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Peggy and Patty; or, the sisters of Ashdale. In four volumes. ...

london: Printed for J. Dodsley, Pall-Mall, M,DCC,LXXXIII, 1783.
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Peggy and Patty; or, the sisters of Ashdale. In four volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Jeremiah Johnson4/17/17914/23/1791Patty & Peggy
Henrietta Marie Colden5/7/17915/11/1791Peggy & Patty
John Murray6/28/17917/12/1791Peggy & Patty
William Cock7/16/17917/23/1791Peggy & Patty
Abraham Walton8/23/17918/30/1791Peggy and Patty
Robert Charles Johnson9/5/17919/6/1791Peggy & Patty
Peter R. Maverick10/10/179110/14/1791Peggy & Paty
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 212/17/179112/19/1791Peggy and Patty
John Swanston2/6/17922/27/1792Peggy & Patty 
Nathaniel Hazard2/27/17922/29/1792Peggy & Patty
William Proctor4/30/17925/1/1792Peggy & Patty
Francis Saltus8/28/17999/3/1799Peggy & Patty
Peter MastertonVolume 27/17/18027/27/1802Peggy & Patty set
Peter MastertonVolume 37/17/18027/27/1802Peggy & Patty set
Peter MastertonVolume 47/17/18027/27/1802Peggy & Patty set
Peter MastertonVolume 17/17/18027/27/1802Peggy & Patty set
James StringhamVolume 210/9/180210/15/1802Peggy & Patty set
James StringhamVolume 310/9/180210/15/1802Peggy & Patty set
James StringhamVolume 110/9/180210/15/1802Peggy & Patty set
George MillerVolume 211/9/180211/26/1802Peggy & Patty
George MillerVolume 311/9/180211/26/1802Peggy & Patty
George MillerVolume 411/9/180211/26/1802Peggy & Patty
George MillerVolume 111/9/180211/26/1802Peggy & Patty
Archibald RobertsonVolume 212/18/180212/21/1802Peggy & Patty
Archibald RobertsonVolume 312/18/180212/21/1802Peggy & Patty
Archibald RobertsonVolume 412/18/180212/21/1802Peggy & Patty
Archibald RobertsonVolume 112/18/180212/21/1802Peggy & Patty
John McLarenVolume 21/19/18031/24/1803Peggy & Patty
John McLarenVolume 31/19/18031/24/1803Peggy & Patty
John McLarenVolume 41/19/18031/24/1803Peggy & Patty
John McLarenVolume 11/19/18031/24/1803Peggy & Patty
Philip FisherVolume 22/18/18032/25/1803Peggy & Patty
Philip FisherVolume 32/18/18032/25/1803Peggy & Patty
Philip FisherVolume 42/18/18032/25/1803Peggy & Patty
Philip FisherVolume 12/18/18032/25/1803Peggy & Patty
William LinnVolume 23/18/18033/21/1803Peggy & Patty
William LinnVolume 33/18/18033/21/1803Peggy & Patty
William LinnVolume 43/18/18033/21/1803Peggy & Patty
William LinnVolume 13/18/18033/21/1803Peggy & Patty
David WilliamsonVolume 24/11/18034/23/1803Peggy & Patty
David WilliamsonVolume 34/11/18034/23/1803Peggy & Patty
David WilliamsonVolume 44/11/18034/23/1803Peggy & Patty
David WilliamsonVolume 14/11/18034/23/1803Peggy & Patty
Robert H. BowneVolume 25/24/18035/27/1803Peggy & Patty
Robert H. BowneVolume 35/24/18035/27/1803Peggy & Patty
Robert H. BowneVolume 45/24/18035/27/1803Peggy & Patty
Robert H. BowneVolume 15/24/18035/27/1803Peggy & Patty
Jacob Radcliff6/18/18036/20/1803Peggy & Patty1,2,3,4
Benjamin MooreVolume 26/27/18036/27/1803Peggy & Patty
Benjamin MooreVolume 36/27/18036/27/1803Peggy & Patty
Benjamin MooreVolume 46/27/18036/27/1803Peggy & Patty
Benjamin MooreVolume 16/27/18036/27/1803Peggy & Patty
John TurnerVolume 211/19/180311/24/1803Peggy & Patty
John TurnerVolume 311/19/180311/24/1803Peggy & Patty
John TurnerVolume 411/19/180311/24/1803Peggy & Patty
John TurnerVolume 111/19/180311/24/1803Peggy & Patty
John H. SicklesVolume 211/22/180312/5/1803Peggy & Patty
John H. SicklesVolume 311/22/180312/5/1803Peggy & Patty
John H. SicklesVolume 411/22/180312/5/1803Peggy & Patty
John H. SicklesVolume 111/22/180312/5/1803Peggy & Patty
Willet ColesVolume 212/13/180312/17/1803Peggy & Patty
Willet ColesVolume 312/13/180312/17/1803Peggy & Patty
Willet ColesVolume 412/13/180312/17/1803Peggy & Patty
Willet ColesVolume 112/13/180312/17/1803Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 21/18/18041/30/1804Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 31/18/18041/30/1804Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 41/18/18041/30/1804Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 11/18/18041/30/1804Peggy & Patty
John B. DashVolume 23/3/18043/6/1804Peggy & Patty
John B. DashVolume 33/3/18043/6/1804Peggy & Patty
John B. DashVolume 43/3/18043/6/1804Peggy & Patty
John B. DashVolume 13/3/18043/6/1804Peggy & Patty
James I. MargarumVolume 24/5/18044/9/1804Peggy & Patty
James I. MargarumVolume 34/5/18044/9/1804Peggy & Patty
James I. MargarumVolume 44/5/18044/9/1804Peggy & Patty
James I. MargarumVolume 14/5/18044/9/1804Peggy & Patty
Aquila GilesVolume 28/17/18048/23/1804Peggy & Patty
Aquila GilesVolume 38/17/18048/23/1804Peggy & Patty
Aquila GilesVolume 48/17/18048/23/1804Peggy & Patty
Aquila GilesVolume 18/17/18048/23/1804Peggy & Patty
Samuel JonesVolume 212/17/180412/26/1804Peggy & Patty
Samuel JonesVolume 312/17/180412/26/1804Peggy & Patty
Samuel JonesVolume 412/17/180412/26/1804Peggy & Patty
Samuel JonesVolume 112/17/180412/26/1804Peggy & Patty
John AbramsVolume 21/19/18051/26/1805Peggy & Patty
John AbramsVolume 31/19/18051/26/1805Peggy & Patty
John AbramsVolume 41/19/18051/26/1805Peggy & Patty
John AbramsVolume 11/19/18051/26/1805Peggy & Patty
Moses L. MosesVolume 21/26/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
Moses L. MosesVolume 31/26/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
Moses L. MosesVolume 41/26/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
Moses L. MosesVolume 11/26/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 22/1/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 32/1/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 42/1/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
William G. MillerVolume 12/1/18052/2/1805Peggy & Patty
Jacob LattingVolume 22/2/18052/11/1805Peggy & Patty
Jacob LattingVolume 32/2/18052/11/1805Peggy & Patty
Jacob LattingVolume 42/2/18052/11/1805Peggy & Patty
Jacob LattingVolume 12/2/18052/11/1805Peggy & Patty
Isaac HeyerVolume 23/19/18053/23/1805Peggy & Patty
Isaac HeyerVolume 33/19/18053/23/1805Peggy & Patty
Isaac HeyerVolume 43/19/18053/23/1805Peggy & Patty
Isaac HeyerVolume 13/19/18053/23/1805Peggy & Patty
John DewittVolume 24/11/18054/22/1805Peggy & Patty
John DewittVolume 34/11/18054/22/1805Peggy & Patty
John DewittVolume 44/11/18054/22/1805Peggy & Patty
John DewittVolume 14/11/18054/22/1805Peggy & Patty
Matthew DanielVolume 26/14/18056/19/1805Peggy & Patty
Matthew DanielVolume 36/14/18056/19/1805Peggy & Patty
Matthew DanielVolume 46/14/18056/19/1805Peggy & Patty
Matthew DanielVolume 16/14/18056/19/1805Peggy & Patty
Thomas BarfeVolume 28/17/18058/23/1805Peggy & Patty
Thomas BarfeVolume 38/17/18058/23/1805Peggy & Patty
Thomas BarfeVolume 48/17/18058/23/1805Peggy & Patty
Thomas BarfeVolume 18/17/18058/23/1805Peggy & Patty
George C. MortonVolume 28/26/18058/27/1805Peggy & Patty
George C. MortonVolume 38/26/18058/27/1805Peggy & Patty
George C. MortonVolume 48/26/18058/27/1805Peggy & Patty
George C. MortonVolume 18/26/18058/27/1805Peggy & Patty
John Ten BrookVolume 211/28/180511/30/1805Peggy & Patty
John Ten BrookVolume 311/28/180511/30/1805Peggy & Patty
John Ten BrookVolume 411/28/180511/30/1805Peggy & Patty
John Ten BrookVolume 111/28/180511/30/1805Peggy & Patty
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