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London: Printed for J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall, 1780-.
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Rep. Ledger
George ReadVolume 17877/24/17898/5/1789New Annual RegisterSelf
Peter Jay MunroVolume 17857/31/17897/31/1789N. Annual Registerper Bogert
Peter Jay MunroVolume 17847/31/17898/5/1789N. Annual Registerper Bogert
George ReadVolume 17898/5/1789N. Annual RegisterSelf
George ReadVolume 17858/12/17898/19/1789N. Annual Registerdoorkepr.
Cornelius StevensonVolume 17808/14/17899/4/1789N.A. RegisterSelf
George ReadVolume 17848/19/17898/24/1789N. Annual register
Isaac M. GomezVolume 17878/21/17898/28/1789N. Annual RegisterSelf
John BlaggeVolume 17788/26/17898/28/1789N. A. Registerson
John BlaggeVolume 17858/28/17899/2/1789N. A. Registerson
John HoneVolume 17878/31/17899/9/1789N. A. RegisterSelf
John BlaggeVolume 17839/2/17899/16/1789N.A. Registerson
George ReadVolume 17839/4/17899/11/1789N.A. Register
John P. PearssVolume 17879/7/17899/11/1789N. A. RegisterSelf
John Stevens, Jr.Volume 17869/7/17899/7/1789N.A. Register
George ReadVolume 17809/11/17899/14/1789N.A. RegisterSelf
Robert LenoxVolume 178710/7/178910/19/1789N. Annual Register
Robert LenoxVolume 178510/21/178910/26/1789New A. Register
Robert LenoxVolume 178610/26/178910/30/1789N.N. Register
Gulian VerplanckVolume 176610/26/178911/4/1789N.N. Register
John O'ConnorVolume 178711/4/178911/13/1789N.A. Register
Robert LenoxVolume 178211/9/1789N.A.R. - Fined 
Gulian VerplanckVolume 177211/13/178911/25/1789N.A. Register
Cornelius StevensonVolume 178411/20/178912/9/1789N. Annuall Register
Cornelius StevensonVolume 178411/20/178912/9/1789New Annual Register
Henry RemsenVolume 178511/25/178911/30/1789N. Ann Reg
Gulian VerplanckVolume 177311/25/178911/27/1789N. Ann. Reg
Gulian VerplanckVolume 177411/27/178911/30/1789"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 177511/30/178912/2/1789"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 177712/2/178912/4/1789"
Jacob ReedVolume 178712/4/178912/11/1789New Ann Reg.
Gulian VerplanckVolume 177812/4/178912/7/1789"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 178012/7/178912/11/1789"
Cornelius StevensonVolume 178512/9/178912/30/1789"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 178112/11/178912/14/1789"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 178212/14/178912/21/1789"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 178312/21/178912/28/1789"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 178412/28/17891/4/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 178712/30/17891/6/1790New Annual Reg.
Cornelius StevensonVolume 178612/30/17891/18/1790"
Gulian VerplanckVolume 17851/4/17901/6/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 17781/6/17901/13/1790"
Cornelius StevensonVolume 17871/18/17902/5/1790"
Peter Kettletas1/25/17901/27/1790New Annual Reg.
Peter Kettletas2/1/17902/3/1790New Ann Reg.
John OothoudtVolume 17772/1/17902/10/1790New Annual Reg.
Peter Kettletas2/5/17902/10/1790"
Peter Kettletas2/10/17902/15/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 17802/10/17902/22/1790"
Garrett AbeelVolume 17872/15/17902/19/1790N Ann Reg
Peter MastertonVolume 17864/23/17904/30/1790New Ann Reg.
Solomon SaltusVolume 17877/1/17907/6/1790N. Ann. Reg.
Cornelius RayVolume 17828/9/17908/20/1790An Register New
William BurlingVolume 17878/20/17908/28/1790New Annual Register
John OothoudtVolume 17848/24/17909/10/1790New Annual Reg.
John OothoudtVolume 17889/11/17909/29/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 17869/29/179010/10/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 178210/10/179010/27/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 178110/27/179010/30/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 177511/8/179011/16/1790"
John OothoudtVolume 177411/16/179011/24/1790"
Joseph StretchVolume 177611/27/179012/7/1790New Ann. Reg
Joseph StretchVolume 178312/7/179012/11/1790"
Elijah PellVolume 178712/22/179012/24/1790N. An Reg
Patrick MurdochVolume 17898/3/17918/6/1791New An Reg
John ParsonsVolume 17898/8/17918/11/1791New Ann. Reg.
John P. Pearss8/15/17918/16/1791New Annual Register
Henry HaydockVolume 178910/24/179110/29/1791New "
Henry HaydockVolume 178810/29/179111/1/1791"
Garrett B. AbeelVolume 178710/31/179111/3/1791New "
Joshua Waddington12/15/179112/20/1791N. Ann Reg
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17898/3/17998/10/1799New Ann Reg '89
George Christian AnthonVolume 17848/22/17998/23/1799New Annual Register
Gerard W. BeekmanVolume 178311/14/179911/27/1799Annual Reg for '83
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 178011/22/179912/11/1799Annual Register
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 178212/27/17991/25/1800New An Reg
Malcolm CampbellVolume 17801/17/18001/20/1800New An Reg '80
Robert McMennomyVolume 17893/6/18003/7/1800New An Register
Thomas IrvingVolume 17975/19/18006/21/18002/New An. Reg '97 
James ForrestVolume 17986/6/18006/9/1800New An Reg. 98
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 17896/7/18007/8/1800" New for
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 17886/7/18007/8/1800Annual Register
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 17986/25/18006/30/1800New An. Regist '98
William Samuel Johnson7/8/18007/20/1800New An Reg for '92, 1793 
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 17927/8/18007/20/1800New An Reg for '92, 1793 
John DodgsonVolume 17977/22/18008/4/1800New An. Reg for '97
William BeekmanVolume 17987/23/18008/18/1800New An. Reg.
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 179617978/5/18008/20/1800Annual Register
Walter RutherfordVolume 17988/19/18009/2/1800New An. Reg '98
John WoodVolume 17989/5/18009/17/1800New An Reg. '98
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17989/25/180010/6/1800New An Reg '98
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 179810/20/180011/19/1800New An Reg
Bernard HartVolume 179710/25/180011/1/1800New An Reg '97
Francis CooperVolume 179312/13/180012/17/1800New An Reg '93
Michael PriceVolume 179712/26/18001/29/18012/2New An Reg for '97
William G. MillerVolume 17961/8/18011/9/1801New An Reg
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17961/20/18011/30/1801New An Reg '96
Henry RogersVolume 17981/21/18011/30/1801New An Register '98
Henry RogersVolume 17971/30/18012/3/1801" '97
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17921/30/18012/12/1801" '92
Henry RogersVolume 17962/3/18012/6/1801" '96
George TurnbullVolume 17982/11/18012/18/1801New An. Register '98
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17932/12/18012/27/1801" '93
William ProctorVolume 17972/16/18012/19/1801New An Reg '97
Bernard HartVolume 17983/5/18013/7/1801New An. Register '98
James DuaneVolume 17973/6/18013/10/1801New An Reg '97
Dominick LynchVolume 17993/16/18013/24/1801New An Reg '99
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 17983/28/18013/30/1801New An. Register '98
Thomas CadleVolume 17995/19/18015/30/1801New An Reg.
William RhinelanderVolume 17995/30/18016/20/1801New An Reg '99
Archibald RobertsonVolume 17996/19/18016/20/1801New An Register '99
Samuel MillerVolume 17816/29/18019/1/18017/2New An Register
John C. WatsonVolume 17997/11/18017/18/1801New An. Reg. '99
Francis CooperVolume 17997/21/18018/3/1801New An Reg '99
Cornelius HeeneyVolume 17998/3/18018/18/1801New An. Reg. '99 
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17998/20/18019/9/1801New An Register 1799
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 17988/22/18018/29/1801New An Register '98
Samuel DelaplaineVolume 17999/9/18019/30/1801" 1799
Selah StrongVolume 17869/11/18019/16/1801New An. Register
Selah StrongVolume 17879/16/180110/2/1801" '87
John ParsonsVolume 179910/1/180110/10/1801New An Reg
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 179910/20/180110/20/1801New Ann. Reg
Thomas SlidellVolume 179910/30/180111/20/1801New An. Reg. '99
George TurnbullVolume 17991/11/18021/23/1802New An. Register 1799
Walter BurlingVolume 17991/14/18021/16/1802New An Reg
Thomas BurlingVolume 17921/23/18021/30/1802New An Reg 1792
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 17991/25/18022/24/18022/6New An Reg
Garrett AbeelVolume 18002/8/18022/17/1802New An Reg
George TurnbullVolume 18002/18/18022/24/1802New An. Reg 1800
John WoodsVolume 18002/24/18023/5/1802New Ann. Register 1800
Lieut. Col. George TurnbullVolume 17992/24/18023/13/1802" 1799
Peter WilsonVolume 18003/20/18026/5/1802New An. Reg. 1800
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 17995/4/18026/26/1802New An Reg
Thomas GardnerVolume 18006/12/18026/26/1802New. An. Reg. 1800
Leonard Kip6/26/18027/26/18021/6New Annual Register (1792-1798)
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 18006/26/18026/28/1802New An Reg
James W. NicholsonVolume 17998/2/18028/6/1802New An Reg
Selah StrongVolume 17999/15/18029/22/1802New An Reg
David LongworthVolume 17989/17/18029/24/1802New An Reg. '98
George Warren ChapmanVolume 17999/22/180210/5/1802New Annual Register '99
John Forbes10/5/180210/20/1802New An Reg
George Warren ChapmanVolume 180010/5/180210/16/1802New An Reg 1800
John Murray Jr.Volume 180011/20/180211/30/1802New An Reg
John H. SicklesVolume 180012/4/180212/7/1802New An Reg. 1800
Thomas GardnerVolume 180012/10/180212/28/1802New Annual Reg 1800
Matthias Ward12/15/180212/21/1802New An Register
Matthias Ward12/21/180212/23/1802"
William PauldingVolume 180012/28/18021/4/1803New An Reg
Michael PriceVolume 17981/7/18031/28/1803New An Reg 1798
John ParsonsVolume 18001/7/18031/8/1803New An Reg
Richard DavisVolume 18001/17/18032/14/1803New An Register 1800
Cornelius HeeneyVolume 17991/28/18033/9/18033/2New An. Reg 1799
Edward William LaightVolume 17981/31/18032/5/1803New An Register '98
Alphius ShermanVolume 17873/4/18033/8/1803New Annal Reg. '87
William Laight, Jr.Volume 18003/8/18033/16/1803New An Reg. 1800
William Laight, Jr.Volume 17993/16/18033/29/1803New An Reg. 1799
Edward William LaightVolume 17903/28/18034/6/1803New An. Reg '90
George TurnbullVolume 18016/27/18037/13/1803New An. Register 1801
Walter BurlingVolume 18007/2/18037/18/1803New An Register
Thomas GardnerVolume 18017/13/18037/18/1803New An Reg. 1801
Joseph KingVolume 18017/13/18037/13/1803New An Register 1801
Joseph KingVolume 18017/13/18037/13/1803New An Register 1801
James HewittVolume 18017/21/18037/23/1803New An. Reg. 1801
Robert TroupVolume 18007/21/18037/22/1803New An. Reg 1800
Arthur C. BeamontVolume 18018/5/18038/11/1803New Annual Register
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 18018/11/180311/9/1803Now An Register 1801
Edmund SeamanVolume 18008/29/180311/10/1803New An. Register 1800
John WoodVolume 17988/30/180312/6/1803New An Reg '98 '99
John WoodVolume 17998/30/180312/6/1803New An Reg '98 '99
John TurnerVolume 180111/9/180311/15/1803New An. Reg 1801
Frederick GarnerVolume 180011/15/180312/10/18038dNew An Register 1800
George TurnbullVolume 180111/18/180311/19/1803New An Register
Judith VerplanckVolume 180111/19/180311/19/1803New An Reg
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 180111/19/18037/17/1804New An Register
Matthias Ward11/21/18031/5/18044/1New An Register
John MooreVolume 179712/17/180312/29/1803New An Register
John MooreVolume 179812/29/18031/11/1804"
John MooreVolume 17991/11/18041/21/1804"
Jacob MortonVolume 18001/19/18041/19/1804New An Register
John MooreVolume 17991/21/18042/7/1804"
John MooreVolume 18002/7/18042/18/1804"
John MooreVolume 18012/27/18043/10/1804"
John Jordan MorganVolume 18004/26/18045/17/1804New An Reg
David GardinerVolume 17985/14/18046/6/1804New An Reg 1798 
John Jordan MorganVolume 18005/17/18045/25/1804"
George KnoxVolume 17995/22/18045/22/1804New An Register 1799
Cornelius BogertVolume 17996/13/18046/18/1804New Am Register
Samuel Smith BowneVolume 18018/1/18049/14/18046dNew An reg
Bernardus SwartwoutVolume 18028/9/18048/21/1804New An Reg
James RooseveltVolume 18019/14/18049/24/1804New An Reg
Samuel A. BurtisVolume 18019/24/180410/16/18042dNew An Reg 1801
John MooreVolume 179811/10/180412/6/1804New An Reg
Walter BurlingVolume 180211/14/180412/3/1804New An Reg
Peter ClarkeVolume 180212/3/180412/21/1804New Annual Register
Peter AllairVolume 180212/21/180412/27/1804New Annual Register
George LorillardVolume 179812/22/180412/27/1804New An Reg 1798
Matthias NachVolume 180112/26/18041/11/1805New An Reg
Samuel BerrianVolume 180212/31/18041/4/1805New An Reg 1802
Samuel BerrianVolume 17871/8/18051/10/1805New An Reg '87
Samuel BerrianVolume 17881/10/18051/12/1805" '88
Samuel BerrianVolume 17891/12/18051/14/1805" '89
Francis L. HarisonVolume 18021/14/18051/18/1805New An. Reg 1802
Samuel BerrianVolume 17901/14/18051/17/1805" '90
Samuel BerrianVolume 17911/17/18051/19/1805" '91
George LorillardVolume 18021/18/18051/24/1805New An Reg 1802
Samuel BerrianVolume 17921/19/18051/22/1805" '92
Samuel BerrianVolume 17931/22/18051/24/1805" '93
George C. MortonVolume 18021/31/18052/8/1805New An Reg
James RooseveltVolume 18022/9/18052/9/1805New An Reg
Benjamin Woolsey RogersVolume 17986/11/18056/17/1805New An Reg '98
Robert H. BowneVolume 18007/16/18058/2/1805New Annual Reg
Selah StrongVolume 18028/15/18058/29/1805New An Reg. 1802
Hugh HartshorneVolume 17988/17/18058/21/1805New An Reg 1798
Hugh HartshorneVolume 17998/21/18059/4/1805"1799
Benjamin L. DayVolume 18028/29/18058/29/1805New An Reg 1802
Hugh HartshorneVolume 18009/4/18059/9/1805"1800
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 180212/31/18061/11/1807New Annual Reg
Robert Charles JohnsonVolume 180212/31/18061/11/1807New Annual Reg 1802
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