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The correspondence of two lovers, inhabitants of Lyons. Published from the French originals. In three volumes. ...

1788 or 1789.

A precise edition for this title cannot be identified as it is only listed in the 18th Century catalogs, which do not list full publication details. See ESTC links at left for a complete list of editions that may have been owned by the Library.

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The correspondence of two lovers, inhabitants of Lyons. Published from the French originals. In three volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
George Barnewall3/15/17913/19/1791Two Lovers
George Barnewall3/19/17914/1/17912d" con
Gerard W. Beekman4/4/17914/14/1791Two Lovers
Daniel Phoenix4/15/17914/16/1791Two Lovers
Sampson Fleming4/22/17915/4/1791Two Lovers
Anthony Ackley5/21/17916/2/1791Two Lovers
John Swaine6/13/17916/15/1791Two Lovers
Sampson Fleming6/27/17916/27/1791Two Lovers
Benjamin S. Judah7/1/17917/9/1791Two Lovers
Sampson Fleming7/15/17917/15/1791Two Lovers
Joseph Stringham7/16/17917/29/1791Two Lovers
William Cock9/15/17919/17/1791Two Lovers
Garrett Abeel10/20/179110/26/1791Two Lovers
Gerard W. Beekman10/26/179110/31/1791Two Lovers
Peter Masterton12/22/179112/24/1791Two Lovers
Robert Lenox1/3/17921/5/1792Two Lovers
John Ireland1/23/17921/27/1792Two Lovers
Samuel Platt Broome1/30/17922/1/1792Two Lovers
Bernard Hart2/16/17922/21/1792Two Lovers
Benjamin Seixas2/22/17922/23/1792Two Lovers
Robert Lenox2/29/17923/3/1792Two Lovers
Benjamin S. Judah3/3/17923/10/1792Two Lovers
John P. Pearss3/16/17923/23/1792Two Lovers
William Edgar3/24/17923/26/1792Two Lovers
William Edgar3/30/17923/30/1792Two Lovers
William Van Wagenen4/12/17924/21/1792Two Lovers
Valentine Peters4/21/17924/29/1792Two Lovers
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