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Jean Francois Paul de Gondi De Retz

Mémoires de Guy Joli, conseiller au Chatelet de Paris, suivis d'un memoire concernant le cardinal de Retz, extrait d'une histoire manuscrite.

Geneve: Fabry & Barillot., 1777.
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Mémoires de Guy Joli, conseiller au Chatelet de Paris, suivis d'un memoire concernant le cardinal de Retz, extrait d'une histoire manuscrite. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Isaac L. KipVolume 212/5/179012/10/1790De Retz
Isaac L. KipVolume 312/10/179012/14/1790"
Henry Haydock9/16/17919/19/1791De Retzs Memoirs
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 19/27/17919/27/1791De Retz Memoir
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 29/27/179110/8/1791"
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 310/8/179110/17/1791"
John P. PearssVolume 110/10/179110/13/1791De Retz Memoirs
Nathaniel LawrenceVolume 110/17/179110/25/1791Cardinal de Retz
Gilbert Colden WillettVolume 410/17/179110/20/1791"
Nathaniel LawrenceVolume 210/25/179111/1/1791"
James RooseveltVolume 110/31/179111/1/1791De Retz Memoirs
Nathaniel LawrenceVolume 311/1/179111/14/1791"
James RooseveltVolume 211/4/179111/7/1791"
Cornelius I. BogartVolume 111/7/179111/10/1791De Retz
Cornelius I. BogartVolume 211/10/179111/22/1791"
Jasper D. BlaggeVolume 411/12/179111/26/1791de Ritz
Cornelius I. BogartVolume 311/22/179112/7/1791"
Jasper D. BlaggeVolume 411/26/179112/10/1791" con
Nathaniel LawrenceVolume 412/10/179112/24/1791De Retz
Nathaniel LawrenceVolume 412/24/17911/17/179210p" con
John P. PearssVolume 41/17/17921/20/1792De Retz Memoirs
John WoodsVolume 11/20/17922/3/1792De Ritz
John G. LeakeVolume 22/28/17923/3/1792De Reits Memoir
George MorewoodVolume 43/5/17923/15/1792De Ritts memoirs
James Watson3/24/17923/29/1792Risp
James Watson4/21/17924/25/1792Risp
Effingham EmbreeVolume 14/30/17925/8/1792De Retz
Nancy IversVolume 111/2/179911/7/1799De Retz's Memoirs
Hezekiah IversVolume 211/2/179911/7/1799De Retz's Memoirs
Malcolm CampbellVolume 112/26/179912/30/1799De Retzs Memoirs
Samuel LaurenceVolume 11/6/18001/14/1800Memoirs de Retz
Samuel LaurenceVolume 21/14/18001/17/1800"
Peter AndersonVolume 32/19/18002/24/1800De Retz's Memoirs
Augustus H. LawrenceVolume 13/15/18003/15/1800De Retz's Memoirs
Leffert Lefferts Jr.Volume 23/15/18003/20/1800De Retz' Memoirs
Jacobus L. LeffertsVolume 43/15/18003/20/1800De Retz Memoirs
Joseph LyonVolume 13/24/18013/27/1801De Retz' Memoirs
Joseph LyonVolume 23/27/18013/30/1801"
Peter Van TuylVolume 14/11/18014/22/1801De Retzs Memoirs
Peter Van TuylVolume 24/22/18014/25/1801"
Peter Van TuylVolume 24/25/18014/28/1801"
Peter Van TuylVolume 34/25/18014/28/1801"
John Le ConteVolume 45/1/18015/15/1801De Retz Memoirs
Pascal N. SmithVolume 17/11/18017/14/1801De Retz Memoirs
William JohnsonVolume 13/8/18023/8/1802Memoirs de Retz
William JohnsonVolume 23/8/18023/8/1802Memoirs de Retz
William JohnsonVolume 33/8/18023/8/1802Memoirs de Retz
William JohnsonVolume 43/8/18023/8/1802Memoirs de Retz
William JohnsonVolume 53/8/18023/8/1802Memoirs de Retz
William JohnsonVolume 63/8/18023/8/1802Memoirs de Retz
David JonesVolume 13/29/18023/29/1802Memoirs de Retz
David JonesVolume 23/29/18023/29/1802Memoirs de Retz
David JonesVolume 43/29/18023/29/1802Memoirs de Retz
John Le ConteVolume 66/18/18026/18/1802De Retz Mem
Archibald McLeanVolume 110/7/180210/26/1802De Retzs Memoirs
Abraham VarickVolume 111/19/180211/23/1802De Retzs Memoirs
Henry Remsen, Jr.Volume 112/14/180212/14/1802De Retz's Memoirs
Archibald McLeanVolume 112/18/18021/11/1803De Retiz Memoirs
Anna LockmanVolume 12/19/18032/19/1803De Retz's Memoirs
Archibald McLeanVolume 18/1/18038/4/1803De Retizs Memoirs
Archibald McLeanVolume 28/4/180311/11/1803"
George Christian AnthonVolume 111/30/180312/12/1803De Retz Memoirs
George Christian AnthonVolume 212/12/180312/23/1803"
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 110/12/180410/19/1804De Retz's Memoirs
Garret H. Van WagenenVolume 210/12/180410/19/1804De Retz's Memoirs
William BardVolume 110/26/180411/5/1804De Retz Memoirs
William BardVolume 210/26/180411/5/1804De Retz Memoirs
John W. LivingstonVolume 111/5/180411/22/1804De Retz Memoirs
John W. LivingstonVolume 211/5/180411/22/1804De Retz Memoirs
William BardVolume 311/5/180411/5/1804Memoirs De Retz
William BardVolume 411/5/180411/5/1804Memoirs De Retz
William BardVolume 511/5/180411/5/1804Memoirs De Retz
William BardVolume 611/5/180411/5/1804Memoirs De Retz
John AtkinsonVolume 11/26/18051/26/1805De Retz Memoirs
Peter WilsonVolume 16/20/18059/9/1805Memoirs de Retzs
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