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Francis Beaumont

The works of Mr. Francis Beaumont, and Mr. John Fletcher. In ten volumes. Collated with all the former editions, and corrected. With notes critical and explanatory. By The late Mr. Theobald, Mr. Seward of Eyam in Derbyshire, and Mr. Sympson of Gainsborough

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London: Printed for J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper in the Strand , 1750.
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The works of Mr. Francis Beaumont, and Mr. John Fletcher. In ten volumes. Collated with all the former editions, and corrected. With notes critical and explanatory. By The late Mr. Theobald, Mr. Seward of Eyam in Derbyshire, and Mr. Sympson of Gainsborough Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
George PollockVolume 29/7/17899/11/1789Beaumont & FletcherSelf
George PollockVolume 49/11/17899/14/1789Beaumont & Fletcher
George PollockVolume 59/14/17899/16/1789Beaumont & Fletcher
George PollockVolume 710/7/178912/5/1789detained 2dBeaumont & Fletcher
George PollockVolume 912/21/17891/29/1790Beaumont & Fletcher
George PollockVolume 101/29/17902/12/1790"
John GreenwoodVolume 14/12/17904/16/1790Beaumont & Fletcher
John GreenwoodVolume 24/16/1790"
Thomas B. AtwoodVolume 71/4/17911/8/1791Beaumont & Fletcher
Thomas B. AtwoodVolume 71/11/17911/13/1791Beaumont & Fletcher
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 78/3/17998/5/1799Beaumont & Fletcher
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 98/5/17998/13/1799"
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 88/5/17998/6/1799"
Daniel Crommelin VerplanckVolume 108/6/17998/13/1799"
George DouglassVolume 58/13/17995/15/1799Beaumont Flet
Peter MastertonVolume 112/5/17991/9/18001/8Beaumt & Fletcher
John R.B. RogersVolume 412/23/179912/28/1799Beaum. & Fletcher
Joseph KingVolume 31/7/18001/14/1800Beaum & Flet
Joseph KingVolume 31/7/18001/14/1800Beaum & Flet
James Inglis5/31/18006/3/1800Beaumont & Fletcher
Richard WardVolume 16/10/18006/18/1800Beaumont & Flet
Richard WardVolume 36/18/18006/30/1800"
Richard WardVolume 46/24/18006/30/1800"
Samuel WardVolume 56/26/18007/7/1800Beaumont & Fletcher
Richard WardVolume 67/9/18007/11/1800Beaumont & Fletcher
Anthony AckleyVolume 14/22/18014/22/1801Beaumont & Fletcher
James BradishVolume 34/22/18014/22/1801Beaumont & Fletcher
Anthony AckleyVolume 44/24/18014/25/1801Beaumont & Fletcher
Joseph EdenVolume 111/21/180111/23/1801Beaumont & Fletcher
Joseph EdenVolume 311/23/180111/24/1801"
Joseph EdenVolume 411/24/180111/26/1801"
Joseph EdenVolume 511/26/180111/28/1801"
Joseph EdenVolume 611/28/180112/7/1801"
Joseph EdenVolume 712/7/180112/9/1801"
Richard WardVolume 712/9/18011/7/1802Beaumont & Fletch
Gilbert MilliganVolume 112/18/180112/26/1801Beaumont & Fletcher
Joseph EdenVolume 81/13/18021/14/1802Beaumont & Fletcher
Joseph EdenVolume 91/14/18021/15/1802"
Joseph EdenVolume 101/15/18021/18/1802"
Peter AndersonVolume 32/13/18022/18/1802Beamt & Fletcher
David JonesVolume 18/7/18028/13/1802Beaumont & Fletcher
David JonesVolume 38/13/18028/16/1802"
Thomas R. SmithVolume 14/9/18034/24/1803Beaumont & Flet
Mootrey Kinsey6/6/18046/11/1804Beaum. & Flech
Mootrey KinseyVolume 16/6/18046/11/1804Beaumont & Flet
Philip RhinelanderVolume 112/24/180412/29/1804Beaumont & Fletcher
Philip RhinelanderVolume 112/31/18041/12/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Philip RhinelanderVolume 212/31/18041/12/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Philip RhinelanderVolume 312/31/18041/12/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Philip RhinelanderVolume 51/12/18051/31/1805"
Philip RhinelanderVolume 81/31/18052/9/1805"
Michael Price2/14/18052/21/1805Beaumont & Fletcher K
William LinnVolume 42/15/18052/18/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
William LinnVolume 52/15/18052/18/1805"
John B. StringhamVolume 62/16/18052/21/1805Beaumont & Flet
Philip RhinelanderVolume 102/21/18052/23/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Edward William LaightVolume 12/22/18052/23/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Nathaniel PauldingVolume 32/22/18052/28/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Edward Van HorneVolume 32/23/18052/27/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
John W. LivingstonVolume 12/27/18053/4/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
John W. LivingstonVolume 22/27/18053/4/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
John W. LivingstonVolume 32/27/18053/4/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
James DavidsonVolume 13/1/18053/7/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Samuel B. MalcomVolume 33/4/18053/5/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Caleb L. LaurenceVolume 33/5/18053/16/1805Beaumont & Fletch
Samuel M. HopkinsVolume 33/18/18053/29/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Willet ColesVolume 44/17/18054/22/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Willet ColesVolume 34/22/18054/27/1805"
Willet ColesVolume 54/27/18055/1/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Willet ColesVolume 85/1/18055/15/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
John W. MulliganVolume 56/18/18056/29/1805Beaumont & Flet
Charles Rhind6/25/18056/26/1805Beaumont & Flet
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 17/22/18059/4/18052/4Beaumont & Fletcher
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 37/22/18059/4/18052/4Beaumont & Fletcher
Jonathon HobsonVolume 17/26/18058/3/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Jonathon HobsonVolume 27/26/18058/3/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Jonathon HobsonVolume 47/26/18058/3/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Jonathon HobsonVolume 37/26/18058/3/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 411/6/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 311/6/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
William Prince Jr.Volume 511/9/180511/13/1805Beaumont & Fletcher
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 512/29/18051/6/1806Beaumont & Fletcher
Samuel Jones, Jr.Volume 511/5/180611/6/1806Beaumont & Fletcher
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