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John Shebbeare

The marriage act. A novel. In which the ruin of female honour, the contempt of the clergy, the destruction of private and public liberty, with other fatal consequences, are considered; in a series of interesting adventures.

London : Printed for J. Hodges, at the Looking-Glass, facing St. Magnus-Church London-Bridge; and B. Collins at Salisbury., 1754.
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The marriage act. A novel. In which the ruin of female honour, the contempt of the clergy, the destruction of private and public liberty, with other fatal consequences, are considered; in a series of interesting adventures. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
James RenwickVolume 27/24/17897/27/1789Marriage Actboy
John GreenwoodVolume 19/30/178910/5/1789Marriage Act
John GreenwoodVolume 210/5/178910/7/1789Marriage Act
John BlaggeVolume 110/14/178910/16/1789Marriage Act
Pascal N. SmithVolume 11/25/17902/3/1790Marriage Act
Richard HarisonVolume 12/3/17902/19/1790Marriage Act
Sampson FlemingVolume 22/10/17902/12/1790Marriage act
Richard HarisonVolume 22/19/17903/3/1790"
George MorewoodVolume 12/22/17902/24/1790Marriage act
Thomas BuchananVolume 13/10/17903/12/1790Marriage act
Richard PlattVolume 13/15/17903/26/1790Marriage act
John LawrenceVolume 23/19/17903/26/1790Marriage act
John LawrenceVolume 24/7/17904/16/1790"
Frederick RhinelanderVolume 14/12/17904/14/1790Marriage Act
Isaac M. GomezVolume 14/16/17904/16/1790Marriage Act
William RhinelanderVolume 15/14/17905/17/1790Marriage Act
Isaac M. GomezVolume 15/26/17905/28/1790Marriage Act
Samuel NichollVolume 15/28/17905/31/1790Marriage Act
Isaac M. GomezVolume 25/29/17906/2/1790"
Elijah PellVolume 16/10/17906/18/1790Marriage act
Jacob MortonVolume 16/25/17906/26/1790Marriage Act
Jacob MortonVolume 26/25/17906/26/1790Marriage Act
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 16/26/17907/2/1790Marriage Act
William WaltonVolume 17/12/17907/13/1790Marriage Act
William WaltonVolume 27/14/17907/20/1790"
Catharine BradfordVolume 17/20/17907/29/1790Marriage Act
Malachi TreatVolume 17/29/17907/30/1790Marriage Act
Henry SeamanVolume 18/20/17908/24/1790Marriage Act
George PollockVolume 18/30/17909/1/1790Marriage Act
George PollockVolume 29/1/17909/8/1790"
William S. LivingstonVolume 19/2/17909/6/1790Marriage Act
John TurnerVolume 19/6/17909/7/1790Marriage Act
John TurnerVolume 29/12/17909/13/1790Marriage Act
Samuel Bard9/27/17909/29/1790Marriage Act
Samuel Bard9/28/17909/30/1790Marriage Act
Thomas LudlowVolume 19/29/17909/30/1790Marriage Act
Isaac L. KipVolume 110/10/179010/20/17905sMarriage act
Isaac L. KipVolume 210/20/179011/15/1790"
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 110/23/179010/26/1790Marriage act
Daniel PhoenixVolume 111/9/179011/9/1790Marriage Act
James RooseveltVolume 111/11/179011/15/1790Marriage Act
James RooseveltVolume 211/15/179011/25/1790"
Lewis Allaire ScottVolume 112/10/179012/11/1790Marriage Act
John SlidellVolume 112/17/179012/20/1790Marriage Act
John SlidellVolume 212/20/179012/22/1790"
Peter MastertonVolume 12/24/17912/25/1791Marriage act
William Linn4/4/17914/7/1791Marriage act
Edmund SeamanVolume 14/11/17914/15/1791Marriage Act
Edmund SeamanVolume 24/15/17914/27/1791"
Joseph StringhamVolume 15/23/17915/25/1791Marriage Act
Hugh GaineVolume 15/26/17915/28/1791Marriage Act
Hugh GaineVolume 25/28/17916/1/1791"
Townsend UnderhillVolume 16/9/17916/17/1791Marriage Act
Townsend UnderhillVolume 26/17/17917/13/1791"
Nathaniel HazardVolume 16/23/17916/25/1791Marriage Act
Nathaniel HazardVolume 17/6/17917/8/1791Marriage Act
Elizabeth DePeyster8/30/17919/2/1791Marriage Act
John IrelandVolume 19/7/17919/10/1791Marriage Act
Lewis OgdenVolume 29/21/17919/22/1791Marriage Act
Abraham WaltonVolume 19/22/17919/27/1791Marriage Act
Abraham WaltonVolume 19/26/17919/27/1791Marriage Act
Benjamin SeixasVolume 110/29/179110/31/1791Marriage Act
Robert BoydVolume 111/11/179111/12/1791Marriage Act
William RhodesVolume 112/19/179112/21/1791Marriage Act
Charles David GooldVolume 112/21/17911/5/1792Marrage Act
Samuel WardVolume 11/8/17921/11/1792Marriage Act
James DuaneVolume 11/14/17921/16/1792Marriage act
James DuaneVolume 21/16/17921/18/1792ditto
Anthony AckleyVolume 11/20/17921/21/1792Marriage Act
Anthony AckleyVolume 21/21/17921/25/1792"
John LambVolume 11/26/17921/27/1792Marriage Act
William ProctorVolume 11/28/17921/30/1792Marriage Act
John F. RoorbackVolume 12/20/17922/25/1792Marriage Act
William ProctorVolume 22/21/17922/23/1792Marriage Act
John F. RoorbackVolume 22/25/17923/6/1792"
Bernard HartVolume 13/3/17923/3/1792Marriage Act
William PrinceVolume 13/14/17923/15/1792Marriage Act
John Ten EyckVolume 13/16/17923/19/1792Marriage Act
John Ten EyckVolume 23/19/17923/21/1792"
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 13/24/17923/27/1792Marriage Act
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 23/24/17923/27/1792Marriage Act
Archibald McLeanVolume 13/28/17923/28/1792Marriage act
Benjamin S. Judah4/3/17924/10/1792Marriage Act
George LorillardVolume 14/3/17924/7/1792Marriage Act
George LorillardVolume 24/7/17924/13/1792"
Effingham EmbreeVolume 14/10/17924/13/1792Marriage Act
Effingham EmbreeVolume 24/13/17924/16/1792"
Louis SimondVolume 14/14/17924/16/1792Marriage Act
Louis SimondVolume 24/19/17924/20/1792Marriage Act
John CrossVolume 14/20/17924/25/1792Marriage act
John CrossVolume 24/25/17925/2/1792"
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