoenixVolume 27/17/18018/8/1801Numa Pomp
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 112/9/180112/18/1801Numa Pompilius
Jacob J. JanewayVolume 212/9/180112/18/1801Numa Pompilius
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 112/21/180112/26/1801Numa Pompilius
Francis J. BarrettoVolume 212/21/180112/26/1801Numa Pompilius
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 14/17/18025/1/1802Numa Pompilius
Cornelius BrinckerhoffVolume 24/17/18025/1/1802Numa Pompilius
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 110/23/180211/3/1802Numa Pomp
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 210/23/180211/3/1802Numa Pomp
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 111/3/180211/12/1802"
Elizabeth Ann BaileyVolume 211/3/180211/12/1802"
Richard VarickVolume 12/17/18032/26/1803Numa Pompilius
Richard VarickVolume 22/17/18032/26/1803Numa Pompilius
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 12/26/18033/10/1803Numa Pompilus
Simon Van AntwerpVolume 22/26/18033/10/1803Numa Pompilus
Richard VarickVolume 13/21/18034/1/1803"
Richard VarickVolume 23/21/18034/1/1803"
William LinnVolume 13/10/18043/15/1804Numa Pompilius
William LinnVolume 23/10/18043/15/1804Numa Pompilius
William MaxwellVolume 13/14/18043/17/1804Numa Pompilius
William MaxwellVolume 23/14/18043/17/1804Numa Pompilius
Mootrey KinseyVolume 15/14/18045/17/1804Numa Pompelius
Mootrey KinseyVolume 15/14/18045/17/1804Nume Pompelius
Mootrey KinseyVolume 25/14/18045/17/1804Numa Pompelius
Mootrey KinseyVolume 25/14/18045/17/1804Nume Pompelius
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