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Robert Bage

The fair Syrian. A novel. In two volumes. ...

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A precise edition for this title cannot be identified as it is only listed in the 18th Century catalogs, which do not list full publication details. See ESTC links at left for a complete list of editions that may have been owned by the Library.

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The fair Syrian. A novel. In two volumes. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Cornelius I. BogartVolume 19/7/17899/9/1789Fair Syrianson
Cornelius I. BogartVolume 29/9/17899/14/1789Fair Syrian
John SlidellVolume 19/18/17899/21/1789Fair Syrian
John SlidellVolume 29/21/17899/23/1789Fair Syrian
John LawrenceVolume 19/28/178910/5/1789Fair Syrian
John LawrenceVolume 210/5/1789Fair Syrian - Retd 
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 110/12/178910/19/1789Fair Syrian
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 210/19/178910/23/1789Fair Syrian
Frederick RhinelanderVolume 111/4/178911/5/1789Fair Syrian
Frederick RhinelanderVolume 211/9/178911/13/1789Fair Syrian
Frederick RhinelanderVolume 111/13/178911/25/1789Fair Syrian
William WaltonVolume 211/27/178911/27/1789Fair Syrian
Peter MastertonVolume 112/7/178912/9/1789Fair Syrian
Peter MastertonVolume 212/9/178912/14/1789"
William LaightVolume 112/28/178912/30/1789Fair Syrian
William LaightVolume 212/30/17891/4/1790"
Pascal N. SmithVolume 12/3/17902/5/1790Fair Syrian
Pascal N. SmithVolume 22/5/17902/10/1790"
Sampson FlemingVolume 12/12/17902/15/1790Fair Syrian
William EdgarVolume 12/15/17902/17/1790Fair Syrian
Sampson FlemingVolume 22/15/17902/17/1790"
William WaltonVolume 12/19/17902/24/1790Fair Syrian
William EdgarVolume 22/19/17902/24/1790Fair Syrian
Lewis Allaire ScottVolume 12/24/17902/26/1790Fair Syrian
Lewis Allaire ScottVolume 22/26/17902/28/1790"
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 13/1/17903/3/1790Fair Syrian
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 23/3/17903/5/1790"
Thomas LudlowVolume 13/10/17903/12/1790Fair Syrian
William WaltonVolume 23/10/17903/15/1790Fair Syrian
Thomas LudlowVolume 23/19/17903/22/1790Fair Syrian
Samuel NichollVolume 13/22/17903/24/1790Fair Syrian
Samuel NichollVolume 23/24/17903/26/1790"
Thomas BuchananVolume 13/26/17903/31/1790Fair Syrian
John GreenwoodVolume 13/31/17904/2/1790Fair Syrian
Thomas BuchananVolume 23/31/17904/16/1790"
James RooseveltVolume 14/7/17904/9/1790Fair Syrian
James RooseveltVolume 24/16/17904/19/1790Fair Syrian
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 14/19/17904/30/1790Fair syrian
Malachi TreatVolume 14/30/17905/3/1790Fair Syrian
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 24/30/17905/10/1790"
George BondVolume 15/7/17905/8/1790Fair Syrian
George BondVolume 25/10/17905/18/1790Fair Syrian
Robert LenoxVolume 15/15/17905/18/1790Fair Syrian
Robert LenoxVolume 25/18/17905/24/1790"
Isaac M. GomezVolume 15/20/17905/20/1790Fair Sirian
John KeeseVolume 15/22/17905/24/1790Fair Syrian
Joseph StringhamVolume 16/14/17906/29/1790Fair Syrian
John F. RoorbackVolume 17/7/17907/19/1790Fair Syrian
Tunis WortmanVolume 27/10/17907/19/1790Fair Syrian
Tunis WortmanVolume 17/19/17907/24/1790"
Tunis WortmanVolume 27/24/17907/26/1790"
George MorewoodVolume 17/31/17908/7/1790Fair Syrian
George MorewoodVolume 28/17/17908/23/1790Fair Syrian
Elijah Pell8/21/17908/26/1790Fair Sirian
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 18/28/17908/30/1790Fair Syrian
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 28/30/17909/6/1790"
Catharine BradfordVolume 19/2/17909/7/1790Fair Syrian
Catharine BradfordVolume 29/7/17909/11/1790"
Samuel BardVolume 19/11/17909/17/1790Fair Syrian
Samuel BardVolume 29/21/17909/27/1790Fair Syrian
Abraham WaltonVolume 19/23/17909/29/1790Fair Syrian
Abraham WaltonVolume 29/29/179010/4/1790"
John TurnerVolume 110/4/179010/5/1790Fair Syrian
William LinnVolume 110/7/179010/8/1790Fair Syrian
John JayVolume 110/8/179010/9/1790Fair Syrian
Brockholst Livingston10/9/179010/30/1790in Greek
John JayVolume 210/9/179010/12/1790Fair Syrian
John IrelandVolume 111/19/179011/23/1790Fair Syrian
John IrelandVolume 211/23/179011/24/1790"
Augustus V. Van Horne11/24/179011/25/1790Fair Syrian
Uriah HendricksVolume 111/29/179012/3/1790Fair Syrian
Israel WilkesVolume 112/3/179012/6/1790Fair Syrian
Uriah HendricksVolume 212/3/179012/10/1790"
James DuaneVolume 112/13/179012/31/17904pFair Syrian
James DuaneVolume 212/31/17901/15/17912p"
Malachi TreatVolume 11/18/17911/19/1791Fair Syrian
Israel WilkesVolume 21/23/17912/3/1791Fair Syrian
Charles McEvers, Jr.Volume 11/31/17912/8/1791Fair Syrian
John TurnerVolume 12/4/17912/6/1791Fair Syrian
John TurnerVolume 22/8/17912/10/1791Fair Syrian
Daniel PhoenixVolume 12/10/17912/11/1791Fair Syrian
John MurrayVolume 12/15/17912/28/1791Fair Syrian
Daniel PhoenixVolume 22/17/17912/19/1791Fair Syrian
George ScribaVolume 12/24/17912/26/1791fair Syrian
Cornelius DavisVolume 22/28/17913/4/1791Fair Syrian
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 13/11/17913/14/17912pFair Syrian
William WaltonVolume 13/14/17913/16/1791Fair Syrian
John G. GloverVolume 13/16/17913/25/1791Fair Syrian
William WaltonVolume 23/16/17913/19/1791"
John G. GloverVolume 23/25/17913/29/1791"
Anthony L. Bleecker4/8/17914/9/1791Fair Syrian
Anthony L. BleeckerVolume 24/9/17914/13/1791"
Townsend UnderhillVolume 14/23/17915/5/1791Fair Syrian
Townsend UnderhillVolume 25/5/17915/14/1791"
Uriah HendricksVolume 15/11/17915/13/1791Fair Syrian
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 16/16/17916/17/1791Fair Syrian
Nathaniel HazardVolume 16/28/17916/29/1791F Syrian
Nathaniel HazardVolume 26/29/17916/30/1791"
Peter MastertonVolume 17/12/17917/13/1791Fair Syrian
Peter MastertonVolume 27/13/17917/14/1791"
Elizabeth DePeysterVolume 19/7/17919/8/1791Fair Syrian
Elizabeth DePeysterVolume 29/8/17919/10/1791"
Peter Masterton9/21/17919/22/1791Fair Syrian
Joseph StringhamVolume 19/23/17919/24/1791Fair Syrian
Peter MastertonVolume 29/24/17919/26/1791Fair Syrian
Sarah LivingstonVolume 19/29/179110/3/1791Fair Syrian
Sarah LivingstonVolume 210/3/179110/6/1791"
William IrvingVolume 110/5/179110/6/1791Fair Syrian
Tunis WortmanVolume 210/6/179110/13/1791Gillies Syrian
William IrvingVolume 210/7/179110/10/1791Fair Syrian
Edward GooldVolume 110/8/179110/17/1791Fair Syrian
Tunis Wortman10/15/179111/5/1791Gillies Syrian
Jacob Ricketts10/17/179110/22/1791Fair Syrian
Jacob Ricketts10/22/179110/26/1791"
Edmund SeamanVolume 110/25/179110/29/1791Fair Syrian
Edmund SeamanVolume 210/29/179111/1/1791"
Josiah BlakelyVolume 111/2/179111/4/1791Fair Syrian
James DavidsonVolume 111/9/179111/14/1791Fair Syrian
James DavidsonVolume 211/14/179111/16/1791"
Alsop HuntVolume 111/15/179111/17/1791Fair Syrian
Alsop HuntVolume 211/17/179111/19/1791"
Anthony AckleyVolume 111/18/179111/30/1791Fair Syrian
Anthony AckleyVolume 211/30/179112/8/1791"
Edward GreswoldVolume 112/5/179112/16/1791Fair Syrian
Edward GreswoldVolume 212/9/179112/24/1791Fair Syrian
Edward GreswoldVolume 112/16/179112/22/1791"
Nathaniel HazardVolume 112/28/179112/29/1791Fair Syrian
Nathaniel HazardVolume 212/28/179112/29/1791Fair Syrian
Ephraim HartVolume 112/31/17911/3/1792Fair Syrian
Ephraim HartVolume 21/3/17921/6/1792"
Benjamin Seixas1/19/17921/20/1792Fair Syrian
Benjamin SeixasVolume 21/20/17921/23/1792"
John LambVolume 11/27/17921/30/1792Fair Syrian
Patrick Murdoch2/23/17923/1/1792fair Syrian
John Dewint3/5/17923/8/1792Fair Syrian
John DewintVolume 23/8/17923/10/1792"
Leonard KipVolume 13/13/17923/19/1792Fair Syrian
Leonard KipVolume 23/19/17923/24/1792"
Philip Ebert3/22/17924/3/1792Fair Syrian
Philip EbertVolume 24/3/17924/16/1792"
Archibald McLeanVolume 14/17/17924/19/1792Fair Syrian
Archibald McLeanVolume 24/19/17924/20/1792"
Jeremiah Platt4/23/17925/4/1792Fair Syrian
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