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Francis Tracy Thomas

Monk-wood priory. By Francis Tracy Thomas, cornet in the East and West Lothian Light Dragoons. In two volumes.

London: Printed by A. Strahan, Printers Street, for T.N. Longman and O. Rees, Paternoster-Row, 1799.
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Monk-wood priory. By Francis Tracy Thomas, cornet in the East and West Lothian Light Dragoons. In two volumes. Library Average
Circulation records from 1793-1799 are lost.
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Borrower Name Volume Date Out Date In Fine Transcribed
Rep. Ledger
Joseph BranttinghamVolume 210/27/179911/3/1799Monk-Wood Priory
John MooreVolume 18/25/18008/28/1800Monk-Wood Priory
John MooreVolume 28/28/18008/30/1800"
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 28/30/18009/1/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Isaac B. SeixasVolume 18/30/18009/1/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Benjamin SeixasVolume 29/1/18009/3/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Walter Jonas JudahVolume 19/2/18009/9/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Walter Jonas JudahVolume 29/9/18009/16/1800"
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 19/13/18009/15/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Benjamin StrongVolume 19/15/180010/10/180011dMonk-Wood Priory
Balthazar P. MelickVolume 29/20/18009/22/1800Monk Wood Priory
Henry SeamanVolume 110/10/180010/13/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Thomas JonesVolume 110/14/180010/20/1800Monk-Wood Priory
William Laight, Jr.Volume 110/16/180010/17/1800Monk Wood Priory
Daniel StansburyVolume 210/27/180011/3/1800Monk-Wood Priory
John N. ClarkeVolume 110/27/180011/3/1800Monk Wood Priory
Thomas SkinnerVolume 111/3/180011/7/1800Monk-Wood Priory
John EllisVolume 111/3/180011/5/1800Monk Woof Priory
Manuel MyersVolume 111/7/180011/11/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Abraham GomezVolume 211/15/180011/29/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Thomas BurlingVolume 111/15/180011/20/1800Monk Wood Priory
Thomas BurlingVolume 211/25/180011/29/1800Monk Wood Priory
Joseph WilliamsVolume 111/27/180012/1/1800Monk Wood Priory
Joseph WilliamsVolume 212/1/180012/2/1800"
Thomas R. SmithVolume 212/5/180012/18/1800Monk Wood Priory
Thomas R. SmithVolume 112/5/180012/18/1800Monk Wood Priory
Patrick MunnVolume 212/19/180012/26/1800Monk-Wood Priory
Patrick MunnVolume 112/19/180012/26/1800Monk-Wood Priory
John EllisVolume 212/27/180012/29/1800Monk Wood Priory
John EllisVolume 112/27/180012/29/1800Monk Wood Priory
Henry RogersVolume 212/30/180012/31/1800Monk Wood Priory
Henry RogersVolume 112/30/180012/31/1800Monk Wood Priory
John G. GloverVolume 21/3/18011/7/1801Monk Wood Priory
John G. GloverVolume 11/3/18011/7/1801Monk Wood Priory
Jonathan PearseeVolume 21/7/18011/26/1801Monk Wood Priory
Jonathan PearseeVolume 11/7/18011/26/1801Monk Wood Priory
Christopher WolfeVolume 22/2/18012/13/1801Monk Wood Priory
Christopher WolfeVolume 12/2/18012/13/1801Monk Wood Priory
Jeremiah HalletVolume 22/16/18013/4/18012dMonk Wood Priory
Jeremiah HalletVolume 12/16/18013/4/18012dMonk Wood Priory
John DennisVolume 23/5/18013/9/1801Monk Wood Priory
John DennisVolume 13/5/18013/9/1801Monk Wood Priory
William WheelerVolume 23/9/18013/13/1801Monkwood Priory
William WheelerVolume 13/9/18013/13/1801Monkwood Priory
Richard N. HarisonVolume 23/13/18013/21/1801Monk Wood Priory
Richard N. HarisonVolume 13/13/18013/21/1801Monk Wood Priory
William HolmsVolume 23/21/18013/28/1801Monk Wood Priory
William HolmsVolume 13/21/18013/28/1801Monk Wood Priory
Samuel TalmanVolume 23/30/18014/4/1801Monk Wood Priory
Samuel TalmanVolume 13/30/18014/4/1801Monk Wood Priory
George HunterVolume 24/1/18014/20/1801Monk Wood Priory
George HunterVolume 14/1/18014/20/1801Monk Wood Priory
James Watson, Jr.Volume 24/4/18014/14/1801Monk Wood Priory
James Watson, Jr.Volume 14/4/18014/14/1801Monk Wood Priory
Joseph WinterVolume 24/17/18014/21/1801Monk-Wood Priory
Joseph WinterVolume 14/17/18014/21/1801Monk-Wood Priory
Peter R. MaverickVolume 24/23/18014/25/1801Monk-Wood Priory
Peter R. MaverickVolume 14/23/18014/25/1801Monk-Wood Priory
Charles S. CuttingVolume 24/25/18014/29/1801Monk Wood Priory
Charles S. CuttingVolume 14/25/18014/29/1801Monk Wood Priory
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 24/28/18015/14/1801Monk Wood Priory
Gabriel V. LudlowVolume 14/28/18015/14/1801Monk Wood Priory
Gillian CornellVolume 25/14/18015/22/1801MonkWood Priory
Gillian CornellVolume 15/14/18015/22/1801MonkWood Priory
William Walton, Jr.Volume 25/23/18016/2/1801Monk Wood Priory
William Walton, Jr.Volume 15/23/18016/2/1801Monk Wood Priory
Robert ElderVolume 25/31/18016/3/1801Monk Wood Priory
Robert ElderVolume 15/31/18016/3/1801Monk Wood Priory
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 26/2/18016/10/1801Monk Wook Priory
Catharine Ladley ValentineVolume 16/2/18016/10/1801Monk Wook Priory
Mary Motley MillerVolume 26/8/18017/6/1801Monk W Priory
Mary Motley MillerVolume 16/8/18017/6/1801Monk W Priory
John HodgkinsonVolume 27/6/18017/17/1801Monk Wood Priory
John HodgkinsonVolume 17/6/18017/17/1801Monk Wood Priory
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 27/18/18017/27/1801Monk-Wood Priory
Robert C. LivingstonVolume 17/18/18017/27/1801Monk-Wood Priory
Abraham GomezVolume 27/28/18017/29/1801Monk-wood Priory
Abraham GomezVolume 17/28/18017/29/1801Monk-wood Priory
John AbramsVolume 27/30/18018/6/1801Monk-Wood Priory
John AbramsVolume 17/30/18018/6/1801Monk-Wood Priory
Samuel BradhurstVolume 28/6/18018/18/1801Monk Wood Priory
Samuel BradhurstVolume 18/6/18018/18/1801Monk Wood Priory
John StoutenburghVolume 28/19/18018/21/1801Monk-Wood Priory
John StoutenburghVolume 18/19/18018/21/1801Monk-Wood Priory
John BuchannanVolume 28/27/18018/29/1801Monk Wood Priory
John BuchannanVolume 18/27/18018/29/1801Monk Wood Priory
Thomas GreenleafVolume 29/7/18019/9/1801Monk Wood Priory
Thomas GreenleafVolume 19/7/18019/9/1801Monk Wood Priory
John Le ConteVolume 29/12/18019/15/1801Monk-Wood Priory
John Le ConteVolume 19/12/18019/15/1801Monk-Wood Priory
John Le ConteVolume 29/15/18019/15/1801"
John Le ConteVolume 19/15/18019/15/1801"
Isaac BurrVolume 29/19/18019/29/1801Monk Wood Priory
Isaac BurrVolume 19/19/18019/29/1801Monk Wood Priory
Walter BowneVolume 29/29/180110/15/18012dMonkwood Priory
Isaac CrossVolume 210/15/180110/19/1801MonkWood Priory
Isaac CrossVolume 110/15/180110/19/1801MonkWood Priory
Henry SeamanVolume 210/31/180111/2/1801Monk Wood Priory
Henry SeamanVolume 110/31/180111/2/1801Monk Wood Priory
Joseph WinterVolume 211/7/180111/12/1801Monk Wood Priory
Joseph WinterVolume 111/7/180111/12/1801Monk Wood Priory
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 211/14/180111/18/1801Monk Wood Priory
William Samuel JohnsonVolume 111/14/180111/18/1801Monk Wood Priory
James RobertsonVolume 211/23/180111/28/1801Monk Wood Priory
James RobertsonVolume 111/23/180111/28/1801Monk Wood Priory
Thomas PearsallVolume 212/7/180112/10/1801M Wood Priory
Thomas PearsallVolume 112/7/180112/10/1801M Wood Priory
John P. MumfordVolume 212/14/180112/22/1801Monk Wood Priory
John P. MumfordVolume 112/14/180112/22/1801Monk Wood Priory
Selah StrongVolume 212/22/180112/28/1801Monk Wood Priory
Selah StrongVolume 112/22/180112/28/1801Monk Wood Priory
Gulian VerplanckVolume 21/4/18021/6/1802Monk-Wood Priory
Gulian VerplanckVolume 11/4/18021/6/1802Monk-Wood Priory
Francis CooperVolume 21/11/18021/13/1802Monk Wood Priory
Francis CooperVolume 11/11/18021/13/1802Monk Wood Priory
William G. MillerVolume 21/14/18021/22/1802Monk Wood Priory
William G. MillerVolume 11/14/18021/22/1802Monk Wood Priory
Joshua WatsonVolume 21/25/18021/27/1802Monk Wood Priory
Joshua WatsonVolume 11/25/18021/27/1802Monk Wood Priory
Rich HarisonVolume 22/15/18022/16/1802Monk-Wood Priory
Rich HarisonVolume 12/15/18022/16/1802Monk-Wood Priory
Valentine SeamanVolume 22/16/18022/17/1802Monk Wood Priory
Valentine SeamanVolume 12/16/18022/17/1802Monk Wood Priory
James RobertsonVolume 22/20/18023/5/1802Monk Wood Priory
James RobertsonVolume 12/20/18023/5/1802Monk Wood Priory
Richard WardVolume 23/15/18023/16/1802Monk Wood Priory
Richard WardVolume 13/15/18023/16/1802Monk Wood Priory
Andrew MitchellVolume 23/24/18023/25/1802Monk-Wood Priory
Andrew MitchellVolume 13/24/18023/25/1802Monk-Wood Priory
James Parker, Jr.Volume 23/30/18024/6/1802Monk Wood Priory
James Parker, Jr.Volume 13/30/18024/6/1802Monk Wood Priory
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 24/12/18024/12/1802Monk Wood Priory
Benjamin S. JudahVolume 14/12/18024/12/1802Monk Wood Priory
Patrick MunnVolume 24/21/18024/21/1802Monk Wood Priory
Patrick MunnVolume 14/21/18024/21/1802Monk Wood Priory
William DenningVolume 25/29/18025/29/1802MonkWood Priory
William DenningVolume 25/29/18026/3/1802"
William DenningVolume 15/29/18025/29/1802MonkWood Priory
William DenningVolume 15/29/18026/3/1802"
Jeremiah HalletVolume 26/15/18027/3/18028dMonk Wood Priory
Jeremiah HalletVolume 16/15/18027/3/18028dMonk Wood Priory
Ephraim HartVolume 27/6/18027/7/1802Monk Wood Priory
Ephraim HartVolume 17/6/18027/7/1802Monk Wood Priory
Henry SeamanVolume 27/8/18027/23/18022dMonk Wood Priory
Henry SeamanVolume 17/8/18027/23/18022dMonk Wood Priory
Archibald M. CockVolume 28/13/18028/17/1802Monk Wood Priory
Archibald M. CockVolume 18/13/18028/17/1802Monk Wood Priory
Christian NestelVolume 21/15/18031/25/1803MonkWood Priory
Christian NestelVolume 11/15/18031/25/1803MonkWood Priory
John B. FiskVolume 22/25/18032/26/1803Monk Wood Priory
John B. FiskVolume 12/25/18032/26/1803Monk Wood Priory
John AbramsVolume 23/4/18033/4/1803Monk-Wood Priory
John AbramsVolume 13/4/18033/4/1803Monk-Wood Priory
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 24/20/18034/25/1803Monk Wood Priory
Ezekiel RobinsVolume 14/20/18034/25/1803Monk Wood Priory
Willet ColesVolume 26/21/18036/23/1803Monk Wood Priory
Willet ColesVolume 16/21/18036/23/1803Monk Wood Priory
Benjamin StrongVolume 27/9/18037/12/1803MonkWood Priory
Benjamin StrongVolume 17/9/18037/12/1803MonkWood Priory
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 27/23/18037/25/1803MonkWood Priory
Philip Van CortlandtVolume 17/23/18037/25/1803MonkWood Priory
Abraham PrallVolume 24/10/18044/11/1804Monk Wood Priory
Abraham PrallVolume 14/10/18044/11/1804Monk Wood Priory
Matthew LasherVolume 24/13/18044/13/1804Monk Wood Priory
Matthew LasherVolume 14/13/18044/13/1804Monk Wood Priory
Catherine HillVolume 24/21/18044/23/1804MonkWood Priory
Catherine HillVolume 14/21/18044/23/1804MonkWood Priory
George MillerVolume 25/29/18046/1/1804Monk Wood Priory
George MillerVolume 15/29/18046/1/1804Monk Wood Priory
Samuel DoughtyVolume 26/5/18046/22/18046dMonkWood Priory
Samuel DoughtyVolume 16/5/18046/22/18046dMonkWood Priory
Gerard DepysterVolume 26/22/18046/22/1804Monk Wood Priory
Gerard DepysterVolume 16/22/18046/22/1804Monk Wood Priory
William LinnVolume 210/2/180410/3/1804Monk-Wood Priory
Joseph WinterVolume 210/27/180411/3/1804Monkwood Priory
Joseph WinterVolume 110/27/180411/3/1804Monkwood Priory
Benjamin StrongVolume 22/27/18052/28/1805Monk Wood Priory
Benjamin StrongVolume 12/27/18052/28/1805Monk Wood Priory
William DimpseyVolume 24/27/18055/6/1805MonkWood Priory
William DimpseyVolume 14/27/18055/6/1805MonkWood Priory
Archibald M. CockVolume 26/10/18056/15/1805Monk Wood Priory
Archibald M. CockVolume 16/10/18056/15/1805Monk Wood Priory
Edward William LaightVolume 26/18/18056/18/1805Monk Wood Priory
Edward William LaightVolume 16/18/18056/18/1805Monk Wood Priory
John AbramsVolume 28/14/18058/14/1805Monk-Wood Priory
John AbramsVolume 18/14/18058/14/1805Monk-Wood Priory
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