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Jean-François Marmontel

Moral tales, by M. Marmontel. ...

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A precise edition for this title cannot be identified as it is only listed in the 18th Century catalogs, which do not list full publication details. See ESTC and WorldCat links at left for a complete list of editions that may have been owned by the Library.
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Moral tales, by M. Marmontel. ... Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 29/9/17899/11/1789Marmontel's Tales
James Miles HughesVolume 110/28/178910/28/1789Marmontel's Tales
James Miles HughesVolume 210/28/178910/28/1789Marmontel's Tales
James Miles HughesVolume 211/2/178911/4/1789Marmontels Tales
James Miles HughesVolume 211/6/178911/23/1789Marmontels Tales
Henry RemsenVolume 111/11/178911/13/1789Marmontels Tales
Cornelius I. BogartVolume 11/11/17901/15/1790Marmontels tales
Marinus WillettVolume 12/1/17902/5/1790Marmontel's Tales
Josiah Ogden HoffmanVolume 12/24/17902/26/1790Marmontels tales
Samuel GriffinVolume 13/10/17903/17/1790Marmontels Tales
Samuel GriffinVolume 23/17/17903/24/1790"
Samuel GriffinVolume 33/24/17904/2/1790"
John JayVolume 13/29/17904/12/1790Marmontel's Tales
John R. B. RodgersVolume 24/2/17904/7/1790Marmontel Tales
Malachi TreatVolume 34/7/17904/9/1790Marmontel's Tales
John CozineVolume 14/30/17905/10/1790Marmontels tales
Edward GooldVolume 15/10/17905/14/1790Marmontels tales
John CozineVolume 25/10/17905/21/1790"
Edward GooldVolume 35/14/17905/17/1790"
John LawrenceVolume 15/20/17905/25/1790Marmontels Tales
John CozineVolume 35/21/17905/26/1790Marmontels tales
John LawrenceVolume 25/25/17905/28/1790Marmontels Tales
John LawrenceVolume 35/28/17905/31/1790"
Robert BowneVolume 16/4/17906/7/1790Marmontels tales
John WattsVolume 17/3/17907/7/1790Marmontel's Tale
John WattsVolume 27/16/17907/22/1790"
Samuel NichollVolume 17/17/17907/20/1790Marmontels tales
Samuel NichollVolume 37/20/17907/22/1790"
John WattsVolume 37/22/17907/26/1790"
Robert BowneVolume 17/26/17907/30/1790Marmontels tales
Samuel NichollVolume 28/31/17909/17/17903dMarmontels tales
Lewis OgdenVolume 19/13/179010/1/17904dMarmontels tales
George BondVolume 29/21/17909/22/1790Marmontels Tales
George BondVolume 39/24/17909/25/1790Marmontels Tales
Abraham LudlowVolume 110/16/179010/25/1790Marmontels tales
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 110/26/179010/29/1790Marmontels tales
James Miles HughesVolume 311/23/179012/11/1790Marmontels tales
Tunis WortmanVolume 112/4/17901/10/17912pMarmontide Tale
John L. NortonVolume 11/11/17911/12/1791Marmontels tales
Jacob HallettVolume 21/17/17911/26/1791Marmontels talesDunn
Abraham WaltonVolume 11/19/17911/29/1791Marmontel's Tales
John TurnerVolume 11/20/17911/20/1791Marmontel's tales
Jacob HallettVolume 31/26/17912/2/1791"
Abraham WaltonVolume 21/29/17912/10/1791"
Jacob HallettVolume 12/2/17912/7/1791"son
Robert BowneVolume 22/15/17912/17/1791Marmontels tales
Robert BowneVolume 32/17/17912/19/1792"
Robert BruceVolume 14/10/17914/27/1791Marmontel tales
William W. WoolseyVolume 15/10/17915/13/1791Marmontel's talesW. Rogers
William W. WoolseyVolume 25/13/17915/19/1791"
William W. WoolseyVolume 35/19/17916/1/1791"
Peter T. CurteniusVolume 15/30/17916/1/1791Marmontels tales
Daniel PhoenixVolume 16/16/17916/20/1791Marmon Tales
Garrett B. AbeelVolume 26/27/17916/30/1791Marmontels tales
Garrett B. AbeelVolume 36/30/17917/2/1791"
Robert SmythVolume 17/9/17917/13/1791Marmontel's Tales
Robert SmythVolume 27/13/17917/15/1791Marmontel's Tales
Robert SmythVolume 37/13/17917/15/1791Marmontel's Tales
Josiah BlakelyVolume 111/7/179111/9/1791Marmontels Tales
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 112/1/179112/16/1791Marmontels tales
Joshua Pell, Jr.Volume 212/16/179112/28/1791"
William ThomasVolume 112/27/179112/29/1791Marmontel
Philip RhinelanderVolume 112/30/17911/6/1792Marmontels tales
Anthony AckleyVolume 21/8/17921/10/1792Marmontel's Tales
Samuel BardVolume 21/8/17922/16/1791Marmontels Tales
Samuel WardVolume 212/2/179912/5/1799Marmont. Tales
Anna Maria SchieffelinVolume 312/5/179912/17/1799Marmont Tales
William W. StoreyVolume 312/10/179912/23/1799Marmont. Tales
William DenningVolume 31/16/18001/22/1800Marmont. Tales
Richard N. HarisonVolume 21/18/18001/21/1800Marmont. Tales
Nancy IversVolume 21/24/18001/30/1800Marmont. Tales
Thomas IversVolume 31/30/18002/8/1800Marmont Tales
Edward L. Schieffelin4/5/18034/13/1803Marmontels Tales
Robert H. Bowne4/14/18034/18/1803Marmontels Tales
Gilbert Milligan4/23/18034/27/1803Marmontel Tales
Lieut. Col. George Turnbull5/27/18036/18/1803Marmontel Tales
Lieut. Col. George Turnbull6/18/18036/1/1803"
James C. Roosevelt7/20/18038/3/1803Marmontels Tales
Thomas Cadle1/4/18042/10/1804Marmontels Tales
William LinnVolume 12/28/18042/29/1804Marmontel's Tales
William LinnVolume 22/28/18042/29/1804Marmontel's Tales
William LinnVolume 32/28/18042/29/1804Marmontel's Tales
Charles Rhind2/29/18043/2/1804Marmontels Tales
Robert H. Bowne3/5/18043/13/1804Marmontels Tales
Abraham Beach4/4/18044/17/1804Marmontel's Tales
John Mitchell Mason5/24/18046/7/1804Marmontels Tales
Patrick HoustounVolume 18/16/18048/30/1804Marmontels Tales
Patrick HoustounVolume 28/16/18048/30/1804Marmontels Tales
William Dempsey10/27/180411/13/1804Marmont Tales
William Ustick11/24/180412/3/1804Marmontels Tales
Bernard Hart12/1/180412/5/1804Marmontels Tales
John Jordan Morgan12/13/18041/2/1805Marmontel's Tales
Isaac Cock4/3/18054/11/1805Marmontels tales
Thomas Jones5/18/18055/21/1805Marmontels Tales
Gabriel V. Ludlow12/24/18051/7/1806Marmontels Tales
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