Henry Mackenzie

The man of feeling.

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The man of feeling. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Richard Platt2/22/17902/24/1790Man of feeling
William Henderson3/3/17903/19/1790Man of feeling
Lewis Allaire Scott3/3/17903/3/1790Man of Feeling
Marinus Willett3/24/17905/7/1790Man of Feeling
William Turnbull6/9/17906/12/1790Man of Feeling
Peter Kettletas6/18/17906/21/1790Man of feeling
Malachi Treat8/26/17908/28/1790Man Feeling
Isaac M. Gomez10/7/179010/16/1790Man of feeling
Marinus Oudenaarde10/22/179010/25/1790Man of feeling
Robert Charles Johnson11/15/179011/26/1790Man of feeling
Abraham Ludlow11/16/179011/17/1790Man feeling
John Slidell12/24/179012/27/1790Man Feeling
George Scriba1/17/17911/20/1791Man feeling
Lewis Ogden1/25/17911/29/1791Man Feeling
Jacob Hallett4/9/17914/20/1791Man feeling
Daniel Phoenix4/20/17914/21/1791Man Feeling
William Linn5/18/17915/19/1791Man of feeling
Michael Fullam6/13/17916/17/1791Man feeling
Robert Watts7/25/17918/3/1791Man of Feeling
Catharine Bradford8/23/17918/24/1791Man feeling
Louis Simond8/30/17919/13/1791Man Feeling
Matthew Clarkson10/5/179110/6/1791Man Feeling
Alsop Hunt10/7/179110/10/1791Man Feeling
Edward Greswold11/19/179111/22/1791Man feeling
Joseph Youle12/1/179112/3/1791Man feeling
Robert Smyth12/9/179112/19/1791Man Feeling
Valentine Peters12/22/179112/24/1791Man feeling
Willet Coles12/31/17911/18/1792Man Feeling
John Frost1/21/17921/25/1792Man of Feeling
Robert Charles Johnson2/10/17922/11/1792Man feeling
Newbery Davenport3/26/18003/31/1800Man Feeling
William Bell6/22/18016/26/1801Man Feeling
Robert C. Livingston6/26/18016/27/1801Man of Feeling
Marselis M. Van Geisen6/29/18017/6/1801Man Feeling
Thomas Ivers6/30/18017/3/1801Man Feeling
Henry Ten Brook7/7/18017/10/1801Man Feeling
Solomon Simpson7/11/18017/15/1801Man Feeling
Henry Ten Brook7/11/18017/11/1801Man Feeling
Sands Pell7/16/18017/27/1801Man Feeling
John Stoutenburgh7/28/18017/30/1801Man Feeling
Gillian CornellVolume 17/30/18018/14/1801Man Feeling
James Stuart8/14/18018/15/1801Man Feeling
William Wilson8/18/1801Man Feeling
Cornelius Brinckerhoff8/22/18018/25/1801Man Feeling
William G. ForbesVolume 28/27/18019/10/1801Man Feeling
William G. ForbesVolume 18/27/18019/10/1801Man Feeling
Judah Zuntz9/12/18019/22/1801Man Feeling
Henry Rutgers9/17/180110/5/18014dMan Feeling
William Moore10/19/180110/20/1801Man of Feeling
John J. Watts10/29/180111/14/1801Man feeling
Joseph Williams11/24/180111/26/1801Man Feeling
Abraham Gomez11/28/180112/11/1801Man Feeling
James Miles Hughes12/26/18011/5/1802Man Feeling
Abraham Varick1/5/18021/6/1802Man Feeling
Peter Irving1/6/18021/16/1802Man Feeling
Joseph Bindon1/29/18021/30/1802Man Feeling
Archibald Robertson2/20/18022/23/1802Man Feeling
Jacobus Fine2/24/18022/26/1802Man Feeling
Catharine Ladley Valentine5/21/18025/24/1802Man Feeling
William Shipley8/11/18028/16/1802Man Feeling
William Bard8/19/18028/20/1802Man of Feeling
Thomas Storm2/11/18032/14/1803Man Feeling
Charles White2/14/18032/19/1803Man Feeling
James Cockroft2/14/18032/19/1803Man Feeling
John Ireland2/24/18032/25/1803Man Feeling
William Underhill3/11/18034/13/18032/7Man Feeling
Robert McMennomy4/16/18034/28/1803Man Feeling
Nancy Ivers5/24/18035/26/1803Man Feeling
Walter Burling5/27/18035/28/1803Man Feeling
John Hone6/16/18036/23/1803Man Feeling
Gillian Cornell7/29/18038/5/1803Man Feeling
Hugh Hartshorne2/20/18042/21/1804Man Feeling
Abraham Beach3/7/18043/10/1804Man of Feeling
Hamilton StewartVolume 13/14/18043/15/1804Man Feeling
Anthony Ackley3/17/18043/19/1804Man of Feeling
Daniel D. Tompkins3/19/18043/27/1804Man Feeling
Daniel D. Tompkins3/19/18043/27/1804Man Feeling
Benjamin Moore3/31/18043/31/1804Man Feeling
John Ireland6/18/18046/28/1804Man Feeling
Edward Watkeys7/7/18047/12/1804Man Feeling
John IrelandVolume 28/8/18048/8/1804Man Feeling
John IrelandVolume 38/8/18048/8/1804Man Feeling
John IrelandVolume 18/8/18048/8/1804Man Feeling
Gabriel FurmanVolume 28/11/18049/26/18041/6Man of Feeling
Gabriel FurmanVolume 38/11/18049/26/18041/6Man of Feeling
Gabriel FurmanVolume 18/11/18049/26/18041/6Man of Feeling
James Bruen10/10/180410/17/1804Man Feeling
Thomas Jones11/27/180412/4/1804Man Feeling
James Bailey12/24/180412/26/1804Man Fieting
Peter Allair6/6/18056/11/1805Man of Feeling
Rich Harison8/2/18058/5/1805Man Feeling
John Murray Jr.12/4/180512/9/1805Man Feeling
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 212/27/180512/31/1805Man Feeling
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 312/27/180512/31/1805Man Feeling
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 112/27/180512/31/1805Man Feeling
Cornelius Van AllenVolume 412/27/180512/31/1805Man Feeling
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