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James Anderson

The bee, or Literary weekly intelligencer, for ...

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Edinburgh: Printed by Mundell and Son, Parliament Stairs, 1791-1794.
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The bee, or Literary weekly intelligencer, for ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Thomas HammersleyVolume 54/10/17914/12/1791Bee
Isaac M. GomezVolume 17/23/17917/29/1791Bee
Patrick MurdochVolume 17/30/17917/31/1791Bee
John ParsonsVolume 18/1/17918/4/1791Bee
Henry Haydock8/4/17918/5/1791Bee
Charles WilkesVolume 18/22/17918/29/1791Bee
DeWitt ClintonVolume 19/8/17919/12/1791Bee
Lieut. Col. George Turnbull10/7/179110/10/1791Bee
John Blagge10/26/179110/26/1791Bee
Frederick RhinelanderVolume 110/27/179110/27/1791Bee
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 112/6/179112/20/1791Bee
Samuel Jones12/23/179112/27/1791Bee
Peter Kettletas12/29/17911/6/1792Bee
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 11/8/17921/10/1792Bee
William KenyonVolume 11/16/17921/30/1792Bee
Richard DavisVolume 12/13/17922/16/1792Bee
Isabella GrahamVolume 12/17/17923/14/1792Bee
Comfort Sands3/14/17923/20/1792Bee
John JohnstonVolume 13/26/17923/28/1792Bee
William CockVolume 44/3/17924/7/1792Bee
John ParsonsVolume 24/3/17924/5/1792Bee
Arthur NobleVolume 54/3/17924/10/1792Bee
Henry HaydockVolume 34/3/17924/6/1792Bee
Henry HaydockVolume 64/4/17924/6/1792"
George Christian AnthonVolume 14/5/17924/7/1792Bee
John ParsonsVolume 64/6/17924/7/1792"
John ParsonsVolume 44/7/17924/10/1792"
George Christian AnthonVolume 24/7/17924/13/1792"
William HammersleyVolume 54/7/17924/10/1792Bee
William CockVolume 64/7/17925/2/1792"
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 44/10/17924/11/1792Bee
Arthur NobleVolume 44/10/17924/13/1792"
Garrett AbeelVolume 24/10/17924/17/1792Bee
William ProctorVolume 34/10/17924/13/1792Bee
David M. Clarkson4/12/17924/16/1792Bee
Elias HicksVolume 54/12/17924/18/1792Bee
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 24/13/17924/14/1792"
George Christian AnthonVolume 54/13/17924/13/1792"
Abraham LudlowVolume 44/15/17924/20/1792Bee
David M. Clarkson4/16/17924/18/1792"
Charles StartinVolume 14/16/17924/22/1792Bee
Ahasuerus Turk, Jr.Volume 24/16/17924/16/1792Bee
William StuartVolume 64/16/17924/20/1792Bee
William LinnVolume 34/17/17924/21/1792Bee
David M. Clarkson4/18/17924/25/1792"
Elias HicksVolume 24/18/17925/3/1792Bee
Thomas LudlowVolume 54/18/17924/20/1792Bee
John L. NortonVolume 44/20/17924/26/1792Bee
William StuartVolume 24/20/17925/2/1792"
William LinnVolume 44/21/17924/25/1792"
William LinnVolume 64/21/17924/25/1792"
Charles StartinVolume 24/22/17925/2/1792"
John ParsonsVolume 54/23/17924/30/1792Bee
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 34/23/17924/25/1792Bee
David M. Clarkson4/25/17925/5/1792"
John HoneVolume 54/25/17924/27/1792Bee
Garret Van HorneVolume 44/26/17924/30/1792Bec.
Gulian VerplanckVolume 14/27/17924/28/1792Bee
John HoneVolume 44/27/17925/3/1792"
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 54/28/17924/30/1792Bee
Isaac M. GomezVolume 64/28/17925/1/1792Bee
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 14/30/17925/5/1792Bee
Garret Van HorneVolume 14/30/17925/3/1792"
William EdgarVolume 19/3/17999/5/1799Bee
Andrew MillerVolume 11/17/18001/21/1800Bee
Andrew MillerVolume 21/21/18001/22/1800"
John C. WatsonVolume 13/5/18003/7/1800Bee
George CockVolume 15/12/18005/20/1800Bee
Daniel CromwellVolume 15/21/18006/2/1800Bee
George Cock5/23/18006/9/1800Bee
George CockVolume 36/14/18006/20/1800Bee
George CockVolume 46/20/18006/28/1800"
Isaac CockVolume 612/1/180012/12/1800Bee
Charles RhindVolume 11/14/18011/23/1801Bee
Charles RhindVolume 21/14/18011/23/1801Bee
John McVicarVolume 11/30/18012/5/1801Bee
Isaac CrossVolume 18/17/18018/28/1801Bee
Israel HavelandVolume 12/10/18022/16/1802Bee
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