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Charles de Secondat baron de Montesquieu

Œuvres de Monsieur de Montesquieu. De l’esprit des loix.

A precise edition of this title could not be identified. See ESTC links at left for a complete list of editions possibly held by the Library.
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Œuvres de Monsieur de Montesquieu. De l’esprit des loix. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Brockholst LivingstonVolume 13/15/17903/17/1790Montesque in French
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 612/18/179012/20/1790Montesquieu (French)
Samuel Platt BroomeVolume 512/20/179012/22/1790"
John Jordan MorganVolume 51/11/17911/15/1791Montesquieue
Gulian LudlowVolume 18/31/17999/2/1799Ouvres de Montisque
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 511/28/18001/10/18013/Ouvres de Montesque
Gulian LudlowVolume 23/4/18013/23/1801Ouvres de Montesq
Jeromus JohnsonVolume 28/8/180211/24/1802Ouvres de Montesque
William ConstableVolume 51/31/18032/8/1803Montigu's Works
William ConstableVolume 21/31/18032/8/1803Montigu's Works
William ConstableVolume 41/31/18032/8/1803Montigu's Works
William ConstableVolume 32/8/18032/11/1803"
William ConstableVolume 12/11/18032/20/1803"
Peter HawesVolume 112/19/180312/24/1803Montesquies Works
Robert HunterVolume 11/11/18041/24/1804Montagues Works
Robert HunterVolume 51/11/18041/24/1804Montagues Works
Robert HunterVolume 21/11/18041/24/1804Montagues Works
Robert HunterVolume 41/11/18041/24/1804Montagues Works
Robert HunterVolume 31/11/18041/24/1804Montagues Works
Charles StartinVolume 11/14/18042/1/18044dMontiqu's Works
Peter WilsonVolume 41/14/18041/19/1804Ouvres de Montesque
Archibald RobertsonVolume 51/26/18041/28/1804Montigues Works
Archibald RobertsonVolume 41/28/18041/30/1804"
Archibald RobertsonVolume 31/30/18042/3/1804"
Charles StartinVolume 32/17/18042/23/1804Montiqu's Works
Charles StartinVolume 22/23/18043/8/1804"
Charles StartinVolume 53/8/18043/8/1804"
George D. CooperVolume 53/17/18043/24/1804"
George D. CooperVolume 13/24/18043/24/1804"
George D. CooperVolume 53/24/18043/24/1804"
George D. CooperVolume 23/24/18043/24/1804"
George D. CooperVolume 43/24/18043/24/1804"
George D. CooperVolume 33/24/18043/24/1804"
James W. NicholsonVolume 14/25/18045/7/1804Montegues Works
James W. NicholsonVolume 54/25/18045/7/1804Montegues Works
James W. NicholsonVolume 24/25/18045/7/1804Montegues Works
James W. NicholsonVolume 44/25/18045/7/1804Montegues Works
James W. NicholsonVolume 34/25/18045/7/1804Montegues Works
James W. NicholsonVolume 15/19/18046/6/1804"
James W. NicholsonVolume 25/19/18046/6/1804"
James W. NicholsonVolume 45/19/18046/6/1804"
James W. NicholsonVolume 35/19/18046/6/1804"
Ann PierceVolume 18/6/18049/6/18042/11Montiques Works
Ann PierceVolume 58/6/18049/6/18042/11Montiques Works
Ann PierceVolume 28/6/18049/6/18042/11Montiques Works
Ann PierceVolume 48/6/18049/6/18042/11Montiques Works
Ann PierceVolume 38/6/18049/6/18042/11Montiques Works
John SlidellVolume 19/7/18049/18/1804Montiqu's Works
John SlidellVolume 59/7/18049/18/1804Montiqu's Works
John SlidellVolume 29/7/18049/18/1804Montiqu's Works
John SlidellVolume 49/7/18049/18/1804Montiqu's Works
John SlidellVolume 39/7/18049/18/1804Montiqu's Works
John Slidell Jr.Volume 19/18/180410/1/1804Montiqus Works
John Slidell Jr.Volume 59/18/180410/1/1804Montiqus Works
John Slidell Jr.Volume 29/18/180410/1/1804Montiqus Works
John Slidell Jr.Volume 49/18/180410/1/1804Montiqus Works
John Slidell Jr.Volume 39/18/180410/1/1804Montiqus Works
Peter ClarkeVolume 111/17/180412/3/180410dMontequs Works
Peter ClarkeVolume 511/17/180412/3/180410dMontequs Works
Peter ClarkeVolume 211/17/180412/3/180410dMontequs Works
Peter ClarkeVolume 411/17/180412/3/180410dMontequs Works
Peter ClarkeVolume 311/17/180412/3/180410dMontequs Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 112/8/180412/22/1804Montigus Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 212/22/18041/5/1805Montigus Works
Benjamin MooreVolume 11/8/18051/18/1805Montegus Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 51/12/18051/26/1805Montigus Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 41/12/18051/26/1805Montigus Works
Samuel Latham MitchillVolume 31/12/18051/26/1805Montigus Works
George TurnbullVolume 11/18/18051/19/1805Montesqus Works
George TurnbullVolume 21/18/18051/19/1805Montesqus Works
John B. FiskVolume 12/4/18052/16/1805Ouvres de Montesq.
William FewVolume 52/5/18052/8/1805Montagues Works
William FewVolume 22/5/18052/8/1805Montagues Works
William FewVolume 42/5/18052/8/1805Montagues Works
William FewVolume 32/5/18052/8/1805Montagues Works
Elias Mowatt2/11/18052/26/18052dMontegus Works 2, 3, 4, 5 
Elias MowattVolume 52/11/18052/26/18052dMontegus Works 2, 3, 4, 5 
Elias MowattVolume 42/11/18052/26/18052dMontegus Works 2, 3, 4, 5 
Elias MowattVolume 32/11/18052/26/18052dMontegus Works 2, 3, 4, 5 
John B. FiskVolume 12/16/18053/11/1805"
John MowattVolume 12/18/18053/6/18054d"
John MowattVolume 22/18/18053/6/18054d"
Elias MowattVolume 52/26/18053/4/1805"
Elias MowattVolume 42/26/18053/4/1805"
John MowattVolume 33/6/18053/25/18055d"
George Warren ChapmanVolume 13/25/18053/28/1805Montiqus Work
George Warren ChapmanVolume 23/25/18053/28/1805Montiqus Work
John G. GloverVolume 13/28/18054/4/1805Montagues Works
John G. GloverVolume 23/28/18054/4/1805Montagues Works
Walter BurlingVolume 14/5/18054/8/1805Montigu's Works
Walter BurlingVolume 24/5/18054/8/1805Montigu's Works
Walter BurlingVolume 34/8/18054/11/1805"
John MowattVolume 54/9/18054/27/1805Montigus Works
John MowattVolume 44/9/18054/27/1805Montigus Works
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 14/20/18054/27/1805Montiqus Works
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 24/20/18054/27/1805Montiqus Works
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 34/20/18054/27/1805Montiqus Works
John MowattVolume 54/27/18055/11/1805"
John MowattVolume 44/27/18055/11/1805"
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 55/11/18055/14/1805Montiqus Works
Colonel Melancton SmithVolume 45/11/18055/14/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 15/31/18056/8/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 55/31/18056/8/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 25/31/18056/8/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 45/31/18056/8/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 35/31/18056/8/1805Montiqus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 18/8/18058/22/1805Montegus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 68/8/18058/22/1805Montegus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 58/8/18058/22/1805Montegus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 28/8/18058/22/1805Montegus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 48/8/18058/22/1805Montegus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 38/8/18058/22/1805Montegus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 18/22/18059/5/1805"
Alexander MowattVolume 68/22/18059/5/1805"
Alexander MowattVolume 58/22/18059/5/1805"
Alexander MowattVolume 28/22/18059/5/1805"
Alexander MowattVolume 48/22/18059/5/1805"
Alexander MowattVolume 38/22/18059/5/1805"
John ShawVolume 111/5/180511/18/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 511/5/180511/18/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 211/5/180511/18/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 411/5/180511/18/1805Montiqus Works
John ShawVolume 311/5/180511/18/1805Montiqus Works
Alexander MowattVolume 512/6/180512/20/18051/6Montigu's Works
Alexander MowattVolume 412/6/180512/20/18051/6Montigu's Works
David MorrisVolume 312/13/180512/19/1805Montegus Works
Peter HawesVolume 112/20/18051/2/1806Montagues Works
David MorrisVolume 512/28/18051/8/1806Montigu's Works
David MorrisVolume 512/28/18051/8/1806Montigu's Works
David MorrisVolume 412/28/18051/8/1806Montigu's Works
David MorrisVolume 412/28/18051/8/1806Montigu's Works
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